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家居生活 - 各國園藝/花卉


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  • Wedding FlowersWedding Flowers Blacklock, Judith Baker & Taylor Books 出版 2019/4/7出版

    The complete guide to wedding flower arrangements, covering how to make everything from a simple button hole to grand table center pieces and ornate displays for the venue. The easy to follow step-by-step guides show you how to achieve these without spending a fortune.

    9 特價 1573
  • Home Grown Gardening Guide to Best Perennials for Sun and ShadeHome Grown Gardening Guide to Best Perennials for Sun and Shade Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (COR) Baker & Taylor Books 出版 2019/5/7出版

    A quick-reference guide to planting perennials for gardeners with little experience and time.

    9 特價 599
  • The Flower FixThe Flower Fix Potter, Anna Baker & Taylor Books 出版 2019/5/30出版

    The Flower Fix presents wild inspiration and modern arrangements by Swallows and Damsons florist Anna Potter, with beautiful photography by India Hobson.   Blousy blooms, speckled branches, rich foliage and delicate petals; nature has the power to inspire and energise, calm and soothe, focus and still. Anna has harnessed this magic with 26 tailor-made combinations of flowers to bring a floral boost to your home, no matter what your mood.    With easy-to-find seasonal blooms, found items such as twigs and dried fruit, and any assortment of containers, discover how simple it is to bring a little bit of nature’s mystery into the everyday. 

    9 特價 851
  • Happy OrchidHappy Orchid Rittershausen, Sara Baker & Taylor Books 出版 2019/4/2出版

    Proud new owner of a gorgeous orchid? Learn the essentials of buying orchids, orchid care, and how to keep it flowering beautifully year after year with this bite-size beginner's guide.Did you know that many orchids hate being in direct sunlight? Or that most orchids have a crucial dormant period when their care needs change?Happy Orchid dispels the myths around how to care for orchids, starting with a simple, step-by-step introduction that demonstrates all the essential growing techniques, including how to plant, what food to give them--orchids are fussy eaters!--and how to water and maintain humidity.Then discover more than 120 illustrated profiles of the most desirable orchids to grow: graceful Phalaenopsis, delicate Dendrobium, spectacular Cymbidium, and many more varieties. Each orchid profile lets you know exactly what it needs for optimum growth, including the best spot for them, how often they need repotting, and how to prolong flowering and encourage reflowering.With this book as your guide, you will quickly become an expert on how to grow orchids and be inspired to fill your home with these striking, colorful beauties.

    9 特價 473
  • Pocket Guide to the Orchids of Britain and IrelandPocket Guide to the Orchids of Britain and Ireland Harrap, Simon Baker & Taylor Books 出版 2016/6/28出版

    The orchid family is one of the largest plant families in the world. It is at its most diverse in the tropics, where its exotic and colorful flowers are truly breathtaking. Britain and Ireland have just 56 species of wild orchids, some of which are rare or scarce, while others are surprisingly inconspicuous. Yet whether large or small, all orchids share flamboyant flower structures and incredible beauty.This new Pocket Guide covers all 56 species of British and Irish orchids, with concise text, breathtaking color photographs, and accurate range maps based on compilations made by the Biological Record Centre. The book is derived from the highly acclaimed Orchids of Britain and Ireland: A Field and Site Guide, also by Simon Harrap.

    9 特價 630
  • Color Schemes for Flower ArrangementColor Schemes for Flower Arrangement Sakaguchi, Mieko Baker & Taylor Books 出版 2019/7/1出版

    Effective use of color is important in floral arrangement design. This book illustrates how to make effective color combinations in flower arrangement designs including wrapping paper or container.

    9 特價 943
  • The Posy BookThe Posy Book Sabankaya, Teresa H. Countryman Pr 出版 2019/5/7出版

    ike a favorite recipe, a posy is meant to be savored and shared. Try it yourself, and ?welcome a bit of floral enchantment into your life.?my Stewart, author ofThe Drunken Botanist

    9 特價 786
  • Roses and Rose GardensRoses and Rose Gardens Masset, Claire Rizzoli Intl Pubns 出版 2019/7/2出版

    From the author of very successful Secret Gardens, this is a visually stunning celebration of England's favorite flower: its long history and rich symbolism; the beauty and diversity of its flowers, foliage and habitat; its wonderful fragrances; and, above all, its amazing versatility. The National Trust owns many of the most famous and beloved rose gardens in this country, including Mottisfont, which has over 500 varieties, and the legendary Sissinghurst, where all NT gardeners are sent to learn the art of rose pruning. As well as showcasing 25 of these gardens, the book spotlights 20 varieties of rose to talk about in detail, describing the individual quality of each rose - why it makes it a good choice, where you cangrow it and suggestions on how you might combine it with other plants.

    9 特價 786
  • In BloomIn Bloom Nolan, Clare Baker & Taylor Books 出版 2019/3/12出版

    In this beautiful guide to planning, planting, and maintaining a bountiful home flower garden, Clare Nolan reveals her secrets for growing a bountiful harvest as well as styling spectacular displays that will fill your home with color and the gorgeous scent of the garden year-round.

    9 特價 851
  • Private Gardens of South FloridaPrivate Gardens of South Florida Staub, Jack Gibbs Smith 出版 2016/3/1出版

    Escape to 22 lush garden retreats through exquisite photography and delightful stories. This privileged tour guides the reader through the colorful flora of Florida best-kept grounds, while homeowners share the history of their uniquely landscaped abodes. Meet the painter-turned-horticulturist who transformed her garden into a mysterious, forest-like escape; the couple who drew inspiration from their travels to the Near East to create an award-winning oasis worthy of Persian royalty; and many more. Take respite in shaded pathways, secluded pools, and enviable ocean views, and take inspiration for a tropical garden of your very own.

    9 特價 1575
  • Happy DayHappy Day Hatch, Molly Harry N Abrams Inc 出版 2018/2/6出版

    This book offers a fresh take on the Victorian notion of expressing oneself with the symbolic language of flowers. Happy Day features bright, cheery flowers with uplifting sentiments. Each spread features a flower that “flips up” from the page, a brief description of the flower’s meaning, and its special message for the recipient. When all of the blossoms are popped up, the book can be displayed on a desk just like a vase of flowers.

    9 特價 536
  • BloomsBlooms Phaidon (COR) Phaidon Inc Ltd 出版 2019/4/10出版

    A glorious survey of work by more than 70 contemporary floral designers who are extending the boundaries of their artBlooms celebrates the explosive impact that floral designers from the last decade have had on a previously underappreciated art form. This stunning book is the most ambitious survey of contemporary floral design ever published and demonstrates just how far these innovative designers have pushed the boundaries of contemporary floral design. Blooms showcases the work of more than 70 designers across the globe – featuring established florists alongside rising new talent – each nominated by industry experts, from perfumer Lyn Harris of Miller Harris to floral-design icon Eric Buterbaugh. It's an expertly curated, gorgeously produced collection of talent that offers insight into the profound effect that floristry has on today's visual culture and on the world of design itself.

    9 特價 1573
  • TerrainTerrain Lehmkuhl, Greg (EDT) Artisan 出版 2018/10/23出版

    The ultimate resource for the intersection of nature and design

    9 特價 1103
  • Vintage RosesVintage Roses Eastoe, Jane Gibbs Smith 出版 2017/2/7出版

    Romantic blooms for novice, expert, or armchair rose gardeners. Who wouldn be romanced by names like Lovely Fairy, Desdemona, Elegantyne, Anne Boleyn, Leonardo da Vinci, and Blue for You? Vintage roses encompass both the true ld?roses and the best of the odern?roses, developed to celebrate the classic, ageless, enduring beauty of the old varieties.The 60 specially selected specimens include those that have the best visual appearance and most fragrant perfume, and are also easy to grow and produce beautiful flowers for cutting. The perfect mix of engaging, inspirational commentary and no-fuss gardening notes shows that roses can be grown and enjoyed by allhether a novice, an expert, or an armchair rose gardener.

    9 特價 693
  • Seasonal Flower ArrangingSeasonal Flower Arranging Chezar, Ariella Ten Speed Pr 出版 2019/2/26出版

    This lavishly photographed book from renowned floral designer Ariella Chezar provides step-by-step instructions for 39 seasonal floral arrangements and projects that celebrate the splendor of flowers, the bounty of the changing seasons, and the wild beauty of nature in your home.Just as fruits and vegetables taste best when they are harvested locally and seasonally, flowers that are picked close to home and at their peak reflect a true connection to time and place. Nature does not deliver its harvest all at once--each season has its stars and Ariella Chezar, author of The Flower Workshop, shows you how to make the most of them. Seasonal Flower Arranging follows Mother Nature's lead to create dazzling arrangements from the distinctive gifts of the changing seasons, from a charming spring bouquet for Mother's Day to a bold garland for a summer wedding, and from a bounteous Thanksgiving table to a wintery holiday wreath. There are arrangements for seasonal holidays, special occasions, or just everyday life featuring tulips, roses, peonies, dahlias, and other flowers that are easily found at farmers' markets, local shops, or grown in your own backyard. The book includes detailed instructions on how to re-create 39 floral designs, plus the inspiration and techniques to allow you to create your own original art out of nature.

    9 特價 788