• Relocating Modern Science

    Relocating Modern Science

    Raj Kapil  著 Palgrave Macmillan 出版 2010/3/15 出版

    a challenge to the belief that modern science was created uniquely in the west and subsequently diffused elsewhere. through a detailed analysis of knowledge construction in botany cartography terrestrial surveying linguistics education and colonial administration raj demonstrates the crucial role of intercultural encounter and circulation.

  • The Lessons of History 讀歷史,我可以學會什麼?20世紀最偉大歷史著作精華結論,告訴你

    The Lessons of History 讀歷史,我可以學會什麼?20世紀最偉大歷史著作精華結論,告訴你

    Durant WillDurant Ariel  著 Simon & Schuster 出版 2010/2/16 出版

    a concise survey of the culture and civilization of mankind the lessons of history is the result of a lifetime of research from pulitzer prize–winning historians will and ariel durant.with their accessible compendium of philosophy and social progress the durants take us on a journey through history exploring the possibilities and limitations of humanity over time. juxtaposing the great lives ideas and accomplishments with cycles of war and conquest the durants reveal the towering themes of history and give meaning to our own.

  • Greeks and Pre-Greeks

    Greeks and Pre-Greeks

    Finkelberg Margalit  著 Baker & Taylor Books 出版 2009/1/29 出版

    systematically confronting greek tradition of the heroic age with the evidence of both linguistics and archaeology margalit finkelberg proposes an interdisciplinary assessment of the ethnic linguistic and cultural situation in greece in the second millennium bc. the main thesis of this book is that the greeks started their history as a multi-ethnic population group consisting of both greek-speaking newcomers and the indigenous population of the land and that the body of ’hellenes’ as known to us from the historical period was a deliberate self-creation.

  • The Civil Rights Movement

    The Civil Rights Movement

    Dierenfield Bruce J.  著 Baker & Taylor Books 出版 2008/7/11 出版

    the civil rights movement was arguably the most important reform in american history. this book recounts the extraordinary and often bloody story of how tens of thousands of ordinary african-americans overcame long odds to dethrone segregation to exercise the right to vote and to improve their economic standing.organized in a clear chronological fashion the book shows how concerted pressure in a variety of forms ultimately carried the day in realizing a more just society for african- americans. it will provide students of american history with an invaluable comprehensive introduction to the civil rights movement.

  • History on Trial

    History on Trial

    Lipstadt Deborah E.  著 Ecco Pr 出版 2006/4/1 出版

    in her acclaimed 1993 book denying the holocaust deborah lipstadt called putative wwii historian david irving one of the most dangerous spokespersons for holocaust denial. a prolific author of books on nazi germany who has claimed that more people died in ted kennedy’s car at chappaquiddick than in the gas chambers at auschwitz irving responded by filing a libel lawsuit in the united kingdom -- where the burden of proof lies on the defendant not on the plaintiff. at stake were not only the reputations of two historians but the record of history itself.

  • History


    Arnold John H.  著 Oxford Univ Pr 出版 2000/6/15 出版

    there are many stories we can tell about the past and we are not perhaps as free as we might imagine in our choice of which stories to tell or where those stories end. john arnold’s addition to oxford’s popular very short introductions series is a stimulating essay about how people study and understand history. the book begins by inviting us to think about various questions provoked by our investigation of history and then explores the ways in which these questions have been answered in the past. such key concepts as causation interpretation and periodization are introduced by way of concrete examples of how historians work thus giving the reader a sense of the excitement implicit in discovering the past--and ourselves.the aim throughout history: a very short introduction is to discuss theories of history in a general pithy and accessible manner rather than delve into specific periods. this is a book that will appeal to all students and general readers with an interest in history or historiography.about the series:oxford’s very short introductions series offers concise and original introductions to a wide range of subjects--from islam to sociology politics to classics literary theory to history and archaeology to the bible. not simply a textbook of definitions each volume in this series provides trenchant and provocative--yet always balanced and complete--discussions of the central issues in a given discipline or field. every very short introduction gives a readable evolution of the subject in question demonstrating how the subject has developed and how it has influenced society. eventually the series will encompass every major academic discipline offering all students an accessible and abundant reference library. whatever the area of study that one deems important or appealing whatever the topic that fascinates the general reader the very short introductions series has a handy and affordable guide that will likely prove indispensable.

  • Documents on the Later Crusades 1274-1580

    Documents on the Later Crusades 1274-1580

    Housley Norman (EDT)  著 Baker & Taylor Books 出版 2019/10/23 出版

    a selective list of sixty-two documents referring to the period from 1274-1580 which steer away from the repetitive descriptions of battles and focus on other aspects of the crusades such as a letter from christopher columbus to ferdinand and isabella of spain advocating a crusade to jerusalem an extract from ramon llull’s treatise on ...

  • Balmoral Cemetery

    Balmoral Cemetery

    Hartley Tom  著 Baker & Taylor Books 出版 2019/10/19 出版

    tom hartley uses the story of balmoral cemetery to examine key events in belfast history industries and politics and looks at the careers of the many people buried there.

  • Elizabeth Widville Lady Grey

    Elizabeth Widville Lady Grey

    Ashdown-hill John  著 Baker & Taylor Books 出版 2019/10/19 出版

    wife to edward iv and mother to the princes in the tower and later queen elizabeth of york elizabeth widville was a central figure during the war of the roses. much of her life is shrouded in speculation and myth ?even her name commonly spelled as oodville? is a hotly contested issue.born in the turbulent fifteenth century she was famed for her beauty and controversial second marriage to edward iv who she married just three years after he had displaced the lancastrian henry vi and claimed the english throne. as queen consort elizabeth rise from commoner to royalty continues to capture modern imagination. undoubtedly it enriched the position of her family. her elevated position and influence invoked hostility from richard neville the ingmaker? which later led to open discord and rebellion.throughout her life and even after the death of her husband elizabeth remained politically influential: briefly proclaiming her son king edward v of england before he was diposed by her brother-in-law the infamous richard iii she would later play an important role in securing the succession of henry tudor in 1485 and his marriage to her daughter elizabeth of york thus and ending the war of the roses.elizabeth widville was an endlessly enigmatic historical figure who has been obscured by dramatizations and misconceptions. in this fascinating and insightful biography dr john ashdown-hill brings shines a light on the truth of her life.

  • Ireland and the Monarchy

    Ireland and the Monarchy

    Gibney John  著 Baker & Taylor Books 出版 2019/10/19 出版

    in the twenty-first century there are two jurisdictions on the island of ireland and two very different heads of state represent the populations of ireland and northern ireland respectively: the elected presidency of the republic and the hereditary monarchy of the united kingdom. but the idea of monarchy and the related notion of aristocracy has a long heritage in ireland. there was a native aristocracy long before the british conquest and british monarchs were not the only monarchs to matter to irish people. now in the third instalment of the collaboration between pen and sword and history ireland magazine a range of experts examine how the role played by monarchs and their monarchies from the middle ages up to the present has had a role in shaping ireland and its peoples exploring some unexpected highways and byways along the way. from the vikings to the jacobites and from the high-kings of irish mythology to mrs simpson this volume looks at king queens their followers and their opponents to cast light on ireland history from an unexpected angle.

  • Following in the Footsteps of Edward II

    Following in the Footsteps of Edward II

    Warner Kathryn  著 Baker & Taylor Books 出版 2019/10/19 出版

    edward ii is famously one of england most unsuccessful kings as utterly different from his war-like father edward i as any man possibly could be and the first english king to suffer the fate of deposition.

  • The Frontiers of Imperial Rome

    The Frontiers of Imperial Rome

    Breeze David J.  著 Baker & Taylor Books 出版 2019/10/19 出版

    at its height the roman empire was the greatest empire yet seen with borders stretching from the rain-swept highlands of scotland in the north to the sun-scorched nubian desert in the south. but how were the vast and varied stretches of frontier defined and defended?many of rome’s frontier defences have been the subject of detailed and ongoing study and scholarship. three frontier zones are now unesco world heritage sites (the antonine wall having recently been granted this status - the author led the bid) and there is growing interest in their study. this wide-ranging survey will describe the varying frontier systems describing the extant remains methods and materials of construction and highlighting the differences between various frontiers. professor breeze considers how the frontiers worked discussing this in relation to the organisation and structure of the roman army and also their impact on civilian life along the empire’s borders. he then reconsiders the question of whether the frontiers were the product of an overarching empire-wide grand strategy questioning luttwak’s seminal hypothesis.this is a detailed and wide-ranging study of the frontier systems of the roman empire by a leading expert. intended for the general reader it is sure also to be of great value for academics and students in this field. the appendixes will include a brief guide to visiting the sites today.

  • Escape from Rome

    Escape from Rome

    Scheidel Walter  著 Princeton Univ Pr 出版 2019/10/15 出版

    the gripping story of how the end of the roman empire was the beginning of the modern worldthe fall of the roman empire has long been considered one of the greatest disasters in history. but in this groundbreaking book walter scheidel argues that rome’s dramatic collapse was actually the best thing that ever happened clearing the path for europe’s economic rise and the creation of the modern age. ranging across the entire premodern world escape from rome offers new answers to some of the biggest questions in history: why did the roman empire appear? why did nothing like it ever return to europe? and above all why did europeans come to dominate the world?in an absorbing narrative that begins with ancient rome but stretches far beyond it from byzantium to china and from genghis khan to napoleon scheidel shows how the demise of rome and the enduring failure of empire-building on european soil ensured competitive fragmentation between and within states. this rich diversity encouraged political economic scientific and technological breakthroughs that allowed europe to surge ahead while other parts of the world lagged behind burdened as they were by traditional empires and predatory regimes that lived by conquest. it wasn until europe escaped from rome that it launched an economic transformation that changed the continent and ultimately the world.what has the roman empire ever done for us? fall and go away.

  • Written in History

    Written in History

    Montefiore Simon Sebag  著 Vintage Books 出版 2019/10/15 出版

    outstanding selection of great letters from ancient times to the 21st century touching on power love art sex faith and war.written in history: letters that changed the world celebrates the great letters of world history and cultural and personal life. bestselling prizewinning historian simon sebag montefiore selects letters that have changed the course of global events or touched a timeless emotion--whether passion rage humor--from ancient times to the twenty-first century. some are noble and inspiring some despicable and unsettling some are exquisite works of literature others brutal coarse and frankly outrageous many are erotic others heartbreaking. it is a surprising and eclectic selection from the four corners of the world filled with extraordinary women and men from ancient times to now. truly a choice of letters for our own times encompassing love letters to calls for liberation to declarations of war to reflections on life and death. the writers vary from elizabeth i and catherine the great to mandela stalin and picasso fanny burney and emily pankhurst to ada lovelace and rosa parks oscar wilde chekhov and pushkin to balzac mozart and michelangelo hitler rameses the great and alexander hamilton to augustus and churchill lincoln donald trump and suleiman the magnificent. in a book that is a perfect gift here is a window on astonishing characters seminal events and unforgettable words. in the colorful accessible style of a master storyteller montefiore shows why these letters are essential reading and how they can unveil and enlighten the past--and enrich the way we live now.

  • Carthage


    Hoyos Dexter  著 Routledge 出版 2019/10/8 出版
  • Holidays and High Society

    Holidays and High Society

    Gosling Lucinda  著 History Pr Ltd 出版 2019/10/1 出版

    in the 19th century the phenomenon of going abroad was born. beautiful mediterranean towns luxurious spas of mittel-europe and the golf courses of france became the playground of the idle wealthy. until foreign travel became more accessible the picturesque towns and smart hotels catered to an elite mix of royalty celebrities and high society. this was where society could relax mingle see and be seen—where rules could be bent and broken and routines forgotten. lucinda gosling traces the growth of some of europe’s most exclusive and desirable holiday destinations from monte carlo to maidenhead biarritz to st. moritz and explores the lives of the privileged holidaymakers who traveled there. revealing a world of gossip and glamour holidays and high society tells the story of travel in a golden age through its fashions faces and places using evocative vintage travel posters brochures fashion spreads and more: the ultimate form of escapism for anyone with a passion for the past.

  • The Great Fire of Rome

    The Great Fire of Rome

    Walsh Joseph J.  著 Johns Hopkins Univ Pr 出版 2019/10/1 出版

    peril was everywhere in ancient rome but the great fire of 64 ce was unlike anything the city had ever experienced. no building no neighborhood no person was safe from conflagration. when the fire finally subsidedfter burning for nine days straightast swaths of rome were in ruins. the greatest city of the ancient world had endured its greatest blow. in the great fire of rome joseph j. walsh tells the true story of this deadly episode in rome’s history. he explains why rome was such a vulnerable tinderbox outlines the difficulties of life in that exciting and dangerous city and recounts the fire’s aftermath and legacy legacy that includes the transformation of much of ancient rome into a modern city. situating the fire within the context of other perils that residents of rome faced including frequent flooding pollution crime and dangerously shoddy construction he highlights the firefighting technology of the period and examines the ways in which the city’s architecture and planning contributed to the severity of the blaze. introducing readers to the grim realities of life in that overwhelming and overwhelmed city while chronicling its later glories the great fire of rome is grounded in the latest scholarship on fire analysis and forensics. walsh’s multifaceted analysis balanced insights and concise accessible prose make this book a versatile teaching tool. readers interested in ancient (and modern) rome urban life and civic disasters among other things will be fascinated by this book.

  • Project Apollo

    Project Apollo

    Ferguson Norman  著 History Pr Ltd 出版 2019/10/1 出版

    the apollo missions to the moon are some of the most successful and well-remembered manned spaceflights that nasa has ever accomplished taking place in the heyday of space travel. indeed the program was the only one to achieve the ultimate goal of placing humankind on the moon which it did no less than six times between 1969 and 1972. here aviation author norman ferguson reveals fascinating facts and figures and recounts amazing stories about the astronauts their spacecraft and their missions whose achievements have never been surpassed.