• The Open Boat and Other Stories

    The Open Boat and Other Stories

    Crane StephenColacci David (NRT)  著 Blackstone Audio Inc 出版 2019/6/25 出版 有聲CD

    the open boat and other stories features four prized selections by stephen crane recognized by modern critics as one of the most innovative writers of his generation. he open boat?is based on a harrowing incident in the author life: the 1897 sinking of a ship on which he was a passenger; he blue hotel?and he bride comes to yellow sky?reflect crane early travels in mexico and the american southwest; and the novella maggie: a girl of the streets is a galvanizing portrait of life in the slums of new york city.

  • The Triumph of the Egg(有聲CD)

    The Triumph of the Egg(有聲CD)

    the triumph of the egg is a fictional panorama of a great region of our country unfolded by a writer who-to quote the new york times-depicts life in the midwest as dostoievski pictured the many colored life of russia with almost as wonderful a touch of genius with a more concentrated and daring skill.this coveted 1921 collection is an example of what a book of stories can be when a writer of vision deals with the materials of american life.

  • The Open Boat and Other Stories(有聲CD)

    The Open Boat and Other Stories(有聲CD)

    Crane Stephen  著 Blackstone Audio Inc 出版 2019/6/25 出版 有聲CD

    the open boat and other stories features four prized selections by stephen crane recognized by modern critics as one of the most innovative writers of his generation. the open boat is based on a harrowing incident in the author’s life: the 1897 sinking of a ship on which he was a passenger; the blue hotel and the bride comes to yellow sky reflect crane’s early travels in mexico and the american southwest; and the novella maggie: a girl of the streets is a galvanizing portrait of life in the slums of new york city.

  • The Journal I Did Not Keep

    The Journal I Did Not Keep

    Segal Lore  著 Melville House Pub 出版 2019/6/25 出版

    a definitive look at one of our most influential writers—including new and never-before-collected work admired for “a voice unlike any other (cynthia ozick) and a style both “wry and poignant (the new yorker) lore segal long ago established herself as a masterful literary stylist. selecting from her essays novels new yorker stories and more this volume is a feast for fiction and memoir lovers alike — and a glorious opportunity to savor her distinctive body of work over the course of a long career.

  • Brothers Grimm Short Stories

    Brothers Grimm Short Stories

    Brothers GrimmZipes Jack David (FRW)  著 Baker & Taylor Books 出版 2019/6/24 出版

    originally published in 1812 the fairy tales collected by the brothers grimm are malevolent and dark and certainly not for the faint-hearted. this book features some of the lesser-known stories alongside favourites like snow white rapunzel rumpelstiltskin and hansel and gretel.

  • And Cannot Come Again

    And Cannot Come Again

    Bestwick SimonCampbell Ramsey (INT)  著 Baker & Taylor Books 出版 2019/6/18 出版

    one of the most accomplished and eloquent british horror writers is simon bestwick and here is a feast of his work.rom ramsey campbell introduction funny frightening and moving the stories in simon bestwick new collection explores how our childhoods mark us our regrets haunt us and how our innocence is sometimes lostnd sometimes taken away. a young policewoman is drawn into a dreadful bargain. murdered girls walk the streets of manchester beside their still-living friends. tormented children call on an urban legend for help and the events of a long-ago summer and first love return with lethal consequences for four childhood friends. all this and more besides in these fifteen short stories and novelettes from the author of the faceless and the feast of all souls.

  • Your Duck Is My Duck

    Your Duck Is My Duck

    Eisenberg Deborah  著 Ecco Pr 出版 2019/6/18 出版

    a much-anticipated collection of brilliantly observant short stories from one of the great american masters of the form.at times raucously hilarious at times charming and delightful at times as solemn and mysterious as a pond at midnight deborah eisenberg’s stories gently compel us to confront the most disturbing truths about ourselves—from our intimate lives as lovers parents and children to our equally troubling roles as citizens on a violent terrifying planet.each of the six stories in your duck is my duck her first collection since 2006 has the heft and complexity of a novel. with her own inexorable but utterly unpredictable logic and her almost uncanny ability to conjure the strange states of mind and emotion that constitute our daily consciousness eisenberg pulls us as if by gossamer threads through her characters—a tormented woman whose face determines her destiny; a group of film actors shocked to read a book about their past; a privileged young man who unexpectedly falls into a love affair with a human rights worker caught up in an all-consuming quest that he doesn’t understand.in eisenberg’s world the forces of money sex and power cannot be escaped and the force of history whether confronted or denied cannot be evaded. no one writes better about time tragedy and grief and the indifferent but beautiful universe around us.

  • Song for the Unraveling of the World

    Song for the Unraveling of the World

    Evenson Brian  著 Coffee House Pr 出版 2019/6/11 出版

    a newborn absent face appears on the back of someone else head a filmmaker goes to gruesome lengths to achieve the silence he after for his final scene and a therapist begins impossibly to appear in a troubled patient’s room late at night. in these stories of doubt delusion and paranoia no belief no claim to objectivity is immune to the distortions of human perception. here self-deception is a means of justifying our most inhuman impulseshether we know it or not.

  • At the End of the Century

    At the End of the Century

    Jhabvala Ruth PrawerDesai Anita (INT)  著 Counterpoint 出版 2019/6/11 出版

    to read ruth prawer jhabvala is to regard the human heart through a magnifying glass. laire luchette o the oprah magazinemultilayered subtle insightful short stories from the inimitable booker prizeinning author with an introduction by anita desainobody has written so powerfully of the relationship between and within india and the western middle classes than ruth prawer jhabvala. in this selection of stories chosen by her surviving family her ability to tenderly and humorously view the situations faced by three (sometimes interacting) culturesuropean post-independence indian and americans never more acute.in  course of english studies?a young woman arrives at oxford from india and struggles to adapt not only to the sad stoic object of her infatuation but also to a country that seems so resistant to passion and color. in the wrenching xpiation?the blind unconditional love of a cloth shop owner for his wastrel younger brother exposes the tragic beauty and foolishness of human compassion and faith. the wry and triumphant agans?brings us middle-aged sisters brigitte and frankie in los angeles who discover a youthful sexuality in the company of the languid and handsome young indian shoki. this collection also includes jhabvala last story he judge will?which appeared in the new yorker just before her death in 2013. the profound inner experience of both men and women is at the center of jhabvala writing: she rivals jane austen with her impeccable powers of observation. with an introduction by her friend the writer anita desai at the end of the century celebrates a writer astonishing lifetime gift for language and leaves us with no doubt of ruth prawer jhabvala unique place in modern literature.

  • Someone Who Will Love You in All Your Damaged Glory

    Someone Who Will Love You in All Your Damaged Glory

    Bob-waksberg- Raphael  著 Alfred a Knopf Inc 出版 2019/6/11 出版

    from the creator and executive producer of the beloved and universally acclaimed television series bojack horseman a fabulously off-beat collection of short stories about love--the best and worst thing in the universewritten with all the scathing dark humor that is a hallmark of bojack horseman raphael bob-waksberg’s stories will make readers laugh weep and shiver in uncomfortably delicious recognition. in a most blessed and auspicious occasion a young couple planning a wedding is forced to deal with interfering relatives dictating the appropriate number of ritual goat sacrifices. missed connection--m4w is the tragicomic tale of a pair of lonely commuters eternally failing to make that longed-for contact. the members of a rock band in up-and-comers discover they suddenly have superpowers--but only when they’re drunk. and in the serial monogamist’s guide to important new york city landmarks a woman maps her history of romantic failures based on the places she and her significant others visited together.equally at home with the surreal and the painfully relatable (or both at once) bob-waksberg delivers a killer combination of humor romance whimsy cultural commentary and crushing emotional vulnerability. the resulting collection is a punchy perfect bloody valentine.

  • Meteorites


    Paul Julie  著 Baker & Taylor Books 出版 2019/6/4 出版

    a young man takes his father to hawaii even though he been dead for months. an organ player won let her newly amputated arm stand in the way of sunday duties. a grad student decides to take the fate of a homeless man into his own hands. a couple of criminals new to rural living find their idyllic life in jeopardy when nature strikes back. a stepdaughter moves in a brother goes missing and twins fall in love with the same girl. in meteorites julie paul third collection of short fiction characters are taken by surprise and must react and recover from what entered their lives unbidden. ghosts giant animals artists impostersoul meet them here in these captivating stories of family dynamics and frailty loss and atonement faith and redemption.

  • Send More Tourists - the Last Ones Were Delicious

    Send More Tourists - the Last Ones Were Delicious

    Waddleton Tracey  著 Baker & Taylor Books 出版 2019/6/1 出版

    with birth death contemplation and close calls send more tourists… the last ones were delicious explores how we respond to the weight of social expectations. from the hidden pressures of wall paint and tarot card predictions to the burden of phone numbers and the dismembering of saints waddleton takes us on a surrealist road trip through the missteps of her vivid characters with honesty and compassion. these are stories of survival. unafraid dreamy and downright weird these stories cross boundaries of geography gender and generation with an eye to the transient nature of human life

  • Sun River

    Sun River

    Nickol Ben  著 Baker & Taylor Books 出版 2019/5/31 出版

    fiction. with beautiful and harrowing distillation ben nickol’s stories reveal how we love and how we lose what we love. deft and affecting this is an impressive collection.--e.j. levylike the river itself ben nickol’s stories wind through some wild and rich country full of beauty and peril both. leaving the pretty myths behind nickol sets off into the lives of everyday people doing all they can to get by on the edges of wild places. these are stories and lives that will stay with you long after the last page is turned.--pete frommthe stories in sun river bear the clean force and beauty of a rocky mountain rainstorm. they are fierce tugging and unforgettable. sometimes a new american voice comes to us like dark thunder. ben nickol is that voice.--alyson hagyben nickol’s sun river is an exquisitely crafted and thoroughly engaging book of short stories set in north idaho and western montana. struggling with decisions made by and for them nickol’s men and women bicker and yearn in off-putting witticisms and common sense wisdom. his study here is nothing less than an american vernacular the language of a people worn and scarred by time and place and decisions big and small. however flawed and desperate they try they endure hopeful and defiant. illuminated by hard-won insights nickol’s sun river is a meditative rewarding read.--marc bojanowski

  • Hockey Night in the Rough Towns

    Hockey Night in the Rough Towns

    Wadsworth Jerold  著 Baker & Taylor Books 出版 2019/5/31 出版

    hockey night in the rough towns is a book of five charming stories about small-town ontario life folk and their love of wintry creeks ponds and shinny. jerold wadsworth has raised our national literature of hockey to a new level – humour pathos drama and perfect characterizations. his stories set in the present and the past are filled with a subtle wit and humour; this is a beautifully written affectionate and engaging book telling us about small-town ontario life and drama – and hockey. the author’s portrait of vivid characters and his ability to capture the true folk speech of canada makes him an obvious heir to the tradition of leacock.

  • D燰s terribles / Days of Awe

    D燰s terribles / Days of Awe

    Homes A. M.  著 Baker & Taylor Books 出版 2019/5/30 出版

    with her signature humor and compassion a.m. homes exposes the heart of an uneasy america in her new collection - exploring our attachments to each other through characters who aren’t quite who they hoped to become though there is no one else they can be.

  • Diez novelas de C廥ar Aira / 10 Novels by C廥ar Aira

    Diez novelas de C廥ar Aira / 10 Novels by C廥ar Aira

    Aira C廥ar  著 Baker & Taylor Books 出版 2019/5/21 出版

    este volumen reúne diez de las mejores novelas del gran autor  argentino césar aira con selección y prefacio de juan pablo villalobos.«hace tiempo descubrimos que la gran novela de césar aira se estaba  escribiendo con la acumulación de sus decenas de novelitas que   alcanzaron la centena en 2018. los devotos fuimos atesorándolas como si  se tratara de los fascículos de una enciclopedia secreta ya que  además iban publicándose con rapidez por aquí y por allá de manera  esquiva -un gesto más propio de un artista contemporáneo que de un escritor.»en el camino nos acostumbramos a que algunas de las entregas tuvieran  sólo diez o quince páginas a que asumieran formas diversas- digresiones  ensayísticas crónicas inverosímiles cuentos de hadas- a que  cuestionaran conscientemente las reglas de aquello que suele considerarse escribir bien. porque al fin y al cabo ¿qué podemos esperar de una obra de césar aira? cualquier cosa: un artefacto  ingenioso e impredecible una miniatura narrativa que renueva una y otra vez la literatura.»este volumen reúne por vez primera diez novelas publicadas en  editoriales pequeñas y que en muchos casos estaban fuera de circulación. diez piezas del insólito rompecabezas airano: una novela de  zombies una teoría y práctica del humor la biografía de un músico de  jazz genial o el relato delirante de la huida de dos personajes  diminutos dentro de la maqueta de un colegio entre otras.  diez razones  que confirman a césar aira como uno de los narradores más asombrosos de la literatura actual.».-juan pablo villaloboseste volumen incluye las novelas: cecil taylor la costurera y el viento las conversaciones el divorcio los dos payasos el volante la confesión la pastilla de hormona la cena y diario de la hepatitis. english descriptionthis volume compiles ten of the best novels by the great argentine author cesar aira with selection and preface made by juan pablo villalobos.   “some time ago we discovered that cesar aira’s great novel was being written little by little with the collection of dozens of his short novels; in 2018 they reached the hundreds. we his devoted followers were treasuring them as if they were the fascicles of a secret encyclopedia since they were quickly being published here and there in an subtle way.   along the way we got used to some only being ten to fifteen pages long; we knew to expect different forms and to consciously question the rules of what was considered to write well. because after all what can we expect from cesar aira’s works? anything: a clever and unpredictable piece a miniature narrative that revives and invigorates literature.   now for the first time this volume compiles ten novels originally published by small publishing houses and that in many cases were no longer available to readers. ten pieces of the unusual and curious airanian puzzle: cecil taylor / cecil taylor la costurera y el viento / the seamstress and the wind las conversaciones / conversations el divorcio / divorce los dos payasos / two clowns  el volante / the flyer la confesión / confession la pastilla de hormona / the hormone pill la cena / dinner and diario de la hepatitis / diary of hepatitis. these ten reasons ratify cesar aira as one of the most amazing narrators of current-day literature. - juan pablo villalobos 

  • Narrativa reunida/ Collected Stories

    Narrativa reunida/ Collected Stories

    Hernandez Felisberto  著 Alfaguara 出版 2019/5/21 出版

    todos los cuentos del escritor uruguayo que deslumbró a cortázar onetti garcía márquez e italo calvino. un autor magistral cuyos relatos aúnan con gran originalidad lo cotidiano con lo extraordinario. los relatos de felisberto hernández en su esfera de rarezas y a veces en el borde de lo fantástico abordan la realidad de una manera tan inaudita como certera para devolvérnosla de tal forma que nos hace pensar que lo que los demás llamábamos así es una construcción arbitraria que tan solo presentíamos pero que no acertábamos a nombrar. la suya es una literatura del recuerdo de la memoria como ficción y como espejo de la verdad al mismo tiempo con una marca autobiográfica de fronteras difusas que a la vez es superada por una imaginación desbordante. felisberto hernández es por estos motivos entre muchos otros una de las figuras decisivas de la literatura uruguaya y también de la narrativa en lengua española del siglo xx. english description all the stories by the uruguayan author who dazzled cortázar onetti garcía márquez and italo calvino. a masterful author whose tales cleverly unite the everyday with the extraordinary.   the tales of felisberto hernández in their realm of eccentricities and sometimes bordering on fantasy take on reality in such an unprecedented yet accurate way that it makes us think that what the rest of us called “reality before was an arbitrary construction that we merely sensed but that we didn’t name properly. his is a literature of memory of memoir as fiction but also as a mirror of the truth with an autobiographical style of vague boundaries and boundless imagination. felisberto hernández is therefore one of the decisive figures in uruguayan literature and also in 20th-century spanish-language literature. with a prologue by the spanish writer ray loriga.  

  • Rerouted


    Bryant Daniel  著 Baker & Taylor Books 出版 2019/5/19 出版

    expect the unexpected in daniel bryant’s rerouted a collection of linked short stories in which myth mirth and mayhem are never far away.

  • Floyd Harbor

    Floyd Harbor

    Mowdy Joel  著 Baker & Taylor Books 出版 2019/5/14 出版

    joel mowdy writes beautifully about the america left behind in the heartless scramble that constitutes our society. im shepard just miles from the hamptons with manhattan a kind of distant belittling rumor stories of desire and loss crime and trouble play out among the abandoned docks and potato barns of what had once been a quiet community. in its bleak humor floyd harbor brings to mind denis johnson and irvine welsh though it also as moving and ecstatic as the early songs of bruce springsteen. the part of eastern long island portrayed here is joel mowdy yoknapatawphae knows it and makes us want to know it. achary lazar author of vengeancethe twelve linked stories in joel mowdy’s first book take place in and around mastic beach a community on new york’s long island that’s close to the wealthy hamptons but long afflicted by widespread poverty. mostly in their teens and early twenties the characters struggle to become independent in various ways ranging from taking typical low-paying jobsotel laundry janitorial restaurant and landscaping worko highly ingenious schemes to exchanging sexual favors for a place to stay. a few make it to local community colleges; others end up in rehab or juvenile detention centers. however loving their parents can offer little help. those who are vietnam veterans may suffer from ptsd; others from the addictions that often come with stressful lives.neighborhoods of small bungalowsormerly vacation homesith dilapidated boats in the driveways hint at the waterways that open up close by. the beauty of the ocean beach offers further consolation as does the often high-spirited temperament of youth. joel mowdy brings to his affecting collection both personal experience and a gift for discerning and lingering on the essential moments in his characters’ stories. he intimately and vividly illuminates american lives that too seldom see the light.

  • The Rapture Index

    The Rapture Index

    Reid Molly  著 Baker & Taylor Books 出版 2019/5/14 出版

    a collection of award-winning stories that put the medieval bestiary through a postmodern blender to explore the wilderness of suburbia.