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史地傳記 - 歷史總論


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  • Historia port嫢il del mundo / Portable History of the WorldHistoria port嫢il del mundo / Portable History of the World Von Sch霵burg, Alexander Baker & Taylor Books 出版 2019/8/1出版

    Can one tell the history of the world in less than 400 pages? For this writer, the answer is yes. The world, from biology to culture, from art to history is exhaustively described in this small book. Through a series of agile vignettes of moments in humanity, from its worst and best, Von Schonburg shows us cities, dynasties, republics, and countries. He offers us an entertaining tool to discover the past and illuminate the present.  

    9 特價 630
  • Environment and Society in the Long Late AntiquityEnvironment and Society in the Long Late Antiquity Izdebski, Adam (EDT) Baker & Taylor Books 出版 2019/2/21出版

    Environment and Society in the Long Late Antiquity brings together scientific, archaeological and historical evidence on the interplay of social change and environmental phenomena at the end of Antiquity and the dawn of the Middle Ages, ca. 300-800 AD.

    9 特價 7106
  • Witnessing the American CenturyWitnessing the American Century Brady, Alleen Colby Kent State Univ Pr 出版 2019/3/14出版

    A US Naval Aviators odyssey through pivotal moments in 20th-century historyThe rise of Adolf Hitler, Americas Great Depression in the heartland, the bombing of Pearl Harbor, American life following World War II, the Korean War, Americas development of atomic weapons in the Cold War age, the Bay of Pigs Invasion and the Cuban Missile Crisis, the Vietnam War, and the Mariel boatlift. Captain Allen Brady not only witnessed all of these events but actually participated in them, in many instances as a US Naval Aviator. So many Americans and global citizens alike are not even aware of the importance of these pivotal moments; as generations age and pass on, without important accounts like this one, much is forgotten. More than just a memoir, Bradys book is an important document from one of the last of his generation, reminding us of the pivotal moments that should not be lost to history. Witnessing the American Century is Captain Bradys firsthand account of his incredible life, and his memories elucidate Americas role in the most significant world events from the previous century. Capt. Allen Colby Brady is a retired Naval Aviator. Throughout his thirty-plus years of service, Capt. Brady found himself in the front row to all of the major events surrounding the emerging Cold War, nuclear proliferation, Americas fight to defeat the Communists in Cuba, and, most notably, his long stint as a prisoner of war in Vietnam. Following his retirement, Capt. Brady lived for over six years aboard a sailboat, even using his sailing expertise to liberate exiled communities of Cubans in the early 1980s.

    9 特價 943
  • People and Places of the Roman PastPeople and Places of the Roman Past Hatlie, Peter (EDT) Baker & Taylor Books 出版 2019/3/31出版

    9 特價 5796
  • Historical Atlas of Central EuropeHistorical Atlas of Central Europe Magocsi, Paul Robert Baker & Taylor Books 出版 2018/11/12出版

    The third revised edition of this beautifully crafted full-color atlas covers the central third of the European Continent, from Poland-Lithuania in the north to Greece and western Turkey in the south.

    9 特價 3780
  • The MafiaThe Mafia Dainotto, Roberto M. Reaktion Books 出版 2019/1/15出版

    What is it about Tony Soprano that makes him so amiable? For that matter, how is it that many of us secretly want Scarface to succeed or see Michael Corleone as, ultimately, a hero? What draws us into the otherwise horrifically violent world of the mafia? In The Mafia, Roberto M. Dainotto explores the irresistible appeal of this particular brand of organized crime, its history, and the mythology we have developed around it. Dainotto traces the development of the mafia from its rural beginnings in Western Sicily to its growth into a global crime organization alongside a parallel examination of its evolution in music, print, and on the big screen. He probes the tension between the real mafia—its violent, often brutal reality—and how we imagine it to be: a mythical potpourri of codes of honor, family values, and chivalry. But rather than dismiss our collective imagining of the mafia as a complete fiction, Dainotto instead sets out to understand what needs and desires or material and psychic longing our fantasies about the mafia—the best kind of the bad life—are meant to satisfy. Exploring the rich array of films, books, television programs, music, and even video games portraying and inspired by the mafia, this book offers not only a social, economic, and political history of one of the most iconic underground cultures, but a new way of understanding our enduring fascination with the complex society that lurks behind the sinister Omertà of the family business.

    9 特價 473
  • Dear Los AngelesDear Los Angeles Kipen, David (EDT) Modern Library 出版 2018/12/4出版

    A rich mosaic of diary entries and letters from Marilyn Monroe, Cesar Chavez, Susan Sontag, Albert Einstein, and many more, this is the story of Los Angeles as told by locals, transplants, and some just passing through.“Los Angeles is refracted in all its irreducible, unexplainable glory.”—Los Angeles Times The City of Angels has played a distinct role in the hearts, minds, and imaginations of millions of people, who see it as the ultimate symbol of the American Dream. David Kipen, a cultural historian and avid scholar of Los Angeles, has scoured libraries, archives, and private estates to assemble a kaleidoscopic view of a truly unique city.   From the Spanish missionary expeditions in the early 1500s to the Golden Age of Hollywood to the strange new world of social media, this collection is a slice of life in L.A. through the years. The pieces are arranged by date—January 1st to December 31st—featuring selections from different decades and centuries. What emerges is a vivid tapestry of insights, personal discoveries, and wry observations that together distill the essence of the city.   As sprawling and magical as the city itself, Dear Los Angeles is a fascinating, must-have collection for everyone in, from, or touched by Southern California.   With excerpts from the writing of Ray Bradbury • Edgar Rice Burroughs • Octavia E. Butler • Italo Calvino • Winston Churchill • Noël Coward • Simone De Beauvoir • James Dean • T. S. Eliot • William Faulkner • Lawrence Ferlinghetti • Richard Feynman • F. Scott Fitzgerald • Allen Ginsberg • Dashiell Hammett • Charlton Heston  • Zora Neale Hurston • Christopher Isherwood • John Lennon • H. L. Mencken • Anaïs Nin • Sylvia Plath • Ronald Reagan • Joan Rivers • James Thurber • Dalton Trumbo • Evelyn Waugh • Tennessee Williams • P. G. Wodehouse • and many moreAdvance praise for Dear Los Angeles“This book’s a brilliant constellation, spread out over a few centuries and five thousand square miles. Each tiny entry pins the reality of the great unreal city of Angels to a moment in human time—moments enthralled, appalled, jubilant, suffering, gossiping or bragging—and it turns out, there’s no better way to paint a picture of the place.”—Jonathan Lethem“[A] scintillating collection of letters and diary entries . . . an engrossing trove of colorful, witty insights.”—Publishers Weekly (starred review)

    9 特價 819
  • The Letter Collections of Nicholas of ClairvauxThe Letter Collections of Nicholas of Clairvaux Wahlgren-smith, Lena (EDT) Baker & Taylor Books 出版 2018/11/27出版

    Nicholas of Clairvaux started his career as a Benedictine but ended up at Clairvaux where he was the secretary of St Bernard. He later became known as 'the black sheep of the Cistercian order' and was expelled from Clairvaux on a charge of fraudulent letter writing. During his life he was responsible for at least two letter collections, which are contained within this volume, with facing-English translation and scholarly commentary. The letters are of great scholarly interest not only for the writer's proximity to historical events in the early twelfth-century, but also for the insights he provides into monastic culture.

    9 特價 6300
  • Julius Caesar's Invasion of BritainJulius Caesar's Invasion of Britain Nolan, Roger Stephen Baker & Taylor Books 出版 2019/8/19出版

    Two thousand years ago Julius Caesar came, saw and conquered southern Britain, but just where he landed and the precise routes his army marched through the south of the country have never been firmly established. Numerous sites have been suggested for the Roman landings of 55BC and 54BC, yet, remarkably, the exact locations of the first major events in recorded British history remain undiscovered ?until now.After years of careful analysis, Roger Nolan has painstakingly traced not only the places where the Romans landed, but he has also discovered four temporary marching camps Caesar army built as it drove up from the south coast in pursuit of the British tribal leader, Cassivellaunus.This advance took Caesar across the Thames to Cassivellaunus?stronghold at Wheathampstead in present-day Hertfordshire. These marching camps are placed almost equidistant from each other and, most importantly, are in a straight line between the coast and Wheathampstead.Roger Nolan research has also enabled him to identify the place mentioned in Caesar Commentaries, where the Roman legions were ambushed by the British whilst foraging and where a large battle then ensued ?the first known land battle in Britain.Without doubt, this ground-breaking study is certain to prompt much discussion and reappraisal of this fascinating subject.

    9 特價 1101
  • Full Spectrum ResistanceFull Spectrum Resistance Mcbay, Aric Seven Stories Pr 出版 2019/4/23出版

    A thorough history of and guide to resistance movements for those who want REAL change and are tired of simply marching and calling their representatives.The more than fifty resistance movements and sub-movements featured here make this the radical's guide to restoring our rights, saving our planet, and creating lasting change. From mid-nineteenth century Chinese rebellions against colonial exploitation and ecological disasters to the Grassy Narrows' fight against mercury poisoning and colonialism to the Stonewall riots and parades for LGBT rights to Black Lives Matter, Full Spectrum Resistance's two volumes are some of the only books on activism that actually cover RESISTANCE, not just passive, risk-averse modes of activism. Author, activist, and farmer Aric McBay provides in-depth histories and case studies of social justice and environmental movements, both radical and liberal, to explain why passive resistance alone cannot work, and why we must be prepared to do whatever it takes to truly create change. In Full Spectrum Resistance, Volume 1: Building Movements and Fighting to Win, we learn why we need resistance movements, how movements--such as the Deacons of Defense of the American Civil Rights Movement--fight when they want to win, and what makes movements effective. We also learn how and why people join movements and how we can successfully encourage them--as the anti-colonial revolution in Guinea and Cape Verde did. How groups like Act-UP form and organize themselves, and rules and practices groups use to stay secure and protected from infiltration by destructive people. "I wrote this book because we are losing," says McBay in chapter one, and he's right. Here's how we win.

    9 特價 597
  • Studies in the Sogdian Epistolary TraditionStudies in the Sogdian Epistolary Tradition Benkato, Adam (EDT) Baker & Taylor Books 出版 2018/9/13出版

    9 特價 4284
  • Postcolonialism, Decoloniality and DevelopmentPostcolonialism, Decoloniality and Development McEwan, Cheryl Routledge 出版 2018/11/10出版

    Postcolonialism, Decoloniality and Development is a comprehensive revision of Postcolonialism and Development (2009) that explains, reviews and critically evaluates recent debates about postcolonial and decolonial approaches and their implications for development studies. By outlining contemporary theoretical debates and examining their implications for how the developing world is thought about, written about and engaged with in policy terms, this book unpacks the difficult, complex and important aspects of the relationships between postcolonial theory, decoloniality and development studies. The book focuses on the importance of development discourses, the relationship between development knowledge and power, and agency within development. It includes significant new material exploring the significance of postcolonial approaches to understanding development in the context of rapid global change and the dissonances and interconnections between postcolonial theory and decolonial politics. It includes a new chapter on postcolonial theory, development and the Anthropocene that considers the challenges posed by the current global environmental crisis to both postcolonial theory and ideas of development. The book sets out an original and timely agenda for exploring the intersections between postcolonialism, decolonialism and development and provides an outline for a coherent and reinvigorated project of postcolonial development studies.Engaging with new and emerging debates in the fields of postcolonialism and development, and illustrating these through current issues the book continues to set agendas for diverse scholars working in the fields of development studies, geography, anthropology, politics, cultural studies, and history.

    9 特價 2669
  • CompassionCompassion Finkel, Alvin Baker & Taylor Books 出版 2018/9/27出版

    Compassion traces the ways in which various societies across the globe have responded to the vulnerable among them from early human history to the present. Along the way, Alvin Finkel assesses the impacts of economic developments, colonialism, political arrangements, gender, race, and social class in influencing how different peoples have defined the rights of individuals and communities facing hardship. From Russia to Iran, from Scandinavia to Vietnam, this book looks at how social policy has been shaped by global social forces such as capitalism, imperialism and neoliberalism and analyses why different countries and regions diverged in their ways of dealing with inequalities and social needs. This is a valuable resource for students on History, Sociology or Social Work degrees taking modules or courses on the History of Welfare/Social Policy or Global History.

    9 特價 1763
  • The Greek Experience of IndiaThe Greek Experience of India Stoneman, Richard Princeton Univ Pr 出版 2019/1/22出版

    An exploration of how the Greeks reacted to and interacted with India from the third to first centuries BCEWhen the Greeks and Macedonians in Alexander army reached India in 326 BCE, they entered a new and strange world. They knew a few legends and travelers?tales, but their categories of thought were inadequate to encompass what they witnessed. The plants were unrecognizable, their properties unknown. The customs of the people were various and puzzling. While Alexander conquest was brief, ending with his death in 323 BCE, the Greeks would settle in the Indian region for the next two centuries, forging an era of productive interactions between the two cultures. The Greek Experience of India explores the various ways that the Greeks reacted to and constructed life in India during this fruitful period.From observations about botany and mythology to social customs, Richard Stoneman examines the surviving evidence of those who traveled to India. Most particularly, he offers a full and valuable look at Megasthenes, ambassador of the King Seleucus to Chandragupta Maurya, and provides a detailed discussion of Megasthenes?now-fragmentary book Indica. Stoneman considers the art, literature, and philosophy of the Indo-Greek kingdom and how cultural influences crossed in both directions, with the Greeks introducing their writing, coinage, and sculptural and architectural forms, while Greek craftsmen learned to work with new materials such as ivory and stucco and to probe the ideas of Buddhists and other ascetics.Relying on an impressively wide variety of sources from the Indian subcontinent, The Greek Experience of India is a masterful account of the encounters between two remarkable civilizations.

    9 特價 2013
  • The Pharaoh's TreasureThe Pharaoh's Treasure Gaudet, John Pegasus Books 出版 2018/10/2出版

    For our entire history, humans have always searched for new ways to share information. This innate compulsion led to the origin of writing on the rock walls of caves and coffin lids or carving on tablets. But it was with the advent of papyrus paper when the ability to record and transmit information exploded, allowing for an exchanging of ideas from the banks of the Nile throughout the Mediterraneannd the civilized worldor the first time in human history. In The Pharaoh Treasure, John Gaudet looks at this pivotal transition to papyrus paper, which would become the most commonly used information medium in the world for more than 4,000 years. Far from fragile, papyrus paper is an especially durable writing surface; papyrus books and documents in ancient and medieval times had a usable life of hundreds of years, and this durability has allowed items like the famous Nag Hammadi codices from the third and fourth century to survive. The story of this material that was prized by both scholars and kings reveals how papyrus paper is more than a relic of our ancient past, but a key to understanding how ideas and information shaped humanity in the ancient and early modern world.

    9 特價 880