• Crossfire Hurricane

    Crossfire Hurricane

    Campbell Josh  著 Algonquin Books 出版 2019/9/17 出版

    from an fbi insider a riveting fly-on-the-wall account of the historic investigation into the trump campaign’s ties to russia and the president’s unprecedented attacks on the bureau—and a passionate defense of the men and women who work every day to uphold democratic institutions and the rule of law. titled after the fbi code name for the initial investigation into the trump campaign’s ties to russia crossfire hurricane chronicles president trump’s relentless attacks on the fbi. josh campbell a career special agent who served under presidents george w. bush barack obama and donald j. trump before resigning from the fbi in february 2018 takes readers behind the scenes of the russia investigation’s earliest days and makes a compelling case that trump’s campaign of attack poses a threat to public safety campbell who has twelve years’ experience working on some of the fbi’s highest-profile operations and is now a national security expert for cnn was special assistant to james comey. using a combination of firsthand experience and reporting from sources still within the bureau he offers an inside perspective into the fbi that will captivate readers struggling to make sense of a news cycle careening out of control.

  • Represent


    Raphael June DianeBlack Kate  著 Workman Pub Co 出版 2019/9/3 出版

    “over the last few years we’ve seen a remarkable surge of women running for office and even better winning. running takes courage passion and commitment but it also takes books like this. june and kate have created a wonderful resource for women as they think about taking the leap.—hillary rodham clintonturn “can i do this? into “yes i can! join the growing wave of women leaders with represent an energetic interactive and inspiring step-by-step guide showing how to run for the approximately 500000 elected offices in the us. written with humor and honesty by writer comedian actress and activist june diane raphael and kate black former chief of staff at emily’s list represent is structured around a 21-point document called “i’m running for office: the checklist. doubling as a workbook represent covers it all from the nuts and bolts of where to run fundraising and filing deadlines to issues like balancing family and campaigning managing social media and how running for office can work in your real life. with infographics profiles of women politicians and wisdom and advice from women in office this is a must-own for any woman thinking of joining the pink wave.

  • Official Secrets

    Official Secrets

    Mitchell MarciaMitchell Thomas  著 Baker & Taylor Books 出版 2019/8/20 出版

    soon to be a major motion picture starring keira knightley matt smith ralph fiennes and matthew goodefeaturing a new introduction from the author

  • Introduction to Policing

    Introduction to Policing

    written and extensively updated by an author team that includes former and current law enforcement officers introduction to policing focuses on the thought-provoking contemporary issues that underscore the challenging and rewarding world of policing. the authors skillfully balance research and practice to offer readers an overview of both the foundations of policing and the expanded role of today’s police officers. evolving with the modern realities of the field the fourth edition discusses major new and ongoing impactful events such as the political shift marked by the u.s. presidential election of 2016 and expanded coverage of women and minorities in policing. the accessible and engaging writing style coupled with unique coverage of the issues of policing in multicultural communities the impact of technology on policing and policing strategies and procedures make this bestselling book a must-have.

  • Burning Up

    Burning Up

    Pirani Simon  著 Baker & Taylor Books 出版 2018/8/15 出版

    coal gas and oil have powered our societies for hundreds of years. but the pace at which we use them changed dramatically in the twentieth century: of all the fossil fuels ever consumed more than half were burnt up in the past fifty years alone the vast majority of that within a single generation. most worrying of all this dramatic acceleration has occurred against the backdrop of an increasingly unanimous scientific consensus: that their environmental impact is devastating and potentially irreversible.             in burning up simon pirani recounts the history of the relentless rise of fossil fuels in the past half century and lays out the ways in which the expansion of the global capitalist economy has driven it forward. dispelling common explanations that foreground western consumerism as well as arguments about unsustainable population growth pirani offers instead an insightful intervention in what is arguably the crisis of our time.

  • Termites of the State

    Termites of the State

    Tanzi Vito  著 Baker & Taylor Books 出版 2017/12/31 出版
  • The Swamp

    The Swamp

    Bolling Eric  著 Baker & Taylor Books 出版 2017/6/27 出版

    when washington d.c. was first built it was on top of a swamp that had to be drained. donald trump says it’s time to drain it again. in the swamp bestselling author and fox news channel host eric bolling presents an infuriating amusing revealing and outrageous history of american politics past and present republican and democrat. from national political scandals to tempests in a teapot that blew up; bribery blackmail bullying and backroom deals that contradicted public policies; cronyism that cost taxpayers hundreds upon hundreds of millions of dollars; and personal conduct that can only be described as regrettable the swamp is a journey downriver through the bayous and marshes of capitol hill and foggy bottom. the presidential election of 2016 was ugly but it exposed a political media industry and elite establishment that desperately wanted to elect a politician who received millions of dollars from terror-funding states over a businessman willing to tell the corrupt or incompetent oue fired.?/pthe book concludes with a series of recommendations for president trump: practical hard-headed and concise ways to drain the swamp and force washington to be more transparent more accountable and more effective in how it serves those who have elected its politicians and pay the bills for their decisions.last year president trump declared wake up america to be a huge book; eric bolling’s second book is sure to build on that success. entertaining and timely the swamp is the perfect book for today’s political climate.

  • On Western Terrorism

    On Western Terrorism

    Chomsky Noam  著 Baker & Taylor Books 出版 2017/4/15 出版

    admired by some condemned by others and feared by allhe military might of the west is undeniably colossal. in on western terrorism world-renowned intellectual noam chomsky discusses western power and propaganda with filmmaker and investigative journalist andre vltchek. it offers the perfect introduction to chomsky significant political thought and provides an accessible approach for anyone who wishes to better understand the west fraught role in the world. ?br beginning with stories of the new york newsstand where chomsky started his political education as a teenager the discussion broadens out to encompass colonialism imperial control propaganda the arab spring and drone warfare. chomsky and vltchek offer a powerful critique of the legacy of colonialism touching upon many countries including syria nicaragua cuba china chile and turkey. ?br updated with a fresh design and a new foreword by chomsky on western terrorismemains an influential and powerful critique of the west role in the world inspiring all who read it to think independently and critically.?/div

  • Trump


    Rall Ted  著 Seven Stories Pr 出版 2016/7/26 出版

    real estate billionaire. reality tv star. president?donald trump inherited a fortune from his father. but he wanted more.shrewd and indefatigable he never missed an opportunity to expand his holdings. he transformed himself into an international brand. he marketed his personality into a product. he built an empire. but that wasn’t enough. he wanted to be president and he was willing to do and say whatever it took.donald trump who never held political office pulled off his ultimate acquisition: the hostile takeover of the republican party. everyone was shocked — except those who knew him.

  • Only One Thing Can Save Us

    Only One Thing Can Save Us

    Geoghegan Thomas  著 New Pr 出版 2016/5/3 出版

    is labor’s day over or is labor the only real answer for our time? national book critics circle award finalist and labor lawyer thomas geoghegan argues that even as organized labor seems to be crumbling a revived—but different—labor movement is the only way to stabilize the economy and save the middle class.the inequality reshaping the country goes beyond money and income: the places we work have ever more rigid hierarchies. a “perceptive informed and witty utopian thinker (michael kazin bookforum) geoghegan makes his argument for labor with stories sometimes humorous but more often chilling about the problems working people like his own clients—from cabdrivers to schoolteachers—face increasingly powerless in our union-free economy. he explains why a new kind of labor movement (and not just more higher education) is the real program the democrats should push.written “in the disarming style of a self-deprecating lawyer in a beleaguered field (kim phillips-fein the atlantic) only one thing can save us is vintage geoghegan bearing unparalleled insights into the real dynamics—and human experience—of working in america today.

  • Governing the Commons

    Governing the Commons

    Ostrom Elinor  著 Baker & Taylor Books 出版 2015/9/23 出版
  • No Good Men Among the Living

    No Good Men Among the Living

    Gopal Anand  著 Picador USA 出版 2015/5/5 出版

    a new york times book review notable booka devastating well-honed prosecution detailing how our government bungled the initial salvo in the so-called war on terror ignored attempts by top taliban leaders to surrender trusted the wrong people and backed a feckless and corrupt afghan regime . . . it is ultimately the most compelling account i’ve read of how afghans themselves see the war.?bthe new york times book reviewin a breathtaking chronicle acclaimed journalist anand gopal traces the lives of three afghans caught in america’s war on terror. he follows a taliban commander who rises from scrawny teenager to leading insurgent; a u.s.-backed warlord who uses the american military to gain wealth and power; and a village housewife trapped between the two sides who discovers the devastating cost of neutrality. through their dramatic storiesno good men among the living stunningly lays bare the workings of america’s longest war and the truth behind its prolonged agony.

  • Budgeting and Financial Management for Nonprofit Organizations

    Budgeting and Financial Management for Nonprofit Organizations

    Weikart Lynne A.Chen Greg G./ Sermier Ed  著 Cq Pr 出版 2012/6/19 出版

    in the nonprofit sector money drives mission. well-managed budgets and investments can spur long-term growth and achievement while financial mismanagement can damage or destroy an organization. lynne a. weikart greg g. chen and ed sermiern their exciting new text geared wholly to nonprofitsrovide the financial tools nonprofit managers need to thrive in pursuit of mission success. given the wide array of nonprofit managers’ backgrounds and a common fear of the financials the authors explain financial concepts without leaning unnecessarily on intimidating jargon. the result is a practical accessible resource the prepares the next generation of nonprofit managers in financial planning and analysis as well as conventional and entrepreneurial financial management. grounded in real-world cases and offering plenty of opportunity for application and practice budgeting and financial management for nonprofit organizations helps readers develop a stable fiscal foundation and sound financial strategies for their organizations to prosper in times of economic expansion and contraction.

  • Bombshell


    Bloom Mia  著 Univ of Pennsylvania Pr 出版 2011/9/6 出版

    between 1985 and 2008 female suicide bombers committed more than 230 attacksbout a quarter of all such acts. women have become the ideal stealth weapon for terrorist groups. they are less likely to be suspected or searched and as a result have been used to strike at the heart of coalition troops in iraq and afghanistan. this alarming tactic has been highly effectiv garnering extra media attention and helping to recruit more numbers to the terrorists’ cause. yet as mia bloom explains in bombshell: women and terrorism female involvement in terrorism is not confined to suicide bombing and not limited to the middle east.from northern ireland to sri lanka women have been engaged in all manner of terrorist activities from generating propaganda to blowing up targets. what drives women to participate in terrorist activities? bloom scholar of both international studies and women’s studieslends scrupulous research with psychological insight to unearth affecting stories from women who were formerly terrorists. she moves beyond gender stereotypes to examine the conditions that really influence female violence arguing that while women terrorists can be just as bloodthirsty as their male counterparts their motivations tend to be more intricate and multilayered. through compelling case studies she demonstrates that though some of these women volunteer as martyrs many more have been coerced by physical threats or other means of social control.as evidenced by the march 2011 release of al qaeda’s magazine al shamikha dubbed the jihadi cosmo it is clear that women are the future of even the most conservative terrorist organizations. bombshell is a groundbreaking book that reveals the inner workings of a shocking unfamiliar world.

  • Zombie Capitalism

    Zombie Capitalism

    Harman Chris  著 Haymarket Books 出版 2010/11/16 出版
  • Case Research in Public Management

    Case Research in Public Management

    McNabb David E.  著 M E Sharpe Inc 出版 2010/1/31 出版

    highly readable and non-technical this handbook is designed to help students and non-profit managers gain a working knowledge of the principles and practices of conducting qualitative case study research in public organizations. this book is a motherload of practical and comprehensive guidance to planning conducting analyzing and reporting case research project findings. mcnabb begins with a detailed rationale for the use of the case research approach in public administration non-profit organizations and political science. then it provides step-by-step instructions on how to conduct single-case multicase and meta-analysis research with guidelines on organizing and writing the case report. case research in public management also includes many examples of case studies in a wide range of important topics in public administration including performance management sustainable government technology management security issues emergency and disaster management social and health services infrastructure public transportation and transforming the work of government.

  • Gold Dollars and Power

    Gold Dollars and Power

    Gavin Francis J.  著 Univ of North Carolina Pr 出版 2007/11/1 出版

    how are we to understand the politics of international monetary relations since the end of world war ii? exploiting recently declassified documents from both the united states and europe and employing economic analysis and international relations theory francis gavin offers a compelling reassessment of the bretton woods system of fixed exchange rates and dollar-gold convertibility.gavin demonstrates that contrary to the conventional wisdom bretton woods was a highly politicized system that was prone to crisis and required constant intervention and controls to continue functioning. more important postwar monetary relations were not a salve to political tensions as is often contended. in fact the politicization of the global payments system allowed nations to use monetary coercion to achieve political and security ends causing deep conflicts within the western alliance. for the first time gavin reveals how these rifts dramatically affected u.s. political and military strategy during a dangerous period of the cold war.

  • The Road to Serfdom

    The Road to Serfdom

    Hayek Friedrich A. VonCaldwell Bruce  著 Univ of Chicago Pr 出版 2007/3/15 出版

    an unimpeachable classic work in political philosophy intellectual and cultural history and economics the road to serfdom has inspired and infuriated politicians scholars and general readers for half a century. originally published in 1944—when eleanor roosevelt supported the efforts of stalin and albert einstein subscribed lock stock and barrel to the socialist program—the road to serfdom was seen as heretical for its passionate warning against the dangers of state control over the means of production. for f. a. hayek the collectivist idea of empowering government with increasing economic control would lead not to a utopia but to the horrors of nazi germany and fascist italy.first published by the university of chicago press on september 18 1944 the road to serfdom garnered immediate widespread attention. the first printing of 2000 copies was exhausted instantly and within six months more than 30000 books were sold. in april 1945 reader’s digest published a condensed version of the book and soon thereafter the book-of-the-month club distributed this edition to more than 600000 readers. a perennial best seller the book has sold 400000 copies in the united states alone and has been translated into more than twenty languages along the way becoming one of the most important and influential books of the century.with this new edition the road to serfdom takes its place in the series the collected works of f. a. hayek.  the volume includes a foreword by series editor and leading hayek scholar bruce caldwell explaining the book’s origins and publishing history and assessing common misinterpretations of hayek’s thought.  caldwell has also standardized and corrected hayek’s references and added helpful new explanatory notes.  supplemented with an appendix of related materials ranging from prepublication reports on the initial manuscript to forewords to earlier editions by john chamberlain milton friedman and hayek himself this new edition of the road to serfdom will be the definitive version of hayek’s enduring masterwork.

  • After Net Neutrality

    After Net Neutrality

    Pickard VictorBerman David Elliot  著 Yale Univ Pr 出版 2019/10/29 出版

    a provocative analysis of net neutrality and a call to democratize online communication this short book is both a primer that explains the history and politics of net neutrality and an argument for a more equitable framework for regulating the internet. pickard and berman argue that we should see access to the internet no longer as a commodity but as a public good necessary for sustaining democratic society in the twenty-first century. they aim to reframe the threat to net neutrality as more than a manichean conflict between content providers like netflix and internet service providers like comcast but as part of the much wider project to commercialize the public sphere and undermine the free speech essential for democracy. readers will come away with a better understanding of the key concepts underpinning the net neutrality battle and rallying points for future action to democratize online communication.