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  • The Sun and Her FlowersThe Sun and Her Flowers Kaur, Rupi Andrews McMeel Pub 出版 2017/10/3出版

    From Rupi Kaur, the #1 New York Times bestselling author of milk and honey, comes her long-awaited second collection of poetry.  A vibrant and transcendent journey about growth and healing. Ancestry and honoring one’s roots. Expatriation and rising up to find a home within yourself.Divided into five chapters and illustrated by Kaur, the sun and her flowers is a journey of wilting, falling, rooting, rising, and blooming. A celebration of love in all its forms. this is the recipe of lifesaid my motheras she held me in her arms as i wept think of those flowers you plantin the garden each year they will teach youthat people toomust wiltfallrootrisein order to bloom 

    9 特價 536
  • The World Pushes BackThe World Pushes Back Keizer, Garret Baker & Taylor Books 出版 2019/3/21出版

    The World Pushes Back, Garret Keizer’s first book of poetry, is the winner of the 2018 X. J. Kennedy Poetry Prize. The poems are mostly lyrical, often personal, and always accessible. They have appeared in a number of venues, including Agni, Antioch Review, Best American Poetry, Harvard Review, The Hudson Review, Image, The New Yorker, Ploughshares, Southwest Review, and The Texas Review, among others.

    9 特價 534
  • Milk and HoneyMilk and Honey Kaur, Rupi Andrews McMeel Pub 出版 2015/10/6出版

    milk and honey is a collection of poetry and prose about survival. About the experience of violence, abuse, love, loss, and femininity.The book is divided into four chapters, and each chapter serves a different purpose. Deals with a different pain. Heals a different heartache.milk and honey takes readers through a journey of the most bitter moments in life and finds sweetness in them because there is sweetness everywhere if you are just willing to look.

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  • One Day I Will Save MyselfOne Day I Will Save Myself Sastre, Elvira Atria Books 出版 2019/5/14出版

    The debut US poetry collection from social media star Elvira Sastre, exploring the sharp, slippery moments that turn a beloved relationship into something self-destructive.Counting the days that pass after a devastating breakup, Elvira Sastre confronts the haunting questions that surround every failed relationship: What happened? Where did it all go wrong? How did it all fall apart? With a bold, lyrical voice poised on the knife’s edge of romance and grief, Sastre evokes the heady rush of first love and the sorrow of its painful end—even as she learns to pick up the pieces and move on after the worst has happened. At once deeply personal and universally resonant, painful and resoundingly hopeful, One Day I Will Save Myself speaks to the poet in all of us. An intimate journey through loving, losing, and living that inspires readers to begin their own healing and is perfect for fans of Rupi Kaur, r.h. Sin, and Atticus.

    9 特價 536
  • MomentosMomentos Duany, Raul Portuondo Iuniverse Inc 出版 2011/12/23出版

    9 特價 653
  • Norse MythologyNorse Mythology Gaiman, Neil W W Norton & Co Inc 出版 2018/3/6出版

    emarkable.?Gaiman has provided an enchanting contemporary interpretation of the Viking ethos.?Lisa L. Hannett, Atlantic

    9 特價 502
  • Dear MotherDear Mother Laditan, Bunmi Mira Books 出版 2019/4/2出版

    The first collection of poetry from Bunmi Laditan, bestselling author of Confessions of a Domestic Failure and creator of The Honest Toddler, capturing the honesty, rawness, sheer joy and total madness of motherhood. With the compassion and wit that have made her a social media sensation among mothers around the world, Bunmi Laditan puts into evocative and relatable words what so many of us feel but can’t quite express. For mothers who love their children with a fiery fierceness but know what it is to feel crushed at the end of those long days, Dear Mother is like a warm hug that says, “I get it.”

    9 特價 504
  • Nothing Is OkayNothing Is Okay Wiley, Rachel Baker & Taylor Books 出版 2018/3/20出版

    9 特價 504
  • NaamahNaamah Blake, Sarah Riverhead Books 出版 2019/4/9出版

    A wildly imaginative novel of the reluctant heroine who rescued life on earth.With the coming of the Great Flood--the mother of all disasters--only one family was spared, drifting on an endless sea, waiting for the waters to subside. We know the story of Noah, moved by divine vision to launch their escape. Now, in a work of astounding invention, acclaimed writer Sarah Blake reclaims the story of his wife, Naamah, the matriarch who kept them alive. Here is the woman torn between faith and fury, lending her strength to her sons and their wives, caring for an unruly menagerie of restless creatures, silently mourning the lover she left behind. Here is the woman escaping into the unreceded waters, where a seductive angel tempts her to join a strange and haunted world. Here is the woman tormented by dreams and questions of her own--questions of service and self-determination, of history and memory, of the kindness or cruelty of fate. In fresh and modern language, Blake revisits the story of the Ark that rescued life on earth, and rediscovers the agonizing burdens endured by the woman at the heart of the story. Naamah is a parable for our time: a provocative fable of body, spirit, and resilience.

    9 特價 819
  • HybridaHybrida Chang, Tina W W Norton & Co Inc 出版 2019/5/14出版

    A stirring and confident examination of mixed-race identity, violence, and history skillfully rendered through the lens of motherhood.

    9 特價 849
  • Invasive SpeciesInvasive Species Helal, Marwa Baker & Taylor Books 出版 2019/1/1出版

    A vernacular debut that uncompromisingly journeys towards its sole destination: the decolonization of the imagination

    9 特價 534
  • Between You and These BonesBetween You and These Bones Penno, Jamie Andrews McMeel Pub 出版 2019/5/14出版

    Acclaimed Instagram poet F.D. Soul (@featherdownsoul) debuts a new poetry collection, telling her own invigorating, unapologetic narrative of love, loss, and adversity. Soul’s words pulse, they are alive on the page, attesting to the significance of Between You and These Bones in the modern world.From celebrated New Zealand poetess F.D. Soul comes her highly anticipated second collection of poetry, prose, illustrations, and wisdom. Her messages grapple with relationships: interpersonal relationships, her relationship with herself, and the relationship between poetry and the world. Unchaptered and raw, Between You and These Bones reads much like a memoir or meditation yet maintains all the musicality of poetry. “This book is a garden, a hymn, a forgiveness. A falling back in love. It is all the pieces of light you forgot you held, remembered.” 

    9 特價 473
  • American PrimitiveAmerican Primitive Oliver, Mary Back Bay Books 出版 1983/4/30出版

    Winner of the Pulitzer Prize for PoetryHer most acclaimed volume of poetry, American Primitive contains fifty visionary poems about nature, the humanity in love, and the wilderness of America, both within our bodies and outside."American Primitive enchants me with the purity of its lyric voice, the loving freshness of its perceptions, and the singular glow of a spiritual life brightening the pages." -- Stanley Kunitz"These poems are natural growths out of a loam of perception and feeling, and instinctive skill with language makes them seem effortless. Reading them is a sensual delight." -- May Swenson

    9 特價 504
  • Leaves of GrassLeaves of Grass Whitman, Walt Vintage Books 出版 2019/5/28出版

    Abraham Lincoln read it with approval, but Emily Dickinson described its bold language and themes as "disgraceful." Ralph Waldo Emerson found it "the most extraordinary piece of wit and wisdom that America has yet produced." Published at the author's expense on July 4, 1855, Leaves of Grass inaugurated a new voice and style into American letters and gave expression to an optimistic, bombastic vision that took the nation as its subject. Unlike many other editions of Leaves of Grass, which reproduce various short, early versions, this Modern Library Paperback Classics "Death-bed" edition presents everything Whitman wrote in its final form, and includes newly commissioned notes.

    9 特價 410
  • Magical NegroMagical Negro Parker, Morgan Tin House Books 出版 2019/2/5出版

    Magical Negro is an archive of Black everydayness, a catalog of contemporary folk heroes, an ethnography of ancestral grief, and an inventory of figureheads, idioms, and customs. These American poems are both elegy and jive, joke and declaration, songs of congregation and self-conception. They connect themes of loneliness, displacement, grief, ancestral trauma, and objectification, while exploring and troubling tropes and stereotypes of Black Americans. Focused primarily on depictions of Black womanhood alongside personal narratives, the collection tackles interior and exterior politicsf both the body and society, of both the individual and the collective experience. In Magical Negro, Parker creates a space of witness, of airing grievances, of pointing out patterns. In these poems are living documents, pleas, latent traumas, inside jokes, and unspoken anxieties situated as firmly in the past as in the presentimeless Black melancholies and triumphs.

    9 特價 502