• Grand Union

    Grand Union

    Smith Zadie  著 Penguin Pr 出版 2019/10/8 出版

    a dazzling collection of short fictionzadie smith has established herself as one of the most iconic critically respected and popular writers of her generation. in her first short story collection she combines her power of observation and her inimitable voice to mine the fraught and complex experience of life in the modern world. interleaving ten completely new and unpublished stories with some of her best-loved pieces from the new yorker and elsewhere smith presents a dizzyingly rich and varied collection of fiction. moving exhilaratingly across genres and perspectives from the historic to the vividly current to the slyly dystopian grand union is a sharply alert and prescient collection about time and place identity and rebirth the persistent legacies that haunt our present selves and the uncanny futures that rush up to meet us. nothing is off limits and everything—when captured by smith’s brilliant gaze—feels fresh and relevant. perfectly paced and utterly original grand union highlights the wonders zadie smith can do.

  • Screen Tests(有聲CD)

    Screen Tests(有聲CD)

    Barron Mia (NRT)  著 Blackstone Audio Inc 出版 2019/7/23 出版 有聲CD

    in screen tests an astoundingly original and stylish collection zambreno has once again created new categories of writing of vivid and surprising language and thought. in the first half the narrator regales us with incisive and witty swatches from a life lived inside a brilliant mind meditating on aging and vanity fame and failure writing and writers and the dailiness of a woman and an artist along with warholian portraits of everyone from susan sontag to amal clooney maurice blanchot to louise brooks. the series of essays that follow on figures central to her thinking from kathy acker to shulamith firestone david wojnarowicz to barbara loden are passionate manifestoes about art that intersect and chime with the stories that came before them. throughout these philosophical investigations is the quintessential zambreno voice unable to be imitated—witty and morbid serious and playful poetic and profane doubting yet radiant.

  • Song for the Unraveling of the World

    Song for the Unraveling of the World

    Evenson Brian  著 Coffee House Pr 出版 2019/6/11 出版

    a newborn absent face appears on the back of someone else head a filmmaker goes to gruesome lengths to achieve the silence he after for his final scene and a therapist begins impossibly to appear in a troubled patient’s room late at night. in these stories of doubt delusion and paranoia no belief no claim to objectivity is immune to the distortions of human perception. here self-deception is a means of justifying our most inhuman impulseshether we know it or not.

  • Her Body and Other Parties

    Her Body and Other Parties

    Machado Carmen Maria  著 Graywolf Pr 出版 2017/10/3 出版

    finalist for the national book award for fictionthese stories] vibrate with originality queerness sensuality and the strange.?roxane gayn these formally brilliant and emotionally charged tales machado gives literal shape to women memories and hunger and desire. i couldn put it down.?karen russellin her body and other parties carmen maria machado blithely demolishes the arbitrary borders between psychological realism and science fiction comedy and horror fantasy and fabulism. while her work has earned her comparisons to karen russell and kelly link she has a voice that is all her own. in this electric and provocative debut machado bends genre to shape startling narratives that map the realities of women lives and the violence visited upon their bodies.a wife refuses her husband entreaties to remove the green ribbon from around her neck. a woman recounts her sexual encounters as a plague slowly consumes humanity. a salesclerk in a mall makes a horrifying discovery within the seams of the store prom dresses. one woman surgery-induced weight loss results in an unwanted houseguest. and in the bravura novella specially heinous?machado reimagines every episode of law & order: special victims unit a show we na鴳ely assumed had shown it all generating a phantasmagoric police procedural full of doppelg鄚gers ghosts and girls with bells for eyes.earthy and otherworldly antic and sexy queer and caustic comic and deadly serious her body and other parties swings from horrific violence to the most exquisite sentiment. in their explosive originality these stories enlarge the possibilities of contemporary fiction.

  • Dubliners


    Joyce JamesBanville John (INT)  著 Modern Library 出版 2012/8/14 出版

    introduction by john banville james joyce was the singular figure of modernism and to this day his grand vision looms large over contemporary literature and the entire western canon. his stylistic innovations were revolutionary yet nowhere is joyce more accessible than in this volume of short stories a brilliant collection that celebrates critiques and immortalizes the place that joyce knew better than anyone else: dublin. from the young boy encountering death in the opening story he sisters?to the middle-aged protagonist of its haunting finale he dead?considered one of the greatest short stories of all time dubliners is a vivid portrait of the city in all its glory and hardship and a seminal work that redefined the short form. featuring a new introduction by acclaimed novelist john banville this edition is not only a breathless portal into joyce ear dirty dublin?but a vital literary treasure from one of the great masters of all time.

  • After the Quake

    After the Quake

    a collection of stories inspired by the january 1995 kobe earthquake and the poison gas subway attacks two months later takes place between the two disasters and follows the experiences of people who found their normal lives undone by surreal events.

  • Fifty Great Short Stories

    Fifty Great Short Stories

    Crane- Milto  著 Bantam Books 出版 1990/4/30 出版

    50 great short stories is a comprehensive selection from the world’s finest short fiction. the authors represented range from hawthorne maupassant and poe through henry james conrad aldous huxley and james joyce to hemingway katherine anne porter faulkner e.b. white saroyan and o’connor. the variety in style and subject is enormous but all these stories have one point in common—the enduring quality of the writing which places them among the masterpieces of the world’s fiction.

  • Humiliation


    Flores PaulinaMcdowell Megan (TRN)  著 Baker & Taylor Books 出版 2019/11/5 出版

    this debut story collection by roberto bola隳 prize winner paulina flores marks the arrival in the united states of one of latin america most celebrated young writers an author who captures he moment when failures matter less than the need to share them?(alejandro zambra author of multiple choice)

  • Up in the Main House

    Up in the Main House

    Zaman Nadeem  著 Baker & Taylor Books 出版 2019/11/5 出版

    up in the main house servants have worked for decades watching the city rise around it feeling like part of the family but knowing they aren.nadeem zaman new collection of eight stories set in contemporary dhaka explore the inner lives of the cooks and butlers nightwatchmen and peons ?people who have spent decades working for the same family in the same house. arranged marriages are negotiated favors asked the social cues a subtle dance. the daily itineraries must run like clockwork for the rich and well off who have their own problems but in nadeem’s stories they appear thin and forever insecure a byproduct of the real lives being lived around them. there are digressions too big ones like the interlopers and prowlers petty thieves and calculated con men and small ones like the servant woman who locks herself in the master bedroom while the family is away and the night guard who wonders if there is always the family does he have one of his own?beautifully compelling and quietly powerful zaman stories capture an old way of life and ask what next?

  • 19?Stories(有聲CD)


    Martin Demetri  著 Blackstone Audio Inc 出版 2019/11/2 出版 有聲CD
  • Some Trick

    Some Trick

    Dewitt Helen  著 New Directions 出版 2019/10/29 出版

    hailed a est book of the year?by npr publishers weekly vulture and the new york public library some trick is now in paperback

  • Kafka in a Skirt

    Kafka in a Skirt

    Chaco慨 Daniel  著 Baker & Taylor Books 出版 2019/10/29 出版

    this is not your ordinary short story collection. in his newest work daniel chacón subverts expectation and bends the rules of reality to create stories that are intriguing hilarious and deeply rooted in chicano culture. these stories explore the concept of a wall that reaches beyond our immediate thoughts of a towering physical structure. while chacón aims to address the partition along the u.s.-mexico border he also uses these stories to work through the intangible walls that divide communities and individuals—particularly those who straddle multiple cultures in their daily lives. set in el paso and other latinx-dominant urban spaces kafka in a skirt is an immersive look into the myriad lives of the characters who inhabit these culturally diverse areas. chacón masterfully weaves elements of the surreal and fantastic through a shining tapestry of fiction creating moments of touching realism in contrast with scenes that are fascinatingly unfamiliar. occasionally teasing the ghosts of jorge luis borges and the argentine poet alejandra pizarnik this collection disregards boundaries and transports readers into a world merely parallel to our own. kafka in a skirt unravels the intricacies of culture sexuality love and loneliness in a collection that shows the personal implications of barriers while remaining hopeful and bright.

  • The April 3rd Incident

    The April 3rd Incident

    Hua YuBarr Allan H. (TRN)  著 Anchor Books 出版 2019/10/22 出版

    from one of china’s most famous contemporary writers who celebrated novel to live catapulted him to international fame here is a stunning collection of stories selected from the best of yu hua’s early work that shows his far-reaching influence on a pivotal period in chinese literature.   in the late 1980s and early 1990s yu hua and other young chinese writers began to reimagine their national literature. departing from conventional realism in favor of a more surreal and subjective approach inspired by kafka faulkner and borges the boundary-pushing fiction of this period reflected the momentous cultural changes sweeping the world’s most populous nation.   the stories collected here show yu hua masterfully guiding us from one fractured reality to another. “a history of two people traces the paths of a man and a woman who dream in parallel throughout their lives. “in memory of miss willow yang weaves a spellbinding web of signs and symbols. “as the north wind howled carries a case of mistaken identity to absurd and hilarious conclusions. and the title story follows an unforgettable narrator determined to unearth a conspiracy against him that may not exist. by turns daring darkly comic thought-provoking and profound the april 3rd incident is an extraordinary record of a singular moment in chinese letters.

  • Suicide Woods

    Suicide Woods

    Percy Benjamin  著 Graywolf Pr 出版 2019/10/15 出版

    a spine-tingling new collection of stories from the acclaimed author of thrill me and the dark netbenjamin percy is a versatile and propulsive storyteller whose genre-busting novels and story collections have ranged from literary to thriller to postapocalyptic. in his essay collection thrill me he laid bare for readers how and why he channels disparate influences in his work. now in his first story collection since the acclaimed refresh refresh percy brings his page-turning skills to bear in suicide woods a potent brew of horror crime and weird happenings in the woods.a boy in his uncle care falls through the ice on a pond and emerges in a frozen uncanny state. a group of people in therapy for suicidal ideation undergoes a drastic session in the woods with fatal consequences. a body found on a train and a blood-soaked carpet in an empty house are clues to a puzzling crime in a small town. and in a pulse-quickening novella thrill seekers on a mapping expedition into the ermuda triangle?of remote alaska are stranded on a sinister island that seems to want them dead.in story after story which have appeared in magazines ranging from the virginia quarterly review and orion magazine to mcsweeney and ploughshares percy delivers haunting and chilling narratives that will have readers hanging on every word. a master class in suspense and horror suicide woods is a dark inventive collection packed to the gills with eerie can-miss tales.

  • A Perfect Universe

    A Perfect Universe

    O’Connor Scott  著 Baker & Taylor Books 出版 2019/10/15 出版

    “the ten stories gathered here are remarkable in their simplicity… with the popularity of short story collections on the rise o’connor’s addition to the ranks stands out and shines. —booklist starred review “the reader is immediately drawn in…as o’connor shows our vices are what make us so delicately and chaotically human. a catalog of imperfections neatly packaged within a book. —kirkus reviews “a perfect universe beautifully encapsulates our contemporary world in the miniature globe of los angeles. we see ourselves in these hustlers and hopefuls strays and survivors characters as complex damaged and determined as the city itself. this is a new classic—not only of the mysterious evergreen pull of the city of angels but of american fiction at large. —james frey new york times bestselling author a piercingly emotional cycle of stories in the tradition of jennifer egan’s a visit from the goon squad and annie proulx’s close range.welcome to the often-overlooked corners of sun-bleached los angeles where a teenaged bicycle thief searches for a kidnapped boy a young musician emerges as the lone survivor of a building collapse and an aging actor faces the erasure of his past. there far from the hollywood spotlight we also meet two sisters locked in a destructive cycle of memory and illness coffee-shop regulars whose lives are torn apart by a stunning moment of violence and the desperate fraudulent writer whose fictions connect these unforgettable characters in subtle and surprising ways. sharply observed exhilaratingly paced and beautifully written a perfect universe is a masterful exploration of growing up and growing old loss and longing identity and deception and the search for redemption humanity and grace.

  • Night Train

    Night Train

    Jones ThomBloom Amy (INT)  著 Back Bay Books 出版 2019/10/8 出版

    a posthumous and definitive collection of new and selected stories by virtuoso of the short story (esquire) and national book award finalist thom jonesjones was an oracle . . . it’s impossible not to marvel at the urgency of these stories. --wall street journalthis scorching collection from award-winning author thom jones features his best new short fiction alongside a selection of outstanding stories from three previous books. jones’s stories are full of high-octane prose-drunk entertainment. his characters are grifters and drifters rogues and ne’er-do-wells would-be do-gooders whose human frailties usually get the better of them. some are lovable others are not but each has an indelible and irresistible voice. they include vietnam soldiers amateur boxers devoted doctors strung-out advertising writers pill poppers and veterans of the psych ward and an unforgettable adolescent dj radio host among others.the stories here are excursions into a unique world that veers between abject desperation and fleeting transcendence. perhaps no other writer in recent memory could encapsulate in such short spaces the profound and the devastating the poignant and the hallucinatory with such an exquisite balance of darkness and light. jones’s fiction reveals again and again the resilience and grace of characters who refuse to succumb. in stories that can at once delight us with their wicked humor and sting us with their affecting pathos night train perfectly captures the essence of this iconic american master showcasing in a single collection the breadth of power of his inimitable fiction.

  • Sudden Traveler

    Sudden Traveler

    Hall Sarah  著 Baker & Taylor Books 出版 2019/10/8 出版

    “sarah hall is one of those rare writers whose short fiction has the same luminosity as her novels. but the short form allows her more room to probe and roam to experiment with form to sink her fingers into the earth.—the observer (london)featuring her signature themes of identity eroticism and existential quest the stories in sarah hall’s third collection travel far afield in location and ambition—from turkish forest and coastline to the rain-drenched villages of cumbria.the characters in sudden traveler walk drive dream and fly trying to reconcile themselves with their journeys through life death and love. science fiction meets folktale and philosophy meets mortality. a woman with a new generation of pacemaker chooses to shut it down in the lakeland the site of her strongest memories. a man repatriated in the near east hears the name of an old love called and must unpack history’s dark suitcase. from the new world-waves of female anger and resistance a mythical creature evolves. and in the woods on the border between warring countries an old well facilitates a dictator’s downfall before he gains power. a master of short fiction sarah hall opens channels in the human mind and spirit and takes us to the very edge of our possible selves.

  • Salt Slow

    Salt Slow

    Armfield Julia  著 Baker & Taylor Books 出版 2019/10/8 出版

    from white review short story prize winner julia armfield a brilliant provocative debut story collection for fans of carmen maria machado and kelly link.in her electrifying debut julia armfield explores women experiences in contemporary society mapped through their bodies. as urban dwellers?sleeps become disassociated from them like peter pan shadow a city turns insomniac. a teenager entering puberty finds her body transforming in ways very different than her classmates? as a popular band gathers momentum the fangirls following their tour turn into something monstrous. after their parents remarry two step-sisters one a girl and one a wolf develop a dangerously close bond. and in an apocalyptic landscape a pregnant woman begins to realize that the creature in her belly is not what she expected. blending elements of horror science fiction mythology and feminism salt slow is an utterly original collection of short stories that are sure to dazzle and shock heralding the arrival of a daring new voice.

  • Here Until August

    Here Until August

    Rowe Josephine  著 Baker & Taylor Books 出版 2019/10/8 出版

    the stories in here until august follow the fates of characters who by choice or by force are traveling beyond the boundaries of their known worlds. these are people who move with the seasons. we meet them negotiating reluctant or cowardly departures navigating uncertain returns or biding the disquieting calm that so often precedes moments of decisive action. in one story an agoraphobic french 幦igr?compulsively watches disturbing footage from the other side of the world as she attempts to keep a dog named chavez out of trouble. in another a young couple weather the interiority of a montreal winter more attuned to the illicit goings-on of their neighbors than to their own hazy unfolding futures. other stories play out against the fictional counterparts of iconic australian and american locales places that are recognizable but set just beyond the brink of familiarity: flooded townships and distant islands sunlit woodlands or paths made bright by ice places of unpredictable access and spaces scrubbed from maps.from the catskills to new south wales from the remote and abandoned island outports of newfoundland to the sprawl of a north american metropolis these transformative stories show us how the places where we choose to live our lives can just as easily turn inward as outward.

  • False Bingo

    False Bingo

    Jemc Jac  著 MCD 出版 2019/10/8 出版

    the mundane becomes sinister in a disquieting story collection from the author of the grip of itin jac jemc dislocating second story collection false bingo we watch as sinister forcesome supernatural some of this earth some real and some notork their ways into the mundanity of everyday life.in trange loop?an outcast attempting to escape an unnamed mistake spends his days taxiderming animals while in elivery?a family watches as their dementia-addled basement-dwelling father succumbs to an online shopping addiction. on let?finds a woman recently freed from an abusive relationship living in an isolated vacation home in the south that might be haunted by breath-stealing ghosts.fueled by paranoia and visceral suspense and crafted with masterful restraint these seventeen stories explore what happens when our fears cross over into the real if only for a fleeting moment. identities are stolen alternate universes are revealed and innocence is lost as the consequences of minor seemingly harmless decisions erupt to sabotage a false sense of stability. his is not a morality tale about the goodness of one character triumphing over the bad of another?the sadistic narrator of astoral?announces. rather false bingo is a collection of realist fables exploring how conflicting moralities can coexist: the good the bad the indecipherable.