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  • Quasi Rational EconomicsQuasi Rational Economics Thaler, Richard H. Russell Sage Foundation 出版 1994/1/1出版

    Standard economics theory is built on the assumption that human beings act rationally in their own self interest. But if rationality is such a reliable factor, why do economic models so often fail to predict market behavior accurately? According to Richard Thaler, the shortcomings of the standard approach arise from its failure to take into account systematic mental biases that color all human judgments and decisions.

    9 特價 1106
  • The Decline of the U.S. Machine-Tool Industry and Prospects for Its Sustainable RecoveryThe Decline of the U.S. Machine-Tool Industry and Prospects for Its Sustainable Recovery Finegold, David (EDT) Baker & Taylor Books 出版 1994/1/1出版

    9 特價 2772
  • Applied Professional EthicsApplied Professional Ethics Beabout, Gregory R. Baker & Taylor Books 出版 1994/1/1出版

    This innovative book is written in an accessible, compact style that sets forth and explains a sound framework for professional ethics that readers can quickly put into practice in analyzing and writing about cases. Through a series of moral conflicts, it aims at improving the skills of moral reasoning and achieving moral development.

    9 特價 3225
  • Wholesale Distribution ChannelsWholesale Distribution Channels Rosenbloom, Bert (EDT) Routledge 出版 1994/1/1出版

    Bert Rosenbloom has brought together leading academic scholars on wholesale distribution who present state-of-the-art analyses and research on the subject. Their chapters clarify readers’insight and deepen their understanding of this two trillion dollar industry with a wide range of topics. Among those covered in Wholesale Distribution Channels are:improving sales force effectivenesspower relationships in wholesale distribution channelswholesalers’liability for defective productsthe impact of dominant buyers on wholesalingwholesalers as marketing expertstransportation cost-effectivenessprofitability of wholesalers in vertical marketsReaders will find objective treatment of key issues based on research that provides evidence, not opinion. Many of the authors provide practical recommendations for applying the findings to wholesaling practice. The issues focused on in this book are based on input from the boards of directors representing major wholesale trade associations.

    9 特價 3324
  • Organizing for the Creative Person: Right-Brain Styles for Conquering Clutter, MOrganizing for the Creative Person: Right-Brain Styles for Conquering Clutter, M Lehmkuhl- Do Crown Pub 出版 1994/1/1出版

    9 特價 471
  • Los estados financieros y su analisisLos estados financieros y su analisis Gutierrez, Alfredo F. Fondo De Cultura Economica USA 出版 1993/12/31出版

    Valioso auxiliar en los estudios de econom燰 y de administraci鏮 de empresas industriales. El autor estudia los estados financieros; aborda los m嫳 frecuentemente usados; explica su contenido y la forma de presentarlos; recurre a interesantes casos tomado de hechos realesy usa un alarga lista de t廨minos t嶰nicos f塶ilmente comprensibles.

    9 特價 410
  • Purchasing and the Management of MaterialsPurchasing and the Management of Materials Zenz, Gary Joseph John Wiley & Sons Inc 出版 1993/12/27出版

    Providing the latest information on public purchasing figures and salaries, this edition prepares readers for purchasing in the 90s. Compact yet comprehensive, it offers invaluable guidance in order to prepare for the Certified Purchasing Manager (CPM) exam. Focuses on such critical issues as the effects of global currency fluctuations on purchasing, TQM, ISO 9000 and strategic partnering. Brief, manageable case studies provide an excellent resource for class discussion.

    9 特價 10770
  • Achieving Job SatisfactionAchieving Job Satisfaction Minor, Marianne Baker & Taylor Books 出版 1993/12/1出版

    Are you getting as much satisfaction out of your job as you should?

    9 特價 439
  • Start and Run a Money-Making BarStart and Run a Money-Making Bar Fier, Bruce McGraw-Hill Professional Pub 出版 1993/12/1出版

    Written by an owner and consultant, this book provides a step-by-step course in bar business ownership, management, and operation.It explains how to research the market and location, get a loan, design the space, purchase, keep the books, advertise, and hire and train. It also talks about food service, entertainment, regulations, ownership structures, how to promote and advertise the business, and other topics.

    9 特價 788
  • The Ethical Foundations of EconomicsThe Ethical Foundations of Economics Piderit, John J. Georgetown Univ Pr 出版 1993/12/1出版

    Piderit explores the failures of mainstream economics and proposes an alternative grounded in natural law. His assessment is grounded in the Christian higher law tradition which assumes that objective standards known to human reason should govern society and individuals. This book demonstrates both the reasonableness of a distinguished ethical tradition and its capacity to address a wide range of ethical issues, economic as well as personal and social. Piderit emphasizes that natural law theory underlies the U.S. Constitution and informs Catholic, Protestant, and Jewish worship today.

    9 特價 1661
  • Fourth Generation ManagementFourth Generation Management Joiner, Brian L./ Deming, W. Edward/ Reynard, Sue/ Ando, Yukihiro McGraw-Hill 出版 1993/12/1出版

    9 特價 1544
  • The Elgar Companion to Institutional and Evolutionary EconomicsThe Elgar Companion to Institutional and Evolutionary Economics Hodgson, Geoffrey M. Edward Elgar Pub 出版 1993/12/1出版

    This authoritative and comprehensive reference work introduces the reader to the major concepts and leading contributors in the field of institutional and evolutionary economics. The Companion coverage includes contributions by leading international authors working in the traditions of Thorstein Veblen, Joseph Schumpeter and the new institutionalist economics. Featuring accessible, informative and provocative entries on all the significant areas, this book breaks new ground by bringing together widely dispersed but theoretically congruent ideas for the first time. Several entries assess evolutionary and institutional aspects in the work of otherwise orthodox political economists, such as Adam Smith, Alfred Marshall and Friedrich A. von Hayek. Although some attention has been given to the critique of mainstream neoclassical economics, the principal focus has been on the affirmative presentation of institutional and evolutionary economics as alternatives to both the neoclassical and Marxian schools. An important feature of the work is the inclusion of a large number of entries addressing the foundations of inquiry into political economy.As the best single reference source on institutional and evolutionary economics now available, this two volume set will be welcomed by students and teachers in economics, scholars in related social sciences and government policymakers.

    9 特價 17136
  • Making Quality HappenMaking Quality Happen McNealy, Roderick M. Baker & Taylor Books 出版 1993/12/1出版

    Quality is the major topic in international industry today, and its importance will increase in the 1990s. Making Quality Happen presents a common sense, step-by-step approach for implementing a Quality Improvement Process in any type of organization.The book utilizes 'Quality' as the strategic weapon that will help an organization achieve its overall objective by improving the organization's customer impact, reducing its cost structure, increasing its competitive market share, and maximizing its employee productivity. Importantly, the Quality Improvement Process detailed by McNealy makes Quality an integral part of any organization, and not an added or extraneous feature.Making Quality Happen is targeted at a broad audience of managers in all types of organizations around the world. The concepts and recommended actions expounded are directly applicable to, and have been implemented successfully in, large and small organizations in the public, private and non-profit sectors. This is a 'hands-on', action-oriented, instructive guide to implementing a Quality Improvement Effort. It is not a theoretical, overly technical, or academic treatise. Rather, it is a proven recipe for winning the Quality revolution.

    9 特價 7006
  • Rent SeekingRent Seeking Tullock, Gordon Edward Elgar Pub 出版 1993/12/1出版

    9 特價 1058
  • Commodity Chains and Global CapitalismCommodity Chains and Global Capitalism Gereffi, Gary (EDT) Baker & Taylor Books 出版 1993/11/30出版

    This book develops a new set of conceptual categories for analyzing new patterns of global economic organization.

    9 特價 2013