• The Southern Levant Under Assyrian Domination

    The Southern Levant Under Assyrian Domination

    presents a series of studies that address various aspects of assyrian rule in the southern levant and its consequences as well as life under assyrian hegemony and the sources available for such studies.

  • Energy


    Rhodes RichardRoy Jacques (NRT)  著 Blackstone Audio Inc 出版 2018/5/29 出版 有聲CD

    pulitzer prize- and national book award-winning author richard rhodes reveals the fascinating history behind energy transitions over time-wood to coal to oil to electricity and beyond.people have lived and died businesses have prospered and failed and nations have risen to world power and declined all over energy challenges. ultimately the history of these challenges tells the story of humanity itself.through an unforgettable cast of characters pulitzer prize-winning author richard rhodes explains how wood gave way to coal and coal made room for oil as we now turn to natural gas nuclear power and renewable energy. rhodes looks back on five centuries of progress through such influential figures as queen elizabeth i king james i benjamin franklin herman melville john d. rockefeller and henry ford.in energy rhodes highlights the successes and failures that led to each breakthrough in energy production; from animal and waterpower to the steam engine from internal-combustion to the electric motor. he addresses how we learned from such challenges mastered their transitions and capitalized on their opportunities. rhodes also looks at the current energy landscape with a focus on how wind energy is competing for dominance with cast supplies of coal and natural gas. he also addresses the specter of global warming and a population hurtling towards ten billion by 2100.human beings have confronted the problem of how to draw life from raw material since the beginning of time. each invention each discovery each adaptation brought further challenges and through such transformations we arrived at where we are today. in rhodes’s singular style energy details how this knowledge of our history can inform our way tomorrow.

  • Studies on Montesquieu - Mapping Political Diversity

    Studies on Montesquieu - Mapping Political Diversity

    Minuti Rolando  著 Springer Verlag 出版 2018/5/28 出版

    this volume studies a fundamental element of montesquieu argumentative architecture that is most apparent in his de lsprit des lois: the problem of giving order to and establishing a network of consistent explanations of political social and cultural diversity. following a thorough and careful analysis of his writings the volume approaches this subject by observing the use of the information sources available to montesquieu the relationships between them and the judgments he expresses. the book examines some of montesquieu essential theoretical contributions such as the idea of despotism and the connection between politics society and religion on the basis of his reflections on the variety of mainly non-european societies and cultures. it demonstrates a number of possible inconsistencies and unresolved questions in montesquieu argumentation. one of the main subjects of the book is the consideration of geographical context as an essential element for elaborating uniform criteria of political analysis. the book collects contributions concerning montesquieu reflections on china tartary japan india america russia and the islamic world and building on this earlier research it shows the importance of montesquieu thought and explains the reason for his longstanding influence.

  • Zimbabwean Communities in Britain

    Zimbabwean Communities in Britain

    Zembe Christopher Roy  著 Palgrave Macmillan 出版 2018/5/28 出版

    this book examines why zimbabwean immigrants in britain should be viewed as a product of ethno-racial identities and prejudices developed and nurtured during the colonial and post-colonial phases of zimbabwe history. in the absence of shared historic socio-economic or cultural commonalities the book will tackle the key question: re zimbabweans in britain demarcated by race and ethnicity an imagined community??through an analysis of personal interviews and secondary and primary sources it identifies and engages historical experiences that had been instrumental in constructing diasporic identities and integration processes of zimbabwean immigrants. with most literature tending to create perceptions that zimbabwean immigrants are a monolithic community of blacks the book comparative analysis of blacks whites coloureds and asians unveils a multi-racial community fragmented by historic racial and ethnic allegiances and prejudices. it is essential reading for scholars and researchers interested in migration african diaspora and colonial and post-colonial studies.

  • Race Women Internationalists

    Race Women Internationalists

    Umoren Imaobong D.  著 Baker & Taylor Books 出版 2018/5/25 出版

    race women internationalists explores how a group of caribbean and african american women in the early and mid-twentieth century traveled the world to fight colonialism fascism sexism and racism. based on newspaper articles speeches and creative fiction and adopting a comparative perspective the book brings together the entangled lives of three notable but overlooked women: american eslanda robeson martinican paulette nardal and jamaican una marson. it explores how between the 1920s and the 1960s the trio participated in global freedom struggles by traveling; building networks in feminist student black-led anticolonial and antifascist organizations; and forging alliances with key leaders. this made them race women internationalists—figures who engaged with a variety of interconnected internationalisms to challenge various forms of inequality facing people of african descent across the diaspora and the continent. 

  • Race Women Internationalists

    Race Women Internationalists

    Umoren Imaobong D.  著 Baker & Taylor Books 出版 2018/5/25 出版

    race women internationalists explores how a group of caribbean and african american women in the early and mid-twentieth century traveled the world to fight colonialism fascism sexism and racism. based on newspaper articles speeches and creative fiction and adopting a comparative perspective the book brings together the entangled lives of three notable but overlooked women: american eslanda robeson martinican paulette nardal and jamaican una marson. it explores how between the 1920s and the 1960s the trio participated in global freedom struggles by traveling; building networks in feminist student black-led anticolonial and antifascist organizations; and forging alliances with key leaders. this made them race women internationalists—figures who engaged with a variety of interconnected internationalisms to challenge various forms of inequality facing people of african descent across the diaspora and the continent. 

  • Great Waterworks in Roman Greece

    Great Waterworks in Roman Greece

    during the last few years an increasing worldwide awareness of the importance of water management in the ancient civilizations launched a new discussion on water archaeology in ancient greece. the present volume great waterworks in roman greece consists the very first presentation of large scale waterworks in the greek provinces of the roman empire. as a collective work it brings together a wide body of experts from the newly emerged and expanding field of water technology and water archaeology in roman greece and it fills an essential gap in archaeological research and relative bibliography regarding water management and monumental water structures in greece during the roman period. among the main goals that this multi-author volume attempts to succeed is to show that great waterworks (namely aqueducts and nymphaea) not only were novelties in the greek provinces both in form and function but they also changed the architectural landscape of their surrounding environments and they introduced the concept of luxury in the urban landscapes of roman greece. the discussed papers deploy along a wide geographical area covering the roman provinces of macedonia and thrace epirus achaia the aegean islands and crete between the 1st century bc and the 4th century ad. collective studies such as this not only will enlighten and promote the multifaceted significance of the archaeological remains regarding water management technology of the roman period in the greek regions but they will also reveal the significant impact of the roman technological heritage in the greek territories.

  • Shores of Vespucci

    Shores of Vespucci

    this volume aims to advance the analysis about amerigo vespucci by considering and connecting several fields of study such as literary history philology the history of science and cartography economic history and the history of ideas. the multifaceted research frames guide the reader through the complex vicissitudes of amerigo vespucci’s life. the receptions and implications explore the intense cultural and historical dynamics that shaped the decades between the end of the fifteenth and the first half of the sixteenth century.

  • Writing History!

    Writing History!

    Kamp Jeannette  著 Baker & Taylor Books 出版 2018/5/24 出版

    historians not only have knowledge of history but by writing about it and engaging with other historians from the past and present they make history themselves. this companion offers young historians clear guidelines for the different phases of historical research; how do you get a good historical question? how do you engage with the literature? how do you work with sources from the past from archives to imagery and objects art or landscapes? what is the influence of digitalization of the historical craft? broad in scope writing history! also addresses historians’ traditional support of policy makers and their activity in fields of public history such as museums the media and the leisure sector and offers support for developing the necessary skills for this wide range of professions.  

  • The Routledge Handbook of Early Christian Art

    The Routledge Handbook of Early Christian Art

    Jensen Robin M. (EDT)Ellison Mark D. (EDT)  著 Routledge 出版 2018/5/24 出版

    the routledge handbook of early christian art surveys a broad spectrum of christian art produced from the late second to the sixth centuries. the first part of the book opens with a general survey of the subject and then presents fifteen essays that discuss specific media of visual artatacomb paintings sculpture mosaics gold glass gems reliquaries ceramics icons ivories textiles silver and illuminated manuscripts. each is written by a noted expert in the field. the second part of the book takes up themes relevant to the study of early christian art. these seven chapters consider the ritual practices in decorated spaces the emergence of images of christ passion and miracles the functions of christian secular portraits the exemplary mosaics of ravenna the early modern history of christian art and archaeology studies and further reflection on this field called arly christian art.?each of the volume chapters includes photographs of many of the objects discussed plus bibliographic notes and recommendations for further reading.the result is an invaluable introduction to and appraisal of the art that developed out of the spread of christianity through the late antique world. undergraduate and graduate students of late classical early christian and byzantine culture religion or art will find it an accessible and insightful orientation to the field. additionally professional academics archivists and curators working in these areas will also find it valuable as a resource for their own research as well as a textbook or reference work for their students.

  • The Million Dollar Duchesses

    The Million Dollar Duchesses

    Ferry Julie  著 Aurum Pr Ltd 出版 2018/5/24 出版

    power scandal glamour fame   on 6th november 1895 the beautiful and brilliant heiress consuelo vanderbilt was wedded to the near-insolvent charles spencer-churchill 9th duke of marlborough in a dazzling yet miserable match – it glittered above all others for high society’s marriage brokers who in this single year forged a series of spectacular and lucrative transatlantic unions. the bankrupt and ailing british aristocracy was suddenly injected with all the wealth and glamour of america’s newest dynasties. millions of dollars changed hands as fame money power and privilege were all at play.   brimful of scandal illicit affairs spurned loves and unexpected tragedy the million dollar duchesses reveals the closed-door bargaining which led to these most influential matches and how america’s heiresses shook-up british high society for ever.   

  • A Companion to Religion in Late Antiquity

    A Companion to Religion in Late Antiquity

    a comprehensive review of the development geographic spread and cultural influence of religion in late antiquity a companion to religion in late antiquity offers an authoritative and comprehensive survey of religion in late antiquity. this historical era spanned from the second century to the eighth century of the common era. with contributions from leading scholars in the field the companion explores the evolution and development of religion and the role various religions played in the cultural political and social transformations of the late antique period. the authors examine the theories and methods used in the study of religion during this period consider the most notable historical developments and reveal how religions spread geographically. the authors also review the major religious traditions that emerged in late antiquity and include reflections on the interaction of these religions within their particular societies and cultures. this important companion: brings together in one volume the work of a notable team of international scholars explores the principal geographical divisions of the late antique world offers a deep examination of the predominant religions of late antiquity examines established views in the scholarly assessment of the religions of late antiquity includes information on the current trends in late-antique scholarship on religion written for scholars and students of religion a companion to religion in late antiquity offers a comprehensive survey of religion and the influence religion played in the culture politics and social change during the late antique period.

  • Historical Dynamics

    Historical Dynamics

    Turchin Peter  著 Princeton Univ Pr 出版 2018/5/22 出版

    many historical processes are dynamic. populations grow and decline. empires expand and collapse. religions spread and wither. natural scientists have made great strides in understanding dynamical processes in the physical and biological worlds using a synthetic approach that combines mathematical modeling with statistical analyses. taking up the problem of territorial dynamics--why some polities at certain times expand and at other times contract--this book shows that a similar research program can advance our understanding of dynamical processes in history. peter turchin develops hypotheses from a wide range of social political economic and demographic factors: geopolitics factors affecting collective solidarity dynamics of ethnic assimilation/religious conversion and the interaction between population dynamics and sociopolitical stability. he then translates these into a spectrum of mathematical models investigates the dynamics predicted by the models and contrasts model predictions with empirical patterns. turchin’s highly instructive empirical tests demonstrate that certain models predict empirical patterns with a very high degree of accuracy. for instance one model accounts for the recurrent waves of state breakdown in medieval and early modern europe. and historical data confirm that ethno-nationalist solidarity produces an aggressively expansive state under certain conditions (such as in locations where imperial frontiers coincide with religious divides). the strength of turchin’s results suggests that the synthetic approach he advocates can significantly improve our understanding of historical dynamics.

  • The Oxford Dictionary of Late Antiquity

    The Oxford Dictionary of Late Antiquity

    Nicholson Oliver (EDT)  著 Baker & Taylor Books 出版 2018/5/22 出版

    the oxford dictionary of late antiquity is the first comprehensive reference book covering every aspect of history culture religion and life in europe the mediterranean and the near east (including the persian empire and central asia) between the mid-3rd and the mid-8th centuries ad the era now generally known as late antiquity. this period saw the re-establishment of the roman empire its conversion to christianity and its replacement in the west by germanic kingdoms the continuing roman empire in the eastern mediterranean the persian sassanian empire and the rise of islam.consisting of more than one million words in more than 5000 a-z entries and written by more than 400 contributors it is the long-awaited middle volume of a series bridging a significant period of history between those covered by the acclaimed oxford classical dictionary and the oxford dictionary of the middle ages.the scope of the dictionary is broad and multi-disciplinary; across the wide geographical span covered (from western europe and the mediterranean as far as the near east and central asia) it provides succinct and pertinent information on political history law and administration; military history; religion and philosophy; education; social and economic history; material culture; art and architecture; science; literature; and many other areas.drawing on the latest scholarship and with a formidable international team of advisers and contributors the oxford dictionary of late antiquity aims to establish itself as the essential reference companion to a period that is attracting increasing attention from scholars and students worldwide.

  • Defining Citizenship in Archaic Greece

    Defining Citizenship in Archaic Greece

    Duplouy Alain (EDT)Brock Roger (EDT)  著 Baker & Taylor Books 出版 2018/5/22 出版

    citizenship is a major feature of contemporary national and international politics but rather than being a modern phenomenon it is in fact a legacy of ancient greece. the concept of membership of a community and participation in its social and political life first appeared some three millennia ago but only towards the end of the fourth century bc did aristotle offer the first explicit statement about it. though long accepted this definition remains deeply rooted in the philosophical and political thought of the classical period and probably fails to account accurately for either the preceding centuries or the dynamics of emergent cities: as such historians are now challenging the application of the aristotelian model to all greek cities regardless of chronology and are looking instead for alternative ways of conceiving citizenship and community. focusing on archaic greece this volume brings together an array of renowned international scholars with the aim of exploring new routes to archaic greek citizenship and constructing a new image of archaic cities which are no longer to be considered as primitive or incomplete classical poleis. the essays collected here have not been tailored to endorse any specific view with each contributor bringing his or her own approach and methodology to bear across a range of specific fields of enquiry from law cults and military obligations to athletics commensality and descent. the volume as a whole exemplifies the living diversity of approaches to archaic greece and to the greek city combining both breadth and depth of insight with an opportunity to venture off the beaten track.

  • Interpreting Herodotus

    Interpreting Herodotus

    charles w. fornara’s herodotus: an interpretative essay (oxford 1971) was a landmark publication in the study of the great greek historian. well-known in particular for its main thesis that the histories should be read against the background of the atheno-peloponnesian wars during which it was written its insight and penetrating discussion extend to a range of other issues from the relative unity of herodotus’ work and the relationship between his ethnographies and historical narrative to the themes and motifs that criss-cross the histories-how ’history became moral and herodotus didactic’.interpreting herodotus brings together a team of leading herodotean scholars to look afresh at the themes of fornara’s seminal essay in the light of the explosion of scholarship on the histories in the intervening years focusing particularly on how we can interpret herodotus’ work in terms of the context in which he wrote. what does it mean to talk of the unity of the histories or herodotus’ ’moral’ purpose? how can we reconstruct the context in which the histories were written and published? and in what sense might the histories constitute a ’warning’ for his own or for subsequent generations? in developing and interrogating fornara’s influential ideas for a new generation of scholars the volume also offers a wealth of insights and new perspectives on the ’father of history’ that attests to the vibrancy and diversity of contemporary engagement with herodotus.