• Resistance at All Costs

    Resistance at All Costs

    Strassel Kimberley  著 Twelve 出版 2019/10/15 出版

    wall street journal columnist and bestselling author kim strassel argues how the all-out resistance has become dangerously reckless in its obstruction of president trump.among the most consistent and aggressive criticisms of donald trump is that he is a threat to american democracy -- a human wrecking ball demolishing our most basic values and institutions. resistance (at all costs) makes the opposite case -- that it is trump’s critics in their zeal to oppose the president who are undermining our foundations.from the fbi’s unprecedented counterintelligence investigation into the trump campaign to state defiance of trump federal immigration law to media partisanship to the drive-by character assassination of trump nominee brett kavanaugh the president’s foes have thrown aside norms due process and the rule of law.resistance (at all costs) shows that the reaction to trump will prove far more consequential and damaging to our nation long-term than trump’s time in office.

  • Advancing the Common Good

    Advancing the Common Good

    Kotler Philip  著 Baker & Taylor Books 出版 2019/9/30 出版

    in advancing the common good stories of prominent reformers fighting for the common good will inspire concerned readers and voters and help them recognize which actions and proposals will substantially elevate the happiness and well-being of citizens.describes how today’s society is in a state of durable disorder with a rise in authoritarian leaders and a decline in the number of democracies around the world highlights the role of the common good and supplies readers with a guide to fortifying democratic values and supporting and creating organizations that pursue a better vision of the worldstresses how authoritarian leaders abandon the basic agreements of civil and human rights and the rule of law breaking up long-standing agreements and values that provided a coherent philosophy and outlook for their nation addresses the loss of common values and the meeting of community needs through goodwill organizations and movements as well as legislation intended to protect and enhance common values looks to past movements for inspiration drawing upon how leaders such as martin luther king and u.s. presidents including lyndon johnson and barack obama fought racism and oppression with action and public policy

  • The United States of Trump

    The United States of Trump

    O’Reilly Bill  著 Henry Holt & Co 出版 2019/9/17 出版

    a rare insider look at the life of donald trump from bill o’reilly the bestselling author of the killing series based on exclusive interview material and deep researchreaders around the world have been enthralled by journalist and new york times bestselling author bill oeilly killing seriesiveting works of nonfiction that explore the most famous events in history. now oeilly turns his razor-sharp observations to his most compelling subject thus farresident donald j. trump. in this thrilling narrative oeilly blends primary never-before-released interview material with a history that recounts trump childhood and family and the factors from his life and career that forged the worldview that the president of the united states has taken to the white house. not a partisan pro-trump or anti-trump book this is an up-to-the-minute intimate view of the man and his sphere of influencef ow donald trump view of america was formed and how it has changed since becoming the most powerful person in the world? from a writer who has known the president for thirty years. this is an unprecedented gripping account of the life of a sitting president as he makes history. as the author will tell you f you want some insight into the most unlikely political phenomenon of our lifetimes youl get it here.?/p

  • A Practical Guide to Action Research and Teacher Enquiry

    A Practical Guide to Action Research and Teacher Enquiry

    Stavrakakis Yannis (EDT)  著 Baker & Taylor Books 出版 2019/7/31 出版

    the emerging field of sychoanalytic political theory?has now reached a stage in its development and rapid evolution that deserves to be registered systematically defined and critically evaluated. this handbook provides the first reference volume which showcases the current state of psychoanalytic political theory maps the genealogy of its development identifies its conceptual and methodological resources and highlights its analytical innovations as well as its critical promise. the handbook consists of 35 chapters offering original comprehensive and critical reviews of this field of study. the chapters are divided into five thematic sections: ?figures discusses the work of major psychoanalytic theorists who have influenced considerably the development of psychoanalytic political theory. ?traditions genealogically recounts and critically reassesses the many attempts throughout the 20th century of experimenting with the articulation between psychoanalysis and political theory in a consistent way.?concepts asks what are the concepts that psychoanalysis offers for appropriation by political theory.?themes presents concrete examples of the ways in which psychoanalytic political theory can be productively applied in the analysis of racism gender nationalism consumerism etc. ?challenges/controversies captures the ways in which psychoanalytic political theory can lead the way towards theoretical and analytical innovation in many disciplinary fields dealing with cutting-edge issues.the routledge handbook of psychoanalytic political theory will serve as scholarly reference volume for all students and researchers studying political theory psychoanalysis and the history of ideas.

  • Ball of Collusion

    Ball of Collusion

    Mccarthy Andrew C.  著 Encounter Books 出版 2019/3/12 出版

    the real collusion in the 2016 election was not between the trump campaign and the kremlin. it was between the clinton campaign and the obama administration. the law-enforcement and intelligence arms of government were placed in the service of the democratic presidential bid and failing that were deployed against the incoming republican administration with the goal of strangling it in the cradle. the media-democrat ollusion narrative?scandalizing donald trump as cat paw of the russian regime is a studiously crafted illusion. as secretary of state mrs. clinton fashioned a homebrew email system to conduct state department business. inevitably she illegally transmitted classified intelligence destroyed tens of thousands of government files and obstructed investigations. yet the justice department and fbi xonerated?her carrying out the will of president obama who had endorsed clinton to be his successor and freely exchanged sensitive emails with her.despite clinton commanding lead in the polls hyper-partisan intelligence officials decided they needed an nsurance policy?against a trump presidency. thus was born the trump-russia collusion narrative: built on an anonymously sourced ossier?secretly underwritten by the clinton campaign and compiled by a former british spy with links to the fbi and the obama justice department. though acknowledged to be alacious and unverified?at the fbi highest level the dossier was used to build a counterintelligence investigation against trump campaign. desperate to derail trump candidacy political and intelligence operatives leaked the probe to the media.miraculously trump won anyway. his rabid political opponents refused to accept the voters?decision. though the collusion narrative had barely registered with the electorate it was now peddled relentlessly by political operatives intelligence agents justice department officials and media ideologues ?the vanguard of the rump resistance.?through secret surveillance a sophisticated scheme to enable intelligence leaking and tireless news coverage the public was led to believe the trump campaign had conspired with russia to steal the election. not one to sit passively through an onslaught president trump fought back in his tumultuous way. matters came to a head when he fired the fbi director who had given explosive senate testimony suggesting the president was a criminal suspect despite privately assuring trump that he was not. the resulting firestorm of partisan protest cowed the justice to appoint a special counsel whose seemingly limitless investigation has bedeviled the administration ever since.yet as months passed concrete evidence of collusion failed to materialize. was the collusion narrative an elaborate fraud? and if so choreographed by whom? against democrat-media caterwauling a doughty group of lawmakers forced a shift in the spotlight from trump to his investigators and accusers. it has exposed the thoroughgoing politicization of american law-enforcement and intelligence agencies. the institutions on which our nation depends for objective policing and clear-eyed analysis had injected themselves into the divisive politics of the 2016 election. they failed to forge a new clinton administration. will they succeed in bringing down president trump?

  • The Coming of the American Behemoth

    The Coming of the American Behemoth

    Roberto Michael Joseph  著 Baker & Taylor Books 出版 2018/10/22 出版

    most people in the united states have been trained to recognize fascism in movements such as germany’s third reich or italy’s national fascist party where charismatic demagogues manipulate incensed vengeful masses. we rarely think of fascism as linked to the essence of monopoly-finance capitalism operating under the guise of american free-enterprise. but as michael joseph roberto argues this is exactly where fascism’s embryonic forms began gestating in the united states during the so-called prosperous 1920s and the great depression of the following decade. drawing from a range of authors who wrote during the 1930s and early 1940s roberto examines how the driving force of american fascism comes not from reactionary movements below but from the top namely big business and the power of finance capital. more subtle than its earlier european counterparts writes roberto fascist america’s racist top-down quashing of individual liberties masqueraded as “real democracy “upholding the constitution and the pressure to be “100 percent american. the coming of the american behemoth is intended as a primer to forge much-needed discourse on the nature of fascism and its particular forms within the united states. the book focuses on the role of the capital-labor relationship during the period between the two world wars when the united states became the epicenter of the world-capitalist system. concentrating on specific processes which he characterizes as terrorist and non-terrorist alike roberto argues that the interwar period was a fertile time for the incubation of a protean more salable form of tyranny – a fascist behemoth in the making whose emergence has been ignored or dismissed by mainstream historians. this book is a necessity for anyone who fears america tipping ever closer in this era of trump to full-blown fascism.

  • Them


    Sasse BenSasse Ben (NRT)  著 Macmillan Audio 出版 2018/10/16 出版 有聲CD

    from the new york times bestselling author of the vanishing american adult an intimate and urgent assessment of the existential crisis facing our nation.our culture has always had tribalism. different political parties preferred media outlets and shifts in positions when politically advantageous. but now our country is facing a far deeper far more serious existential crisis. wee reaching a point where wee lost faith and trust in the institutions that have held us together. even more worrisome is that wee lost a shared sense of truth. what happens to a nation when half of us believe different facts than the other half? in them bestselling author and u.s. senator ben sasse argues that the problem is far deeper than politics or even any one politician. across the nation local communities are evaporating. the basic framework for everyday life ?family work neighborhoods friends trust?is collapsing or in the case of work being vastly redefined. our citizens have become alienated from each other angry and lonely. as our traditional tribes are falling apart sasse argues frustrated and displaced americans are trying to fill the vacuum with anti-tribes on social media and cable news surrounding ourselves with people we already agree with and identifying a common enemy. we are stuck in a loop of loneliness outrage and anger.sasse offers his own prescription for addressing this challenge calling for a radical effort to rebuild and remake the institutions that are foundering within communities and a nationwide discussion and understanding of just how monumental this challenge is.

  • Fear


    Woodward Bob  著 Simon Spotlight/Nickelodeon 出版 2018/9/11 出版

    the inside story on president trump as only bob woodward can tell itwith authoritative reporting honed through eight presidencies from nixon to obama author bob woodward reveals in unprecedented detail the harrowing life inside president donald trump’s white house and precisely how he makes decisions on major foreign and domestic policies. woodward draws from hundreds of hours of interviews with firsthand sources meeting notes personal diaries files and documents. the focus is on the explosive debates and the decision-making in the oval office the situation room air force one and the white house residence. fear is the most intimate portrait of a sitting president ever published during the president’s first years in office.

  • How Fascism Works

    How Fascism Works

    Stanley Jason  著 Baker & Taylor Books 出版 2018/9/4 出版

    “a vital read for a nation under trump.­—the guardian “by placing trump in transnational and transhistorical perspective stanley sees patterns that others miss. . . . twenty months into trump’s presidency the evidence is mounting that he’s right.—the new york times book review (editors’ choice)fascist politics are running rampant in america today—and spreading around the world. a yale philosopher identifies the ten pillars of fascist politics and charts their horrifying rise and deep history. as the child of refugees of world war ii europe and a renowned philosopher and scholar of propaganda jason stanley has a deep understanding of how democratic societies can be vulnerable to fascism: nations don’t have to be fascist to suffer from fascist politics. in fact fascism’s roots have been present in the united states for more than a century. alarmed by the pervasive rise of fascist tactics both at home and around the globe stanley focuses here on the structures that unite them laying out and analyzing the ten pillars of fascist politics—the language and beliefs that separate people into an “us and a “them. he knits together reflections on history philosophy sociology and critical race theory with stories from contemporary hungary poland india myanmar and the united states among other nations. he makes clear the immense danger of underestimating the cumulative power of these tactics which include exploiting a mythic version of a nation’s past; propaganda that twists the language of democratic ideals against themselves; anti-intellectualism directed against universities and experts; law and order politics predicated on the assumption that members of minority groups are criminals; and fierce attacks on labor groups and welfare. these mechanisms all build on one another creating and reinforcing divisions and shaping a society vulnerable to the appeals of authoritarian leadership. by uncovering disturbing patterns that are as prevalent today as ever stanley reveals that the stuff of politics—charged by rhetoric and myth—can quickly become policy and reality. only by recognizing fascists politics he argues may we resist its most harmful effects and return to democratic ideals.“with unsettling insight and disturbing clarity how fascism works is an essential guidebook to our current national dilemma of democracy vs. authoritarianism.—william jelani cobb author of the substance of hope

  • The Once and Future Liberal

    The Once and Future Liberal

    Lilla Mark  著 Baker & Taylor Books 出版 2018/8/7 出版

    from one of the most internationally admired political thinkers a controversial polemic on the failures of identity politics and what comes next for the left ?in america and beyond.following the shocking results of the us election of 2016 public intellectuals across the globe offered theories and explanations but few were met with such vitriol panic and debate as mark lilla.?emthe once and future liberal?/emis a passionate plea to liberals to turn from the divisive politics of identity and develop a vision of the future that can persuade all citizens that they share a common destiny.driven by a sincere desire to protect society most vulnerable the left has unwittingly balkanized the electorate encouraged self-absorption rather than solidarity and invested its energies in social movements rather than party politics. identity-focused individualism has insidiously conspired with amoral economic individualism to shape an electorate with little sense of a shared future and near-contempt for the idea of the common good.now is the time to re-build a sense of common feeling and purpose and a sense of duty to one another. a fiercely argued important book enlivened by acerbic wit and erudition?emthe once and future liberal?/emis essential reading for our times.

  • Realpolitik


    Bew John  著 Baker & Taylor Books 出版 2018/5/1 出版

    since its coinage in mid-19th century germany realpolitik has proven both elusive and protean. to some it represents the best approach to meaningful change and political stability in a world buffeted by uncertainty and rapid transformation. to others it encapsulates an attitude of cynicism and cold calculation a transparently self-justifying policy exercised by dominant nations over weaker. remolded across generations and presupposed to its political and ideological moment realpolitik remains a touchstone for discussion about statecraft and diplomacy. it is a freighted concept.historian john bew explores the genesis of realpolitik tracing its longstanding and enduring relevance in political and foreign policy debates. bew’s book uncovers the context that gave birth to realpolitik--that of the fervor of radical change in 1848 in europe. he explains its application in the conduct of foreign policy from the days of bismarck onward. lastly he illuminates its translation from german into english one that reveals the uniquely anglo-american version of realpolitik--small r--being practiced today a modern iteration that attempts to reconcile idealism with the pursuit of national interests.lively encyclopedic and utterly original realpolitik: a history illuminates the life and times of a term that has shaped and will continue to shape international relations.

  • Uncivil Agreement

    Uncivil Agreement

    Mason Lilliana  著 Baker & Taylor Books 出版 2018/4/16 出版

    political polarization in america is at an all-time high and the conflict has moved beyond disagreements about matters of policy. for the first time in more than twenty years research has shown that members of both parties hold strongly unfavorable views of their opponents. this is polarization rooted in social identity and it is growing. the campaign and election of donald trump laid bare this fact of the american electorate its successful rhetoric of “us versus them tapping into a powerful current of anger and resentment.             with uncivil agreement lilliana mason looks at the growing social gulf across racial religious and cultural lines which have recently come to divide neatly between the two major political parties. she argues that group identifications have changed the way we think and feel about ourselves and our opponents. even when democrats and republicans can agree on policy outcomes they tend to view one other with distrust and to work for party victory over all else. although the polarizing effects of social divisions have simplified our electoral choices and increased political engagement they have not been a force that is on balance helpful for american democracy. bringing together theory from political science and social psychology uncivil agreement clearly describes this increasingly “social type of polarization in american politics and will add much to our understanding of contemporary politics.

  • Why Bother With Elections?

    Why Bother With Elections?

    Przeworski Adam  著 Polity Pr 出版 2018/2/27 出版

    why bother with elections? with the collapse of traditional parties around the world and with many pundits predicting a ’crisis of democracy’ the value of elections as a method for selecting by whom and how we are governed is being questioned. what are the virtues and weaknesses of elections? are there limitations to what they can realistically achieve?in this deeply-informed and wide-ranging book world-renowned democratic theorist adam przeworski offers a warts-and-all analysis of elections and the ways in which they affect our lives. elections he argues are inherently imperfect but they remain the least bad way of choosing our rulers. even if their imperfections could be addressed it would be naive to assume they could solve all society’s ills. according to przeworski the greatest value of elections by itself sufficient to cherish them is that they process whatever conflicts may arise in society in relative liberty and peace. whether they succeed in doing so in today’s turbulent political climate remains to be seen.

  • How Democracies Die

    How Democracies Die

    Levitsky SteveZiblatt Daniel  著 Crown Pub 出版 2018/1/16 出版

    new york times bestseller“comprehensive enlightening and terrifyingly timely. —new york times book review“cool and persuasive... how democracies die comes at exactly the right moment.—the washington postdonald trump’s presidency has raised a question that many of us never thought we’d be asking: is our democracy in danger? harvard professors steven levitsky and daniel ziblatt have spent more than twenty years studying the breakdown of democracies in europe and latin america and they believe the answer is yes. democracy no longer ends with a bang—in a revolution or military coup—but with a whimper: the slow steady weakening of critical institutions such as the judiciary and the press and the gradual erosion of long-standing political norms. the good news is that there are several exit ramps on the road to authoritarianism. the bad news is that by electing trump we have already passed the first one. drawing on decades of research and a wide range of historical and global examples from 1930s europe to contemporary hungary turkey and venezuela to the american south during jim crow levitsky and ziblatt show how democracies die—and how ours can be saved.

  • Making Sense of the Alt-right

    Making Sense of the Alt-right

    Hawley George  著 Columbia Univ Pr 出版 2017/9/19 出版

    during the 2016 election a new term entered the american political lexicon: the alt-right short for alternative right. despite the innocuous name the alt-right is a white-nationalist movement. yet it differs from earlier racist groups: it is youthful and tech-savvy obsessed with provocation and trolling amorphous predominantly online and mostly anonymous. and it was energized by donald trump’s presidential campaign. in making sense of the alt-right george hawley provides an accessible introduction to the alt-right giving vital perspective on the emergence of a group whose overt racism has confounded expectations for a more tolerant america.hawley explains the movement’s origins evolution methods and its core belief in white identity politics. the book explores how the alt-right differs from traditional white nationalism libertarianism and other online illiberal ideologies such as neoreaction as well as from mainstream republicans and even donald trump and steve bannon. the alt-right’s use of offensive humor and its trolling-driven approach based in animosity to so-called political correctness can make it difficult to determine true motivations. yet through exclusive interviews and a careful study of the alt-right’s influential texts hawley is able to paint a full picture of a movement that not only disagrees with liberalism but fundamentally rejects most of the tenets of american conservatism. hawley points to the alt-right’s growing influence and makes a case for coming to a precise understanding of its beliefs without sensationalism or downplaying the movement’s radicalism.

  • Antifa


    Bray Mark  著 Melville House Pub 出版 2017/8/14 出版

    the national bestseller“focused and persuasive... bray’s book is many things: the first english-language transnational history of antifa a how-to for would-be activists and a record of advice from anti-fascist organizers past and present.—the new yorkerinsurgent activist movements need spokesmen intellectuals and apologists and for the moment mark bray is filling in as all three... the book’s most enlightening contribution is on the history of anti-fascist efforts over the past century but its most relevant for today is its justification for stifling speech and clobbering white supremacists.—carlos lozada the washington post“[bray’s] analysis is methodical and clearly informed by both his historical training and 15 years of organizing which included occupy wall street…antifa: the anti-fascist handbook couldn’t have emerged at a more opportune time. bray’s arguments are incisive and cohesive and his consistent refusal to back down from principle makes the book a crucial intervention in our political moment.—san francisco chroniclein the wake of tragic events in charlottesville va and donald trump’s initial refusal to denounce the white nationalists behind it all the antifa opposition movement is suddenly appearing everywhere. but what is it precisely? and where did it come from? as long as there has been fascism there has been anti-fascism — also known as “antifa. born out of resistance to mussolini and hitler in europe during the 1920s and ’30s the antifa movement has suddenly burst into the headlines amidst opposition to the trump administration and the alt-right. they could be seen in news reports often clad all in black with balaclavas covering their faces demonstrating at the presidential inauguration and on california college campuses protesting far-right speakers and most recently on the streets of charlottesville va protecting among others a group of ministers including cornel west from neo-nazi violence. (west would later tell reporters the anti-fascists saved our lives.)simply antifa aims to deny fascists the opportunity to promote their oppressive politics and to protect tolerant communities from acts of violence promulgated by fascists. critics say shutting down political adversaries is anti-democratic; antifa adherents argue that the horrors of fascism must never be allowed the slightest chance to triumph again.in a smart and gripping investigation historian and former occupy wall street organizer mark bray provides a detailed survey of the full history of anti-fascism from its origins to the present day — the first transnational history of postwar anti-fascism in english. based on interviews with anti-fascists from around the world antifa details the tactics of the movement and the philosophy behind it offering insight into the growing but little-understood resistance fighting back against fascism in all its guises.

  • Thomas Piketty’s Capital in the Twenty First Century

    Thomas Piketty’s Capital in the Twenty First Century

    an introduction to thomas piketty monumental workus nobel prize winner paul krugman described thomas piketty capital in the twenty-first century as erhaps the most important book of the last decade? it has sparked major international debates dominated bestseller lists and generated a level of enthusiasms well as intense criticismn a way no other recent economic or sociological work has. piketty has been described as a new karl marx and placed in the same league as the economist john maynard keynes. the ock star economist?(financial times) underlying thesis: inequality under capitalism has reached dramatic proportions in the last few decades and continues to grownd not by coincidence. thus a small elite becomes simultaneously richer and richer and more and more powerful.given the sensational reception of the not-so-easily digested 800-page study that spans back to the eighteenth century the question as to where the hype around piketty book comes from deserves to be asked. what is correct in it? what are the criticisms of it? and what should we make of itoth of the book itself and of the criticism it has received? this book lays out the argument of piketty monumental work in a compact and understandable format while also investigating the controversies that this book has caused. in addition the two authors demonstrate the limits contradictions and errors of the so-called iketty revolution?

  • Populism


    Mudde CasKaltwasser Cristobal Rovira  著 Baker & Taylor Books 出版 2017/2/1 出版

    populism is a central concept in the current media debates about politics and elections. however like most political buzzwords the term often floats from one meaning to another and both social scientists and journalists use it to denote diverse phenomena. what is populism really? who are the populist leaders? and what is the relationship between populism and democracy? this book answers these questions in a simple and persuasive way offering a swift guide to populism in theory and practice.cas mudde and crist鏏al rovira kaltwasser present populism as an ideology that divides society into two antagonistic camps the pure people versus the corrupt elite and that privileges the general will of the people above all else. they illustrate the practical power of this ideology through a survey of representative populist movements of the modern era: european right-wing parties left-wing presidents in latin america and the tea party movement in the united states. the authors delve into the ambivalent personalities of charismatic populist leaders such as juan domingo p廨on h. ross perot jean-marie le pen silvio berlusconi and hugo ch嫛ez. if the strong male leader embodies the mainstream form of populism many resolute women such as eva p廨on pauline hanson and sarah palin have also succeeded in building a populist status often by exploiting gendered notions of society.although populism is ultimately part of democracy populist movements constitute an increasing challenge to democratic politics. comparing political trends across different countries this compelling book debates what the long-term consequences of this challenge could be as it turns the spotlight on the bewildering effect of populism on today’s political and social life.

  • The Populist Explosion

    The Populist Explosion

    Judis John B.  著 Baker & Taylor Books 出版 2016/10/5 出版

    featured as one of six books to help understand trump’s win by the new york timesa fareed zakaria gps book of the week: an intelligent guide to a phenomenon by no means over. -- fareed zakaria cnnwell-written and well-researched powerfully argued and perfectly timed. ?the economistnamed one of the best books of 2016 by bloombergfar and away the most incisive examination of the central development in contemporary politics: the rise of populism on both the right and the left. superb.- thomas edsall new york times columnistwhat’s happening in global politics and is there a thread that ties it all together? as if overnight many democrats revolted and passionately backed a socialist named bernie sanders; the united kingdom voted to leave the european union in a stunning rebuke; the vituperative billionaire donald trump became the presidential nominee of the republican party; and a slew of rebellious parties continued to win election after election in countries like switzerland norway italy austria and greece.john b. judis one of america’s most respected political analysts tells us why we need to understand the populist movement that began in the united states in the 1890s and whose politics have recurred on both sides of the atlantic ever since. the populist explosion is essential reading for anyone hoping to grasp a global political system that is only just beginning what will be a long-running and highly consequential readjustment.

  • Strangers in Their Own Land

    Strangers in Their Own Land

    Hochschild Arlie Russell  著 New Pr 出版 2016/9/6 出版

    2016 national book award finalist for nonfictiona 2016 new york times notable booknew york times bestsellera newsday top 10 book of the yeara kirkus best book of 2016one of 6 books to understand trump’s win according to the new york times the day after the electionthis is a smart respectful and compelling book.?ithe new york times book reviewsatisfying... [hochschild’s] analysis is overdue at a time when questions of policy and legislation and even fact have all but vanished from the public discourse.?ithe new york review of bookshochschild moves beyond the truism that less affluent voters who support small government and tax cuts are voting against their own economic interest.?io magazinein strangers in their own land the renowned sociologist arlie hochschild embarks on a thought-provoking journey from her liberal hometown of berkeley california deep into louisiana bayou country stronghold of the conservative right. as she gets to know people who strongly oppose many of the ideas she famously champions hochschild nevertheless finds common ground and quickly warms to the people she meetsmong them a tea party activist whose town has been swallowed by a sinkhole caused by a drilling accidenteople whose concerns are actually ones that all americans share: the desire for community the embrace of family and hopes for their children.strangers in their own land goes beyond the commonplace liberal idea that these are people who have been duped into voting against their own interests. instead hochschild finds lives ripped apart by stagnant wages a loss of home an elusive american dreamnd political choices and views that make sense in the context of their lives. hochschild draws on her expert knowledge of the sociology of emotion to help us understand what it feels like to live in red america. along the way she finds answers to one of the crucial questions of contemporary american politics: why do the people who would seem to benefit most from liberal government intervention abhor the very idea?