• The Trial Lawyer
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    The Trial Lawyer

    Berg David  著 Amer Bar Assn 出版 2019/9/7 出版

    david berg one of america’s leading trial lawyers knows how to win cases. and he knows how to tell a story. in the newly updated the trial lawyer: what it takes to win second edition berg puts both skills to dazzling use in an engaging and instructive guide to winning at trial illustrating each trial skill with excerpts from his own cases and those of trial lawyers he admires. in this edition you will learn not only from berg’s cases but also how his close friend the late joe jamail won a $10.5 billion verdict in pennzoil v. texaco.

  • Feeling Like a State
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    Feeling Like a State

    Cooper Davina  著 Duke Univ Pr 出版 2019/9/6 出版

    davina cooper explores the unexpected contribution a legal drama of withdrawal—as exemplified by some conservative christians who deny people inclusion goods and services to lgbtq individuals—might make to conceptualizing a more socially just participative state.

  • Feeling Like a State
    英文書 人文社科 /社會 /法律

    Feeling Like a State

    Cooper Davina  著 Duke Univ Pr 出版 2019/9/6 出版

    a transformative progressive politics requires the state’s reimagining. but how should the state be reimagined; and what can invigorate this process? in feeling like a state& davina cooper explores the unexpected contribution a legal drama of withdrawal might make to conceptualizing a more socially just participative state. in recent years as gay rights have expanded some conservative christians—from charities to guesthouse owners and county clerks—have denied people inclusion goods and services because of their sexuality. in turn liberal public bodies have withdrawn contracts subsidies and career progression from withholding conservative christians. cooper takes up the discourses and practices expressed in this legal conflict to animate and support an account of the state as heterogeneous plural and erotic. arguing for the urgent need to put new imaginative& forms into practice cooper examines how dissident and experimental institutional thinking materialize as people assert a democratic readiness to recraft the state.

  • Scottish Criminal Evidence Law
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    Scottish Criminal Evidence Law

    analyses the recent sweeping changes to scottish criminal evidence law and what they entail scottish criminal evidence law has recently undergone major primarily reactive changes with more reform on the way. these ad hoc developments are fundamentally altering the basic principles of scottish criminal evidence which have been in place since the 19th century. this book gathers leading experts in the field to analyse these changes discern any patterns and ask what the ramifications are for the future of scottish criminal evidence law.the areas affected include: police questioning of suspects the treatment of vulnerable witnesses in court hearsay the admissibility of the accused’s previous convictions the crown’s duty of disclosure and the need for corroboration.

  • Measuring Justice
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    Measuring Justice

    Mugler Johanna  著 Baker & Taylor Books 出版 2019/8/31 出版
  • Corporate Personhood
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    Corporate Personhood

    Ripken Susanna  著 Baker & Taylor Books 出版 2019/8/31 出版
  • Fianc?and Marriage Visas
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    Fianc?and Marriage Visas

    Bray IlonaKacou Amien (EDT)  著 Nolo 出版 2019/8/30 出版

    for foreign-born spouses or fianc廥 of u.s. citizens or permanent residents the process of applying for a visa or green card can be overwhelming. this book provides practical help. it shows them how to navigate the bureaucracy and deal with the masses of paperwork required to submit their application. in an era when the u.s. government is scrutinizing all immigration applications more closely and moving more quickly to send applicants into deportation (removal) proceedings after denying their application getting reliable straightforward help upfront is more important than ever.

  • Trademark
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    Fishman Stephen  著 Nolo 出版 2019/8/30 出版

    with the advent of the internet even small businesses now operate at a national level. while that great for commerce it can also open up a hornet nest of trademark issues. business owners and startups need to be careful not to infringe on other trademarks when selecting the name of their businesses products and services. and they must be vigilant about protecting their trademarks from infringing use by others. fortunately there help.trademark provides a step-by-step guide on how to: choose a distinctive name that competitors can’t copy search for existing marks that might conflict with yours register a trademark with the u.s. patent and trademark office protect and maintain your trademark and resolve trademark disputes swiftly and outside the courtroom.this edition of trademark provides the most current information on trademark statutes and case law and the latest registration processes including online registration. plus you’ll get a fully up-to-date glossary of trademark terms and faqs on the most common trademark questions.

  • Reorganizing Government
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    Reorganizing Government

    Camacho AlejandroGlicksman Robert  著 New York Univ Pr 出版 2019/8/27 出版

    a pioneering model for constructing and assessing government authority and achieving policy goals more effectively regulation is frequently less successful than it could be largely because the allocation of authority to regulatory institutions and the relationships between them are misunderstood. as a result attempts to create new regulatory programs or mend under-performing ones are often poorly designed. reorganizing government explains how past approaches have failed to appreciate the full diversity of alternative approaches to organizing governmental authority. the authors illustrate the often neglected dimensional and functional aspects of inter-jurisdictional relations through in-depth explorations of several diverse case studies involving securities and banking regulation food safety pollution control resource conservation and terrorism prevention. this volume advances an analytical framework of governmental authority structured along three dimensions—centralization overlap and coordination. camacho and glicksman demonstrate how differentiating among these dimensions better illuminates the policy tradeoffs of organizational alternatives and reduces the risk of regulatory failure. the book also explains how differentiating allocations of authority based on governmental function can lead to more effective regulation and governance. the authors illustrate the practical value of this framework for future reorganization efforts through the lens of climate change an emerging and vital global policy challenge and propose an “adaptive governance infrastructure that could allow policy makers to embed the creation evaluation and adjustment of the organization of regulatory institutions into the democratic process itself.

  • A Right to Bear Arms?
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    A Right to Bear Arms?

    this collection of essays explores the way history itself has become a contested element within the national legal debate about firearms. the debate over the second amendment has unveiled new and useful information about the history of guns and their possession and meaning in the united states of america. history itself has become contested ground in the debate about firearms and in the interpretation of the second amendment to the constitution of the united states. specifically this collection of essays gives special attention to the important and often overlooked dimension of the applications of history in the law. these essays illustrate the complexity of the firearms debate the relation between law and behavior and the role that historical knowledge plays in contemporary debates over law and policy. wide-ranging and stimulating the right to bear arms is bound to captivate both historians and casual readers alike.

  • What Has No Place Remains
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    What Has No Place Remains

    Shrubsole Nicholas  著 Baker & Taylor Books 出版 2019/8/18 出版

    this book brings into focus the network of historical social conceptual and legal contingences that impede the realization of indigenous religious freedom in canada today.

  • Punished for Aging
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    Punished for Aging

    Iftene Adeline  著 Baker & Taylor Books 出版 2019/8/15 出版

    built around the experiences of older prisoners punished for aging looks at the challenges individuals face in canadian penitentiaries and their struggles for justice. through firsthand accounts and quantitative data drawn from extensive interviews this book brings forward the experiences of federally incarcerated people living their golden years behind bars. these experiences show the limited ability of the system to respond to heightened needs while also raising questions about how international and national laws and policies are applied and why they fail to ensure the safety and well-being of incarcerated individuals. in so doing adelina iftene explores the shortcomings of institutional processes prison-monitoring mechanisms and legal remedies available in courts and tribunals which leave prisoners vulnerable to rights abuses. some of the problems addressed in this book are not new; however the demographic shift and the increase in people dying in prisons after long inadequately addressed illnesses with few release options adds a renewed sense of urgency to reform. working from the interview data contextualized by participants’ lived experiences and building on previous work iftene seeks solutions for such reform hich would constitute a significant step forward not only in protecting older prisoners but in consolidating the status of incarcerated individuals as holders of substantive rights.

  • Finding the Truth With Criminal Investigation
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    Finding the Truth With Criminal Investigation

    Reilly Daniel A.  著 Rowman & Littlefield Pub Inc 出版 2019/8/14 出版

    finding the truth with criminal investigation is a comprehensive summary which covers a wide range of investigative responsibilities all of which are regularly tasked when teaching or training future law enforcement personnel.

  • Constitutional Amendments
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    Constitutional Amendments

    Albert Richard  著 Baker & Taylor Books 出版 2019/8/12 出版

    constitutional amendments: making breaking and changing constitutions is both a roadmap for navigating the intellectual universe of constitutional amendments and a blueprint for building and improving the rules of constitutional change. drawing from dozens of constitutions in every region of the world this book blends theory with practice to answer two all-important questions: what is an amendment and how should constitutional designers structure the procedures of constitutional change? the first matters now more than ever. reformers are exploiting the rules of constitutional amendment testing the limits of legal constraint undermining the norms of democratic government and flouting the constitution as written to create entirely new constitutions that masquerade as ordinary amendments. the second question is central to the performance and endurance of constitutions. constitutional designers today have virtually no resources to guide them in constructing the rules of amendment and scholars do not have a clear portrait of the significance of amendment rules in the project of constitutionalism. this book shows that no part of a constitution is more important than the procedures we use change it. amendment rules open a window into the soul of a constitution exposing its deepest vulnerabilities and revealing its greatest strengths. the codification of amendment rules often at the end of the text proves that last is not always least.

  • Blockchain for Business Lawyers
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    Blockchain for Business Lawyers

    Cox James A. (EDT)Rasmussen Mark W. (EDT)  著 Amer Bar Assn 出版 2019/8/7 出版

    blockchain for business lawyers identifies the principal challenges of blockchain (distributed ledger technology) in seven separate fields of law reviews legal developments and suggests possible resolutions in light of these developments.

  • Representing People With Mental Disabilities
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    Representing People With Mental Disabilities

    Kelley Elizabeth  著 Amer Bar Assn 出版 2019/8/7 出版

    representing people with mental disabilities: a practical guide for criminal defense lawyers takes a look at the challenges and opportunities that are presented in these types of cases.

  • The Early-career Guide for Attorneys
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    The Early-career Guide for Attorneys

    Lavell Kerry M.  著 Amer Bar Assn 出版 2019/8/7 出版

    the early-career guide for attorneys: starting and building a successful career in law is an objective guide for the third-year law student and the new associate to be successful.

  • Captive Insurance Deskbook for the Business Lawyer
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    Captive Insurance Deskbook for the Business Lawyer

    Slenn David J.  著 Amer Bar Assn 出版 2019/8/7 出版

    to help lawyers decipher the intricacies of captive insurance this guidebook begins with a discussion of types of captives and addresses how to approach whether a captive makes sense for a business owner. the book focuses on various aspects of the captive’s operation and managementrom taxation special uses and regulation to eventual exit and potential tax litigation issues. captive insurance covers legal and non-legal practice areas such as taxation (domestic foreign state and local) insurance (regulatory coverage and reinsurance) securities commercial transactions employee benefits tax controversy actuarial science underwriting and more.

  • Compendium of Professional Responsibility Rules and Standards
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    Compendium of Professional Responsibility Rules and Standards

    Kepler Tracy L. (EDT)  著 Amer Bar Assn 出版 2019/8/7 出版

    compendium of professional responsibility rules and standards 2018 edition gathers the essential legal ethics materials needed by lawyers and judges in their daily practice; and law students and legal scholars in their exploration and analysis of the changing currents that influence professional regulation.

  • The Schoolhouse Gate
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    The Schoolhouse Gate

    Driver Justin  著 Vintage Books 出版 2019/8/6 出版

    a washington post notable book of the yeara new york times book review editors’ choicean award-winning constitutional law scholar at the university of chicago (who clerked for judge merrick b. garland justice stephen breyer and justice sandra day o’connor) gives us an engaging and alarming book that aims to vindicate the rights of public school stu­dents which have so often been undermined by the supreme court in recent decades.  judicial decisions assessing the constitutional rights of students in the nation’s public schools have consistently generated bitter controversy. from racial segregation to un­authorized immigration from antiwar protests to compul­sory flag salutes from economic inequality to teacher-led prayer—these are but a few of the cultural anxieties dividing american society that the supreme court has addressed in elementary and secondary schools. the schoolhouse gate gives a fresh lucid and provocative account of the historic legal battles waged over education and illuminates contemporary disputes that continue to fracture the nation.  justin driver maintains that since the 1970s the supreme court has regularly abdicated its responsibility for protecting students’ constitutional rights and risked trans­forming public schools into constitution-free zones. students deriving lessons about citizenship from the court’s decisions in recent decades would conclude that the following actions taken by educators pass constitutional muster: inflicting severe corporal punishment on students without any proce­dural protections searching students and their possessions without probable cause in bids to uncover violations of school rules random drug testing of students who are not suspected of wrongdoing and suppressing student speech for the view­point it espouses. taking their cue from such decisions lower courts have upheld a wide array of dubious school actions including degrading strip searches repressive dress codes draconian “zero tolerance disciplinary policies and severe restrictions on off-campus speech.  driver surveys this legal landscape with eloquence highlights the gripping personal narratives behind landmark clashes and warns that the repeated failure to honor students’ rights threatens our basic constitutional order. this magiste­rial book will make it impossible to view american schools—or america itself—in the same way again.