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  • The Journal I Did Not KeepThe Journal I Did Not Keep Segal, Lore Melville House Pub 出版 2019/6/25出版

    A DEFINITIVE LOOK AT ONE OF OUR MOST INFLUENTIAL WRITERS—INCLUDING NEW AND NEVER-BEFORE-COLLECTED WORK Admired for “a voice unlike any other” (Cynthia Ozick) and a style both “wry and poignant” (The New Yorker), Lore Segal long ago established herself as a masterful literary stylist. Selecting from her essays, novels, New Yorker stories, and more, this volume is a feast for fiction and memoir lovers alike — and a glorious opportunity to savor her distinctive body of work over the course of a long career.

    9 特價 914
  • And Cannot Come AgainAnd Cannot Come Again Bestwick, Simon Baker & Taylor Books 出版 2019/6/18出版

    "One of the most accomplished and eloquent British horror writers is Simon Bestwick, and here is a feast of his work."rom Ramsey Campbell Introduction Funny, frightening and moving, the stories in Simon Bestwick new collection explores how our childhoods mark us, our regrets haunt us, and how our innocence is sometimes lostnd sometimes taken away. A young policewoman is drawn into a dreadful bargain. Murdered girls walk the streets of Manchester beside their still-living friends. Tormented children call on an urban legend for help, and the events of a long-ago summer and first love return with lethal consequences for four childhood friends. All this and more besides, in these fifteen short stories and novelettes from the author of The Faceless and The Feast Of All Souls.

    9 特價 567
  • Let's Tell This Story ProperlyLet's Tell This Story Properly Makumbi- Jennifer Nansubuga Transit Publishing 出版 2019/4/30出版

    How far does one have to travel to find home elsewhere? The stories in Jennifer Nansubuga Makumbi collection attempt to measure that distance. Centered around the lives of Ugandans in Britain, her characters are both hyper-visible and unseenhey take on jobs at airport security, care for the elderly, and work in hospitals, while remaining excluded from white, British life. As they try to find their place, they drift from a home that feels further and further away. In an ambitious collection by the critically acclaimed author of Kintu, Let's Tell This Story Properly explores what happens to those who leave.

    9 特價 534
  • Claiming a BodyClaiming a Body Marbais, Amanda Baker & Taylor Books 出版 2019/4/15出版

    The stories in Amanda Marbais Claiming a Body read like dispatches from a frontline strewn with infected relationships, metastasizing anxieties, and cultural fatigue. Propelled by sympathetic characters and assertive voices that both capture and convey a uniquely contemporary dread, these virtual confessions reveal life at its most negotiable: a woman overcomes her fear of both commitment and grizzlies in the unspoiled wilderness of Glacier National Park; a couple cons friends one last time in the decaying rustbelt before turning on each other; the son of a poultry farmer struggles with inhumane practices while resisting the undercurrent of violence in his high school. Just as Marbais?characters seek to cross painful thresholds and unearth their better selves, her collection finds ways to communicate across traditional genre lines, bringing together such disparate styles as noir, environmental fiction, and speculative fiction. Woven throughout is a hard-wrought prose that crackles with a steady stream of references to the modern American landscape that is frequently to blame for the chaos left in its wake. ?/DIV>

    9 特價 471
  • Brides in the SkyBrides in the Sky Holladay, Cary Baker & Taylor Books 出版 2019/1/14出版

    Each of the crystalline worlds Cary Holladay brings us in the short stories and novella that make up Brides in the Sky has sisterhood, in all its urgency and peril, at its heart. She crafts these stories with subtle humor, a stunning sense of place, and an unerring eye for character.

    9 特價 1509
  • Allegheny FrontAllegheny Front Null, Matthew Neill Baker & Taylor Books 出版 2016/5/10出版

    "Allegheny Front has few sentimental trappings. . . . Men's stubbornness is a rock face, in these intelligent and unpretentious stories, their anger a crown fire, their occasional tenderness a rill. . . . It remains at a distance from judgment, at a remove from easy definitions, unspooling a lucid and often painful history of appetite, exploitation, and bereavement."Lydia Millet, from the introduction"Rich in history, speech, incident, flora, fauna, vernacular, geology, politicsMatthew Neill Null's work is dazzling. . . . If anything ever happened in the state of West Virginia, Null knows the long and short of it, and will make its story sing."Salvatore ScibonaSet in the author's homeland of West Virginia, this panoramic collection of stories traces the people and animals who live in precarious balance in the mountains of Appalachia over a span of two hundred years, in a disappearing rural world. With omniscient narration, rich detail, and lyrical prose, Matthew Neill Null brings his landscape and characters vividly to life.Matthew Neill Null is the author of the novel Honey from the Lion (Lookout Books). A graduate of the Iowa Writers' Workshop and a winner of the PEN/O. Henry Award, his short fiction has appeared in theOxford American, Ploughshares, the Mississippi Review, American Short Fiction,Ecotone, and elsewhere. He divides his time between West Virginia and Provincetown, Massachusetts, where he coordinates the writing fellowship at the Fine Arts Work Center.

    9 特價 502
  • The Collected Stories of Lydia DavisThe Collected Stories of Lydia Davis Davis- Lydia Picador USA 出版 2010/10/26出版

    A NEW YORK TIMES BOOK REVIEW EDITORS' CHOICEA LOS ANGELES TIMES FICTION FAVORITE FOR 2009A SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE BEST BOOK OF 2009Lydia Davis is one of our most original and influential writers, a storyteller celebrated for her emotional acuity, her formal inventiveness, and her ability to capture the mind in overdrive. She has been called n American virtuoso of the short story form?(Salon.com) and ne of the quiet giants . . . of American fiction?(Los Angeles Times Book Review). This volume contains all her stories to date, from the acclaimed Break It Down (1986) to the 2007 National Book Award nominee Varieties of Disturbance. The Collected Stories of Lydia Davis is an event in American letters.

    9 特價 788
  • St. Lucy's Home for Girls Raised by WolvesSt. Lucy's Home for Girls Raised by Wolves Russell, Karen Vintage Books 出版 2007/8/14出版

    A San Francisco Chronicle, Los Angeles Times, and Chicago Tribune Best Book of the YearIn these ten glittering stories, debut author Karen Russell takes us to the ghostly and magical swamps of the Florida Everglades. Here wolf-like girls are reformed by nuns, a family makes their living wrestling alligators in a theme park, and little girls sail away on crab shells. Filled with stunning inventiveness and heart, St. Lucy Home for Girls Raised by Wolves introduces a radiant new writer.

    9 特價 504
  • Collected Stories: Including the Member of the Wedding and the    Ballad of the Sad Caf?Collected Stories: Including the Member of the Wedding and the Ballad of the Sad Caf? McCullers, Carson Mariner Books 出版 1998/9/15出版

    9 特價 536
  • The Collected Stories of Katherine Anne PorterThe Collected Stories of Katherine Anne Porter Porter, Katherine Anne Mariner Books 出版 1979/9/1出版

    Porter reputation as one of americanca most distinguished writers rests chiefly on her superb short stories. This volume includes the collections Flowering Judas; Pale Horse, Pale Rider; and The Leaning Tower as well as four stories not available elsewhere in book form. Winner of the National Book Award and the Pulitzer Prize.

    9 特價 565
  • El silencio y los crujidos / Silence and CreaksEl silencio y los crujidos / Silence and Creaks Bilbao, Jon Baker & Taylor Books 出版 2019/8/1出版

    A hermit decides to spend his life on a column from which he sees an older companion that causes unsuspected passions in him. A biologist confronted by the discovery of a lifetime finds himself isolated at the top of a tepui with only the company of an anaconda that is both his angel and his demon. A mysterious inventor, after having managed to become a multimillionaire with a computer application, chooses to lock himself forever in a tower on a Balearic island. His decision will unleash a wave of violence that will change the lives of his loved ones.

    9 特價 880
  • Narrativa reunida/ Collected StoriesNarrativa reunida/ Collected Stories Hernandez, Felisberto Alfaguara 出版 2019/5/21出版

    Todos los cuentos del escritor uruguayo que deslumbró a Cortázar, Onetti, García Márquez e Italo Calvino. Un autor magistral cuyos relatos aúnan con gran originalidad lo cotidiano con lo extraordinario. Los relatos de Felisberto Hernández, en su esfera de rarezas y a veces en el borde de lo fantástico, abordan la realidad de una manera tan inaudita como certera, para devolvérnosla de tal forma que nos hace pensar que lo que los demás llamábamos así es una construcción arbitraria que tan solo presentíamos, pero que no acertábamos a nombrar. La suya es una literatura del recuerdo, de la memoria como ficción y como espejo de la verdad al mismo tiempo, con una marca autobiográfica de fronteras difusas que a la vez es superada por una imaginación desbordante. Felisberto Hernández es, por estos motivos, entre muchos otros, una de las figuras decisivas de la literatura uruguaya y, también, de la narrativa en lengua española del siglo XX. ENGLISH DESCRIPTION All the stories by the Uruguayan author who dazzled Cortázar, Onetti, García Márquez, and Italo Calvino. A masterful author whose tales cleverly unite the everyday with the extraordinary.   The tales of Felisberto Hernández, in their realm of eccentricities and sometimes bordering on fantasy, take on reality in such an unprecedented yet accurate way that it makes us think that what the rest of us called “reality” before was an arbitrary construction that we merely sensed, but that we didn’t name properly. His is a literature of memory, of memoir as fiction but also as a mirror of the truth, with an autobiographical style of vague boundaries and boundless imagination. Felisberto Hernández is therefore one of the decisive figures in Uruguayan literature and also in 20th-century Spanish-language literature. With a prologue by the Spanish writer Ray Loriga.  

    9 特價 786
  • Floyd HarborFloyd Harbor Mowdy, Joel Baker & Taylor Books 出版 2019/5/14出版

    "Joel Mowdy writes beautifully about the America left behind in the heartless scramble that constitutes our society." im Shepard "Just miles from the Hamptons, with Manhattan a kind of distant, belittling rumor, stories of desire and loss, crime and trouble, play out among the abandoned docks and potato barns of what had once been a quiet community. In its bleak humor, Floyd Harbor brings to mind Denis Johnson and Irvine Welsh, though it also as moving and ecstatic as the early songs of Bruce Springsteen. The part of eastern Long Island portrayed here is Joel Mowdy Yoknapatawphae knows it and makes us want to know it." achary Lazar, author of VengeanceThe twelve linked stories in Joel Mowdy's first book take place in and around Mastic Beach, a community on New York's Long Island that's close to the wealthy Hamptons but long afflicted by widespread poverty. Mostly in their teens and early twenties, the characters struggle to become independent in various ways, ranging from taking typical low-paying jobsotel laundry, janitorial, restaurant, and landscaping worko highly ingenious schemes, to exchanging sexual favors for a place to stay. A few make it to local community colleges; others end up in rehab or juvenile detention centers. However loving, their parents can offer little help. Those who are Vietnam veterans may suffer from PTSD; others from the addictions that often come with stressful lives.Neighborhoods of small bungalowsormerly vacation homesith dilapidated boats in the driveways hint at the waterways that open up close by. The beauty of the ocean beach offers further consolation, as does the often high-spirited temperament of youth. Joel Mowdy brings to his affecting collection both personal experience and a gift for discerning and lingering on the essential moments in his characters' stories. He intimately and vividly illuminates American lives that too seldom see the light.

    9 特價 534
  • Aetherial WorldsAetherial Worlds Tolstaya, Tatyana Vintage Books 出版 2019/2/19出版

    Longlisted for the National Book Award for Translated LiteratureLonglisted for the PEN Translation PrizeIn this dazzling collection of stories from one of Russia’s most important writers, ordinary realities—and our yearnings to transcend them—lead to miraculous otherworlds. A woman’s deceased father appears in her dreams with clues about the afterlife. A man falls in love with a marble statue as his marriage falls apart. A child glimpses heaven through a stained-glass window.   Tolstaya’s tales—rendered with the emotional insight of Chekhov, the surreal satire of Gogol, and a unique blend of humor and poetry all her own—transmute the quotidian into aetherial wonders. As these stories explore politics, identity, love, and loss, they cut to the quick of the Russian psyche even as they lay bare human universals. Whether contemplating the intricacies of telegram delivery in Leningrad or the meditative melancholy of holiday aspic, Tolstaya limns the stark elements of existence and our vibrant inner lives in an extraordinary vision of life on earth.

    9 特價 504
  • Your Duck Is My DuckYour Duck Is My Duck Eisenberg, Deborah Ecco Pr 出版 2018/9/25出版

    A much-anticipated collection of brilliantly observant short stories from one of the great American masters of the form.At times raucously hilarious, at times charming and delightful, at times as solemn and mysterious as a pond at midnight, Deborah Eisenberg’s stories gently compel us to confront the most disturbing truths about ourselves—from our intimate lives as lovers, parents, and children, to our equally troubling roles as citizens on a violent, terrifying planet.Each of the six stories in Your Duck is My Duck, her first collection since 2006, has the heft and complexity of a novel. With her own inexorable but utterly unpredictable logic and her almost uncanny ability to conjure the strange states of mind and emotion that constitute our daily consciousness, Eisenberg pulls us as if by gossamer threads through her characters—a tormented woman whose face determines her destiny; a group of film actors shocked to read a book about their past; a privileged young man who unexpectedly falls into a love affair with a human rights worker caught up in an all-consuming quest that he doesn't understand.In Eisenberg’s world, the forces of money, sex, and power cannot be escaped, and the force of history, whether confronted or denied, cannot be evaded. No one writes better about time, tragedy and grief, and the indifferent but beautiful universe around us.

    9 特價 851