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  • Keep It SimpleKeep It Simple Calloway, Joe Baker & Taylor Books 出版 2018/11/6出版

    A Forbes Best Business Book of 2016We live in a world that becomes more complex everyday, and cluttered processes and complications are the enemies of control in your life and your business. But with simplification and focus as your pillars, Keep It Simple teaches you how to take charge of your goals and your life.By gaining clarity on what is truly most important, you can streamline your life, reduce stress, and achieve the personal and business results that you desire.With over 30 years of experience as a consultant and coach to top performing businesses and individuals, Joe Calloway is an expert in how to focus and simplify. Simplicity is a choice that creates positive growth and change in your work, home, and day to day life. When you make things simple, you can move mountains.

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  • Try Different, Not HarderTry Different, Not Harder Schoemer, Karl G. Baker & Taylor Books 出版 2015/9/1出版

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  • The Surprising Science of MeetingsThe Surprising Science of Meetings Rogelberg, Steven G. Baker & Taylor Books 出版 2019/1/2出版

    A recent estimate suggests that employees endure a staggering 55 million meetings a day in the United States. This tremendous time investment yields only modest returns. No organization made up of human beings is immune from the all-too-common meeting gripes: those that fail to engage, those that inadvertently encourage participants to tune out, and those that blatantly disregard participants' time. Most companies and leaders view poor meetings as an inevitable cost of doing business. But managers can take heart: researchers now have a clear understanding of the key drivers that make meetings successful. In The Surprising Science of Meetings, Steven G. Rogelberg, researcher and consultant to some of the world's most successful companies, draws from extensive research, analytics and data mining, and survey interviews with over 5,000 employees across a range of industries to share the proven practices and techniques that help managers and employees enhance the quality of their meetings. For those who lead and participate in meetings, Rogelberg provides immediate direction, guidance, and relief, offering a how-to guide to change your working life starting today.

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  • Talking to My Daughter About the EconomyTalking to My Daughter About the Economy Varoufakis, Yanis Baker & Taylor Books 出版 2018/5/8出版

    In Talking to My Daughter About the Economy, activist Yanis Varoufakis, Greece former finance minister and the author of the international bestseller Adults in the Room, pens a series of letters to his young daughter, educating her about the business, politics, and corruption of world economics. Yanis Varoufakis has appeared before heads of nations, assemblies of experts, and countless students around the world. Now, he faces his most importantnd difficultudience yet. Using clear language and vivid examples, Varoufakis offers a series of letters to his young daughter about the economy: how it operates, where it came from, how it benefits some while impoverishing others. Taking bankers and politicians to task, he explains the historical origins of inequality among and within nations, questions the pervasive notion that everything has its price, and shows why economic instability is a chronic risk. Finally, he discusses the inability of market-driven policies to address the rapidly declining health of the planet his daughter generation stands to inherit. Throughout, Varoufakis wears his expertise lightly. He writes as a parent whose aim is to instruct his daughter on the fundamental questions of our agend through that knowledge, to equip her against the failures and obfuscations of our current system and point the way toward a more democratic alternative.

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  • Q & As for the PMBOK GuideQ & As for the PMBOK Guide Alton, Ray (CON) Project Management Inst 出版 2017/12/1出版

    In this newest edition, PMI presents straightforward questions and answers to the most common questions about project management, the project management framework, and the knowledge areas contained within the PMBOK® Guide - Fifth Edition. This handy reference will help project managers and students enhance their knowledge in specific areas and test themselves on issues that are essential to successful project management.

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  • Taking the Work Out of NetworkingTaking the Work Out of Networking Wickre, Karen Blackstone Audio Inc 出版 2018/11/27出版

    The former Google executive, editorial director of Twitter, and self-described introvert offers networking advice for anyone who has ever cancelled a coffee date due to social anxiety-about how to nurture a vibrant circle of reliable contacts without leaving your comfort zone.Networking has garnered a reputation as a sort of necessary evil in the modern business world. Some do relish the opportunity to boldly work the room, introduce themselves to strangers, and find common career ground-but for many others, the experience is often awkward, or even terrifying.The common networking advice for introverts are variations on the theme of overcoming or "fixing" their quiet tendencies. But Karen Wickre is a self-described introvert who has worked in Silicon Valley for thirty years. She shows you to embrace your true nature to create sustainable connections that can be called upon for you to get-and give-career assistance, advice, introductions, and lasting connections.Karen's "embrace your quiet side" approach is for anyone who finds themselves shying away from traditional networking activities, or for those who would rather be curled up with a good book on a Friday night than out at a party. For example, if you're anxious about that big professional mixer full of people you don't know, she advises you to consider skipping it (many of these are not productive), and instead set up an intimate one-on-one coffee date. She shows how to truly make the most out of social media to sustain what she calls "the loose touch habit" to build your own brain trust to last a lifetime.With compelling arguments and creative strategies, this new way to network is perfect not only for introverts, but for anyone who wants for a less conventional approach to get ahead in today's job market.

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  • How to Start a Home-Based Interior Design BusinessHow to Start a Home-Based Interior Design Business Merrill, Linda Taylor Pub 出版 2015/5/15出版

    Have you ever dreamed of starting your own home-based interior design business? Have you been hesitant to put your business plans into action? This book contains all the necessary tools and success strategies you need to launch and grow your business.

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  • Social EntrepreneurshipSocial Entrepreneurship London, Manuel Routledge 出版 2009/11/20出版

    What motivates someone to become a social entrepreneur? What are the competencies needed to be effective social advocates and agents for change? This book answers these questions in an accessible and practical way, providing comprehensive guidelines, numerous examples, and sources of information and training for anyone who wants to start a community-based social advocacy and change initiative or for employees who want to start a corporate social responsibility initiative.Features include the following:examples of individuals and organizations who have learned from successes and failures in social entrepreneurship self-assessments to help readers evaluate their own talents and proclivity to be social entrepreneurs steps and strategies, competency-building activities, and assessments to evaluate and facilitate initiatives resources available from foundations, government agencies, and other sources for the budding social entrepreneur

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  • Assessment, Measurement, and Prediction for Personnel DecisionsAssessment, Measurement, and Prediction for Personnel Decisions Guion, Robert M. Baker & Taylor Books 出版 2011/2/17出版

    Robert Guion best seller is now available in this new second edition. This noted book offers a comprehensive and practical view of assessment ased personnel decisions not available elsewhere in a single source. This edition more frankly evaluates the current research and practice and presents challenges that will change the basic thinking about staffing systems.This new edition suggests new directions for research and practice, includes emphasis on modern computers and technology useful in assessment, and pays more attention to prediction of individual growth and globalization challenges in the assessment process. The book will be of interest to faculty and students in Industrial Organizational psychology, human resource management and business. IO psychologists in private business and public sector organizations who have responsibilities for staffing and an interest in measurement and statistics will find this book useful.

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  • El c鏚igo de la cultura/ The Culture CodeEl c鏚igo de la cultura/ The Culture Code Coyle, Daniel Conecta 出版 2018/7/31出版

    ¿Por qué ciertos grupos ofrecen más que la suma de sus partes mientras que otros ofrecen menos?LAS CLAVES DE LA CULTURA DE EQUIPO, AL ALCANCE DE TODOS.La cultura de grupo es una de las mayores fuerzas que existen. Podemos percibir su presencia en los negocios de éxito, en los equipos que lideran los campeonatos y en las familias más prósperas, y enseguida notamos cuándo falta y cuándo se ha vuelto tóxica. Todos queremos implantar una cultura fuerte en nuestras respectivas organizaciones, comunidades y familias. Sabemos que funciona, pero no sabemos con exactitud cómo.Solemos considerarla un rasgo grupal, como el ADN. Las culturas sólidas y bien fundamentadas como las de Google, Disney o los SEAL de la Armada estadounidense parecen tan singulares y características que podrían calificarse de inamovibles, como si de alguna manera estuvieran predestinadas a ser así. De acuerdo a este razonamiento, unos grupos son agraciados con una cultura sólida y otros no.Este libro adopta una perspectiva distinta. Tras investigar los grupos de mayor éxito del mundo, Daniel Coyle llegó a la conclusión de que sus respectivas culturas nacían de un conjunto específico de habilidades que aprovechan el potencial de nuestro cerebro social.La habilidad 1, «Labrar la seguridad», profundiza en cómo las señales de vinculación establecen lazos de pertenencia y de identidad.La habilidad 2, «Comparte la vulnerabilidad», explica cómo el hábito de afrontar riesgos comunes propicia la cooperación basada en la confianza.Y la habilidad 3, «Define un propósito», detalla cómo las narraciones implantan objetivos y valores comunes.Con extraordinaria amenidad, este libro explora cómo funciona cada una de estas tres habilidades y da a conocer las experiencias de los grupos y los líderes que emplean estos métodos a diario en un mundo siempre cambiante. Aunque pueda parecer que una cultura de éxito se consigue por arte de magia, no es así. La cultura es un conjunto de relaciones vivas con un objetivo común. No es algo que seas, sino algo que haces.ENGLISH DESCRIPTIONThe New York Times bestselling author of The Talent Code unlocks the secrets of highly successful groups and provides tomorrow’s leaders with the tools to build a cohesive, motivated culture.Where does great culture come from? How do you build and sustain it in your group, or strengthen a culture that needs fixing?In The Culture Code, Daniel Coyle goes inside some of the world’s most successful organizations—including the U.S. Navy’s SEAL Team Six, IDEO, and the San Antonio Spurs—and reveals what makes them tick. He demystifies the culture-building process by identifying three key skills that generate cohesion and cooperation, and explains how diverse groups learn to function with a single mind. Drawing on examples that range from Internet retailer Zappos to the comedy troupe Upright Citizens Brigade to a daring gang of jewel thieves, Coyle offers specific strategies that trigger learning, spark collaboration, build trust, and drive positive change. Coyle unearths helpful stories of failure that illustrate what not to do, troubleshoots common pitfalls, and shares advice about reforming a toxic culture. Combining leading-edge science, on-the-ground insights from world-class leaders, and practical ideas for action, The Culture Code offers a roadmap for creating an environment where innovation flourishes, problems get solved, and expectations are exceeded.Culture is not something you are—it’s something you do. The Culture Code puts the power in your hands. No matter the size of your group or your goal, this book can teach you the principles of cultural chemistry that transform individuals into tea

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  • J.j. Pizzuto's Fabric Science Swatch KitJ.j. Pizzuto's Fabric Science Swatch Kit Johnson, Ingrid Baker & Taylor Books 出版 2015/9/24出版

    J.J. Pizzuto's Fabric Science Swatch Kit, 11th Edition reinforces the study of textiles for students in fashion design, merchandising, interior design, product development and home furnishings. The kit contains 114 (2"x 3") fabric samples, a fabric key, 40 special assignments, heavy-weight sample sheets to mount and analyze fabrics, and a pick glass - all contained in a three-ring binder. The swatches are organized in the order in which they are covered in the text: fibers, yarns, weaves, knits, dyeing, printing and finishes. Swatches represent the types of fabrics currently available to fashion and interior designers in the field, making this resource an excellent addition to any professional library. ~The text contains instructions and a new video tutorial that takes students through the process of assembling their swatch kit and using a pick glass. ~A Fabric Key identifies the swatches by number and fabric name, description and fiber content. ~Assignments are designed to reinforce the text and classroom lectures and have been developed by FIT instructors to broaden student's understanding of key concepts in textiles through hands-on labs and problem solving activities. ~Students will successfully develop keen observation, analysis and report writing skills. ~Fabric Science Swatch Kit is an ideal companion to Fabric Science, 11th Edition (ISBN 9781501395369) or can also be used alone or in conjunction with any textiles textbook. New to this Edition ~New STUDIO includes a new video tutorial explaining how to assemble the Swatch Kit and use a pick glass, plus 8 newly commissioned videos demonstrating select textile lab assignments ~New smart textiles, performance fabrics, knits, and sustainable swatches added to the kit ~Instructor's Resources now include a new Fabric Sample Answer Sheet with filled-in fabric pages for easy grading Fabric Science Swatch Kit STUDIO Resources ~Review concepts with fabric flashcards including 10x magnified views of all swatches and fabric details ~Watch videos with a step-by-step demonstration for how to compile the swatch kit and use the pick glass ~Access a Fabric Swatch Quick Guide featuring front images of each swatch, the fabric name and number to easily confirm that fabrics are mounted correctly Instructor's Resources ~ Instructor's Swatch Set including 7" x 12" samples of each fabric (ISBN 9781501313677) ~ Instructor's Guide ~ Fabric Sample Answer Sheet PDF with filled-in fabric pages for easy grading ~ PowerPoint Presentations including front, back and 10x magnified views of each fabric swatchThis bundle includes J.J. Pizzuto's Fabric Science Swatch Kit and J.J. Pizzuto's Fabric Science Swatch Kit STUDIO Access Card.

    9 特價 4536
  • J. J. Pizzuto's Fabric ScienceJ. J. Pizzuto's Fabric Science Johnson, Ingrid Baker & Taylor Books 出版 2015/9/24出版

    With an increased emphasis on the global industry of textiles, the best-selling Fabric Science, 11th Edition provides the most comprehensive and current introduction to textiles-from fibers through finished fabrics. This edition has been fully updated to reflect the current industry and applications to fashion, home goods, interior design and related industries.- Hardcover binder with loose-leaf, full color sheets allows user to customize their book- Coverage of fiber characteristics, yarns, woven and knit fabrics, dyeing, printing, and various finishes- Discussions on environmental concerns, care and renovation, fabric innovations, quality issues, and global laws that regulate textiles- Attention to textiles for interiors and how to select fabric for the desired end use in apparel, interior furnishings and industrial products- The vocabulary of textiles in chapter glossaries and a list of fiber names in seven languagesThe companion Fabric Science Swatch Kit, 11th Edition (ISBN 9781628926576), includes 114 fabric swatches that align with this text and give students hands-on experience with textile fibers, yarns, fabrications, dyes, prints, and finishes-providing a complete package for understanding textiles.NEW TO THIS EDITION- Updates include fiber innovations, high performance fabrics, smart textiles, nanotechnology, recent developments in wet processing and textile technology, global sourcing options, and sustainability- New Business of Textiles feature focuses on applications with topics such as the novelty yarns used in Chanel suits, current wearable apparel technology, and new green dry cleaning methods- More than 250 color photos and illustrations and 20% new photographs- Renamed and expanded Chapter 13 Performance, Technical, and Smart TextilesSTUDIO RESOURCES- Study smarter with self-quizzes featuring scored results and personalized study tips- Review concepts with flashcards of terms and definitions - Watch videos that bring chapter topics and concepts to lifeTEACHING RESOURCES- Instructor's Guide with teaching suggestions, activities, lecture notes, and a guide to Swatch Kit assignments.- Test Bank with over 600 multiple choice, short answer, and true or false questions.- PowerPoint presentations include full-color images from the book and provide a framework for lecture and discussion.This bundle includes J.J. Pizzuto's Fabric Science and J.J. Pizzuto's Fabric Science STUDIO Access Card.

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  • Onward 勇往直前:我如何拯救星巴克Onward 勇往直前:我如何拯救星巴克 Schultz, Howard Rodale Pr 出版 2012/3/27出版

    In this #1 New York Times bestseller, the CEO of Starbucks recounts the story and leadership lessons behind the global coffee company's comeback and continued success.In 2008, Howard Schultz decided to return as the CEO of Starbucks to help restore its financial health and bring the company back to its core values. In Onward, he shares this remarkable story, revealing how, during one of the most tumultuous economic periods in American history, Starbucks again achieved profitability and sustainability without sacrificing humanity. Offering you a snapshot of the recession that left no company unscathed, the book shows in riveting detail how one company struggled and recreated itself in the midst of it all. In addition, you’ll get an inside look into Schultz's central leadership philosophy: It's not about winning, it’s about the right way to win. Onward is a compelling, candid narrative documenting the maturing of a brand as well as a businessman. Ultimately, Schultz gives you a sense of hope that, no matter how tough times get, the future can be more successful than the past.

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  • The New and Complete Business of LicensingThe New and Complete Business of Licensing Battersby, Greg Baker & Taylor Books 出版 2018/6/5出版

    This is a comprehensive book on the practice of licensing from both the licensee's and licensor's perspectives. It covers the history as well as current industry specifics and statistics, both in the U.S. and in every international market. The book details marketing and advertising procedures, legal clearances, accounting, and ethics considerations. It contains an extensive appendix with sample forms that can be downloaded and customized by the purchaser of the book.

    9 特價 1258
  • CannabizCannabiz Tapiero, Neev Self Counsel Pr 出版 2018/6/5出版

    Offering a unique perspective, CannaBiz is the only business book that is intended for the retailer as well as the growers, producers, and suppliers of marijuana. There are dozens of (new) opportunities in this emerging industry such as providing security and courier services; making concentrates and edibles; growing, distribution, and sales; and much more. This book sheds light on all of the business opportunities available in this industry that emerges as it becomes more legal and/or regulated everywhere in North America.

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