• The Nuclear Spies

    The Nuclear Spies

    Houghton Vince  著 Cornell Univ Pr 出版 2019/9/15 出版

    why did the us intelligence services fail so spectacularly to know about the soviet union’s nuclear capabilities following world war ii? as vince houghton historian and curator of the international spy museum in washington dc shows us that disastrous failure came just a few years after the manhattan project’s intelligence team had...

  • The Birth of Energy

    The Birth of Energy

    Daggett Cara New  著 Duke Univ Pr 出版 2019/9/13 出版

    cara new daggett traces the genealogy of the idea of energy from the industrial revolution to the present showing how it has informed fossil fuel imperialism the governance of work and our relationship to the earth.

  • Silicon States

    Silicon States

    Greene Lucie  著 Counterpoint 出版 2019/9/10 出版

    named a best book of the year by esquire winner of the 800-ceo-read business book award in current events and public affairs in an era when faith in government and its institutions is quickly eroding the businesses of silicon valley are stepping in to fill the gap. with outsize supplies of cash talent and ambition a small group of corporations have been gradually seizing leadershipnd consumer confidenceround the world. in silicon states renowned futurist and celebrated international think-tank leader lucie greene offers an unparalleled look at the players promises and potential problems of big tech. through interviews with corporate leaders influential venture capitalists scholars journalists activists and more greene explores the tension inherent in silicon valley’s global influence. if these companies can invent a social network how might they soon transform our political and health-care systems? if they can revolutionize the cell phone what might they do for space travel education or the housing market? as silicon valley faces increased scrutiny over its mistreatment of women cultural shortcomings and its role in widespread russian election interference we are learning where its interests truly lie and about the great power these companies wield over an unsuspecting citizenry. while the promise of technology is seductive it is important to understand these corporations’ possible impacts on our political and socioeconomic institutions. greene emphasizes that before we hand our future over to a rarefied group of companies we should examine the world they might build and confront its benefits prejudices and inherent flaws. silicon states pushes us to ask if ultimately this is the future we really want.

  • Who Killed Civil Society?

    Who Killed Civil Society?

    Husock Howard A.  著 Encounter Books 出版 2019/9/10 出版

    as the u.s. struggles with a range of social issueshether the opioid epidemic criminal violence or low education achievementill look to government to address the problems. in who killed civil society? howard husock argues that government can do many things well for the disadvantageduch as providing for basic needs through financial support. but it does not do well in encouraging healthy norms and character despite the rise of a social service state on which the country spends billions. husock argues that the promotion of healthy norms must be the work of civil societys it had been historically. the book tells the story of how that changednd is changing backhrough the prism of six key historical figures: charles loring brace founder of the children’s aid society jane addams founder of hull house mary richmond a social work pioneer grace abbott of the federal children’s bureau wilbur cohen of the department of health education and welfare and geoffrey canada founder of the harlem children’s zone.

  • Running for Local Office for Dummies

    Running for Local Office for Dummies

    Dummies (COR)  著 For Dummies 出版 2019/9/4 出版

    get ready to run for—and win—that local election! in the land of opportunity just about anyone who qualifies as an elector can seek public office. some do it on a whim some are urged to run and some want to use their time and talents to make a difference in their local community. if you want to know how to prepare for a run which steps to take beforehand and how the process goes from announcement to campaigning to election day to the swearing-in ceremony—this book has you covered. find out what it’s like to run for local office as a first-time candidate explore the introspection required and the study necessary to make such a run effective deal with marketing fundraising interacting with the public and dealing with opponents encourage and help others to make a run for local office though only one person ultimately wins a seat nobody does it without a wide network of support. running for local office for dummies is your ticket to navigating every step on the road to winning that election.

  • State of Resistance

    State of Resistance

    Pastor Manuel  著 New Pr 出版 2019/9/3 出版

    a leading sociologist’s brilliant revelatory argument that the future of politics work immigration and more can be found in californialauded by james fallows on the front page of the new york times book review as “concise clear and convincing upon its hardcover publication state of resistance makes the case for honestly engaging racial anxiety in order to address our true economic and generational challenges renewing our commitment to public investments cultivating social movements and community organizing and more.once upon a time any mention of california triggered unpleasant remindersof ronald reagan and right-wing tax revolts ballot propositions targeting undocumented immigrants and racist policing that sparked two of the nation’s most devastating riots. in fact california confronted many of the challenges the country faces now—decades before the rest of us.as white residents became a minority and job loss drove economic uncertainty california had its own trump moment twenty-five years ago but has become increasingly blue over each of the last seven presidential elections. today california is leading the way on addressing climate change low-wage work immigrant integration overincarceration and more. pastor expertly reveals how the golden state did it.and as neera tandeen president and ceo of the center for american progress said “state of resistance paints a brilliant picture of how our generation can seize the opportunity to forge a more inclusive just and prosperous america for every family.

  • The New American Revolution

    The New American Revolution

    McEnany Kayleigh  著 Threshold Editions 出版 2019/9/3 出版

    in this essential exploration of the american heartland kayleigh mcenany presents an eye-opening collection of interviews and stories about the powerful grassroots populist movement of frustrated americans left behind by the government that changed the landscape of political campaigns foreverkayleigh mcenany spent months traveling throughout the united states conducting interviews with citizens whose powerful and moving stories were forgotten or intentionally ignored by our leaders. through candid one-on-one conversations they discussed their deeply personal stories and the issues that are most important to them such as illegal immigration safety from terrorist attacks and religious freedom. the new american revolution chronicles both the losses of these grassroots voters as well as their ultimate victory in november 2016. kayleigh also includes interviews with key figures within president trump’s administration—including ivanka trump secretary ben carson jared kushner and many more—and their experiences on the road leading up to president trump’s historic win. kayleigh’s journey takes her from a family cabin in ohio to the empty factories in flint michigan from sunny florida to a texas bbq joint—and of course ends up at the white house. the collective grievance of the american electorate reveals a deep divide between leaders and citizens. during a time of stark political division kayleigh discovers a personal unity and common thread of humanity that binds us nevertheless. through faith in god and unimaginable strength these forgotten men and women have overcome even when their leaders turned their heads. an insightful book about the triumph of this powerful movement the new american revolution is a potent testament to the importance of their message.

  • Represent


    Raphael June DianeBlack Kate  著 Workman Pub Co 出版 2019/9/3 出版

    “over the last few years we’ve seen a remarkable surge of women running for office and even better winning. running takes courage passion and commitment but it also takes books like this. june and kate have created a wonderful resource for women as they think about taking the leap.—hillary rodham clintonturn “can i do this? into “yes i can! join the growing wave of women leaders with represent an energetic interactive and inspiring step-by-step guide showing how to run for the approximately 500000 elected offices in the us. written with humor and honesty by writer comedian actress and activist june diane raphael and kate black former chief of staff at emily’s list represent is structured around a 21-point document called “i’m running for office: the checklist. doubling as a workbook represent covers it all from the nuts and bolts of where to run fundraising and filing deadlines to issues like balancing family and campaigning managing social media and how running for office can work in your real life. with infographics profiles of women politicians and wisdom and advice from women in office this is a must-own for any woman thinking of joining the pink wave.

  • The Geography of Risk

    The Geography of Risk

    Gaul Gilbert M.  著 Sarah Crichton Books 出版 2019/9/3 出版

    this century has seen the costliest hurricanes in u.s. historyut who bears the brunt of these monster storms?consider this: five of the most expensive hurricanes in history have made landfall since 2005: katrina ($160 billion) ike ($40 billion) sandy ($72 billion) harvey ($125 billion) and maria ($90 billion). with more property than ever in harm way and the planet and oceans warming dangerously it won be long before we see a $250 billion hurricane. why? because americans have built $3 trillion worth of property in some of the riskiest places on earth: barrier islands and coastal floodplains. and they have been encouraged to do so by what gilbert m. gaul reveals in the geography of risk to be a confounding array of federal subsidies tax breaks low-interest loans grants and government flood insurance that shift the risk of life at the beach from private investors to public taxpayers radically distorting common notions of risk.these federal incentives gaul argues have resulted in one of the worst planning failures in american history and the costs to taxpayers are reaching unsustainable levels. we have become responsible for a shocking array of coastal amenities: new roads bridges buildings streetlights tennis courts marinas gazebos and even spoiled food after hurricanes. the geography of risk will forever change the way you think about the coasts from the clash between economic interests and nature to the heated politics of regulators and developers.

  • Boko Haram

    Boko Haram

    Thurston Alexander  著 Princeton Univ Pr 出版 2019/8/27 出版

    a comprehensive history of one of the world’s deadliest jihadist groupsboko haram is one of the world’s deadliest jihadist groups. it has killed more than twenty thousand people and displaced more than two million in a campaign of terror that began in nigeria but has since spread to chad niger and cameroon. this is the first book to tell the full story of this west african affiliate of the islamic state from its beginnings in the early 2000s to its most infamous violence including the 2014 kidnapping of 276 nigerian schoolgirls. an in-depth account of a group that is menacing africa’s most populous and richest country the book also illuminates the dynamics of civil war in africa and jihadist movements in other parts of the world.

  • Dying for Rights

    Dying for Rights

    Fahy Sandra  著 Columbia Univ Pr 出版 2019/8/27 出版

    north korea human rights violations are unparalleled in the contemporary world. in dying for rights sandra fahy provides the definitive account of the abuses committed by the north korean state domestically and internationally from its founding to the present.

  • Primal Screams

    Primal Screams

    Eberstadt Mary  著 Baker & Taylor Books 出版 2019/8/26 出版

    a bitter divisiveness afflicts america. to act “with malice toward none with charity toward all has become a faded ideal as citizens silo themselves into hyper-partisan tribes defined by politics race gender and sexuality. the rancor of news pundits the incivility of social media and the storm of opposition to free speech on college campuses are symptoms of a fraying social fabric familiar to anyone with even a casual eye on current affairs. explanations of this discord have been offered from many quarters but have failed to get at its roots. to the dispassionate observer the hostility between “tribes seems simply irrational. but mary eberstadt accomplished essayist and cultural critic may have gotten to the bottom of it. applying her peerless lens of analysis she argues that the rise of identity politics is a direct result of the collapse of the family.her logic—backed by startling new data—runs as follows: humans from time immemorial have forged their identities within the structure of the traditional family. the family in a real sense is the first tribe. but with the decline of the family generations of people have been set adrift and lack a firm sense of who they are. to fill the void they shape their identity according to their membership in a politicized group and their seemingly constant fury is in fact a primal scream for the familial root system of which they have been deprived.

  • Pennsylvania Politics and Policy

    Pennsylvania Politics and Policy

    Leckrone J. WesleyAtherton Michelle J.  著 Baker & Taylor Books 出版 2019/8/23 出版

    designed to showcase current issues of interest pennsylvania politics and policy volume 2 isthe second reader consisting of updated chapters from recent issues of commonwealth: a journal of pennsylvania politics and policy. the editors and contributors to this volume focus on government institutions election laws the judiciary government finance and budgeting the opioid crisis childcare property taxes environmental policy demographics and more. each chapter is supplemented by discussion questions suggestions for further reading and forums with arguments in support of or opposed to contested elements of state policy.in addition pennsylvania politics and policy volume 2 includes a detailed guide to researching state government and policy online as well as a comprehensive chapter on the structure of pennsylvania government. it is designed as a text or supplement for college or advanced high school classes in american government state and local politics public policy and public administration.?/pcontributors include: john arway jenna becker kane jeffrey carroll bob dick ashley harden stefanie i. kasparek vera krekanova maureen w. mcclure john f. mcdonald josh shapiro marc stier jennie sweet-cushman james vike and the editors.

  • Congress


    Ginsberg BenjaminHill Kathryn Wagner  著 Yale Univ Pr 出版 2019/8/20 出版

    an introduction to the u.s. congress from seasoned political historians and teachers

  • Beyond the Eu Regulatory State

    Beyond the Eu Regulatory State

    Prontera Andrea  著 Baker & Taylor Books 出版 2019/8/16 出版

    this book closes an important gap in the literature and offers a fresh perspective on eu energy studies and it will be an important contribution to the debate on the development of european integration and the eu’s role in international relations.

  • Congress and Its Members

    Congress and Its Members

    the 17th edition considers the 2018 elections and the trump administration discussing the agenda of the new congress white house–capitol hill relations party and committee leadership changes judicial appointments and partisan polarization as well as covering changes to budgeting campaign finance lobbying public attitudes about congress reapportionment rules and procedures. always balancing great scholarship with currency the book features lively case material along with relevant data charts exhibits maps and photos.

  • The Case Against Free Speech

    The Case Against Free Speech

    Moskowitz P. E.  著 Baker & Taylor Books 出版 2019/8/13 出版

    a hard-hitting expose that shines a light on the powerful conservative forces that have waged a multi-decade battle to hijack the meaning of free speech -- and how we can reclaim it.there’s a critical debate taking place in this country over one of the most fundamental pillars of our democracy: free speech. but what few realize is that this debate is less a debate than a multi-decade war waged by the rich to redefine free speech further a conservative agenda and silence a progressive one. the case against free speech takes readers into the battleground over this foundational concept from the backrooms of think-tanks where the very definition of free speech is influenced by billionaires like the koch brothers; to safe spaces on college campuses; to neo-nazi rallies protected by the police; and deep into the history of who benefits from free speech.as moskowitz shows the rights associated with free speech have always been reserved primarily for those in power. the case against free speech offers a new politics of speech one that takes into account power equality and all our civil liberties.

  • Identity Crisis

    Identity Crisis

    a gripping in-depth look at the presidential election that stunned the worlddonald trump’s election victory resulted in one of the most unexpected presidencies in history. identity crisis provides the definitive account of the campaign that seemed to break all the political rulesut in fact didn’t. featuring a new afterword by the authors that discusses the 2018 midterms and today’s emerging political trends this compelling book describes how trump’s victory was foreshadowed by changes in the democratic and republican coalitions that were driven by people’s racial and ethnic identities and how the trump campaign exacerbated these divisions by hammering away on race immigration and religion. the result was an epic battle not just for the white house but about what america should be.

  • United States of Distraction

    United States of Distraction

    a provocative critique of how manipulation of media gives rise to disinformation intolerance and divisiveness and what can be done to change direction.