• Limitless Mind

    Limitless Mind

    Boaler Jo  著 Harperone 出版 2019/9/3 出版

    in this revolutionary book a professor of education at stanford university and acclaimed math educator who has spent decades studying the impact of beliefs and bias on education reveals the six keys to unlocking learning potential based on the latest scientific findings.for decades it was accepted wisdom that the range of our intellectual abilities were limited by our genetics. this presumption guided our understanding of learning. even the simple idea that we are either good or bad at a skill such as math has been ingrained at a young age. these damaging—and as modern science has revealed false—beliefs have influenced each one of us at some time often limiting our choices and perhaps ultimately our futures. jo boaler an acclaimed educator at stanford university has spent decades studying about how individuals learn. in this groundbreaking book she reveals the new science of learning that will unlock the way we see ourselves and the potential of those around us. drawing from a series of studies involving thousands of students in the us and england as well as her years of primary research—carefully observing the most effective way to help people change from low to high achievers—and backed by the latest neurological science boaler offers six keys crucial to unlocking learning potential:the brain is not fixed and is capable of learning and growing regardless of age.mistakes and challenges increase and strengthen our neural pathways and accelerate our ability to understand and learn.our own beliefs change the potential of what we can achieve.learning through a multiplicity of approaches to content fosters improved learning.speed learning is a poor measure of aptitude and is not conducive to deep and sustained understanding.collaboration and connection on any skill or discipline is a highly effective tool for learning. these six keys are not just about learning more powerfully—they are about empowerment: knowing you are good enough that failure is an opportunity and that life can be lived differently. limitless mind will radically transform our notions of education and learning giving us the freedom to see ourselves and the world differently.

  • Psychological Research and Statistical Analysis

    Psychological Research and Statistical Analysis

    Mcbride Dawn M.Cutting J. Cooper  著 Sage Pubns 出版 2019/8/20 出版

    lab manual for psychological research and statistical analysis serves as an additional resource for students and instructors in a research methods statistics or combined course where classroom and/or laboratory exercises are conducted. dawn m. mcbride and j. cooper cutting provide students with additional opportunities for practice in a course with challenging material that requires practice and repetition for deeper understanding.

  • The Process of Research and Statistical Analysis in Psychology

    The Process of Research and Statistical Analysis in Psychology

    Mcbride Dawn M.  著 Sage Pubns 出版 2019/8/20 出版

    the process of research and statistical analysis in psychology presents integrated coverage of psychological research methods and statistical analysis to illustrate how these two crucial processes work together to uncover new information. best-selling author dawn m. mcbride draws on over 20 years of experience using a practical step-by-step approach in her teaching to guide readers through the full process of designing conducting and presenting a research study. the text opens with introductory discussions of why psychologists conduct and analyze research before digging into the process of designing an experiment and performing statistical analyses. each chapter concludes with exercises and activities that promote critical thinking the smart consumption of research and practical application. readers will come away with a complete picture of the role that research plays in psychology as well as their everyday lives.

  • Clinician’s Thesaurus

    Clinician’s Thesaurus

    Zuckerman Edward L. Ph.D.  著 Guilford Pubn 出版 2019/4/22 出版

    hundreds of thousands of students and early-career professionals have relied on this authoritative report-writing tool now updated for dsm-5/icd-10-cm and newer types of evaluations. in a convenient large-size format with lay-flat binding the book covers nearly all areas of concern addressed in intakes evaluations treatment plans progress notes and closing summaries. the user seeking the right wording for a clinical document can skim and select from thousands of technical terms behavioral descriptors and standard statements. also provided are interview questions for almost every symptomatic behavior a huge collection of mental status questions a reproducible mental status evaluation summary form and links to hundreds of internet resources. the periodically updated companion website offers all the urls from the book the reproducible forms and a handy reference on current psychiatric medications.   new to this edition *a unique list of all psychiatric icd-10 diagnoses (all of the codes in dsm-5 plus many more) including z codes essential to a comprehensive biopsychosocial evaluation. *sample evaluation report keyed to the book’s chapters. *sections on additional clinical issues: intimate partner violence gender identity human trafficking recovery-oriented language and more. *many more internet links including a wide variety of screening and assessment tools.   see also the paper office for the digital age fifth edition by edward l. zuckerman and keely kolmes which provides the essential recordkeeping and risk-reduction tools that every psychotherapy practice needs.

  • Integrating Multiculturalism and Intersectionality into the Psychology Curriculum

    Integrating Multiculturalism and Intersectionality into the Psychology Curriculum

    multicultural and intersectional aspects of identity are crucial components of human psychology. yet properly teaching and accounting for these factors in psychology courses can be a challenge. this comprehensive book provides instructors with practical guidance for incorporating multicultural perspectives into their courses and creating more welcoming and inclusive classrooms. the contributors are experienced instructors of graduate and undergraduate courses who describe effective teaching strategies activities and assignments that encourage students to contribute their viewpoints learn from each other challenge their own biases and expand their worldviews.   chapters examine specific sociocultural groups based on gender ethnicity religious beliefs sexual orientation and socioeconomic and ability status. authors discuss these topics using an intersectional approach recognizing that individuals are complex beings who are members of multiple groups and whose overlapping identities influence their development social relationships and worldviews. other chapters offer recommendations for integrating multiculturalism into core psychology courses including introduction to psychology classes which are most undergraduate students’ only exposure to psychology.

  • Apa Handbook of Psychopharmacology

    Apa Handbook of Psychopharmacology

    the apa handbook of psychopharmacology provides a comprehensive working knowledge of basic pharmacology and psychopharmacology examines the utility of pharmacotherapy for addressing different dimensions of human suffering and highlights the broader professional and social issues surrounding this work in a language that is suitable for a broad readership. this 33-chapter handbook is designed as a library reference that captures the most current research to date on pharmacotherapy strategies for addressing emotional and behavioral conditions as an informative guide for educators and students to strengthen their understanding of the scientific and professional issues associated with the field of psychopharmacology and as an invaluable desk reference for both researchers and practicing clinicians. chapters cover fundamental principles of pharmacology and psychopharmacology; psychopharmacology for the treatment of psychological disorders substance use disorders and addiction; and issues pertaining to professional training policy and industry. most chapters include a tool kit of resources providing recommended references that clinicians can use in practice and as educational and teaching tools to stay abreast of the latest developments on the pharmacological treatments for each disorder.  

  • Research Methods for the Behavioral Sciences + Student Study Guide With IBM SPSS Workbook

    Research Methods for the Behavioral Sciences + Student Study Guide With IBM SPSS Workbook

    Privitera Gregory J.  著 Sage Pubns 出版 2019/3/1 出版

    this bundle includes privitera: research methods for the behavioral sciences 3e (hardcover) and privitera: student study guide with ibm® spss® workbook for research methods for the behavioral sciences 3e (paperback).

  • Research Methods for the Behavioral Sciences

    Research Methods for the Behavioral Sciences

    Privitera Gregory J.  著 Sage Pubns 出版 2019/2/26 出版

    the student study guide with ibm® spss® workbook for research methods for the behavioral sciences third edition by gregory j. privitera includes a review of chapter learning objectives chapter summaries and tips and cautions. to help students practice their skills the guide offers quizzes and exercises accompanied by answers keys; spss in focus exercises with general instructions complement those in privitera’s main text research methods for the behavioral sciences third edition.

  • Research Methods for the Behavioral Sciences

    Research Methods for the Behavioral Sciences

    Privitera Gregory J.  著 Sage Pubns 出版 2019/2/5 出版

    both comprehensive and clear research methods for the behavioral sciences third edition by author gregory j. privitera employs a problem-focused approach to introduce research methods. a conversational writing tone speaks toearnersirectly.hile privitera empowers students to view research methods as something they are capable of understanding and applying. within each chapter students draw conclusions by following the scientific process. to do enable this privitera fully integrates the research methods decision treerom choosing a research design to choosing an appropriate statistico encourage students to select the most appropriate methodology for the research question they’re seeking to answer. privitera covers the full scope of methodologies from non-experimental to quasi-experimental toxperimental in a straightforward non-biased manner.

  • A Guide to Effective Studying and Learning

    A Guide to Effective Studying and Learning

    in contrast with other texts in the field which offer advice based on intuition or opinion a guide to effective studying and learning is the first text of its kind to be based on learning research. covering understanding innovation creativity and collaboration & teamwork this practical guide introduces readers to the actual science of learning. it uses demonstrations to help students understand how recommended techniques actually work and short format and action lists to show them how to apply the science to their own learning.

  • Scientific Writing for Psychology

    Scientific Writing for Psychology

    Kail Robert V.  著 Sage Pubns 出版 2019/1/1 出版

    in the revised second edition of scientific writing for psychology veteran teacher author and editor rob kail provides straightforward and hands-on strategies for effective scientific writing. in a series of seven lessons that have each been extensively class-tested kail provides writing instructionnterspersed with exercises and activities. the lessonsove from the basics of writing clearly and conciselyhrough the steps of creating a full research report with a discussion of findings. this guidebook emphasizes the importance ofriting effectively for today’s students.

  • The Psychology of High Performance

    The Psychology of High Performance

    this volume explores how early potential develops into high performance in five domains: sport (specifically golf and team sports) the professions (medicine software engineering and professional teams) academics (mathematics and psychology) the performing arts (dance and acting) and the producing arts (culinary arts and drawing/painting). the chapters address many questions: what does “raw potential in a specific domain looks like?  how can those abilities be nurtured and grown and what psychosocial skills are necessary for this development?  the psychology of high performance examines similarities and differences within and between domains and includes several personal interviews with “gatekeepers—experts in a field whose professional judgment determines whether individuals’ developed abilities are good investments for further instruction and coaching.  with its mix of scholarship and personal interviews this book brings new insights based on psychological science and best practice to inform educators parents coaches and psychologists guiding young people on their path to becoming high performers.  

  • Reporting Qualitative Research in Psychology

    Reporting Qualitative Research in Psychology

    Levitt Heidi M.  著 Amer Psychological Assn 出版 2018/12/11 出版

    this book shows researchers how to use the american psychological association’s journal article reporting standards for qualitative research (jars--qual) mixed methods article reporting standards (mmars)---which blend qualitative and quantitative methods---and the qualitative meta-analysis reporting standards (qmars). these standards provide much-needed sets of criteria to guide researchers from diverse traditions of inquiry as well as journal editors reviewers and students. they present the critical elements of a qualitative study that researchers need to report including design choices participant recruitment strategies data analysis procedures and the significance of the results.   author heidi levitt explains the purpose and function of these standards helping researchers strengthen the impact of their work. the book is relevant for varied qualitative methods and includes examples from apa journal articles to illustrate how writers can tailor their reporting style based on their methodologies and goals. levitt also details other key aspects of reporting qualitative research such as how to establish a study’s methodological integrity by demonstrating its fidelity to the subject matter and the utility of its research contributions.

  • Apa Handbook of Contemporary Family Psychology

    Apa Handbook of Contemporary Family Psychology

    edited and authored by leaders in the field this comprehensive three-volume set lays a solid foundation for integrating theory research practice and policy in contemporary family psychology.

  • The Handbook of Multilevel Theory Measurement and Analysis

    The Handbook of Multilevel Theory Measurement and Analysis

    this handbook provides guidance to organizational and social science scholars interested in pursuing multilevel research. organizational relationships are complex. employees do their work as individuals but also as members of larger teams. they exist within various social networks both within and spanning organizations. multilevel theory is at the core of the organizational sciences and unpacking multilevel relationships is fundamental to the challenges faced within these disciplines. yet guidance about how to pursue multilevel research has often been siloed within subdomains. in this book prominent experts on multilevel research guide scholars in the social and behavioral sciences who wish to consider the implications that multilevel research may have for their work. although the majority of contributors to this handbook have backgrounds in the organizational sciences the chapters are accessible to researchers from a wide array disciplines including but not limited to communication education sociology psychology and management.  

  • Evaluating Research in Academic Journals

    Evaluating Research in Academic Journals

    Pyrczak FredTcherni-buzzeo Maria  著 Routledge 出版 2018/10/17 出版

    evaluating research in academic journals is a guide for students who are learning how to evaluate reports of empirical research published in academic journals. it breaks down the process of evaluating a journal article into easy-to-understand steps and emphasizes the practical aspects of evaluating research ?not just how to apply a list of technical terms from textbooks.the book avoids oversimplification in the evaluation process by describing the nuances that may make an article publishable even when it has serious methodological flaws. students learn when and why certain types of flaws may be tolerated and why evaluation should not be performed mechanically.each chapter is organized around evaluation questions. for each question there is a concise explanation of how to apply it in the evaluation of research reports. numerous examples from journals in the social and behavioral sciences illustrate the application of the evaluation questions and demonstrate actual examples of strong and weak features of published reports. common-sense models for evaluation combined with a lack of jargon make it possible for students to start evaluating research articles the first week of class. new to this editionnew chapters on:evaluating mixed methods research evaluating systematic reviews and meta-analysesprogram evaluation researchupdated chapters and appendices that provide more comprehensive information and recent examplesfull new online resources: test bank questions and powerpoint slides for instructors and self-test chapter quizzes further readings and additional journal examples for students.

  • Eppp Fundamentals Step One

    Eppp Fundamentals Step One

    Klee Anne S. Ph.D. (EDT)Moore Bret A. (EDT)  著 Springer Pub Co 出版 2018/9/20 出版

    aimed at helping students master the final hurdle to becoming a licensed certified psychologist the second edition of this authoritative content review for the eppp is expanded to include 20% more content the dsm-5 contributions from esteemed new authors and an easily navigable mobile app to enhance test-taking skills. additional practice questions along with well-honed test-taking strategies further facilitate exam success.written by expert professors training directors and practitioners in each subject area this affordable resource includes over 320 sample questions in the eight content areas that will be included on the exam. the guide goes beyond merely eaching the test?with rote memorization by addressing content in a stepwise narrative and review format. questions are included at the end of each chapter to help students gauge mastery of all subject matter.new to the second edition:expanded with 20% more contentincludes detailed and updated diagnostic criteria from dsm-5offers contributions by esteemed new authorsdelivers additional practice questions randomized for better command of contentupdates clinical practice content and theoretical advancementsincludes app for practice anywhere anytime on your mobile device or web browser! (ios android and the web with a powerful simple-to-use interface)app includes all the high-quality content from the book and over 320 practice questions with detailed results showing your strength and weaknesseskey features:presents an in-depth comprehensive content review that goes beyond eaching the test?/liprovides 320+ q&as with rationaleswritten and edited by leading scholars and directors of traininghighlights test-taking strategiesincludes key points to remember and recommended readings for more in-depth studymirrors how doctoral-level courses are commonly taught

  • Graduate Study in Psychology 2019

    Graduate Study in Psychology 2019

    graduate study in psychology is the best source of information related to graduate programs in psychology and provides information related to approximately 600 graduate programs in psychology in the u.s. and canada.  graduate study in psychology 2019 edition contains information about the number of applications received by a program; the number of individuals accepted in each program; dates for applications and admission; types of information required for an application (gre scores letters of recommendation documentation concerning volunteer or clinical experience etc.); in-state and out-of-state tuition costs; availability of internships and scholarships; employment information of graduates; orientation and emphasis of departments and programs; plus other relevant information.

  • Methods in Psychological Research

    Methods in Psychological Research

    Rooney Bryan J.Evans Annabel Ness  著 Sage Pubns 出版 2018/8/25 出版

    methods in psychological research introduces students to the rich world of research in psychology through student-friendly writing compelling real-world examples and frequent opportunities for practice. using a relaxed yet supportive tone that eases student anxiety authors bryan j. rooney and annabel ness evans present a mixture of conceptual and practical discussions and spark reader interest in research by covering meaningful topics that resonate with today’s students. in-text features like conceptual exercises fyi sections and faq sections with accompanying visual cues support learning throughout the research experience. the fourth edition equips students with the tools they need to understand research concepts conduct their own experiments and present their findings.