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  • Creativity in BusinessCreativity in Business Ray, Michael L. Baker & Taylor Books 出版 1989/1/1出版

    This exploration of innovative thinking in companies of all kinds "shows us how creativity in business can enrich us, and those who work with us." -- Spencer Johnson, co-author,The One Minute Manager

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  • MicroeconomicsMicroeconomics Maddala, G. S. Baker & Taylor Books 出版 1989/1/1出版

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  • Wie entsteht eine Unternehmensplanung?Wie entsteht eine Unternehmensplanung? Bussiek, Jurgen Baker & Taylor Books 出版 1989/1/1出版

    "Ich mache mir nieht nur Sorgen urn unsere Nerven und unser Geld, sondern auch daruber, daB wir einmal nieht schnell genug reagieren konnen und nur noch die Schlul3liehter der Konkurrenz vor uns sehen" - das sind die aufschreckenden Worte eines Chefs in diesem Buch. Dann geht das Fuhrungsteam yom kaufmanni?schen Prokuristen bis zum Produktionsingenieur daran, ein neu?es Steuerungssystem fUr das Unternehmen zu entwiekeln. An die?sem Beispiel wird deutlieh gemacht, wie man ein modernes Sy?stem der Planung und Kontrolle aufbaut. Verstandlieh, auch fUr Laien, fUgen sich die einzelnen Bausteine zusammen. Die Zahlen?beispiele sind durchgangig nachvollziehbar, auch ublieherweise vorgebrachte Bedenken werden diskutiert. 1m Beispiel wird ein Hersteller von Herrenbekleidung gezeigt. So entsteht vor den Augen des Lesers ein konkreter Fall, der zugleieh Erlebnisbericht und Wissensvermittlung ist. Das Buch wendet sieh an Leser, fur die Probleme der Planung und Kontrolle neu sind; sowohl gestandene Fuhrungskrafte als auch Studenten oder berufliche "Umsteiger" bekommen die kompli?zierte Materie hier einmal ganz anders dargestellt, als sie es aus den gangigen Lehrbuchern gewohnt sind. Das Buch ist nieht nur als einmalige Lektiire gedacht. AIle Fach?ausdrucke sind im Stiehwortverzeiehnis aufgefUhrt und im Text durch Kursivdruck hervorgehoben. So kann das Buch gleiehzeitig als Nachschlagewerk genutzt werden. Bunde, im Januar 1989 Jiirgen Bussiek 5 Inhalt Vorwort ........... .............................. 5 A Ein U nternehmen in der Fiihrungskrise ............ 11 B Entwicklung einer Unternehmenssteuerung . . . . . . . . 21 .

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  • EconomicsEconomics Kirk, Russell Isi Books 出版 1989/1/1出版

    America's market economy--a heritage to cherish and the key to tomorrow's prosperity--is the unifying theme of Economics: Work and Prosperity. Contrasting the free enterprise system to the system that kills the goose that laid the golden eggs, the author takes the cheerful view that the market economy can continue to produce abundantly for years if people will learn to understand it and care for it properly. This enlightening text will help students become informed citizens, able to make wise decisions about the crucial area of economics.

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  • Educational Computing and Problem SolvingEducational Computing and Problem Solving Reed, W. Michael CRC Pr I Llc 出版 1989/1/1出版

    Professionals who are on the cutting edge of educational computing discuss, in this provocative new book, one of the most exciting prospects of the field--harnessing the power of the computer to enhance the development of problem-solving abilities. Here is everything that educators will need to know to use computers to improve higher level skills such as problem solving and critical thinking. Current aspects of problem-solving theory, a philosophical case for including programming languages in the curriculum, state-of-the-art research on computers and problem solving, and a look at problem-solving software are included in this comprehensive volume. The research and its application to instruction are grounded in problem-solving theory--making this book a unique and critical addition to the existing literature.

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  • Poka-YokePoka-Yoke Shimbun, Nikkan Kogyo Productivity Pr 出版 1988/12/1出版

    If your goal is 100% zero defects, here is the book for you ? a completely illustrated guide to poka-yoke (mistake-proofing) for supervisors and shop-floor workers. Many poka-yoke ideas come from line workers and are implemented with the help of engineering staff or tooling or machine specialists. The result is better product quality and greater participation by workers in efforts to improve your processes, your products, and your company as a whole.The first section of the book uses a simple, illustrated format to summarize many of the concepts and main features of poka-yoke. The second section shows 240 examples of poka-yoke improvements implemented in Japanese plants.The book: Organizes examples according to the broad issue or problem they address. Pinpoints how poka-yoke applies to specific devices, parts and products, categories of improvement methods, and processes. Provides sample improvement forms for you to sketch out your own ideas.Use Poka-yoke in study groups as a model for your improvement efforts. It may be your single most important step toward eliminating defects completely. (For an industrial engineering perspective on how source inspection and poka-yoke can work together to reduce defects to zero, see Shigeo Shingo's Zero Quality Control.)

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  • Common Sense SupervisonCommon Sense Supervison Fulton, Roger Ten Speed Pr 出版 1988/12/1出版

    COMMON SENSE SUPERVISION is a practical manual for people who are new or experienced in supervisory positions. Written in a clear non-nonsense style, the book outlines the responsibilities of a supervisor and shows how to make the workdaywork.

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  • In the Eye of the Great DepressionIn the Eye of the Great Depression Bauman, John F. Northern Illinois Univ Pr 出版 1988/11/1出版

    In late 1933 and early 1934, Harry Hopkins, director of the infant Federal Emergency Relief Administration (FERA), dispatched an elite corps of journalists and authors, including Bruce McClure and Lorena Hickok, to obtain a grass-roots portrait of Depression-wracked America. His marching orders to Hickok were "to go out around the country and look this thing over.... Tell me what you see and hear.... All of it."She and her compatriots spent two years in different regions of the country, talking with preachers, teachers, civic leaders, businessmen, and "the small fry John Citizen," monitoring the mood of a nation battered by natural and economic disaster. They found the downside of the American dream: flophouses overflowing with tenants who once had been sturdy middle-class citizens, aid administration offices awash in incompetence and corruption, and, beneath it all, a permanent underclass of the illiterate, the mentally ill, and the aged. Untrained in sociology or economics, the reporters described their impressions in passionate and graphic terms that helped move the Roosevelt administration to implement the work programs of the New Deal.Bauman and Coode reveal another dark side of 1930s America, one that is evident in the words of the writers themselves: racial and class prejudice. Comfortably middle-class, mostly from traditional East Coast backgrounds, Hopkins's reporters reflected prevalent beliefs concerning the "deserving" and "undeserving" pooreliefs that would influence the scope of such New Deal ventures as the 1935 Social Security Law. Author Marth Gellhorn, repulsed by the pattern of inbreeding and degeneration she observed among the "white trash" families of South Carolina, suggested a two-pronged aid program of education and eugenics.In the Eye of the Great Depression objectively portrays a period of American history that is too often romanticized as a time when a combination of inspired leadership and pioneer resilience pulled the nation through a great test of its mettle.

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  • Spatial EconometricsSpatial Econometrics Anselin, Luc Baker & Taylor Books 出版 1988/11/1出版

    Spatial econometrics deals with spatial dependence and spatial heterogeneity, critical aspects of the data used by regional scientists. These characteristics may cause standard econometric techniques to become inappropriate. In this book, I combine several recent research results to construct a comprehensive approach to the incorporation of spatial effects in econometrics. My primary focus is to demonstrate how these spatial effects can be considered as special cases of general frameworks in standard econometrics, and to outline how they necessitate a separate set of methods and techniques, encompassed within the field of spatial econometrics. My viewpoint differs from that taken in the discussion of spatial autocorrelation in spatial statistics - e.g., most recently by Cliff and Ord (1981) and Upton and Fingleton (1985) - in that I am mostly concerned with the relevance of spatial effects on model specification, estimation and other inference, in what I caIl a model-driven approach, as opposed to a data-driven approach in spatial statistics. I attempt to combine a rigorous econometric perspective with a comprehensive treatment of methodological issues in spatial analysis.

    9 特價 19102
  • The Problem of Slavery in Western CultureThe Problem of Slavery in Western Culture Davis, David Brion Oxford Univ Pr on Demand 出版 1988/10/20出版

    Winner of several national awards including the 1967 Pulitzer Prize, this classic study by David Brion Davis has given new direction to the historical and sociological research of society's attitude towards slavery.Davis depicts the various ways different societies have responded to the intrinsic contradictions of slavery from antiquity to the early 1770's in order to establish the uniqueness of the abolitionists' response. While slavery has always caused considerable social and psychological tension, Western culture has associated it with certain religious and philosophical doctrines that gave it the highest sanction. The contradiction of slavery grew more profound when it became closely linked with American colonization, which had as its basic foundation the desire and opportunity to create a more perfect society. Davis provides a comparative analysis of slave systems in the Old World, a discussion of the early attitudes towards American slavery, and a detailed exploration of the early protests against Negro bondage, as well as the religious, literary, and philosophical developments that contributed to both sides in the controversies of the late eighteenth century. This exemplary introduction to the history of slavery in Western culture presents the traditions in thought and value that gave rise to the attitudes of both abolitionists and defenders of slavery in the late eighteenth century as well as the nineteenth century.

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  • Readings in Managerial PsychologyReadings in Managerial Psychology Leavitt, Harold J. Univ of Chicago Pr 出版 1988/10/1出版

    With more than half the papers new to this book, the fourth edition of Readings in Managerial Psychologyrepresents a substantial revision of this popular text. This edition focuses more than ever on the managing process, both within and between organizations, and such "soft" issues as managing creativity and imagination, managers' values and beliefs, and organizational culture play a larger role than they have before.Readings in Managerial Psychology is designed for managers in business and industry, students of management, public and university administrators, and executives in other organizations. The collection can be used independently or as a companion volume to Harold J. Leavitt and Homa Bahrami's Managerial Psychology: Managing Behavior in Organizations (5th edition, 1988), also published by the University of Chicago Press.

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  • Agricultural Development PrinciplesAgricultural Development Principles Stevens, Robert D. Johns Hopkins Univ Pr 出版 1988/10/1出版

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  • Handbook of Development EconomicsHandbook of Development Economics Chenery, Hollis Burnley Baker & Taylor Books 出版 1988/10/1出版

    For this Handbook authors known to have different views regarding the nature of development economics have been selected. The Handbook is organised around the implications of different sets of assumptions and their associated research programs. It is divided into three volumes, each with three parts which focus on the broad processes of development. Volume 1 of the Handbook begins by discussing the concept of development, its historical antecedents, and alternative approaches to the study of development, broadly construed. The second part is devoted to the structural transformation of economies. The role that human resources play in economic development is the focus of the last section of this volume. For more detailed information on the Handbooks in Economics series, please see our home page on http://www.elsevier.nl/locate/hes

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  • The Evolution of Central BanksThe Evolution of Central Banks Goodhart, C. A. E. Mit Pr 出版 1988/9/16出版

    The Evolution of Central Banks employs a wide range of historical evidence and reassesses current monetary analysis to argue that the development of non-profit-maximizing and noncompetitive central banks to supervise and regulate the commercial banking system fulfils a necessary and natural function.

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  • After ApartheidAfter Apartheid Suckling, John Baker & Taylor Books 出版 1988/9/1出版

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