• This Is the Way the World Ends

    This Is the Way the World Ends

    Nesbit Jeff  著 Picador USA 出版 2019/9/17 出版

    bustle’s 17 best nonfiction books coming out in september 2018with this is the way the world ends jeff nesbit has delivered an enlightening - and alarming - explanation of the climate challenge as it exists today. climate change is no far-off threat. it’s impacting communities all over the world at this very moment and we ignore the scientific reality at our own peril. the good news? as nesbit underscores disaster is not preordained. the global community can meet this moment ?and we must. enator john kerrya unique view of climate change glimpsed through the world’s resources that are disappearing.the world itself won end of course. only ours will: our livelihoods our homes our cultures. and wee squarely at the tipping point.longer droughts in the middle east. growing desertification in china and africa. the monsoon season shrinking in india. amped-up heat waves in australia. more intense hurricanes reaching america. water wars in the horn of africa. rebellions refugees and starving children across the globe. these are not disconnected events. these are the pieces of a larger puzzle that environmental expert jeff nesbit puts together unless we start addressing the causes of climate change and stop simply navigating its effects we will be facing a series of unstoppable catastrophes by the time our preschoolers graduate from college. our world is in trouble ?right now. this is the way the world ends tells the real stories of the substantial impacts to earth systems unfolding across each continent. the bad news? within two decades or so our carbon budget will reach a point of no return. but there good news. like every significant challenge wee facedrom creating civilization in the shadow of the last ice age to the industrial revolutione can get out of this box canyon by understanding the realities and changing the worn-out climate conversation to one that relevant to every person. nesbit provides a clear blueprint for real-time workable solutions we can tackle together.

  • This Land Is Our Land

    This Land Is Our Land

    Purdy Jedediah  著 Princeton Univ Pr 出版 2019/9/17 出版

    from one of our finest writers and leading environmental thinkers a powerful book on how the land we share divides usnd how it could unite ustoday we are at a turning point as we face ecological and political crises that are rooted in conflicts over the land itself. but these problems can be solved if we draw on elements of our tradition that move us toward a new commonwealth community founded on the well-being of all people and the natural world. in this brief powerful timely and hopeful book jedediah purdy one of our finest writers and leading environmental thinkers explores how we might begin to heal our fractured and contentious relationship with the land and with each other.from the coalfields of appalachia and the tobacco fields of the carolinas to the public lands of the west purdy shows how the land has always united and divided americans holding us in common projects and fates but also separating us into insiders and outsiders owners and dependents workers and bosses. expropriated from native americans and transformed by slave labor the same land that represents a history of racism and exploitation could in the face of environmental catastrophe bind us together in relationships of reciprocity and mutual responsibility.this may seem idealistic in our polarized time but we are at a historical fork in the road and if we do not make efforts now to move toward a commonwealth purdy warns environmental and political pressures will create harsher and crueler conflictsetween citizens between countries and between humans and the rest of the world.

  • One Person No Vote

    One Person No Vote

    pen/john kenneth galbraith award finalist longlisted for the national book awardbest books of the year--washington post boston globe npr bustle nyplfrom the award-winning nyt bestselling author of white rage the startling--and timely--history of voter suppression in america with a foreword by senator dick durbin now with a new afterword by the author. in her new york times bestseller white rage carol anderson laid bare an insidious history of policies that have systematically impeded black progress in america from 1865 to our combustible present. with one person no vote she chronicles a related history: the rollbacks to african american participation in the vote since the 2013 supreme court decision that eviscerated the voting rights act of 1965. known as the shelby ruling this decision effectively allowed districts with a demonstrated history of racial discrimination to change voting requirements without approval from the department of justice. focusing on the aftermath of shelby anderson follows the astonishing story of government-dictated racial discrimination unfolding before our very eyes as more and more states adopt voter suppression laws. in gripping enlightening detail she explains how voter suppression works from photo id requirements to gerrymandering to poll closures. in a powerful new afterword she examines the repercussions of the 2018 midterm elections. and with vivid characters she explores the resistance: the organizing activism and court battles to restore the basic right to vote to all americans.

  • On Fire

    On Fire

    Klein Naomi  著 Baker & Taylor Books 出版 2019/9/17 出版

    #1 international and new york times bestselling author naomi klein author of the shock doctrine and this changes everything makes the case for a green new deal—explaining how bold climate action can be a blueprint for a just and thriving society.for more than twenty years naomi klein has been the foremost chronicler of the economic war waged on both people and planet—and an unapologetic champion of a sweeping environmental agenda with justice at its center. in lucid elegant dispatches from the frontlines of contemporary natural disaster she pens surging indispensable essays for a wide public: prescient advisories and dire warnings of what future awaits us if we refuse to act as well as hopeful glimpses of a far better future. on fire: the (burning) case for a green new deal gathers for the first time more than a decade of her impassioned writing and pairs it with new material on the staggeringly high stakes of our immediate political and economic choices. these long-form essays show klein at her most prophetic and philosophical investigating the climate crisis not only as a profound political challenge but as a spiritual and imaginative one as well. delving into topics ranging from the clash between ecological time and our culture of “perpetual now to the soaring history of humans changing and evolving rapidly in the face of grave threats to rising white supremacy and fortressed borders as a form of “climate barbarism this is a rousing call to action for a planet on the brink. with reports spanning from the ghostly great barrier reef to the annual smoke-choked skies of the pacific northwest to post-hurricane puerto rico to a vatican attempting an unprecedented “ecological conversion klein makes the case that we will rise to the existential challenge of climate change only if we are willing to transform the systems that produced this crisis. an expansive far-ranging exploration that sees the battle for a greener world as indistinguishable from the fight for our lives on fire captures the burning urgency of the climate crisis as well as the fiery energy of a rising political movement demanding a catalytic green new deal.

  • Crossfire Hurricane

    Crossfire Hurricane

    Campbell Josh  著 Algonquin Books 出版 2019/9/17 出版

    from an fbi insider a riveting fly-on-the-wall account of the historic investigation into the trump campaign’s ties to russia and the president’s unprecedented attacks on the bureau—and a passionate defense of the men and women who work every day to uphold democratic institutions and the rule of law. titled after the fbi code name for the initial investigation into the trump campaign’s ties to russia crossfire hurricane chronicles president trump’s relentless attacks on the fbi. josh campbell a career special agent who served under presidents george w. bush barack obama and donald j. trump before resigning from the fbi in february 2018 takes readers behind the scenes of the russia investigation’s earliest days and makes a compelling case that trump’s campaign of attack poses a threat to public safety campbell who has twelve years’ experience working on some of the fbi’s highest-profile operations and is now a national security expert for cnn was special assistant to james comey. using a combination of firsthand experience and reporting from sources still within the bureau he offers an inside perspective into the fbi that will captivate readers struggling to make sense of a news cycle careening out of control.

  • Understanding Government Budgets

    Understanding Government Budgets

    Musell R. MarkYeung Ryan  著 Routledge 出版 2019/9/15 出版

    the world of budgeting can be daunting to those with little or no experience in it. the rules of presentation and use of terms that make sense to few outside of government finance are a huge obstacle to new students of public administration and policy. moreover practices vary widely among the thousands of governments in the united states between federal state and local levels. understanding government budgets gives students a very practical approach to budgeting and helps them learn some basic budget vocabulary and concepts. musell attention to the choices made over how to formally structure a budget are unparalleled and his hands-on applied approach to the nuts and bolts of agency budgets prepares future administrators and public managers for a career in government budgeting. this concise guide written in accessible language and covering a full range of topics through examples from real budgets is an essential primer for preparing students to engage with larger issues of budgeting in their careers. the second edition is revised to include the following new features: a new chapter on non-profit agency budgetsa glossary identifies and consistently defines key termsend-of-chapter budget exercises help students hone their hands-on skillsnew further reading and reference lists at the end of every chapterdiscussion points at the outset of every chapter frame the learning outcomes students can expect

  • The Nuclear Spies

    The Nuclear Spies

    Houghton Vince  著 Cornell Univ Pr 出版 2019/9/15 出版

    why did the us intelligence services fail so spectacularly to know about the soviet union’s nuclear capabilities following world war ii? as vince houghton historian and curator of the international spy museum in washington dc shows us that disastrous failure came just a few years after the manhattan project’s intelligence team had...

  • The Naval Officer’s Guide

    The Naval Officer’s Guide

    Mccomas LesaKristenson Joshua D.  著 Naval Inst Pr 出版 2019/9/15 出版

    the naval officer’s guide intended primarily for commissioned officers in the u.s. navy is also a valuable introduction to the sea services for officers from other uniformed services the u.s. interagency community and anyone interested in learning more about the navy.completely revised and updated this edition reflects recent changes in the organization and policies of the department of defense and the navy. this revision reflects the current navy operating environment technological innovations and the natural evolution of policies practices traditions and social norms. topics covered include current operational navy doctrine and policies; career planning and personal records administration; shipboard routine and protocol; the operational and administrative organization of ships and staffs; the organization missions and functions of each of the armed services; composition management and administration of enlisted members; ethics and leadership; communications; and preparation for command at sea. continuously in print for 75 years this anniversary edition is the cornerstone of any professional library.

  • The Birth of Energy

    The Birth of Energy

    Daggett Cara New  著 Duke Univ Pr 出版 2019/9/13 出版

    cara new daggett traces the genealogy of the idea of energy from the industrial revolution to the present showing how it has informed fossil fuel imperialism the governance of work and our relationship to the earth.

  • Audience of One

    Audience of One

    Poniewozik James  著 Liveright Pub Corp 出版 2019/9/10 出版

    in the tradition of great cultural figures like marshall mcluhan and neil postman new york times chief television critic james poniewozik traces the history of television and mass media from the early 1980s to today and demonstrates how a olcanic camera- hogging antihero?merged with america most powerful medium to become our forty-fifth president. beginning where postman left off audience of one weaves together two compelling stories. the first charts the seismic evolution of television from a monolithic mass medium with three mainstream networks into today fractious confederation of pite-and-insult?media subcultures. the second examines donald trump himself who took advantage of these historic changes to constantly reinvent himself: from boastful cartoon zillionaire; to 1990s self-parodic sitcom fixture; to the apprentice-reality-tv star; and finally to twitter-mad culture-warring demagogue. a trenchant often slyly hilarious work audience of one provides an eye- opening history of american media and a sobering reflection of the raucous orillas-are always-fighting?culture wee now become.

  • Silicon States

    Silicon States

    Greene Lucie  著 Counterpoint 出版 2019/9/10 出版

    named a best book of the year by esquire winner of the 800-ceo-read business book award in current events and public affairs in an era when faith in government and its institutions is quickly eroding the businesses of silicon valley are stepping in to fill the gap. with outsize supplies of cash talent and ambition a small group of corporations have been gradually seizing leadershipnd consumer confidenceround the world. in silicon states renowned futurist and celebrated international think-tank leader lucie greene offers an unparalleled look at the players promises and potential problems of big tech. through interviews with corporate leaders influential venture capitalists scholars journalists activists and more greene explores the tension inherent in silicon valley’s global influence. if these companies can invent a social network how might they soon transform our political and health-care systems? if they can revolutionize the cell phone what might they do for space travel education or the housing market? as silicon valley faces increased scrutiny over its mistreatment of women cultural shortcomings and its role in widespread russian election interference we are learning where its interests truly lie and about the great power these companies wield over an unsuspecting citizenry. while the promise of technology is seductive it is important to understand these corporations’ possible impacts on our political and socioeconomic institutions. greene emphasizes that before we hand our future over to a rarefied group of companies we should examine the world they might build and confront its benefits prejudices and inherent flaws. silicon states pushes us to ask if ultimately this is the future we really want.

  • The Secret World

    The Secret World

    Andrew Christopher  著 Yale Univ Pr 出版 2019/9/10 出版

    “the first global history of intelligence remarkable for its scope and delightful for its unpredictable comparisons.—richard j. aldrich tls

  • Stolen


    Blakeley Grace  著 Baker & Taylor Books 出版 2019/9/10 出版

    a readable polemic on the growing dominance of the finance industry over the uk economy and what the left can do to challenge it.the last time there had been run a on a british bank was 1886 when overend gurney and company folded after their appeals to the bank of england for support fell on deaf ears. then in 2008 on the brink of collapse after lending too much money to mortgage-hungry customers northern rock was saved in the largest bank bail-out in history. but why over one hundred years later did the bank of england change tack and intervene?the answer is that in the years between 1886 and 2008 the uk economy had transformed and was now more reliant on banks than ever before -- without them almost every area of economic activity would have ground to a halt. this signifies a fundamental change in the uk’s economic model and this fundamental change has a name: financialization.stolen tells the story of how and why this financialization occurred what it means for our society and politics and what the left can do to fight it. at present the odds are stacked against labour and in favour of finance capital. but what follows it will be determined by which group -- the many or the few -- manages to take power in this moment of crisis. how we understand this moment and what we do with it will determine the course of the future.

  • Who Killed Civil Society?

    Who Killed Civil Society?

    Husock Howard A.  著 Encounter Books 出版 2019/9/10 出版

    as the u.s. struggles with a range of social issueshether the opioid epidemic criminal violence or low education achievementill look to government to address the problems. in who killed civil society? howard husock argues that government can do many things well for the disadvantageduch as providing for basic needs through financial support. but it does not do well in encouraging healthy norms and character despite the rise of a social service state on which the country spends billions. husock argues that the promotion of healthy norms must be the work of civil societys it had been historically. the book tells the story of how that changednd is changing backhrough the prism of six key historical figures: charles loring brace founder of the children’s aid society jane addams founder of hull house mary richmond a social work pioneer grace abbott of the federal children’s bureau wilbur cohen of the department of health education and welfare and geoffrey canada founder of the harlem children’s zone.

  • Transaction Man

    Transaction Man

    Lemann Nicholas  著 Baker & Taylor Books 出版 2019/9/10 出版

    over the last generation the united states has undergone seismic changes. stable institutions have given way to frictionless transactions which are celebrated no matter what collateral damage they generate. the concentration of great wealth has coincided with the fraying of social ties and the rise of inequality. how did all this come about?in transaction man nicholas lemann explains the united states?and the worldreat transformation by examining three remarkable individuals who epitomized and helped create their eras. adolf berle franklin delano roosevelt chief theorist of the economy imagined a society dominated by large corporations which a newly powerful federal government had forced to become benign and stable institutions contributing to the public good by offering stable employment and generous pensions. by the 1970s the corporations?large stockholders grew restive under this regime and their chief theoretician harvard business school michael jensen insisted that firms should maximize shareholder value whatever the consequences. today silicon valley titans such as the linkedin cofounder and venture capitalist reid hoffman hope etworks?can reknit our social fabric.lemann interweaves these fresh and vivid profiles with a history of the morgan stanley investment bank from the 1930s through the financial crisis of 2008 while also tracking the rise and fall of a working-class chicago neighborhood and the family-run car dealerships at its heart. incisive and sweeping transaction man is the definitive account of the reengineering of americaith enormous consequences for all of us.

  • The Green New Deal

    The Green New Deal

    Rifkin Jeremy  著 Baker & Taylor Books 出版 2019/9/10 出版

    an urgent workable plan to confront climate change and transform america’s economy for a post-fossil fuel world from the new york times bestselling author of the third industrial revolution a new vision for america future is quickly gaining momentum. the green new deal has caught fire in activist circles and become a central focus in the national conversation setting the agenda for a new political movement that will likely transform the entire us and world economy. although the details remain to be hashed out it has inspired the millennial generation now the largest voting bloc in the country to lead america on the issue of climate change.while the green new deal has become an overnight sensation it takes on added weight in lieu of a parallel movement within the global business community that is going to shake the very foundation of society over the next several years. behind the scenes the key sectors that make up the infrastructure of the global economy are quickly decoupling from fossil fuels and recoupling with solar and wind energies that are now near parity in cost and soon to be far cheaper. new studies are sounding the alarm about the prospect of 100 trillion dollars in stranded assets as the economy abandons the old energies of the twentieth century for the new cheaper green energies of the twenty-first century creating a carbon bubble that is likely to burst by 2028eading to the collapse of the fossil fuel civilization. this great disruption is occurring because the marketplace is speaking. every government will have to follow the market or face the consequences. governments that lead in the scale-up of a new zero carbon green infrastructure and create the new business opportunities and employment that accompany it will stay ahead of the curve. governments that fail to lead will be doomed. in the green new deal new york times bestselling author and renowned economic and social theorist jeremy rifkin delivers the political narrative technical framework and economic plan for the debate now taking center stage across america. the concurrence of a stranded fossil fuel assets bubble and a green political vision opens up the possibility of a massive global paradigm shift into a post-carbon ecological era hopefully in time to prevent a temperature rise that will tip us over the edge into runaway climate change. with twenty-five years of experience at the forefront of enacting green transitions for both the european union and the people republic of china rifkin offers his indispensable wisdom in a blueprint for how to transform the global economy and save life on earth.

  • State of Resistance

    State of Resistance

    Pastor Manuel  著 New Pr 出版 2019/9/3 出版

    a leading sociologist’s brilliant revelatory argument that the future of politics work immigration and more can be found in californialauded by james fallows on the front page of the new york times book review as “concise clear and convincing upon its hardcover publication state of resistance makes the case for honestly engaging racial anxiety in order to address our true economic and generational challenges renewing our commitment to public investments cultivating social movements and community organizing and more.once upon a time any mention of california triggered unpleasant remindersof ronald reagan and right-wing tax revolts ballot propositions targeting undocumented immigrants and racist policing that sparked two of the nation’s most devastating riots. in fact california confronted many of the challenges the country faces now—decades before the rest of us.as white residents became a minority and job loss drove economic uncertainty california had its own trump moment twenty-five years ago but has become increasingly blue over each of the last seven presidential elections. today california is leading the way on addressing climate change low-wage work immigrant integration overincarceration and more. pastor expertly reveals how the golden state did it.and as neera tandeen president and ceo of the center for american progress said “state of resistance paints a brilliant picture of how our generation can seize the opportunity to forge a more inclusive just and prosperous america for every family.

  • Represent


    Raphael June DianeBlack Kate  著 Workman Pub Co 出版 2019/9/3 出版

    “over the last few years we’ve seen a remarkable surge of women running for office and even better winning. running takes courage passion and commitment but it also takes books like this. june and kate have created a wonderful resource for women as they think about taking the leap.—hillary rodham clintonturn “can i do this? into “yes i can! join the growing wave of women leaders with represent an energetic interactive and inspiring step-by-step guide showing how to run for the approximately 500000 elected offices in the us. written with humor and honesty by writer comedian actress and activist june diane raphael and kate black former chief of staff at emily’s list represent is structured around a 21-point document called “i’m running for office: the checklist. doubling as a workbook represent covers it all from the nuts and bolts of where to run fundraising and filing deadlines to issues like balancing family and campaigning managing social media and how running for office can work in your real life. with infographics profiles of women politicians and wisdom and advice from women in office this is a must-own for any woman thinking of joining the pink wave.

  • Aftershocks of Disaster

    Aftershocks of Disaster

    Bonilla Yarimar (EDT)Lebr鏮 Marisol (EDT)  著 Haymarket Books 出版 2019/9/3 出版

    the concept of aftershocks is used in the context of earthquakes to describe the jolts felt after the initial quake but no disaster is a singular event. aftershocks of disaster examines the lasting effects of hurricane maria not just the effects of the wind or the rain but delving into what followed: state failure social abandonment capitalization on human misery and the collective trauma produced by the botched response.

  • The New American Revolution

    The New American Revolution

    McEnany Kayleigh  著 Threshold Editions 出版 2019/9/3 出版

    in this essential exploration of the american heartland kayleigh mcenany presents an eye-opening collection of interviews and stories about the powerful grassroots populist movement of frustrated americans left behind by the government that changed the landscape of political campaigns foreverkayleigh mcenany spent months traveling throughout the united states conducting interviews with citizens whose powerful and moving stories were forgotten or intentionally ignored by our leaders. through candid one-on-one conversations they discussed their deeply personal stories and the issues that are most important to them such as illegal immigration safety from terrorist attacks and religious freedom. the new american revolution chronicles both the losses of these grassroots voters as well as their ultimate victory in november 2016. kayleigh also includes interviews with key figures within president trump’s administration—including ivanka trump secretary ben carson jared kushner and many more—and their experiences on the road leading up to president trump’s historic win. kayleigh’s journey takes her from a family cabin in ohio to the empty factories in flint michigan from sunny florida to a texas bbq joint—and of course ends up at the white house. the collective grievance of the american electorate reveals a deep divide between leaders and citizens. during a time of stark political division kayleigh discovers a personal unity and common thread of humanity that binds us nevertheless. through faith in god and unimaginable strength these forgotten men and women have overcome even when their leaders turned their heads. an insightful book about the triumph of this powerful movement the new american revolution is a potent testament to the importance of their message.