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史地傳記 - 歷史總論


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  • The FactoryThe Factory Marsh, Allison Baker & Taylor Books 出版 2018/12/31出版

    The book goes beyond the assembly line to examine the physical environment of the industrial landscape.?Appeals to readers interested in world history, industrial tourism, and the robotics industry?Explains the significance of the factory to American history and culture?Tells the story of American factory work through spaces and objects?Details how factory buildings have evolved over the years

    9 特價 1966
  • The Great Hypostyle Hall in the Temple of Amun at KarnakThe Great Hypostyle Hall in the Temple of Amun at Karnak Brand, Peter J. Baker & Taylor Books 出版 2019/1/31出版

    Standing at the heart of Karnak Temple, the Great Hypostyle Hall is a forest of 134 giant sandstone columns enclosed by massive walls. Sety I built the Great Hypostyle Hall ca. 1300 BCE and decorated the northern wing with exquisite bas reliefs. After his death, his successor Ramesses II completed the southern wing mostly in sunk relief.

    9 特價 5037
  • TiberTiber Allen, Bruce Ware Baker & Taylor Books 出版 2018/11/20出版

    In this rich history of Italy Tiber River, Bruce Ware Allen charts the main currents, mythic headwaters, and hidden tributaries of one of the world most renowned waterways. He considers life along the river, from its twin springs high in the Apennines all the way to its mouth at Ostia, and describes the people who lived along its banks and how they made the Tiber work for them. The Tiber has served as the realm of protomythic creatures and gods, a battleground for armies and navies, a livelihood for boatmen and fishermen, the subject matter of poets and painters, and the final resting place for criminals and martyrs. Tiber: Eternal River of Rome is a highly readable history and a go-to resource for information about Italy most storied river.

    9 特價 1103
  • Ancient RingsAncient Rings Pollio, T.n. Baker & Taylor Books 出版 2018/10/11出版

    Ancient finger rings made of base metals and low-grade silver alloys are increasingly being unearthed and sold through a growing assortment of marketplaces worldwide. Reference material on ancient rings has focused mainly on historic and igh-end?pieceshe precious metals and stones of royalty and the wealthyhile little has been written on the evaluation of common rings. This guide describes their composition, structure and imagery, providing merchants, collectors and researchers with a comprehensive reference on these ancient artifacts that, until now, have gone unexamined.

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  • Through Their EyesThrough Their Eyes Koskey, Michael (EDT) Baker & Taylor Books 出版 2018/10/15出版

    The towns of Eagle, Circle, and Central are tucked away in the cold, rugged, and sparsely populated central-eastern interior of Alaska. These communities have fewer than three hundred residents in an area of more than 22,000 square miles. Yet they are closely linked by the Yukon River and by history itself.Through their Eyes is a glimpse into the past and present of these communities, showing how their survival has depended on centuries of cooperation. The towns have roots in the gold rushes but they are also located within the traditional territories of the Hän Hwëch’in, the Gwichyaa Gwich’in, and Denduu Gwich’in Dena (Athabascan) peoples. Over time, residents have woven together new heritages, adopting and practicing each other’s traditions. This book combines oral accounts with archival research to create a rich portrayal of life in rural Alaska villages. Many of the stories come directly from the residents of these communities, giving an inside perspective on the often colorful events that characterize life in Eagle, Circle, and Central.

    9 特價 628
  • Emancipation Without EqualityEmancipation Without Equality Smith, Thomas E. Univ of Massachusetts Pr 出版 2018/9/25出版

    At the Pan--African Conference in London in 1900, W. E. B. Du Bois famously prophesied that the problem of the twentieth century would be the global color line, the elevation of "whiteness" that created a racially divided world. While Pan-Africanism recognized the global nature of the color line in this period, Thomas E. Smith argues that it also pushed against it, advocating for what Du Bois called "opportunities and privileges of modern civilization" to open up to people of all colors.Covering a period roughly bookended by two international forums, the 1884--1885 Berlin Conference and the 1911 Universal Races Congress, Emancipation without Equality chronicles how activists of African descent fought globally for equal treatment and access to rights associated with post-emancipated citizenship. While Euro-American leaders created a standard to guide the course of imperialism at the Berlin Conference, the proceedings of the Universal Races Congress demonstrated that Pan-Africanism had become a visible part of a growing, global, anti-imperialist protest.

    9 特價 1409
  • A Primer for Teaching Women, Gender, and Sexuality in World HistoryA Primer for Teaching Women, Gender, and Sexuality in World History Wiesner-Hanks, Merry E. Duke Univ Pr 出版 2018/10/16出版

    A Primer for Teaching Women, Gender, and Sexuality in World History is a guide for college and high school teachers who are teaching women, gender, and sexuality in history for the first time, for experienced teachers who want to reinvigorate their courses, for those who are training future teachers to prepare their own syllabi, and for teachers who want to incorporate these issues into their world history classes. Merry E. Wiesner-Hanks and Urmi Engineer Willoughby present possible course topics, themes, concepts, and approaches while offering practical advice on materials and strategies helpful for teaching courses from a global perspective in today's teaching environment for today's students. In their discussions of pedagogy, syllabus organization, fostering students' historical empathy, and connecting students with their community, Wiesner-Hanks and Willoughby draw readers into the process of strategically designing courses that will enable students to analyze gender and sexuality in history, whether their students are new to this process or hold powerful and personal commitments to the issues it raises.

    9 特價 1157
  • The Cult of Mithras in Late AntiquityThe Cult of Mithras in Late Antiquity Walsh, David Baker & Taylor Books 出版 2018/10/25出版

    In The Cult of Mithras in Late Antiquity David Walsh examines how and why the cult of Mithras vanished from the Roman Empire by the early 5th century C.E.

    9 特價 7358
  • Breve historia del antiguo Egipto / Brief history of Ancient EgyptBreve historia del antiguo Egipto / Brief history of Ancient Egypt Varas, Azael Baker & Taylor Books 出版 2018/9/25出版

    D嶴ese maravillar por la cultura, tecnolog燰 y conquistas de la m癃ica civilizaci鏮 del Nilo: Desde los poblados predin嫳ticos, las Pir嫥ides del Reino Antiguo, la literatura del Reino Medio y el arte del Reino Nuevo hasta su anexi鏮 final a Roma. Mentuhotep II, Hatsepsut, Akhenaton, Tutankam鏮, Rams廥 II. Una historia del Antiguo Egipto actualizada, moderna y completa. La obra propone introducirnos en la Historia del Antiguo Egipto, un mundo que embruja a muchos pero que pocos llegan a entender. A trav廥 de su geograf燰, su lengua, su religi鏮 y los hechos m嫳 relevantes de su Historia llegaremos a conocer mucho mejor esta cultura casi m癃ica. Nuestro viaje arranca en los albores de la historia egipcia, en los poblados predin嫳ticos, en una 廧oca anterior al trazado de la primera palabra. Tras el crucial invento de la escritura la sociedad egipcia evoluciona creando un sistema pol癃ico que va a perdurar durante milenios, un arte que va a marcar el devenir art疄tico del todo el Mediterr嫕eo antiguo, una religi鏮 que traspasar?fronteras, y una lengua que olvidada y rescatada, que sigue fascinando hoy d燰.Teniendo como base los textos y monumentos conservados abriremos una ventana al Antiguo Egipto para comprender el verdadero origen y significado de los jerogl璗icos, las Pir嫥ides, las momias y los templos egipcios.Esta cultura milenaria incluye momentos de extraordinario brillo, como las Pir嫥ides del Reino Antiguo, la literatura del Reino Medio y el arte del Reino Nuevo; pero tambi幯 momentos de oscurantismo, como invasiones, traiciones nacidas en el har幯, guerras civiles y guerras con imperios extranjeros.

    9 特價 676
  • The Happiness FantasyThe Happiness Fantasy Cederstro皂, Carl Polity Pr 出版 2018/11/20出版

    In this devastatingly witty new book, Carl Cederström traces our present-day conception of happiness from its roots in early-twentieth-century European psychiatry, to the Beat generation, to Ronald Reagan and Donald Trump. He argues that happiness is now defined by a desire to be "authentic", to experience physical pleasure, and to cultivate a quirky individuality. But over the last fifty years, these once-revolutionary ideas have been co-opted by corporations and advertisers, pushing us to live lives that are increasingly unfulfilling, insecure and narcissistic. In an age of increasing austerity and social division, Cederström argues that a radical new dream of happiness is gathering pace. There is a vision of the good life which promotes deeper engagement with the world and our place within it, over the individualism and hedonism of previous generations. Guided by this more egalitarian worldview, we can reinvent ourselves and our societies.

    9 特價 854
  • Understanding OthersUnderstanding Others Lacapra, Dominick Cornell Univ Pr 出版 2018/9/15出版

    To what extent do we and can we understand othersther peoples, species, times, and places? What is the role of others within ourselves, epitomized in the notion of unconscious forces? Can we come to terms with our internalized others in ways that foster mutual understanding and counteract the tendency to scapegoat, project, victimize, and...

    9 特價 4788
  • Flame of MiletusFlame of Miletus Freely, John I B Tauris & Co Ltd 出版 2018/8/30出版

    Miletus: one of the wealthiest and most important towns in ancient Greece. It was here, on the Aegean coast of Asia Minor, in the 6th century BC, that the great traditions of Greek science and philosophy sparked into life, setting in motion a chain of knowledge that would change the world, forever.This is the extraordinary story of Greek science from its earliest beginnings through its development in classical Athens and Hellenistic Alexandria and its subsequent diffusion to the wider world. Most histories of Greek science end with the collapse of the Graeco-Roman world in late antiquity and the closing of all classical schools of "pagan" philosophy in A.D. 529. But acclaimed historian John Freely here continues the story to tell of how the elements of Greek scientific and philosophical learning were adopted by the Islamic world and the transmission of Graeco-Islamic science to western Europe, as well as the preservation of Hellenic culture in Byzantium and its profound influence on the European renaissance and our modern world.

    9 特價 502
  • A History of ReadingA History of Reading Fischer, Steven Roger Reaktion Books 出版 2019/5/1出版

    Tracing the complete story of reading from the age when symbol first became sign through to the electronic texts of the present day, Steven Roger Fischer’s fascinating A History of Reading offers a sweeping view across time and geography of our evolving relationship with text. Turning to ancient forms of reading, Fischer takes us to Asia and the Americas and discusses the forms and developments of completely divergent writing systems and scripts. With the Middle Ages in Europe and the Middle East, innovative reinventions of reading emerged—silent and liturgical reading; the custom of lectors; a focus on reading in general education—whereupon printing transformed society’s entire attitude toward reading. Fischer charts the explosion of the book trade, its increased audience, and radically changed subject-matter in this era. He also describes the emergence of broadsheets, newspapers, and public readings and traces the effect of new font designs on general legibility, and much more. Finally, Fischer assesses a future in which read communication will likely exceed oral communication through the use of the personal computer and the internet. Looking at "visual language" and modern theories of how reading is processed in the human brain, he asks how the New Reader can reshape reading’s fate—suggesting a radical new definition of what reading could be.

    9 特價 441
  • Abandoned PalacesAbandoned Palaces Kerrigan, Michael Baker & Taylor Books 出版 2019/8/6出版

    From imperial residences and aristocratic estates to hotels and urban mansions, Abandoned Palaces tells the stories behind dilapidated structures all around the world.   Built to impress, built with style and grandeur, built, above all, to last: it’s all the more remarkable when buildings such as these fall into disrepair and become ruins. From ancient Roman villas to the French colonial hill station in Cambodia that was one of the final refuges of the Khmer Rouge, Abandoned Palaces charts the decline of what were once the homes and holiday resorts of the super wealthy. Ranging from crumbling hotels in the Catskills or in Mozambique, to grand mansions in Taiwan, to an unfinished Elizabethan summerhouse, to a modern megalomaniac’s partially completed estate, they were deserted for reasons including politics, bankruptcy, personal tragedies, natural and man-made disasters, and changing tastes and fashions. Filled with stunning, nostalgic images, this volume is a brilliant and moving examination of worlds left behind.

    9 特價 943
  • Daidalos at WorkDaidalos at Work Palyvou, Clairy Baker & Taylor Books 出版 2018/11/2出版

    The Bronze Age was a time of affluence and innovation for Crete, a unique "moment" in the early history of architecture that, in a bizarre way, echos the modern world of the 20th century AD.

    9 特價 2268