Perspectives on The Caribbean

Perspectives on The Caribbean

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  • 出版日:2009/9/22
  • ISBN:9781405105668
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Mention of the Caribbean seems to evoke vivid images of secluded islands, azure waters, Voudou practice, Santaria, Rastafarians, and the music of reggae, calypso, salsa. While these exoticized aspects of Caribbean culture are not imaginary, they are grossly misrepresented and, in fact, offer no more than a narrow band of the rich spectrum of the Caribbean as a whole. There is consequently a real need for a concise collection of readings, such as Perspectives on the Caribbean, designed to introduce students and interested nonspecialists to the major concepts and debates in the anthropological and historical study of the Caribbean. Perspectives on the Caribbean includes discussion of Anglophone, Francophone, and Hispanophone Caribbean societies, with the aim of exposing students to some of the classic ethnography of the field. In addition to a sweeping main introduction, which also serves as an introduction to the field of Caribbean Studies, each section of the volume includes a smaller introduction designed to contextualize the selected articles and to frame them within the relevant literature.As concepts of globalization and transnationalism have given rise to an intense interest in the concept of creolization, more scholars and activists are turning to the Caribbean as a way of exploring notions of cultural hybridity, multiculturalism, and plurality in contemporary society. By introducing important approaches to these issues and providing an understanding of the forces that have shaped the region, Perspectives on the Caribbean will fill an important niche in the literature and provide an invaluable tool to students and instructors.



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    • ISBN
    • 9781405105668
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