• What We Did in Bed

    What We Did in Bed

    Fagan BrianDurrani Nadia  著 Yale Univ Pr 出版 2019/9/24 出版

    pulling back the covers on the fascinating yet often forgotten history of the bed

  • On the Trail

    On the Trail

    Chamberlin Silas  著 Yale Univ Pr 出版 2019/9/24 出版

    the first history of the american hiking community and its contributions to the nation’s vast network of trails in the mid-nineteenth century urban walking clubs emerged in the united states. a little more than a century later tens of millions of americans were hiking on trails blazed in every region of the country. this groundbreaking book is the first full account of the unique history of the american hiking community and its rich nationwide culture.   delving into unexplored archives including those of the appalachian mountain club sierra club green mountain club and many others silas chamberlin recounts the activities of hikers who over many decades formed clubs built trails and advocated for environmental protection. he also discusses the shifting attitudes of the late 1960s and early 1970s when ideas about traditional volunteerism shifted and new hikers came to see trail blazing and maintenance as government responsibilities. chamberlin explores the implications for hiking groups future club leaders and the millions of others who find happiness inspiration and better health on america’s trails.

  • Tracing Your Ancestors Using DNA

    Tracing Your Ancestors Using DNA

    Holton Graham S.  著 Baker & Taylor Books 出版 2019/9/19 出版

    dna research is one of the most important and rapidly advancing areas in modern science and the practical use of dna testing in genealogy is one of its most exciting applications. yet there is no recent british publication in this field. that is why this accessible wide-ranging introduction is so valuable.

  • Timelines


    Haywood John  著 Thames & Hudson 出版 2019/9/17 出版

    in timelines john haywood presents a grand sweep of global history in an immediately accessible format. using concise insightful and engaging text summaries alongside timelines maps and illustrations haywood takes the reader from the origins of our first ancestors up to the present day. a short essay introduces and summarizes the most important political and cultural landmarks with a clear timeline then presenting events in four categories: olitics & economy?eligion & philosophy?cience & technology?and rts & architecture.he book clear concise and accessible format allows the reader to achieve a new understanding of contemporaneous events across the globe making unexpected and surprising links and connections across history. who knew for example that at the same time the bayeux tapestry was being completed in europe chinese scientist shen kuo was correctly explaining the origin of fossils? that as peter the great was modernizing russia robert de la salle was exploring the length of the mississippi river and christopher wren was finishing st. paul cathedral in london? this original and authoritative book offers a unique way of appreciating the diverse array of events that have shaped world history.

  • Mapping Landscapes in Transformation

    Mapping Landscapes in Transformation

    the development of historical geographical information systems (hgis) and other methods from the digital humanities have revolutionised historical research on cultural landscapes. one of today’s major challenges however concerns the concepts and tools to be deployed for mapping processes of transformationhat is interpreting and imagining the relational complexity of urban and rural landscapes both in space and in time at micro- and macro-scale. the opening up of increasingly diverse collections of source material often incomplete and difficult to interpret has led to methodologically innovative experiments.mapping landscapes in transformation gathers experts from different disciplines active in the fields of historical geography urban and landscape history and heritage conservation. they are specialised in a wide variety of spaceime contexts including regions within europe asia and the americas and periods from antiquity to the 21st century.contributors: karl beelen (karlsruhe it) john bintliff (leiden university / edinburgh university) bieke cattoor (tu delft) jill desimini (harvard university) cecilia furlan(tu delft / ku leuven) ian gregory and christopher donaldson (lancaster university) joanna taylor (university of manchester) piraye hacigeller frank vermeulen and devi taelman (ghent university) ralf vandam and jeroen poblome (ku leuven) reinout klaarenbeek (ku leuven) sanne maekelberg (ku leuven) steffen nijhuis (tu delft) cristina purcar (tu cluj-napoca) changxue shu (ku leuven fwo) bram vannieuwenhuyze (university of amsterdam) may yuan and arloo mckee (university of texas dallas) ebook available in open access.this publication is gprc-labeled (guaranteed peer review content).

  • The Dinosaur Artist

    The Dinosaur Artist

    Williams Paige  著 Baker & Taylor Books 出版 2019/9/10 出版

    in this 2018 new york times notable book paige williams does for fossils what susan orlean did for orchids (book riot) in her account of one florida man’s reckless attempt to sell a dinosaur skeleton from mongolia--a story steeped in natural history human nature commerce crime science and politics (rebecca skloot). in 2012 a new york auction catalogue boasted an unusual offering: a superb tyrannosaurus skeleton. in fact lot 49135 consisted of a nearly complete t. bataar a close cousin to the most famous animal that ever lived. the fossils now on display in a manhattan event space had been unearthed in mongolia more than 6000 miles away. at eight-feet high and twenty-four feet long the specimen was spectacular and when the gavel sounded the winning bid was over $1 million. eric prokopi a thirty-eight-year-old floridian was the man who had brought this extraordinary skeleton to market. a onetime collegiate-level swimmer who spent his teenage years diving for shark teeth prokopi’s singular obsession with fossils fueled a thriving business hunting preparing and selling specimens to clients ranging from natural history museums to avid private collectors like actors leonardo dicaprio and nicolas cage. but there was a problem. this time facing financial strain had prokopi gone too far? as the t. bataar went to auction a network of paleontologists alerted the government of mongolia to the eye-catching lot. an international custody battle ensued and prokopi watched his own world unravel. in the tradition of the orchid thief the dinosaur artist is a stunning work of narrative journalism about humans’ relationship with natural history and a seemingly intractable conflict between science and commerce. a story that stretches from florida’s land o’ lakes to the gobi desert the dinosaur artist illuminates the history of fossil collecting--a murky sometimes risky business populated by eccentrics and obsessives where the lines between poacher and hunter collector and smuggler enthusiast and opportunist can easily blur. in her first book paige williams has given readers an irresistible story that spans continents cultures and millennia as she examines the question of who ultimately owns the past.

  • Killing for the Republic

    Killing for the Republic

    Brand Steele  著 Johns Hopkins Univ Pr 出版 2019/9/10 出版

    for who is so worthless or indolent as not to wish to know by what means and under what system of polity the romans... succeeded in subjecting nearly the whole inhabited world to their sole government thing unique in history?olybiusthe year 146 bc marked the brutal end to the roman republic’s 118-year struggle for the western mediterranean. breaching the walls of their great enemy carthage roman troops slaughtered countless citizens enslaved those who survived and leveled the 700-year-old city. that same year in the east rome destroyed corinth and subdued greece. over little more than a century rome’s triumphant armies of citizen-soldiers had shocked the world by conquering all of its neighbors. how did armies made up of citizen-soldiers manage to pull off such a major triumph? and what made the republic so powerful? in killing for the republic steele brand explains how rome transformed average farmers into ambitious killers capable of conquering the entire mediterranean. rome instilled something violent and vicious in its soldiers making them more effective than other empire builders. unlike the assyrians persians or macedonians it fought with part-timers. examining the relationship between the republican spirit and the citizen-soldier brand argues that roman republican values and institutions prepared common men for the rigors and horrors of war. brand reconstructs five separate battlesepresentative moments in rome’s constitutional and cultural evolution that saw its citizen-soldiers encounter the best warriors of the day from marauding gauls and the alps-crossing hannibal to the heirs of alexander the great. a sweeping political and cultural history killing for the republic closes with a compelling argument in favor of resurrecting the citizen-soldier ideal in modern america.

  • Sugar


    Walvin James  著 Pegasus Books 出版 2019/9/10 出版

    the modern successor to sweetness and power james walvin sugar is a rich and engaging work on a topic that continues to change our world.

  • A Monument to Dynasty and Death

    A Monument to Dynasty and Death

    Elkins Nathan T.  著 Johns Hopkins Univ Pr 出版 2019/9/3 出版

    early one morning in 80 ce the colosseum roared to life with the deafening cheers of tens of thousands of spectators as the emperor titus inaugurated the new amphitheater with one hundred days of bloody spectacles. these games were much-anticipated for the new amphitheater had been under construction for a decade. home to spectacles involving exotic beasts elaborate executions of criminals gladiatorial combats and evenhen floodedmall-scale naval battles the building itself was also a marvel. rising to a height of approximately 15 stories and occupying an area of 6 acresore than four times the size of a modern football fieldhe colosseum was the largest of all amphitheaters in the roman empire. in a monument to dynasty and death nathan t. elkins tells the story of the colosseum’s construction under vespasian its dedication under titus and further enhancements added under domitian. the colosseum elkins argues was far more than a lavish entertainment venue: it was an ideologically charged monument to the new dynasty its aspirations and its achievements. a monument to dynasty and death takes readers on a behind-the-scenes tour of the colosseum from the subterranean tunnels where elevators and cages transported gladiators and animals to the blood-soaked arena floor to the imperial viewing box to the amphitheater’s decoration and amenities such as fountains and an awning to shade spectators. trained as an archaeologist an art historian and a historian of ancient rome elkins deploys an interdisciplinary approach that draws on contemporary historical texts inscriptions archaeology and visual evidence to convey the layered ideological messages communicated by the colosseum. this engaging book is an excellent resource for classes on roman art architecture history civilization and sport and spectacle.

  • Burning Down the Haus

    Burning Down the Haus

    Mohr Tim  著 Algonquin Books 出版 2019/9/3 出版

    named one of the best books of the year by  rolling stone * bookpage * amazon *  rough trade longlisted for the carnegie medal for excellence “[a] riveting and inspiring history of punk’s hard-fought struggle in east germany. —the new york times book review “a thrilling and essential social history that details the rebellious youth movement that helped change the world. —rolling stone “original and inspiring . . . mr. mohr has writ­ten an im­por­tant work of cold war cul­tural his­tory. —the wall street journal “wildly entertaining . . . a thrilling tale . . . a joy in the way it brings back punk’s fury and high stakes.—vogue it began with a handful of east berlin teens who heard the sex pistols on a british military radio broadcast to troops in west berlin and it ended with the collapse of the east german dictatorship. punk rock was a life-changing discovery. the buzz-saw guitars the messed-up clothing and hair the rejection of society and the diy approach to building a new one: in their gray surroundings where everyone’s future was preordained by some communist apparatchik punk represented a revolutionary philosophy—quite literally as it turned out. but as these young kids tried to form bands and became more visible security forces—including the dreaded secret police the stasi—targeted them. they were spied on by friends and even members of their own families; they were expelled from schools and fired from jobs; they were beaten by police and imprisoned. instead of conforming the punks fought back playing an indispensable role in the underground movements that helped bring down the berlin wall. this secret history of east german punk rock is not just about the music; it is a story of extraordinary bravery in the face of one of the most oppressive regimes in history. rollicking cinematic deeply researched highly readable and thrillingly topical burning down the haus brings to life the young men and women who successfully fought authoritarianism three chords at a time—and is a fiery testament to the irrepressible spirit of revolution.

  • Freedom


    Walvin James  著 Pegasus Books 出版 2019/9/3 出版

    in this timely and readable new work walvin focuses not on abolitionism or the brutality and suffering of slavery but on the resistance of the enslaved themselvesrom sabotage and absconding to full-blown uprisingsnd its impact in overthrowing slavery. he also looks that whole atlantic world including the spanish empire and brazil all of which revolved around slavery. in the three centuries following columbus’s landfall in the americas slavery became a critical institution across swathes of both north and south america. it saw twelve million africans forced onto slave ships and had seismic consequences for africa while leading to the transformation of the americas and to the material enrichment of the western world. it was also largely unquestioned.yet within a mere seventy-five years slavery had vanished from the americas: it declined collapsed and was destroyed by a complexity of forces that to this day remains disputed but there is no doubting that it was in large part defeated by those it had enslaved. slavery itself came in many shapes and sizes. it is perhaps best remembered on the plantations of the american south but slavery varied enormously from one crop to another: sugar tobacco rice coffee cotton. and there was in addition myriad tasks for the enslaved to do from shipboard and dockside labor from factories to the frontier through to domestic labor and child-care duties.slavery was then both ubiquitous and varied. but if all these millions of diverse enslaved people had one thing in common it was a universal detestation of their bondage. most of these enslaved peoples did not live to see freedom. but an old freed man or woman in cuba or brazil in the 1880s would have lived through its destruction clean across the americas. the collapse of slavery and the triumph of black freedom constitutes an extraordinary historical upheaval one which still resonates throughout the world today.

  • The Library Books 16-20

    The Library Books 16-20

    starting with the most meagre resources philip made his kingdom the greatest power in europethe greek historian diodorus of sicily is one of our most valuable sources from ancient times. his history in forty volumes was intended to range from mythological times to 60 bce and fifteen of the library’s forty books survive. this new translation by robin waterfield of books 16-20 covers a vital period in european history. book 16 is devoted to philip and without it the career of this great king would be far more obscure to us. book 17 is the earliest surviving account by over a hundred years of the world-changing eastern conquests of alexander the great philip’s son. books 18-20 constitute virtually our sole source of information on the twenty turbulent years following alexander’s death and on the violent path followed by agathocles of syracuse. there are fascinating snippets of history from elsewhere too - from republican rome the cimmerian bosporus and elsewhere.despite his obvious importance diodorus is a neglected historian. this is the first english translation of any of these books in over fifty years. the introduction places diodorus in his context in first-century-bce rome describes and discusses the kind of history he was intending to write and assesses his strengths and weaknesses as a historian. with extensive explanatory notes on this gripping and sensational period of history the book serves as a unique resource for historians and students.

  • Eso no estaba en mi libro de la Guerra Fr燰 / That was not in my Cold War Book

    Eso no estaba en mi libro de la Guerra Fr燰 / That was not in my Cold War Book

    Jurado Juan Jos?Primo  著 Baker & Taylor Books 出版 2019/8/30 出版

    por que trascendieron del deporte a la politica una canasta de alexander belov y un gol de jurgen sparwasser? sabia que la cia y antiguos miembros de la gestapo colaboraron tras la segunda guerra mundial? por que truman destituyo al general macarthur el militar estadounidense mas condecorado y popular? que hechos es preciso saber de la division de alemania? por que el ak-47 kalashnikov se ha convertido en el fusil mas fabricado y famoso de la historia? como pudo cometer andrei chikatilo 52 crimenes en la urss sin ser descubierto? por que estados unidos perdio en vietnam si militarmente no fue derrotado? sabia que espana estuvo a punto de poseer la bomba atomica?... el historiador y escritor juan jose primo jurado vuelve a sumergirnos en un pasaje decisivo de nuestra historia reciente la guerra fria. en 2019 se cumplen 30 anos de la caida del muro de berlin hecho considerado como simbolo del final de la guerra fria de igual forma que su construccion en 1961 se convirtio en imagen de la division del mundo en dos bloques iniciada tras la segunda guerra mundial. con motivo de este aniversario primo jurado se acerca aqui a ese periodo basico de la historia del mundo actual y explica en estas paginas que paso y porque paso sin perder ni el sentido divulgativo ni la voluntad de descubrir al lector historias argumentos anecdotas y claves desconocidos hasta ahora para el.

  • Eso no estaba en mi libro de la Segunda Guerra Mundial / That Was Not in my World War II B

    Eso no estaba en mi libro de la Segunda Guerra Mundial / That Was Not in my World War II B

    Hernandez Jesus  著 Baker & Taylor Books 出版 2019/8/30 出版

    this book will surprise readers with episodes which surely they will not find in their history manuals as some of them are shirked by the discomfort they cause such as the jews who collaborated actively with nazis in the extermination of their own people.

  • Mythos


    Fry Stephen (FRW)  著 Chronicle Books Llc 出版 2019/8/27 出版

    here are the thrills grandeur and unabashed fun of the greek myths stylishly retold by stephen fry. the legendary writer actor and comedian breathes life into ancient tales from pandora’s box to prometheus’s fire and transforms the adventures of zeus and the olympians into emotionally resonant and deeply funny stories without losing any of their original wonder. classical artwork inspired by the myths and learned notes from the author offer rich cultural context. this collectible volume complete with a textured case and full-color art throughout is a doorway into a captivating world.

  • Athens


    Mitchell Thomas N.  著 Yale Univ Pr 出版 2019/8/27 出版

    a history of the world’s first democracy from its beginnings in athens circa fifth century b.c. to its downfall 200 years later the first democracy established in ancient greece more than 2500 years ago has served as the foundation for every democratic system of government instituted down the centuries. in this lively history author thomas n. mitchell tells the full and remarkable story of how a radical new political order was born out of the revolutionary movements that swept through the greek world in the seventh and sixth centuries b.c. how it took firm hold and evolved over the next two hundred years and how it was eventually undone by the invading macedonian conquerors a superior military power.   mitchell’s superb history addresses the most crucial issues surrounding this first paradigm of democratic governance including what initially inspired the political beliefs underpinning it the ways the system succeeded and failed how it enabled both an empire and a cultural revolution that transformed the world of arts and philosophy and the nature of the achilles heel that hastened the demise of athenian democracy. 

  • Floating Coast

    Floating Coast

    Demuth Bathsheba  著 W W Norton & Co Inc 出版 2019/8/20 出版

    along the bering strait through the territories of the inupiat and yupik in alaska and the yupik and chukchi in russia bathsheba demuth explores an ecosystem that has long sustained human beings. yet when americans and europeans arrived with self-serving ideas of human progress the chukchi and seward peninsulas and surrounding waters became the site of an historical experiment. here the great modern ideologies of production and consumption capitalism and communism were subject to the pressures of arctic scarcity.whales and walruses caribou and fox gold and oil: through these resources demuth draws a vivid portrait of the sweeping effects of turning ecological wealth into economic growth and state power over the past century and a half. more urgent in a warming climate and as we seek new economic ideas for a postindustrial age floating coast delivers necessary warnings and poses provocative questions about human desires and needs in relation to environmental sustainability.

  • Creating a Constitution

    Creating a Constitution

    Carugati Federica  著 Princeton Univ Pr 出版 2019/8/20 出版

    a comprehensive account of how the athenian constitution was createdith lessons for contemporary constitution-buildingwe live in an era of constitution-making. more than half of the world’s constitutions have been drafted in the past half-century. yet one question still eludes theorists and practitioners alike: how do stable growth-enhancing constitutional structures emerge and endure? in creating a constitution federica carugati argues that ancient athens offers a unique laboratory for exploring this question. because the city-state was reasonably well-documented smaller than most modern nations and simpler in its institutional makeup the case of athens reveals key factors of successful constitution-making that are hard to flesh out in more complex settings.carugati demonstrates that the institutional changes athens undertook in the late fifth century bce after a period of war and internal strife amounted to a de facto constitution. the constitution restored stability and allowed the democracy to flourish anew. the analysis of athens’s case reveals the importance of three factors for creating a successful constitution: first a consensus on a set of shared values capable of commanding long-term support; second a self-enforcing institutional structure that reflects those values; and third regulatory mechanisms for policymaking that enable tradeoffs of inclusion to foster growth without jeopardizing stability.uniquely combining institutional analysis political economy and history creating a constitution is a compelling account of how political and economic goals that we normally associate with western developed countries were once achieved through different institutional arrangements.

  • The Ismaili Assassins

    The Ismaili Assassins

    Waterson JamesMorgan David  著 Baker & Taylor Books 出版 2019/8/19 出版

    the ismaili assassins were an underground group of political killers who were ready to kill christians and muslims alike with complete disregard for their own lives. these devoted murderers were under the powerful control of a grand master who used assassination as part of a grand strategic vision that embraced egypt the levant and persia and even reached the court of the mongol khans in far away qaraqorum. the assassins were often slayed their victims in public cultivating their terrifying reputation. they assumed disguises and their weapon of choice was a dagger. the dagger was blessed by the grand master and killing with it was a holy and sanctified act poison or other methods of murder were forbidden to the followers of the sect. surviving a mission was considered a deep dishonour and mothers rejoiced when they heard that their assassin sons had died having completed their deadly acts. their formidable reputation spread far and wide. in 1253 the mongol chiefs were so fearful of them that they massacred and enslaved the assassins women and children in an attempt to liquidate the sect. the english monarch edward i was nearly dispatched by their blades and richard the lionhearts reputation was sullied by his association with the assassins murder of conrad of montferrat. the ismaili assassins explores the origins actions and legacy of this notorious sect. enriched with eyewitness accounts from islamic and western sources this important book unlocks the history of the crusades and the early islamic period giving the reader entry into a historical epoch that is thrilling and pertinent.