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  • Holy BibleHoly Bible Coogan, Michael D. (EDT) Baker & Taylor Books 出版 2018/4/1出版

    For over 50 years students, professors, clergy, and general readers have relied on The New Oxford Annotated Bible as an unparalleled authority in Study Bibles. This fifth edition of the Annotated remains the best way to study and understand the Bible at home or in the classroom. This thoroughly revised and substantially updated edition contains the best scholarship informed by recent discoveries and anchored in the solid Study Bible tradition.?Introductions and extensive annotations for each book by acknowledged experts in the field provide context and guidance. ?Introductory essays on major groups of biblical writings - Pentateuch, Prophets, Gospels, and other sections - give readers an overview that guides more intensive study.?General essays on history, translation matters, different canons in use today, and issues of daily life in biblical times inform the reader of important aspects of biblical study.?Maps and diagrams within the text contextualize where events took place and how to understand them.?Color maps give readers the geographical orientation they need for understanding historical accounts throughout the Bible.?Timelines, parallel texts, weights and measures, calendars, and other helpful tables help navigate the biblical world.?An extensive glossary of technical terms demystifies the language of biblical scholarship.?An index to the study materials eases the way to the quick location of information.The New Oxford Annotated Bible, with twenty new essays and introductions and others--as well as annotations--fully revised, offers the reader flexibility for any learning style. Beginning with a specific passage or a significant concept, finding information for meditation, sermon preparation, or academic study is straightforward and intuitive.A volume that users will want to keep for continued reference, The New Oxford Annotated Bible continues the Oxford University Press tradition of providing excellence in scholarship for the general reader. Generations of users attest to its status as the best one-volume Bible reference tool for any home, library, or classroom.

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  • Picnic Comma LightningPicnic Comma Lightning Scott, Laurence W W Norton & Co Inc 出版 2019/5/28出版

    "A stylish, playful exploration of what digital life is doing to the way we find meaning in the world." uardian

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  • Diary Of Saint Maria Faustina KowalskaDiary Of Saint Maria Faustina Kowalska Faustina Baker & Taylor Books 出版 2005/2/15出版

    1. Starting with Cauchy; 2. The AM-GM inequality; 3. Lagrange's identity and Minkowski's conjecture; 4. On geometry and sums of squares; 5. Consequences of order; 6. Convexity - the third pillar; 7. Integral intermezzo; 8. The ladder of power means; 9. H闤der's inequality; 10. Hilbert's inequality and compensating difficulties; 11. Hardy's inequality and the flop; 12. Symmetric sums; 13. Majorization and Schur convexity; 14. Cancellation and aggregation; Solutions to the exercises; Notes; References.

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  • If God Gave Your Graduation SpeechIf God Gave Your Graduation Speech Payleitner, Jay Baker & Taylor Books 出版 2013/3/1出版

    With refreshing honesty, winsome humor and a keen understanding of human nature, Payleitner delivers a surprising and thought-provoking commencement address from God's point of view. Every remark is a fresh and relevant restatement of truths found in Scripture, which are shown in subtle, yet profound footnotes at the bottom of each page. Graduates are reminded of God's love, faithfulness and trustworthy plan for their lives. In the final pages, Psalm 37:4 yields a surprise ending for those who trust God.-An inspired gift for high school and college grads.-Vividly "Imagined" from God's eternal perspective.-Content is a retelling of specific Bible verses revealed in footnotes right on the same page.-In its first year, Jay's book 52 Things Kids Need from a Dad sold more than 90,000 copies through Choice Books. The success of that title launched a new "52 Things" franchise for the publisher, for which Jay continues to write.-Stunning full-color interior design. Deluxe cover finishes.

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  • Point of ViewPoint of View Hasselbeck, Elisabeth Waterbrook Pr 出版 2019/4/2出版

    Recognized from her roles on Survivor, The View, and FOX & Friends, celebrity Elisabeth Hasselbeck presents a deeply intimate journey of faith, told through the important moments in her life."Point of view," by definition, is a particular attitude or way of considering a matter. Through her nearly two decades of broadcasting, Elisabeth learned the necessity of extracting the point of view of the person being interviewed on a particular topic or subject or experience. Doing so allows you to see issues and truths through another's eyes. It requires a shift in perspective to see the story through their lens. In this illuminating book, Elisabeth walks through the times--from her national celebrity days to her newest role as CBO (Chief Breakfast Officer)--where she saw something differently than how God wanted her to, and the path back to His point of view was sometimes rocky but always revealing. Sometimes God's intentions for her were clear, yet other times she encountered situations so uncomfortable and blurry that she could only ask for His wisdom. In this book, Elisabeth welcomes you into the many different, and often divergent, points of view that she has witnessed and learned from along the way. It is a journey that brought her to the ultimate point of view that she discovered in the Word of God--that until she sees herself as He sees her, she is not seeing at all. As you read through the pages here, she invites you to make the same discovery for yourself.

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  • Sacred LibertySacred Liberty Waldman, Steven Harperone 出版 2019/5/7出版

    Sacred Liberty offers a dramatic, sweeping survey of how America built a unique model of religious freedom, perhaps the nation’s “greatest invention.” Steven Waldman, the bestselling author of Founding Faith, shows how early ideas about religious liberty were tested and refined amidst the brutal persecution of Catholics, Baptists, Mormons, Quakers, African slaves, Native Americans, Muslims, Jews and Jehovah’s Witnesses. American leaders drove religious freedom forward--figures like James Madison, George Washington, the World War II presidents (Roosevelt, Truman, and Eisenhower) and even George W. Bush.  But the biggest heroes were the regular Americans – people like Mary Dyer, Marie Barnett and W.D. Mohammed -- who risked their lives or reputations by demanding to practice their faiths freely.  Just as the documentary Eyes on the Prize captured the rich drama of the civil rights movement, Sacred Liberty brings to life the remarkable story of how America became one of the few nations in world history that has religious freedom, diversity and high levels of piety at the same time. Finally, Sacred Liberty provides a roadmap for how, in the face of modern threats to religious freedom, this great achievement can be preserved.

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  • ConscienceConscience Churchland, Patricia S. W W Norton & Co Inc 出版 2019/6/4出版

    In her brilliant work Touching a Nerve, Patricia S. Churchland, the distinguished founder of neurophilosophy, drew from scientific research on the brain to understand its philosophical and ethical implications for identity, consciousness, free will, and memory. In Conscience, she explores how moral systems arise from our physical selves in combination with environmental demands.All social groups have ideals for behavior, even though ethics vary among different cultures and among individuals within each culture. In trying to understand why, Churchland brings together an understanding of the influences of nature and nurture. She looks to evolution to elucidate how, from birth, our brains are configured to form bonds, to cooperate, and to care. She shows how children grow up in society to learn, through repetition and rewards, the norms, values, and behavior that their parents embrace.Conscience delves into scientific studies, particularly the fascinating work on twins, to deepen our understanding of whether people have a predisposition to embrace specific ethical stands. Research on psychopaths illuminates the knowledge about those who abide by no moral system and the explanations science gives for these disturbing individuals.Churchland then turns to philosophyhat of Socrates, Aquinas, and contemporary thinkers like Owen Flanagano explore why morality is central to all societies, how it is transmitted through the generations, and why different cultures live by different morals. Her unparalleled ability to join ideas rarely put into dialogue brings light to a subject that speaks to the meaning of being human.

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  • A Lot of People Are SayingA Lot of People Are Saying Muirhead, Russell Princeton Univ Pr 出版 2019/4/16出版

    How the New Conspiracists are undermining democracynd what can be done about itConspiracy theories are as old as politics. But conspiracists today have introduced something newonspiracy without theory. And the new conspiracism has moved from the fringes to the heart of government with the election of Donald Trump. In A Lot of People Are Saying, Russell Muirhead and Nancy Rosenblum show how the new conspiracism differs from classic conspiracy theory, why so few officials speak truth to conspiracy, and what needs to be done to resist it.Classic conspiracy theory insists that things are not what they seem and gathers evidencespecially facts ominously withheld by official sourceso tease out secret machinations. The new conspiracism is different. There is no demand for evidence, no dots revealed to form a pattern, no close examination of shadowy plotters. Dispensing with the burden of explanation, the new conspiracism imposes its own reality through repetition (exemplified by the Trump catchphrase  lot of people are saying? and bare assertion (igged!?.The new conspiracism targets democratic foundationsolitical parties and knowledge-producing institutions. It makes it more difficult to argue, persuade, negotiate, compromise, and even to disagree. Ultimately, it delegitimates democracy.Filled with vivid examples, A Lot of People Are Saying diagnoses a defining and disorienting feature of today politics and offers a guide to responding to the threat.

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  • The Universal ChristThe Universal Christ Rohr, Richard Baker & Taylor Books 出版 2019/3/5出版

    From one of the world’s most influential spiritual thinkers, a long-awaited book exploring what it means that Jesus was called “Christ,” and how this forgotten truth can restore hope and meaning to our world.In his decades as a globally recognized teacher, Richard Rohr has helped millions realize what is at stake in matters of faith and spirituality. Yet Rohr hasnever written on the most perennially talked about topic in Christianity: Jesus. Most know who Jesus was, but who was Christ? Is the word simply Jesus’s last name? Too often, Rohr writes, our understandings have been limited by culture, religious debate, and the human tendency to put ourselves at the center.Drawing on scripture, history, and spiritual practice, Rohr articulates a transformative view of Jesus Christ as a portrait of God’s constant, unfolding work in the world. “God loves things by becoming them,” he writes, and Jesus’s life was meant to declare that humanity has never been separate from God—except by its own negative choice. When we recover this fundamental truth, faith becomes less about proving Jesus was God, and more about learning to recognize the Creator’s presence all around us, and in everyone we meet.Thought-provoking, practical, and full of deep hope and vision, The Universal Christ is a landmark book from one of our most beloved spiritual writers, and an invitation to contemplate how God liberates and loves all that is.

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  • POWER OF NOW當下的力量POWER OF NOW當下的力量 Tolle, Eckhart New World Library 出版 2004/9/10出版

    Much more than simple principles and platitudes, The Power of Now takes readers on an inspiring spiritual journey to find their true and deepest self and reach the ultimate in personal growth and spirituality: the discovery of truth and light. In the first chapter, Tolle introduces readers to enlightenment and its natural enemy, the mind. He awakens readers to their role as a creator of pain and shows them how to have a pain-free identity by living fully in the present. The journey is thrilling, and along the way, the author shows how to connect to the indestructible essence of our Being, "the eternal, ever-present One Life beyond the myriad forms of life that are subject to birth and death." Only after regaining awareness of Being, liberated from Mind and intensely in the Now, is there Enlightenment.

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  • American MessiahsAmerican Messiahs Morris, Adam Liveright Pub Corp 出版 2019/3/26出版

    Mania surrounding messianic prophets has defined the national consciousness since the American Revolution. From Civil War veteran and virulent anticapitalist Cyrus Teed, to the dapper and overlooked civil rights pioneer Father Divine, to even the megalomaniacal Jim Jones, these figures have routinely been dismissed as dangerous and hysterical outliers.After years of studying these emblematic figures, Adam Morris demonstrates that messiahs are not just a classic trope of our national culture; their visions are essential for understanding American history. As Morris demonstrates, these charismatic, if flawed, would-be prophets sought to expose and ameliorate deep social illsuch as income inequality, gender conformity, and racial injustice. Provocative and long overdue, this is the story of those who tried to point the way toward an impossible merican Dream? men and women who momentarily captured the imagination of a nation always searching for salvation.

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  • ConsolationsConsolations Whyte, David Baker & Taylor Books 出版 2015/1/1出版

    With the imagery of a poet and the reflection of a philosopher, David Whyte turns his attention to 52 ordinary words, each its own particular doorway into the underlying currents of human life.

    9 特價 693
  • The Election of Pope FrancisThe Election of Pope Francis Oonnell, Gerard Baker & Taylor Books 出版 2019/4/24出版

    Here is a fascinating behind-the-scenes account of history in the making-- the election in 2013 of Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio, the first Latin American pope, the first Jesuit pope, and the first pope to choose the name Francis. The author, a friend the Pope, now reveals what actually happed inside the secret conclave.

    9 特價 882
  • The Fundamentals of EthicsThe Fundamentals of Ethics Shafer-Landau, Russ Baker & Taylor Books 出版 2017/6/21出版

    In The Fundamentals of Ethics, Fourth Edition, author Russ Shafer-Landau employs a uniquely engaging writing style to introduce students to the essential ideas of moral philosophy. Offering more comprehensive coverage of the good life, normative ethics, and metaethics than any other text of its kind, this book also addresses issues that are often omitted from other texts, such as the doctrine of doing and allowing, the doctrine of double effect, ethical particularism, the desire-satisfaction theory of well-being, moral error theory, and Ross's theory of prima facie duties. Shafer-Landau carefully reconstructs and analyzes dozens of arguments in depth, at a level that is understandable to students with no prior philosophical background.Ideal for courses in introductory ethics and contemporary moral problems, this book can be used as a stand-alone text or with the author's companion reader, The Ethical Life: Fundamental Readings in Ethics and Moral Problems, Fourth Edition.

    9 特價 2013
  • Girl, Wash Your FaceGirl, Wash Your Face Hollis, Rachel Thomas Nelson Inc 出版 2018/2/6出版

    With wry wit and hard-earned wisdom, popular online personality and founder of TheChicSite.com founder Rachel Hollis helps readers break free from the lies keeping them from the joy-filled and exuberant life they are meant to have.

    9 特價 788