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Glitterati Glitterati

  • 作者:Rosen, Robert
  • 出版社:New Holland Pub Pty Ltd
  • 出版日:2018/2/13
  • ISBN:9781742579368
  • 金石碼:203c708479581
  • 語言:英文
  • 裝訂:精裝
  • 適讀年齡:全齡適讀
  • 定價:2100 元
  • 特價:91890(可得紅利18點)
  • 紅利優惠價:871833(折抵說明)
  • 紅利可抵:57
  • 信用卡紅利:可折抵多家銀行 (扣抵說明)
  • 分期付款: 可接受信用卡可接受信用卡
    3 0 利率 每期 $630 接受27家
    6 0 利率 每期 $315 接受27家
  • 運送方式:全球配送 香港到店 國內宅配



  • 簡介

    Visually exciting and historically fascinating, Photosphere is a candid look at iconic celebrity, fashion and society, as seen through the lens of Robert Rosen.Rosen up close and personal collection of photographs featuring celebrities, stars, artists, fashion & society through the 70s, 80s, 90s & Noughties in London, Paris, Sydney, Melbourne & Bali, along with behind-the-scenes tales, brings a tantalizing glimpse into the lives of those who have captured the imagination of millions globally.Robert Rosen is one of Australia foremost social & fashion photographers.His extraordinary collection of iconic celebrities and artists of the 70s, 80s, 90s & 2000s photographed in London, Paris, Sydney, Melbourne & Bali is candid, up close and personal. For over 30 years Rosen has covered fashion shows, rock concerts, social events as well as shooting his own personal portraits in the studio. Rosen subjects are willing participants, resulting in images that exude candour, warmth & wit.very now and then a photographer comes along whose images become a quintessential signature of time and place, culture and style. Nobody in Sydney captured the ?0s and ?0s quite like Robert. More than subject matter alone, it is the mood and spirit that he somehow seizes through his lens that fully evoke in a single glance the creative zeitgeist, heady attitude and brash style of those two decades before the world forever changed.?Mark Cavanagh obert photos evoke memories of freedom, hedonism and madness. Photos can make sense of the past or force you to remember difficult times with renewed fondness. In this elfie?age I worry we won ever see these kinds of photos in the future because they have a particular resonance. Such photos are of course about being there and Robert was there.?Boy Georgen London Robert used to stay on at the events, after the other photographers had left, to mingle with the guests. He captured some quite interesting and intimate photographs.?Bryan Ferry


規格:30.5*0*0 cm
系列名稱:Shooting Fashion, Fame & Fortune

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