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  • The Legend of Korra - Ruins of the Empire 1The Legend of Korra - Ruins of the Empire 1 DiMartino, Michael Dante Dark Horse Comics 出版 2019/5/21出版

    Korra must decide who to trust as the fate of the Earth Kingdom hangs in the balance!On the eve of its first elections, the Earth Kingdom finds its future endangered by its past. Even as Kuvira stands trial for her crimes, vestiges of her imperial ambitions threaten to undermine the nation's democratic hopes. But when Korra, Asami, Mako, and Bolin don't all see eye-to-eye as to the solution, drastic measures will be taken to halt a new march to war!Written by series co-creator Michael Dante DiMartino and drawn by Michelle Wong (Goosebumps: Download and Die), with consultation by Bryan Konietzko, this is the official continuation of the beloved television series!

    9 特價 347
  • Justice League 2Justice League 2 Snyder, Scott Dc Comics 出版 2019/5/14出版

    The Justice League clashes against the Legion of Doom! Hawkgirl takes wing against leader Lex Luthor; John Stewart faces off with old foe Sinestro; the Flash must run down the Still Force-empowered Gorilla Grodd; and Wonder Woman tackles the tag team of Black Manta and Cheetah--underwater, no less! Superstar writer Scott Snyder continues his run with the World's Greatest Super Heroes in Justice League Vol. 2!Spinning out of the cataclysmic events of Dark Nights: Metal and the universe-defining No Justice, the core members of the Justice League--Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, the Flash and more--are finally reunited. But standing in opposition to them? The Legion of Doom, led by Lex Luthor. And they're not alone. With them? The Ocean Masters of the Universe. Who are these new beings? And what secrets of the DCU do they hold? One of the most critically acclaimed authors of his generation continues his legendary run on DC's flagship title in Justice League Vol. 2! Collects Justice League #8-12

    9 特價 630
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer 1Buffy the Vampire Slayer 1 Whedon, Joss (CRT) Boom! Studios 出版 2019/5/14出版

    Go back to the beginning as the critically acclaimed pop culture phenomenon Buffy The Vampire Slayer is reimagined under the guidance of series creator Joss Whedon!This is the Buffy Summers you know, who wants what every average teenager wants: friends at her new school, decent grades, and to escape her imposed destiny as the next in a long line of vampire slayers tasked with defeating the forces of evil...only this time around, her world looks a lot more like the one outside your window. Eisner Award winner Jordie Bellaire (Redlands) and Russ Manning Award winner Dan Mora (Go Go Power Rangers, Hexed), along with series creator Joss Whedon (Marvel’s The Avengers), bring Buffy into a new era with new challenges, new friends, and a few enemies you might already recognize. But the more things change, the more they stay the same as the Gang faces brand-new Big Bads, and the threat lurking beneath the perfectly manicured exterior of Sunnydale High confirms what every teenager has always known: high school truly is hell.

    9 特價 473
  • Tokyo Ghoul - Re 11Tokyo Ghoul - Re 11 Ishida, Sui Viz 出版 2019/6/18出版

    In the world of Tokyo Ghoul, sometimes the only way to fight monsters is to become one…The Commission of Counter Ghoul is the only organization fighting the Ghoul menace, and they will use every tool at their disposal to protect humanity from its ultimate predator. Their newest weapon in this hidden war is an experimental procedure that implants human investigators with a Ghoul’s Kagune, giving them Ghoul powers and abilities. But both the procedure and the newly formed Qs Squad are untested. Will they become heroes…or monsters?! Interim Bureau Chief of the CCG Matsuri Washu has gone conveniently missing, and the power vacuum has allowed the devious Furuta to step forward to take control. His erratic behavior concerns some of the investigators, but the special show he puts on for the rank-and-file CCG employees gains him their support, especially when he unveils the final act—executing Haise Sasaki as a traitor!

    9 特價 410
  • The Handmaid's TaleThe Handmaid's Tale Atwood, Margaret Eleanor Nan a Talese 出版 2019/3/26出版

    Everything Handmaids wear is red: the colour of blood, which defines us.   Offred is a Handmaid in the Republic of Gilead, where women are prohibited from holding jobs, reading, and forming friendships. She serves in the household of the Commander and his wife, and under the new social order she has only one purpose: once a month, she must lie on her back and pray that the Commander makes her pregnant, because in an age of declining births, Offred and the other Handmaids are valued only if they are fertile. But Offred remembers the years before Gilead, when she was an independent woman who had a job, a family, and a name of her own. Now, her memories and her will to survive are acts of rebellion. Provocative, startling, prophetic, The Handmaid’s Tale has long been a global phenomenon. With this stunning graphic novel adaptation of Margaret Atwood’s modern classic, beautifully realized by artist Renée Nault, the terrifying reality of Gilead has been brought to vivid life like never before.

    9 特價 723
  • Black Panther by Christopher PriestBlack Panther by Christopher Priest Priest, Christopher Marvel Enterprises 出版 2015/8/25出版

    Black Panther reinvented as a sharp and witty political satire? Believe it! T'Challa is the man with the plan, as Christopher Priest puts the emphasis on the Wakandan king's reputation as the ultimate statesman, as seen through the eyes of the U.S. government's Everett K. Ross. As the Panther investigates a murder in New York, Ross plays Devil's Advocate in an encounter with Mephisto, and a new regime seizes control in Wakanda. COLLECTING: Black Panther (1998) 1-17

    9 特價 1103
  • The JungleThe Jungle Sinclair, Upton Ten Speed Pr 出版 2019/7/2出版

    A compelling graphic novel adaptation of Upton Sinclair's seminal protest novel that brings to life the harsh conditions and exploited existences of immigrants in Chicago's meatpacking industry in the early twentieth century.Long acclaimed around the world, Upton Sinclair's 1906 muckraking novel The Jungle remains a powerful book even today. Not many works of literature can boast that their publication brought about actual social and labor change, but that's just what The Jungle did, as it led to the passage of the Pure Food and Drug Act of 1906. In today's society, where labor and safety of the food we eat remain key concerns for all, Sinclair's shocking story still resonates. Bringing new life and energy to this classic work, adapter and illustrator Kristina Gehrmann takes Sinclair's prose and transforms it through pen and ink, allowing you to discover (or rediscover) this book and see it from a whole new perspective.

    9 特價 788
  • HawkingHawking Ottaviani, Jim First Second 出版 2019/7/2出版

    Following their New York Times-bestselling graphic novel Feynman, Jim Ottaviani and Leland Myrick deliver a gripping biography of Stephen Hawking, one of the most important scientists of our time.From his early days at the St Albans School and Oxford, Stephen Hawking brilliance and good humor were obvious to everyone he met. A lively and popular young man, it no surprise that he would later rise to celebrity status. At twenty-one he was diagnosed with ALS, a degenerative neuromuscular disease. Though the disease weakened his muscles and limited his ability to move and speak, it did nothing to limit his mind. He went on to do groundbreaking work in cosmology and theoretical physics for decades after being told he had only a few years to live. He brought his intimate understanding of the universe to the public in his 1988 bestseller, A Brief History of Time. Soon after, he added pop-culture icon to his accomplishments by playing himself on shows like Star Trek, The Simpsons, and The Big Bang Theory, and becoming an outspoken advocate for disability rights.In Hawking, writer Jim Ottaviani and artist Leland Myrick have crafted an intricate portrait of the great thinker, the public figure, and the man behind both identities.

    9 特價 945
  • Bizarre RomanceBizarre Romance Niffenegger, Audrey Harry N Abrams Inc 出版 2018/3/20出版

    Internationally bestselling author of The Time Traveler’s Wife, Audrey Niffenegger, and graphic artist Eddie Campbell, of such seminal works as From Hell by Alan Moore, collaborate on a wonderfully bizarre collection that celebrates and satirizes love of all kinds. With 16 different stories told through illustrated prose or comic panels, the couple explores the idiosyncratic nature of relationships in a variety of genres from fractured fairy tales to historical fiction to paper dolls. With Niffenegger’s sharp, imaginative prose and Campbell’s diverse comic styles, Bizarre Romance is the debut collection by two of the most important storytellers of our time.

    9 特價 788
  • Black Panther 1Black Panther 1 Coates, Ta-Nehisi Marvel Enterprises 出版 2016/9/13出版

    A new era begins for the Black Panther! MacArthur Genius and National Book Award-winning writer T-Nehisi Coates (BETWEEN THE WORLD AND ME) takes the helm, confronting T'Challa with a dramatic upheaval in Wakanda that will make leading the African nation tougher than ever before. When a superhuman terrorist group that calls itself The People sparks a violent uprising, the land famed for its incredible technology and proud warrior traditions will be thrown into turmoil. If Wakanda is to survive, it must adapt--but can its monarch, one in a long line of Black Panthers, survive the necessary change? Heavy lies the head that wears the cowl!COLLECTING: Black Panther 1-4, Fantastic Four (1961) 52

    9 特價 536
  • Spider-man - Far from Home PreludeSpider-man - Far from Home Prelude Pilgrim, Wil Corona Marvel Enterprises 出版 2019/6/4出版

    Peter Parker returns home to Queens, balancing his normal life as a high school sophomore with fi ghting street crime. When mysterious, high-tech weapons turn up in his neighborhood, it's his chance to make the name Spider-Man stand out in a world full of Super Heroes.COLLECTING: SPIDER-MAN: FAR FROM HOME PRELUDE 1-2; TBD

    9 特價 504
  • Altered CarbonAltered Carbon Morgan, Richard K. Dynamite Entertainment 出版 2019/5/28出版

    In the distant future, the human body is atemporary and interchangeable commodity - if you can pay.For the interstellar elite, bodies are swappedout and reused without a second thought. You never grow old; you neverdie.However, some bodies are more temporary thanothers ...Takeshi Kovacs was once a member of the EnvoyCorps, stormtroopers for the Interstellar Earth Protectorate, ultra-lethaladepts in switching bodies across the stars. While he served, he was known by avariety of names--Mamba Lev, One Hand Rending, the Icepick--all testament to hiscapacity for rapid response and extreme violence in whatever flesh he wore. Nowhe's out of the service and trying to live a different life. But theProtectorate hasn't changed its spots, no matter what world Kovacs drifts to,and with that old combat rage still burning deep inside him, will he ever reallybe able to walk away?Created by Richard K. Morgan, Altered Carbonwas previously adapted as a Netflix television series. This original graphicnovel, written by Rik Hoskin (Brandon Sanderson's White Sand/Pierce Brown's RedRising, expands upon the Altered Carbon universe.

    9 特價 788
  • Monstress 1Monstress 1 Liu, Marjorie Image Comics 出版 2019/7/9出版

    2018 Eisner Award winner, BestWriter2018 Eisner Award winner, BestPainter/Multimedia Artist2018 Eisner Awardwinner, Best Continuing Series2018 EisnerAward winner, Best Publication forTeens2018 Eisner Award winner, Best CoverArtist2018 Harvey Award winner, Book of theYear2018 Hugo Award winner, Best GraphicStory2018 British Fantasy Award winner,Best Comic/Graphic Novel2018, 2016, 2015Entertainment Weekly's The Best Comic Books of theYear2018, Newsweek's Best ComicBooks of the Year2018, The WashingtonPost's 10 Best Graphic Novels of theYear2018, Barnes & Noble's Best Booksof the Year2018, YALSA's Great GraphicNovels for Teens2018, Thrillist'sBest Comics & Graphic Novels of theYear2018, Powell's Best Science-Fiction,Fantasy, Horror, and Graphic Novels of theYearThe richly imagined world ofMONSTRESS is an alternate matriarchal 1900s Asia, with an art deco-infusedsteampunk aesthetic that's brimming with arcane dangers. Within it, a teenagegirl struggles to overcome the trauma of war, a task that's made all the moredifficult by her mysterious psychic link to an eldritch monster of tremendouspower—a connection that will transform them both, and place them in thecrosshairs of both human and otherworldlypowers.Creator/writer Marjorie Liu (who madehistory as the first woman to win an Eisner Award for Best Writer) andcreator/artist Sana Takeda present a deluxe, oversized hardcover edition oftheir beloved breakout comic in MONSTRESS BOOK ONE. Collecting the first 18issues of the New York Times bestselling series, this massive edition features astriking new cover, as well as special extras, including never-before-seensketches, script pages, and more for over 500 pages of award-winning content.

    9 特價 1575
  • Edens Zero 3Edens Zero 3 Mashima, Hiro Kodansha Comics 出版 2019/6/4出版

    It's here! The creator of Fairy Tail, manga superstar Hiro Mashima, is back with a high-flying space adventure! All the steadfast friendship, crazy fighting, and blue cats you've come to expect... IN SPACE!A young boy gazes up at the sky and sees a streaming bolt of light. The friendly, armor-clad being at his side tells him gently, "That's a dragon." The fact that he's joking isn't important. What's important is the look of wonder on the boy's face... and the galaxy-spanning adventure that's about to take place! Join Hiro Mashima (Fairy Tail, Rave Master) once more as he takes to the stars for another thrilling saga!

    9 特價 347
  • Fun HomeFun Home Bechdel, Alison Mariner Books 出版 2007/6/5出版

    A fresh and brilliantly told memoir from a cult favorite comic artist, marked by gothic twists, a family funeral home, sexual angst, and great books.This breakout book by Alison Bechdel is a darkly funny family tale, pitch-perfectly illustrated with Bechdel's sweetly gothic drawings. Like Marjane Satrapi's Persepolis, it's a story exhilaratingly suited to graphic memoir form.Meet Alison's father, a historic preservation expert and obsessive restorer of the family's Victorian home, a third-generation funeral home director, a high school English teacher, an icily distant parent, and a closeted homosexual who, as it turns out, is involved with his male students and a family babysitter. Through narrative that is alternately heartbreaking and fiercely funny, we are drawn into a daughter's complex yearning for her father. And yet, apart from assigned stints dusting caskets at the family-owned "fun home," as Alison and her brothers call it, the relationship achieves its most intimate expression through the shared code of books. When Alison comes out as homosexual herself in late adolescense, the denouement is swift, graphic -- and redemptive.

    9 特價 536