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  • How Transformative Innovations Shaped the Rise of NationsHow Transformative Innovations Shaped the Rise of Nations Tellis, Gerard J. Baker & Taylor Books 出版 2018/5/30出版

    Over the last 2,000 years, critical innovations have transformed various small regions into global powers. But they have faded when they did not embrace the next big innovation. Gerard J. Tellis and Stav Rosenzweig argue in ow Transformative Innovations Shaped the Rise of Nations?that openness to new ideas and people, competition and empowerment of individuals are key drivers in the development and adoption of transformative innovations.

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  • The Industries of the FutureThe Industries of the Future Ross, Alec Baker & Taylor Books 出版 2017/2/7出版

    The New York Times bestseller, from leading innovation expert Alec Ross, a ascinating vision?(Forbes) of what next for the world and how to navigate the changes the future will bring.While Alec Ross was working as Senior Advisor for Innovation to the Secretary of State, he traveled to forty-one countries, exploring the latest advances coming out of every continent. From startup hubs in Kenya to R&D labs in South Korea, Ross has seen what the future holds. In The Industries of the Future, Ross provides a ucid and informed guide?(Financial Times) to the changes coming in the next ten years. He examines the fields that will most shape our economic future, including robotics and artificial intelligence, cybercrime and cybersecurity, the commercialization of genomics, the next step for big data, and the impact of digital technology on money and markets. In each of these realms, Ross addresses the toughest questions: How will we have to adapt to the changing nature of work? Is the prospect of cyberwar sparking the next arms race? How can the world rising nations hope to match Silicon Valley with their own innovation hotspots? And what can today parents do to prepare their children for tomorrow? Ross blends storytelling and economic analysis to show how sweeping global trends are affecting the ways we live. Sharing insights from global leadersrom the founders of Google and Twitter to defense experts like David Petraeusoss reveals the technologies and industries that will drive the next stage of globalization. The Industries of the Future is  riveting and mind-bending book?(New York Journal of Books), a ust read?(Wendy Kopp, Founder of Teach for America) regardless of hether you follow these fields closely or you still think of Honda as a car rather than a robotics company?(Forbes).

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  • How Asia WorksHow Asia Works Studwell, Joe Grove Pr 出版 2014/5/20出版

    An Economist Best Book of the YearIn the 1980s and 1990s many in the West came to believe in the myth of an East-Asian economic miracle, with countries seen as not just development prodigies but as a unified bloc, culturally and economically similar, and inexorably on the rise. In How Asia Works, Joe Studwell distills extensive research into the economics of nine countries?Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines, Vietnam, and China?into an accessible, readable narrative that debunks Western misconceptions, shows what really happened in Asia and why, and for once makes clear why some countries have boomed while others have languished. Impressive in scope, How Asia Works is essential reading for anyone interested in a region that will shape the future of the world.?Pithy, well-written and intellectually vigorous . . . Studwell thesis is bold, his arguments persuasive, and his style pugnacious. It adds up to a highly readable and important book.??Financial Times

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  • El malestar en la globalizaci鏮/ Globalization and Its DiscontentsEl malestar en la globalizaci鏮/ Globalization and Its Discontents Stiglitz, Joseph E. Baker & Taylor Books 出版 2019/1/22出版

    El premio Nobel Joseph Stiglitz le da una nueva vida a su libro m嫳 importante. El malestar en la globalizaci鏮ue un 憖ito de ventas y provoc?una gran pol幦ica al denunciar la mala gesti鏮 de la globalizaci鏮, causante de desajustes pol癃icos y una desigualdad desenfrenada. El libro se convirti?en la piedra angular del debate sobre el tema al demostrar c鏔o el Fondo Monetario Internacional e instituciones como el Banco Mundial, as?como los acuerdos comerciales globales, m嫳 que ayudar, perjudican a las naciones en desarrollo.En esta importante ampliaci鏮 y actualizaci鏮 de su exitosoest seller,tiglitz aborda los nuevos malestares generados por la globalizaci鏮. Desde la primera publicaci鏮 las consecuencias de este fen鏔eno se han agudizado, rebasando el terreno de los pa疄es en desarrollo y dejando a su paso un rastro de ciudadanos descontentos en todo el mundo. Los mensajes poderosos y prof彋icos de Stiglitz est嫕 hoy m嫳 vigentes que nunca. ENGLISH DESCRIPTION An International Bestseller"Accessible, provocative, and highly readable." ?Alan Cowell,?i>New York Times In this crucial expansion and update of his landmark bestseller, renowned economist and Nobel Prize winner Joseph E. Stiglitz addresses globalization new discontents in the United States and Europe. Immediately upon publication,?i>Globalization and Its Discontentsecame a touchstone in the globalization debate by demonstrating how the International Monetary Fund, other major institutions like the World Bank, and global trade agreements have often harmed the developing nations they are supposedly helping. Yet globalization today continues to be mismanaged, and now the harms?exemplified by the rampant inequality to which it has contributed?have come home to roost in the United States and the rest of the developed world as well, reflected in growing political unrest. With a new introduction, major new chapters on the new discontents, the rise of Donald Trump, and the new protectionist movement, as well as a new afterword on the course of globalization since the book first appeared, Stiglitz powerful and prescient messages remain essential reading.

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  • Export-Import Theory, Practices, and ProceduresExport-Import Theory, Practices, and Procedures Seyoum, Belay Routledge 出版 2013/12/17出版

    Export-Import Theory, Practices, and Procedures is the first book on the topic aimed squarely at the academic audience. Discussing theoretical issues in depth, this innovative textbook offers a comprehensive exploration of import procedures and export regulations, incorporating the most relevant and current research information in the area.The new edition includes:Updates on major developments in bilateral and regional trade agreements, and regulatory changes in export controlsChanges to taxation laws in the US and internationally that impact import/exportChanges to INCOTERMS 2000 and to letters of creditNew developments in countertradeThe new role of the Export-Import BankThis book combines an innovative conceptual and theoretical approach, a comprehensive analytical treatment, and an engaging and accessible presentation style to offer one of the most useful textbooks on the market for students and practitioners alike.More information can be found at: www.export-importtradecenter.com

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  • Managing the China ChallengeManaging the China Challenge Lieberthal, Kenneth Brookings Inst Pr 出版 2013/4/13出版

    Multinational corporations now look toward China with both trepidation and anticipation.The speed and scope of Chinese economic growth is changing the global distribution of power and resources, possibly to the detriment of the major industrial powers. But this same transformation presents tremendous opportunities for companies who understand China well enough to leverage both its accomplishments and its deep-seated problems for corporate benefit.Longtime China scholar Kenneth Lieberthal brings to bear a unique combination of experiences as former top government official, political scientist, professor of international corporate strategy, and consultant. In Managing the China Challenge, he draws on his deep understanding of China's political and economic systems and the priorities of local and national leaders to illuminate the strategies foreign companies must master to succeed in the Middle Kingdom.In straightforward language, using numerous concrete examples to support his ideas and recommendations, Lieberthal cogently presents not only how to benefit from doing business in China, but also how to avoid the serious risks that the endeavor entails. The implications Lieberthal lays out for corporate strategy are wide-ranging and critically important.

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  • The Wealth of NationsThe Wealth of Nations Smith- Adam Bantam Books 出版 2003/2/1出版

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  • Hoover's Handbook of World Business 2019Hoover's Handbook of World Business 2019 Mergent (COR) Baker & Taylor Books 出版 2019/3/31出版

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  • The Coming Collapse of ChinaThe Coming Collapse of China Chang, Gordon G. Random House Inc 出版 2001/7/31出版

    China is hot. The world sees a glorious future for this sleeping giant, three times larger than the United States, predicting it will blossom into the world's biggest economy by 2010. According to Chang, however, a Chinese-American lawyer and China specialist, the People's Republic is a paper dragon. Peer beneath the veneer of modernization since Mao's death, and the symptoms of decay are everywhere: Deflation grips the economy, state-owned enterprises are failing, banks are hopelessly insolvent, foreign investment continues to decline, and Communist party corruption eats away at the fabric of society.Beijing's cautious reforms have left the country stuck midway between communism and capitalism, Chang writes. With its impending World Trade Organization membership, for the first time China will be forced to open itself to foreign competition, which will shake the country to its foundations. Economic failure will be followed by government collapse. Covering subjects from party politics to the Falun Gong to the government's insupportable position on Taiwan, Chang presents a thorough and very chilling overview of China's present and not-so-distant future.From the Hardcover edition.

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  • Networking P/bkNetworking P/bk Jon Warner Management Pocketbooks 出版 2015/3/31出版

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  • Transformative Change P/bkTransformative Change P/bk Nimalan Nadesalingam Management Pocketbooks 出版 2014/11/3出版

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  • Marketing P/bkMarketing P/bk Neil Russell-Jones Management Pocketbooks 出版 2014/10/1出版

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  • Mediation P/bkMediation P/bk Richard Boardman Management Pocketbooks 出版 2014/7/1出版

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  • Manager``s P/bkManager``s P/bk John Townsend Management Pocketbooks 出版 2014/3/12出版

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  • Training Evaluation P/bkTraining Evaluation P/bk Paul Donovan Management Pocketbooks 出版 2014/1/1出版

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