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  • The Very Marrow of Our BonesThe Very Marrow of Our Bones Higdon, Christine Baker & Taylor Books 出版 2018/4/3出版

    Defiance, faith, and triumph in a heartrending novel about daughters and mothersOn a miserable November day in 1967, two women disappear from a working-class town on the Fraser River. The community is thrown into panic, with talk of drifters and murderous husbands. But no one can find a trace of Bette Parsons or Alice McFee. Even the egg seller, Doris Tenpenny, a woman to whom everyone tells their secrets, hears nothing.Ten-year-old Lulu Parsons discovers something, though: a milk-stained note her mother, Bette, left for her father on the kitchen table. Wally, it says, I will not live in a tarpaper shack for the rest of my life . . .Lulu tells no one, and months later she buries the note in the woods. At the age of ten, she starts running ?and forgetting ?lurching through her unraveled life, using the safety of solitude and detachment until, at fifty, she learns that she is not the only one who carries a secret.Hopeful, lyrical, comedic, and intriguingly and lovingly told, The Very Marrow of Our Bones explores the isolated landscapes and thorny attachments bred by childhood loss and buried secrets.

    9 特價 534
  • The DisintegrationsThe Disintegrations Mccartney, Alistair Baker & Taylor Books 出版 2019/8/13出版

    Detached from life in Los Angeles and his past in Australia, uncomfortable around other humans, the narrator of this inventive autobiographical novel researches death on the Internet; mulls over distant and intimate stories of suicides, serial killers, and “natural deaths”; and wanders about LA’s Holy Cross Cemetery. Wry yet somber, astringent yet tender, The Disintegrations confronts both the impossibility of understanding death and the timeless longing for immortality.

    9 特價 565
  • Here Is What You DoHere Is What You Do Dennis, Chris Soho Pr Inc 出版 2019/6/25出版

    A debut short story collection that explores the vulnerability, grit, and complex nature of our humanity from a new, vital queer voice.  A yacht races to outrun a tsunami. A young man jailed on a drug charge forms a relationship with his cellmate that is by turns tender and brutal. A family buys a rural slaughterhouse, and tensions with their religious neighbors quickly escalate. A teen raised by his eccentric gay father, a Turkish immigrant, finds his life fractured by violence. A fictionalized Coretta Scott King, surveilled and harassed by the FBI, considers the costs of her life with her husband.   Here Is What You Do is a bravura, far-ranging collection, its stories linked by sorrow and latent hope, each one drilling toward its characters’ darkest emotional centers. In muscularly robust prose, with an unfailing eye for human drives and frailties, Chris Dennis captures the raw need, desire, cruelty, and promise that animate our lives.

    9 特價 504
  • The Off SeasonThe Off Season Hoffman, Amy Baker & Taylor Books 出版 2019/8/13出版

    When Nora Griffin, an artist in her midthirties, moves from Brooklyn to Provincetown, she isn looking for trouble. Her partner, Janelle, is recovering from breast cancer treatment, and together theye decided that the quiet off-season on the tip of Cape Cod is the perfect place for Janelle to heal and Nora to paint. Then charismatic Baby Harris flirts into Nora life in her red cowboy boots. In the damp, windy winter, Nora contends with heartbreak, aging, and local environmental worries, while painting what she hopes will be her masterpiece. As the first tourists begin to arrive in June, Nora must decide what she really wants from life.

    9 特價 565
  • CrossingCrossing Statovci, Pajtim Pantheon Books 出版 2019/4/2出版

    From the acclaimed author of My Cat Yugoslavia: a stunning, luminous new novel that speaks to identity, war, exile, love, betrayal, and heartbreak.The death of Enver Hoxha and the loss of his father leave Bujar growing up in the ruins of Communist Albania and of his own family. Only his fearless best friend Agim--who is facing his own realizations about his gender and sexuality--gives him hope for the future. Together the two decide to leave everything behind and try their luck in Italy. But the struggle to feel at home--in a foreign country and even in one's own body--will have corrosive effects, spurring a dangerous search for new identities.Steeped in a rich heritage of bewitching Albanian myth and legend, this is a deeply timely, deeply necessary novel about the broken reality for millions worldwide; about identity in all its complex permutations, and the human need to be seen.

    9 特價 817
  • IncognitoIncognito Powell, V. K. Bold Strokes Books 出版 2019/7/16出版

    For Frankie Strong, results mean more than sticking to the rules, until she runs heart-first into Evan Spears.US Marshal Evan Spears commands a federal task force of seasoned agents who track and capture dangerous fugitives around the world. When Evan is forced to take on DEA Agent Frankie Strong, a free spirit with unorthodox methods, she sees nothing but trouble for the team, the mission, and her future. Frankie just wants to locate the murder suspect and prove her worth, but Evan seems determined to block her. To catch the killer they must learn to work together, but their attraction blurs the lines between professional and personal.

    9 特價 534
  • Cause and AffectionCause and Affection Wright, Sheryl Bella Books Inc 出版 2019/6/18出版

    What happens when a chance encounter turns out to be anything but? Kara Wexler has only a few days to decide whether to accept the nomination of Chief Executive Officer and remain under her father's hand. Should she say enough is enough and resign from the family company completely? Her siblings desperately want her to take the top job and use her innovative ideas to turn the company around. But Kara is tired of fighting with her father at every turn. Kara's siblings aren't willing to let the decision go to chance. Worried that Kara no longer has the fight necessary to lead the company, they concoct a scheme to get Kara back on track. Surely deceiving Kara for the short-term is worth the long-term gain. Madeleine Jessepp's career has hit an all-time low. Her dream of becoming an actress isn't going to happen and she doesn't even have the money to return home to Minnesota. At first she scoffs at the offer to play the "Love at First Sight Role," and spend a week as a fantasy date. But after some convincing she agrees to do it. After all, she is an actress. Thrown together by Kara's well-intentioned siblings, Madeleine and Kara both get more than they bargained for. What will happen when Kara discovers she's been deceived by everyonespecially by Madeleine?

    9 特價 565
  • FlannelwoodFlannelwood Luczak, Raymond Baker & Taylor Books 出版 2019/6/6出版

    Spontaneous combustion occurs when Bill, a forty-year-old barista and a failed poet, meets James, a disabled factory worker and a daddy hunk, at an OctoBear Dance.For six months they share weekends of incredible passion at James’s house up north in the country. Winter has never seemed hotter in their flannel sheets. But on the first day of spring James abruptly informs Bill over the phone that it’s not going to work out and hangs up. No further explanation: just the static of silence.Feeling haunted like Djuna Barnes while she wrote her novel Nightwood in the 1930s, Bill searches for answers in his recollections of James and others who’d departed too early from his life. When he does discover why James left, the answer comes from a mysterious stranger with secrets of his own.

    9 特價 502
  • Here Is What You DoHere Is What You Do Dennis, Chris Highbridge Co 出版 2019/6/4出版

    A debut short story collection that explores the vulnerability, grit, and complex nature of our humanity from a new, vital queer voice.

    9 特價 945
  • Girl SquadGirl Squad Hoover, Kim Bella Books Inc 出版 2019/4/23出版

    A lazy small town summer in 1970s Texas turns treacherous when Cal Long mother goes missing. Cal and her best friend Rachel, along with sophisticated new friend Jane, use every trick in their teenage arsenal to get to the bottom of the mystery.Along the way, Cal is drawn to Jane in ways she never felt before while Rachel struggles to understand her best friend new attraction. From Amarillo to Palo Duro Canyon to Ft. Worth and back, the girls puzzle through the connections surrounding the mystery of Cal mother disappearance.But their shocking discoveries are soon eclipsed by the explosive consequences of Cal surrender to her feelings for Jane.Girl Squad is a story of friendship, of betrayal, of passion, of awakening. And ultimately, a story of transformation.

    9 特價 565
  • Willa & HesperWilla & Hesper Feltman, Amy Grand Central Pub 出版 2019/2/5出版

    For fans of What Belongs to You by Garth Greenwell and The Futures by Anna Pitoniak, a soul-piercing debut that explores the intertwining of past and present, queerness, and coming of age in uncertain times. Willa's darkness enters Hesper's light late one night in Brooklyn. Theirs is a whirlwind romance until Willa starts to know Hesper too well, to crawl into her hidden spaces, and Hesper shuts her out. She runs, following her fractured family back to her grandfather's hometown of Tbilisi, Georgia, looking for the origin story that he is no longer able to tell. But once in Tbilisi, cracks appear in her grandfather's history-and a massive flood is heading toward Georgia, threatening any hope for repair. Meanwhile, heartbroken Willa is so desperate to leave New York that she joins a group trip for Jewish twentysomethings to visit Holocaust sites in Germany and Poland, hoping to override her emotional state. When it proves to be more fraught than home, she must come to terms with her past-the ancestral past, her romantic past, and the past that can lead her forward. Told from alternating perspectives, and ending in the shadow of Trump's presidency, WILLA & HESPER is a deeply moving, cerebral, and timely debut

    9 特價 819
  • Jonny AppleseedJonny Appleseed Whitehead, Joshua Arsenal Pulp Pr Ltd 出版 2018/5/15出版

    oue gonna need a rock and a whole lotta medicine?is a mantra that Jonny Appleseed, a young Two-Spirit/Indigiqueer, repeats to himself in this vivid and utterly compelling novel. Off the reserve and trying to find ways to live and love in the big city, Jonny becomes a cybersex worker who fetishizes himself in order to make a living. Self-ordained as an NDN glitter princess, Jonny has one week before he must return to the ez,?and his former life, to attend the funeral of his stepfather. The next seven days are like a fevered dream: stories of love, trauma, sex, kinship, ambition, and the heartbreaking recollection of his beloved kokum (grandmother). Jonny world is a series of breakages, appendages, and linkages—and as he goes through the motions of preparing to return home, he learns how to put together the pieces of his life.Jonny Appleseed is a unique, shattering vision of Indigenous life, full of grit, glitter, and dreams.

    9 特價 502
  • Little FishLittle Fish Plett, Casey Arsenal Pulp Pr Ltd 出版 2018/5/1出版

    A novel about memory, family, and identity in which a trans woman learns her grandfather may have been trans himself.

    9 特價 565
  • Nirvana Is HereNirvana Is Here Hamburger, Aaron Baker & Taylor Books 出版 2019/5/14出版

    When his ex-husband is accused of sexual harassment in the #metoo era, history professor Ari Silverman is forced to confront long-buried trauma from his childhood, where he and his high school crush bonded over the raw emotion of Kurt Cobain lyrics in the segregated suburbs of 1990s Detroit.

    9 特價 504
  • Counting for ThunderCounting for Thunder Cooper, Phillip Irwin Bold Strokes Books 出版 2019/5/14出版

    A struggling actor returns to the Deep South to manage a family crisis, finds love and ultimately his own voice as his mother is regaining hers for possibly the last time.

    9 特價 534