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史地傳記 - 歷史總論


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  • Historia port嫢il del mundo / Portable History of the WorldHistoria port嫢il del mundo / Portable History of the World Von Sch霵burg, Alexander Baker & Taylor Books 出版 2019/8/1出版

    Can one tell the history of the world in less than 400 pages? For this writer, the answer is yes. The world, from biology to culture, from art to history is exhaustively described in this small book. Through a series of agile vignettes of moments in humanity, from its worst and best, Von Schonburg shows us cities, dynasties, republics, and countries. He offers us an entertaining tool to discover the past and illuminate the present.  

    9 特價 630
  • Julius Caesar's Invasion of BritainJulius Caesar's Invasion of Britain Nolan, Roger Stephen Baker & Taylor Books 出版 2019/8/19出版

    Two thousand years ago Julius Caesar came, saw and conquered southern Britain, but just where he landed and the precise routes his army marched through the south of the country have never been firmly established. Numerous sites have been suggested for the Roman landings of 55BC and 54BC, yet, remarkably, the exact locations of the first major events in recorded British history remain undiscovered ?until now.After years of careful analysis, Roger Nolan has painstakingly traced not only the places where the Romans landed, but he has also discovered four temporary marching camps Caesar army built as it drove up from the south coast in pursuit of the British tribal leader, Cassivellaunus.This advance took Caesar across the Thames to Cassivellaunus?stronghold at Wheathampstead in present-day Hertfordshire. These marching camps are placed almost equidistant from each other and, most importantly, are in a straight line between the coast and Wheathampstead.Roger Nolan research has also enabled him to identify the place mentioned in Caesar Commentaries, where the Roman legions were ambushed by the British whilst foraging and where a large battle then ensued ?the first known land battle in Britain.Without doubt, this ground-breaking study is certain to prompt much discussion and reappraisal of this fascinating subject.

    9 特價 1101
  • Ancient MedicineAncient Medicine Zucconi, Laura M. Eerdmans Pub Co 出版 2019/8/13出版

    This book by Laura Zucconi is an accessible introductory text to the practice and theory of medicine in the ancient world. In contrast to other works that focus heavily on Greece and Rome, Zucconi’s Ancient Medicine covers a broader geographical and chronological range. The world of medicine in antiquity consisted of a lot more than Hippocrates and Galen.Zucconi applies historical and anthropological methods to examine the medical cultures of not only Mesopotamia, Egypt, Greece, and Rome but also the Levant, the Anatolian Peninsula, and the Iranian Plateau. Devoting special attention to the fundamental relationship between medicine and theology, Zucconi’s one-volume introduction brings the physicians, patients, procedures, medicines, and ideas of the past to light.

    9 特價 3465
  • Teaching U.s. History Through SportsTeaching U.s. History Through Sports Austin, Brad (EDT) Baker & Taylor Books 出版 2019/8/13出版

    Few areas of study offer more insight into American culture than competitive sports. The games played throughout this nation's history dramatically illuminate social, economic, and cultural developments, from the balance of power in world affairs to changing conceptions of race, gender, and sexuality.Teaching U.S. History through Sports provides strategies for incorporating sports into any U.S. history curriculum. Drawing upon their own classroom experiences, the authors suggest creative ways to use sports as a lens to examine a broad range of historical subjects, including Puritan culture, the rise of Jim Crow, the Cold War, the civil rights movement, and the women's movement. Essays focus on the experiences of African American women, working-class southerners, Latinos, and members of LGBTQ communities, as well as topics including the controversy over Native American mascots and the globalization of U.S. sports.

    9 特價 1761
  • A History of Columbia Theological SeminaryA History of Columbia Theological Seminary Clarke, Erskine Univ of South Carolina Pr 出版 2019/8/16出版

    Columbia Theological Seminary's rich history provides a window into the social and intellectual life of the American South. A Presbyterian seminary for the preparation of well-educated, mannerly ministers, it was located during its first one hundred years in Columbia, South Carolina. During the antebellum period, it was known for its affluent and intellectually sophisticated board, faculty, and students. Its leaders sought to follow a middle way on the great intellectual and social issues of the day, including slavery. Columbia's leaders, Unionists until the election of Lincoln, became ardent supporters of the Confederacy. While the seminary survived the defeat of the Confederacy, it was left impoverished and poorly situated to meet the challenges of the modern world. In 1928 the seminary moved to Decatur, Georgia, also signifying a transition from the Old South toward the New (mercantile) South. Unfortunately the seminary brought to its handsome new campus the theological rigidity and racist assumptions of the Old South. Under the leadership of James McDowell Richards, Columbia slowly commenced its long struggle against its deeply embedded racism. By the final decade of the twentieth century, Columbia had become one of the most highly endowed seminaries in the country, had internationally recognized faculty, and had students from all over the world.At the dawn of the twenty-first century, Columbia named its first female president and embraced a new, broad diversity in faculty and students--stripping away any vestiges of its ties to the Old South. Columbia's evolution has challenged assumptions about what it means to be Presbyterian, southern, and American, as the seminary continues its primary mission of providing a learned Presbyterian ministry.

    9 特價 2519
  • Abandoned PalacesAbandoned Palaces Kerrigan, Michael Baker & Taylor Books 出版 2019/8/6出版

    From imperial residences and aristocratic estates to hotels and urban mansions, Abandoned Palaces tells the stories behind dilapidated structures all around the world.   Built to impress, built with style and grandeur, built, above all, to last: it’s all the more remarkable when buildings such as these fall into disrepair and become ruins. From ancient Roman villas to the French colonial hill station in Cambodia that was one of the final refuges of the Khmer Rouge, Abandoned Palaces charts the decline of what were once the homes and holiday resorts of the super wealthy. Ranging from crumbling hotels in the Catskills or in Mozambique, to grand mansions in Taiwan, to an unfinished Elizabethan summerhouse, to a modern megalomaniac’s partially completed estate, they were deserted for reasons including politics, bankruptcy, personal tragedies, natural and man-made disasters, and changing tastes and fashions. Filled with stunning, nostalgic images, this volume is a brilliant and moving examination of worlds left behind.

    9 特價 943
  • A Bradford PalA Bradford Pal Broadhead, John Baker & Taylor Books 出版 2019/8/15出版

    In 1914, the city of Bradford was the world’s leading manufacturer of fine woolen goods. Upon the outbreak of war, and at the urging of the city’s wealthy industrialists, thousands of young men rushed to enlist. Within a matter of months, two volunteer “pals battalions” were formed—battalions comprised of men who enlisted together as long as they could serve together. John Broadhead, the son of a Bradford Pal, tells the story of the battalions and the part played by his father, George William Broadhead, a town hall clerk from Batley. The author’s research was inspired by his father’s diary of 1916, which he handed to the author shortly before his death in 1980, saying, “Here lad, you might be interested in this.” Like many soldiers, he rarely spoke about the war, but the diary, alongside the author’s use of official records, newspaper reports, and memoirs, reveal the stark horror of what faced the nation’s youth.  Few of the original Pals survived the war, but George Broadhead’s luck held. In 1918, he married a French girl and stayed in France for eighteen years working with the Imperial War Graves Commission—the British institution tasked with burying and commemorating First World War dead and missing soldiers—before returning to his home town to resume his earlier career. He was an ordinary soldier but a quite remarkable person, and this is his story.

    9 特價 945
  • My Pagan Ancestor ZuriMy Pagan Ancestor Zuri West, Ken Baker & Taylor Books 出版 2019/8/1出版

    Journey to the mysterious Avon valley, home of Stonehenge, with a Christchurch pensioner and our pagan ancestor from 2200 BC, and witness prehistory come alive.

    9 特價 628
  • Yearbook of Transnational HistoryYearbook of Transnational History Adam, Thomas (EDT) Baker & Taylor Books 出版 2019/8/15出版

    This second volume of the Yearbook of Transnational History offers readers new perspectives on historical research. This Yearbook is the only periodical worldwide dedicated to the publication of research in the field of transnational history.

    9 特價 5796
  • Abandoned Sacred PlacesAbandoned Sacred Places Joffe, Lawrence Baker & Taylor Books 出版 2019/8/6出版

    Through magnificent, sometimes haunting images, Abandoned Sacred Places explores more than 100 lost worlds, including ancient and modern temples, synagogues, churches, mosques, and stone circles. Organized geographically, this unforgettable volume wanders from Stonehenge in England and Carnac in France to crumbling inner-city churches and synagogues in present-day Detroit and Chicago, from Mayan pyramids in Mexico to Hindu temples lost in the Indian jungle.

    9 特價 943
  • Transcribing Oral HistoryTranscribing Oral History Bergen, Teresa Baker & Taylor Books 出版 2019/8/1出版

    Transcribing Oral History offers a comprehensive guide to the transcription of qualitative interviews, an often richly debated practice within the oral history field.Beginning with an introduction to the field and an overview of the many disciplines that conduct and transcribe interviews, the book goes on to offer practical advice to those looking to use transcription within their own projects. A helpful how-to section covers technology, style guides, ways to format transcripts and how to troubleshoot the many problems that can arise. In addition to the practicalities of transcription itself, the book encourages the reader to consider legal and ethical issues, and the effects of troubling audio on the transcriptionist. It explains how scholars can turn recorded interviews and transcripts into books, films and museum exhibits, enabling the reader to understand the wider concerns surrounding transcription as well as the practical uses to which it can be put.Based upon the author personal experience as a freelance transcriptionist and interviews with more than 30 professionals working around the world in the oral history and qualitative research fields, it is an indispensable guide for those involved in interviews and transcription at any level of an oral history project, including historians, transcriptionists, interviewers, project administrators, archivists, researchers and students.

    9 特價 7560
  • Treasures of Ancient EgyptTreasures of Ancient Egypt Fletcher-jones, Nigel Baker & Taylor Books 出版 2019/8/6出版

    More than 150 stunning photos celebrate the wonders of ancient Egypt, from its hieroglyph-covered papyrus scrolls to the awe-inspiring pyramids.   Four thousand years before the birth of Christ, ancient Egypt was the cradle of modern civilization. Powerful pharaohs built great cities on the fertile banks of the Nile, and thousands labored to build lavish tombs and temples. Through beautiful color photographs and expert text by an archeologist, Treasures of Ancient Egypt tells the stories of the pyramids, the Sphinx, the Valley of the Kings, and the artifacts—from golden amulets to mummies, wall paintings to statues—discovered there.

    9 特價 943
  • Talking to Devils and Angels in Scandinavia, 1500-1800Talking to Devils and Angels in Scandinavia, 1500-1800 Olli, Soili-maria Palgrave Macmillan 出版 2019/8/7出版

    9 特價 2772
  • Die Kriegsflotten Der Griechischen Stadte Im Romischen HerrschaftsbereichDie Kriegsflotten Der Griechischen Stadte Im Romischen Herrschaftsbereich Kah, Daniel Baker & Taylor Books 出版 2019/7/31出版

    Mit der Erkenntnis, dass die griechische Polis im Hellenismus keineswegs einen Niedergang erlebte, sondern als staatliche Einheit politisch und sozial vital blieb, ist in den letzten Jahren auch die milit酺ische Organisation dieser Staaten st酺ker in den Blickpunkt der Forschung gerkt. Dabei wurden allerdings die Kriegsflotten der hellenistischen St輐te bislang nicht systematisch betrachtet. Die Arbeit untersucht dieses Thema auf Basis der epigraphischen Zeugnisse, die hierzu besonders f das 2. und 1. Jahrhundert v. Chr. eine breite Quellenbasis zur Verfung stellen, in deren Mittelpunkt die Inselrepublik Rhodos steht. Ein Quellenband erschlie腷 diesen bislang f Nicht-Spezialisten nicht leicht zug鄚glichen Bestand.Die weit verbreiteten Zeugnisse zeigen, dass viele Poleis bis in die sp酹e Republik Kriegsschiffe unterhielten. Das bietet nicht nur aufgrund der damit verbundenen komplexen Infrastruktur und hohen Kosten einen Gradmesser f die milit酺ische Leistungsbereitschaft dieser Gemeinwesen, sondern beleuchtet auch einen bislang wenig untersuchten Aspekt der Eingliederung der Polis in den Herrschaftsverband des Imperium Romanum.

    9 特價 11591
  • The Poetics of Failure in Ancient GreeceThe Poetics of Failure in Ancient Greece Dova, Stamatia Baker & Taylor Books 出版 2019/8/8出版

    Examining attitudes towards failure, loss and inadequacy as they appear in Greek literature from the eighth to the fourth century BCE, this book incorporates two major themes: failure in mythological narratives and in historical accounts. These two areas are further divided into narratives of heroic and divine failure and accounts of individual and collective failure. Myth and history are examined under the same lens while mythological narratives are also placed in the historical context of the literary works in which they appear. Greek epic, for example, the cultural product of an honor-shame society, emphasizes success and the attainment of goals achieved in the context of intense trials; without shying away from human or divine deficiencies, epic poetry prefers to glorify the pursuit of personal fulfillment. Analysis of key texts identifies the intertextual discourses that reveal epic attitudes towards failure, such as Agamemnon's inadequacies in the Iliad, Odysseus' shortcomings in the Odyssey, and Peirithoos' catastrophic descent to the underworld. This study also joins narratives from major cycles of Greek myth (the Trojan war, the labors of Hercules, and Athenian foundation myths) with historical accounts of disastrous military campaigns (the Ionian revolt and the Sicilian expedition) to offer a diachronic outlook on failure in Greek antiquity

    9 特價 5541