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史地傳記 - 歷史總論


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  • Correspondence of James K Polk, 1833-1834.Correspondence of James K Polk, 1833-1834. Weaver, Herbert Baker & Taylor Books 出版 1972/6/1出版

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  • Appian's Roman HistoryAppian's Roman History Appian Baker & Taylor Books 出版 1972/6/1出版

    Appian (Appianus) was a Greek official of Alexandria. He saw the Jewish rebellion of 116 CE, and later became a Roman citizen and advocate and received the rank of eques (knight). In his older years he held a procuratorship. He died during the reign of Antoninus Pius who was emperor 138?161 CE. Honest admirer of the Roman empire though ignorant of the institutions of the earlier Roman republic, he wrote, in the simple 'common' dialect, 24 books of 'Roman affairs', in fact conquests, from the beginnings to the times of Trajan (emperor 98?117 CE). Eleven have come down to us complete, or nearly so, namely those on the Spanish, Hannibalic, Punic, Illyrian, Syrian, and Mithridatic wars, and five books on the Civil Wars. They are valuable records of military history.The Loeb Classical Library edition of Appian is in four volumes.

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  • Appian's Roman HistoryAppian's Roman History Appian Baker & Taylor Books 出版 1972/6/1出版

    Appian (firstecond century CE), a Greek from Antioch, offers a history of the rise of Rome but often shows us events from the point of view of the conquered peoples. Books on the Spanish, Hannibalic, Punic, Illyrian, Syrian, Mythridatic, and Civil wars are extant.

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  • Merovingian Military Organization, 481-751Merovingian Military Organization, 481-751 Bachrach, Bernard S. Univ of Minnesota Pr 出版 1972/5/10出版

    Merovingian Military Organization, 481–751 was first published in 1972. Minnesota Archive Editions uses digital technology to make long-unavailable books once again accessible, and are published unaltered from the original University of Minnesota Press editions.In the area which is now France and was then Gaul, military institutions fundamentally influenced the successes and failures of the Merovingian dynasty, from 481 to 751. Professor Bachrach examines this period in detail, studying the forms of military organization and their relation to political power. Various aspects of the subject are controversial among scholars specializing in early medieval history, yet this is the first book-length study on the subject to be published.For a hundred years scholars have equated the military institutions of Merovingian Gaul with the customs of the Franks, a minority of the population who were rapidly acculturated. Professor Bachrach's study shows the heterogeneous nature of Merovingian military organization, composed of many institutions drawn from non-Frankish people especially from the remains of the Roman Empire. By dealing with all of the significant sources he demonstrates that there was frequent change in the military institutions rather than revolutionary change. The fluid nature of the military organization also is seen to have had profound effects upon the exercise of political power. Probably the most significant finding of the study is that Merovingian military organization, like much else in Merovingian Gaul, resembled Romania far more than Germania.

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  • Death and Rebirth of the SenecaDeath and Rebirth of the Seneca Wallace, Anthony F. C. Vintage Books 出版 1972/5/1出版

    This book tells the story of the late colonial and early reservation history of the Seneca Indians, and of the prophet Handsome Lake, his visions, and the moral and religious revitalization of an American Indian society that he and his followers achieved in the years around 1800. ?br> "Here is a carefully crafted masterpiece of anthropological and historical investigation. It is about both the specific renaissance of the Seneca and the possible renaissance of any people. On its specific subject matter, it will probably remain the definitive study for a long time."?i>Christian Science Monitor ?br> "Until this volume, there has been no single book written that relates the history and life style of one of the Iroquois peoples with the encompassing depth and breadth of knowledge, clarity, and interest that the subject deserves. Finally, this book does it for the Seneca. It is enthralling history, told in a knowledgeable, highly readable way."lvin M. Joseph Jr., author of The Indian Heritage of America "This book is at once troubling and richly textured; for it draws skillfully and impartially on the resources of history, ethnology and psychology to chronicle the agony and decline of one of the proudest of American Indian peoples."orris Opler

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  • The Church of the Holy ApostlesThe Church of the Holy Apostles Frantz, Alison Baker & Taylor Books 出版 1972/4/1出版

    The Church of the Holy Apostles stands at an important crossroads in the southeast comer of the area of the ancient Agora. The earliest church on the site, built over a wall of the fifth century B.C. Mint and the foundations of the Roman Nymphaeum, can now be dated to the last quarter of the 10th century on the basis of its plan and details. The original plan was revealed as a tetraconch cross-in-square with dome on pendentives carried on arches supported by four free-standing columns, the west of the four apses penetrating into the narthex. Fifteen tombs of this first period were excavated under the floor of the church proper and the narthex. In a second period, probably in the late 17th or early 18th century, repairs after damage from the 1687 fighting made changes in the narthex and dome and the interior was covered with paintings. War in 1826 again caused damage which was repaired in Period III with further changes and additions. Finally in 1876-1882 (Period IV) the west end was again rebuilt and the last vestiges of the west apse removed. The architectural type is studied in relation to other churches in Greece, and the restoration is described. The plates give the author's photos of the structure before, during and after restoration and drawings of elevations, sections and plans.

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  • Late Geometric and Protoattic Pottery, Mid 8th to Late 7th Century B.CLate Geometric and Protoattic Pottery, Mid 8th to Late 7th Century B.C Brann, Eva T. H. Baker & Taylor Books 出版 1971/12/1出版

    This volume reports on Athenian pottery found in the Athenian Agora up to 1960 which can dated from about the middle of the eighth century, when the appearance of a painter of sufficient personal distinction to enliven the whole craft marks a real break from the earlier Geometric style, through the third quarter of the seventh century when Protoattic gives way to black-figure and black wares. A sampling of contemporary imported ware is included. The material is treated first by shape and then, more extensively, by painting styles. Some 650 characteristic pieces are selected for cataloguing. The Introduction discusses the development of the various shapes and styles, characterizing the special techniques and innovations of the period. The topographical features of the Agora which are indicated by the places of discovery of deposits of late Geometric and Protoattic pottery are summarized under wells, houses, workshops, sanctuaries, cemeteries and roads.

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  • The Cambridge Ancient HistoryThe Cambridge Ancient History Edwards, Iorwerth Eiddon Stephen (EDT) Baker & Taylor Books 出版 1971/12/1出版

    Part II of volume I deals with the history of the Near East from about 3000 to 1750 B.C.

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  • CorinthCorinth Weinberg, Saul S. Baker & Taylor Books 出版 1971/12/1出版

    This volume discusses the important, mainly Roman, buildings at the east end of the Corinthian Agora--the Julian Basilica and the Southeast Building, the South Basilica (immediately behind the South Stoa), and the Mosaic House adjoining it.

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  • The Ancient RomansThe Ancient Romans Starr, Chester G. Baker & Taylor Books 出版 1971/11/15出版

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  • Temple of PoseidonTemple of Poseidon Broneer, Oscar Baker & Taylor Books 出版 1971/6/1出版

    Two successive temples, built on the same foundations, are discussed in this detailed architectural history: an Archaic building built around 700 B.C. and a Classical 5th-century successor. Little is left visible at Isthmia of the temples that would have dominated the sanctuary, and, therefore, this study presents a painstaking exercise in detective work. This yields important results, such as an almost complete reconstruction of the Archaic roof, and a detailed investigation of the workings of the perirrhanterion (a basin for ablutions). Traces of color on the architectural fragments of the temple have been painstakingly recorded, and an appendix discusses the evidence for an unusual 32.04 cm foot being used as the basis for construction.

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  • Egyptian MagicEgyptian Magic Budge, E. A. Wallis Dover Pubns 出版 1971/6/1出版

    All that is known about magic in ancient Egypt: powerful amulets to ward off evil spirits, scarabs of immortality, wax images, formulas and spells, the secret name, much more.

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  • SouthwestSouthwest Neinig, D. W. Oxford Univ Pr on Demand 出版 1971/4/15出版

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  • The Ancient GreeksThe Ancient Greeks Starr, Chester G. Oxford Univ Pr 出版 1971/2/15出版

    A realistic account of life in ancient Greece as experienced by an ordinary citizen of the time, this work presents the ancient Greeks not only in their role as founders of Western civilization, but also as people who are interesting in themselves. The author traces the development of early Greece--from Mycenaean times, through the period of Homer and Archaic Greece, and finally to the expansion of Greek culture following Alexander's conquests. The volume features color plates, illustrations, maps, and charts that form an integral, visual complement to the text. Bibliographies, quotation sources, and a glossary provide additional study aids.

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  • Frontier SocietyFrontier Society Van Lier, R. A. J. Baker & Taylor Books 出版 1971/1/1出版

    This classic study was originally published in 1949 in Dutch as Samenleving in een grensgebied. This English translation is based on a second revised Dutch edition from 1971. The point of departure is J.S. Furnivall concept of lural society?to sketch the historical development of Suriname. The author focuses on the social relations that determined life in the colony. In the final part, discussing the period from the abolition of slavery to World War II, relatively more attention is given to the Creoles or Afro-Surinamese than to the populations of Asian descent, because the influence exercised by the Creole group during that period was predominant.

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