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飲食料理 - 點心飲料


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  • How to BrewHow to Brew Palmer, John J. Brewers Pubns 出版 2017/6/1出版

    Everything needed to brew beer right the first time. Presented in a light-hearted style without frivolous interruptions, this authoritative text introduces brewing in a easy step-by-step review.

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  • The Power of SprinklesThe Power of Sprinkles Kassem, Amirah Harry N Abrams Inc 出版 2019/4/9出版

    Flour Shop’s rainbow explosion cakes have become an international sensation! And now, with The Power of Sprinkles, Flour Shop Founder Amirah Kassem reveals the secrets to making her magical cakes at home. Amirah Kassem preaches the power of sprinkles in her wildly creative first book. A modern-day Willy Wonka, Kassem reminds readers that joy can be found in creating something delightful and delicious, that baking a cake for someone is the best thing in the world, and that, when it comes to cake decorating, any mistake can be covered in sprinkles (and everyone will love it anyway!). With twenty-nine different cakes—from unicorn cakes and donut cakes to cakes that look like reindeer, popcorn, spaghetti, and avocado toast—and packed with photographs, illustrations, and infinite ideas, The Power of Sprinkles is a book for bakers and cake decorators at every age and level. Also Available: Power of Sprinkles 2020 Wall Calendar

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  • American Sour BeerAmerican Sour Beer Tonsmeire, Michael Brewers Pubns 出版 2014/7/7出版

    One of the most exciting and dynamic segments of today craft brewing scene , American-brewed sour beers are designed intentionally to be tart and may be inoculated with souring bacteria, fermented with wild yeast or fruit, aged in barrels or blended with younger beer. Craft brewers and homebrewers have adapted traditional European techniques to create some of the world most distinctive and experimental styles. This book details the wide array of processes and ingredients in American sour beer production, with actionable advice for each stage of the process. Inspiration, education and practical applications for brewers of all levels are provided by some of the country best known sour beer brewers.

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  • Yes Way RosYes Way Ros Blumenthal, Erica Running Pr Book Pub 出版 2019/4/9出版

    Get in the pink wine state of mind with Yes Way Ros?/em>, the ultimate guide to drinking and entertaining with the blush beverage, from the creators of @yeswayrose! Fresh, easygoing, and a little bit whimsical, rose is more than just a wine -- it's shorthand for an entire lifestyle. And nothing embodies the lighthearted joy of "drinking pink" more than the wine and lifestyle brand Yes Way Ros? Equal parts informative and celebratory, Yes Way Ros?/em> is both a wine primer and a source of lifestyle inspiration. Readers will learn the ins and outs of rose production, as well as the major wine-making regions, before diving into food pairings, rose cocktails, and even rose-inspired astrology. From Ros?101, tasting notes, and recipes, to tips on maintaining "rose vibes" and throwing an incredible soiree, Erica Blumenthal and Nikki Huganir translate their vibrant, humorous, and well-informed passion for rose into an irresistible gift book. Overflowing with full-color photographs and cheeky illustrations, Yes Way Ros?/em> is the perfect read for anyone who has ever fallen under the alluring spell of pink wine.

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  • Find Your WineFind Your Wine Norman, Kaytie Baker & Taylor Books 出版 2019/4/30出版

    For many, wine can be an overly complex, intimidating and ?dare we say it ?mysterious topic. And while it true that there are things about wine that can be overwhelming for beginners, Find Your Wine skips such topics in favor of a simple flavor-related focus that puts the reader personal preferences at the forefront, enabling them to buy and talk about wine, discover what they like, and much more, without depending on an understanding of Old World vs. New World, the merits of one region over another, and other dense criteria.The book might suggest, for example, o you like Merlot? Great. Youl love Bordeaux.? But then it will go on to explain why that is. By organizing the book by flavor profile (i.e. Bold, Crisp, Smooth, Buttery, Fruity, Bright, Sweet, Jammy, etc.), readers will establish a point of reference that informs every decision they make about what wine to drink when. Theyl learn how to describe what theye looking for and the kinds of wines they like at a wine shop or to a server. Or if theye on their own, theyl know how to pick something for a dinner or date that certain to be a crowd pleaser. Theyl also learn how to explore new wines with confidence, by first working off of the flavors they know they like.

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  • The Ultimate Scratch & Sniff Guide to Loving BeerThe Ultimate Scratch & Sniff Guide to Loving Beer Betts, Richard Baker & Taylor Books 出版 2019/5/14出版

    What's the difference between a pilsner and a stout? Why is water so important to beer? What's the best temperature to serve a lager, an ale, or a stout? What the heck is a hop anyways?There are few things in the world as beloved as beer. By far and away it is the most popular alcoholic beverage in the world, but there is so much more to this beverage than we know. Richard Betts breaks down the ingredients, the science, and the processes behind how beer is made. With this knowledge in hand, and some scratching and sniffing, you'll have the tools to make informed decisions about the brews that will make you smile every time. Cheers!

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  • The Art of the Smoothie BowlThe Art of the Smoothie Bowl Gaffney, Nicole Baker & Taylor Books 出版 2019/4/9出版

    The Ultimate Blend of Delicious and Nutritious in One BowlDitch the boring green smoothie routine and discover quick, easy bowls loaded with vitamins, superfoods and irresistible toppings. Nicole Gaffney, Food Network Star finalist and co-owner of Soulberri Smoothies and Bowls, has created energizing flavor combinations for any time of day: ?Classic Acai ?Cinnamon Pumpkin Pie ?Watermelon Creamsicle ?Chocolate Hazelnut ?Jalepe隳 Honeydew Mint ?Pom-Berry Yogurt ?Southern Peach & Pecan ?Coconut Toasted Caramel With vegan and gluten-free options, plus homemade toppings to finish off your bowl, youl be hooked on these healthy, hydrating treats

    9 特價 693
  • WaterWater Palmer, John Brewers Pubns 出版 2013/10/7出版

    Water is arguably the most critical and least understood of the foundation elements in brewing beer. Water: A Comprehensive Guide for Brewers, third in Brewers Publications’ Brewing Elements series, takes the mystery out of water’s role in the brewing process. The book leads brewers through the chemistry and treatment of brewing water, from an overview of water sources, to adjusting water for different beer styles, and different brewery processes, to wastewater treatment. The discussions include how to read water reports, understanding flavor contributions, residual alkalinity, malt acidity, and mash pH.

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  • Simple CakeSimple Cake Williams, Odette Ten Speed Pr 出版 2019/3/12出版

    A nostalgic ode to the joy of homemade cake, beautifully photographed and with easy mix-and-match recipes for a sweet lift any day of the week.Everyone has a favorite style of cake, whether it's citrusy and fresh or chocolatey and indulgent. All of these recipes and more are within your reach in Simple Cake, a love letter from Brooklyn apron and bakeware designer Odette Williams to her favorite treat. With easy recipes and inventive decorating ideas, Williams gives you recipes for 10 base cakes, 15 toppings, and endless decorating ideas to yield a treat--such as Milk & Honey Cake, Coconut Cake, Summer Berry Pavlova, and Chocolatey Chocolate Cake--for any occasion. Williams also addresses the fundamentals for getting cakes just right, with foolproof recipes that can be cranked out whenever the urge strikes. Gorgeous photography, along with Williams's warm and heartfelt writing, elevate this book into something truly special.

    9 特價 725
  • Batch CocktailsBatch Cocktails Hoffman, Maggie Ten Speed Pr 出版 2019/3/19出版

    A hip, accessible guide to batch cocktail-making for entertaining, with 65 recipes that can be made hours--or weeks!--ahead of time so that hosts and hostesses have one less thing to worry about as the doorbell rings.As anyone who has hosted a dinner party knows, cocktail hour is the most fun part of the evening for guests--but the most stressful for whomever is in charge of keeping the drinks flowing. The solution, though, is simple: batch it! In this fun collection, Maggie Hoffman offers 65 delicious and creative cocktails that you don't have to stir or shake to order; rather, they are designed to stay fresh when made ahead and served out of a pitcher. Recipes such as Tongue in Cheek (gin, Meyer lemon, thyme, Cocchi Rosa), Friendly Fires (mezcal, chile vodka, watermelon, lime), Birds & Bees Punch (rum, cucumber, green tea, lemon), and even alcohol-free options are organized by flavor profile--herbal, boozy, bitter, fruity and tart, and so on--to make choosing and whipping up a perfect pitcher of cocktails a total breeze.

    9 特價 630
  • Buttercream Flowers for All SeasonsButtercream Flowers for All Seasons Valeriano, Valeri Baker & Taylor Books 出版 2018/3/13出版

    Blooming marvellous cake decorating ideas for spring, summer, autumn and winter... all made with delicious buttercream! This stunning collection of floral buttercream cake decorating projects for all seasons is brought to you by the world's leading instructors of buttercream techniques, Queen of Hearts Couture Cakes, bestselling authors of The Contemporary Buttercream Bible, 100 Buttercream Flowers and Buttercream One-Tier Wonders. Bursting at the seams with beautiful buttercream blooms, this bumper cake decorating book gives you all the inspiration and know-how you need to create sensational floral cakes all year round. Each of the 16 design concepts is presented as a spectacular tiered cake, a more accessible single tier cake and a beginner-friendly batch of cupcakes, making over 48 projects in total! From piping buttercream flowers on cupcakes to creating jaw-dropping buttercream wedding cakes--this is the ultimate guide to cake decorating with buttercream flowers.

    9 特價 788
  • Wine FollyWine Folly Puckette, Madeline Avery Pub Group 出版 2018/9/25出版

    The expanded wine guide from the creators of WineFolly.com, packed with new information for devotees and newbies alike.Wine Folly became a sensation for its inventive, easy-to-digest approach to learning about wine. Now in a new, expanded hardcover edition, Wine Folly: Magnum Edition is the perfect guide for anyone looking to take his or her wine knowledge to the next level. Wine Folly: Magnum Edition includes: * more than 100 grapes and wines color-coded by style so you can easily find new wines you'll love; * a wine region explorer with detailed maps of the top wine regions, as well as up-and-coming areas such as Greece and Hungary; * wine labeling and classification 101 for wine countries such as France, Italy, Spain, Germany, and Austria; * an expanded food and wine pairing section; * a primer on acidity and tannin--so you can taste wine like a pro; * more essential tips to help you cut through the complexity of the wine world and become an expert.Wine Folly: Magnum Edition is the must-have book for the millions of fans of WineFolly.com and for any budding oenophile who wants to boost his or her wine knowledge in a practical and fun way. It's the ultimate gift for any wine lover.

    9 特價 1103
  • Yes Way Ros?Mini KitYes Way Ros?Mini Kit Blumenthal, Erica Baker & Taylor Books 出版 2019/4/2出版

    With enamel wine charms, cocktail stirrers, and irresistible recipe cards, the Yes Way Ros?/em> Mini Kit is the ultimate celebration of the pink drink. Live your best life and celebrate all those rose vibes with the Yes Way Ros?/em> Mini Kit! This charming gift set is the perfect pairing for your favorite bottle of rose -- so get ready to party! This kit includes: Set of 3 enamel wine charms Branded cocktail stir sticks Full-color recipe cards, bound in a postcard-style book

    9 特價 313
  • Fantastical CakesFantastical Cakes Bullock-prado, Gesine Running Pr Book Pub 出版 2018/11/6出版

    Learn to make doable, incredible celebration cakes that taste as good as they look!Baking and decorating a cake can be a challenge, and when the end result doesn't taste as good as it looks, a big disappointment! Author and professional baker Gesine Bullock-Prado has perfected a method for creating eye-catching spectacular cakes that measure up. Just remember BaDASS: ?Bake ahead ?Dam ?Assemble ?Smooth coat ?Spruce it upHer step-by-step instruction for baking, piping, and making decorations make each bit manageable, whether it's baking layers ahead of time and freezing, or taking the time to crank out a slew of gorgeous frosting flowers that hold beautifully in the freezer until you need them. No step is skipped or left unexplained. The layers are as easy as box mixes, and the smoothing and decorating instructions work the first time (not a thousand passes later). From custom shapes to complement a party theme to ultra-gorgeous towering layer cakes for special occasions, it's all within reach.

    9 特價 945
  • Draught Beer Quality ManualDraught Beer Quality Manual Technical Committee of the Brewers Association (COR) Brewers Pubns 出版 2019/4/7出版

    The Draught Beer Quality Manual presents well-researched, detailed information on draught line cleaning, system components and design, pressure and gas balance, proper pouring technique, glassware sanitation, and other valuable advice from the experts. Also included is information on both direct- and long-draw draught systems, important safety tips, and helpful visuals for easy reference. Anyone tasked with performing or overseeing draught line cleaning will appreciate the updated recommendations reflecting current best practices.

    9 特價 786