• Batman 9

    Batman 9

    King- Tom  著 Dc Comics 出版 2019/3/26 出版

    the dark knight waddles into a turf war with the penguin! courtesy of award winning author tom king tom king abd mikel janin!the dark knight waddles into a turf war with the penguin! still reeling from the attacks on his bat-family and reputation the caped crusader looks to track down the mysterious operator lurking behind the scenes in gotham city--the penguin! but the penguin is on batman’s side for once and the crime boss sees dangerous things on the horizon. how can he convince the caped crusader he’s on the level? plus appearances by professor pyg john constantine and the boy who wanted to be bruce wayne! collects batman #58-60 batman annual #3 and batman: secret files

  • Tokyo Ghoul - Re 13

    Tokyo Ghoul - Re 13

    Ishida Sui  著 Viz 出版 2019/10/15 出版

    in the world of tokyo ghoul sometimes the only way to fight monsters is to become one…the commission of counter ghoul is the only organization fighting the ghoul menace and they will use every tool at their disposal to protect humanity from its ultimate predator. their newest weapon in this hidden war is an experimental procedure that implants human investigators with a ghoul’s kagune giving them ghoul powers and abilities. but both the procedure and the newly formed qs squad are untested. will they become heroes…or monsters?! furuta has finally gone too far in his mad power grab at the ccg. disgusted at his abuse of countermeasure law urie and a group of investigators decide to take him down. when they confront him it becomes clear that furuta is himself a ghoul. overthrown and fleeing the threat of eradication furuta takes out his rage on the goat stronghold. and in the ensuing carnage kaneki is forced to make a horrible fateful decision…

  • Commute


    Williams Erin  著 Abrams Comic Art 出版 2019/10/8 出版

    an intimate clever and ultimately gut-wrenching graphic memoir about the daily decision women must make between being sexualized or being invisible in commute we follow author and illustrator erin williams on her daily commute to and from work punctuated by recollections of sexual encounters as well as memories of her battle with alcoholism addiction and recovery. as she moves through the world navigating banal familiar and sometimes uncomfortable interactions with the familiar-faced strangers she sees daily williams weaves together a riveting collection of flashbacks. her recollections highlight the indefinable moments when lines are crossed and a woman must ask herself if the only way to avoid being objectified is to simply cease to draw any attention to her physical being. she delves into the gray space that lives between consent and assault and tenderly explores the complexity of the shame guilt vulnerability and responsibility attached to both.

  • That Blue Sky Feeling 3

    That Blue Sky Feeling 3

    OkuraHashii Coma (ILT)  著 Viz 出版 2019/10/8 出版

    a butterflies-in-your-stomach high school romance about two very different high school boys who find themselves unexpectedly falling for each other.outgoing high school student noshiro finds himself drawn to sanada the school outcast who is rumored to be gay. rather than deter noshiro the rumor makes him even more determined to get close to sanada setting in motion a bittersweet tale of first love. self-discovery is not always awesome as noshiro ayumi and makoto are all finding out the hard way. even the self-assured sanada seems to be struggling. the final volume of this complicated love story proves that hanging on to that blue sky feeling of youthful love is an elusive and unpredictable task.

  • Jim Henson’s the Dark Crystal Creation Myths

    Jim Henson’s the Dark Crystal Creation Myths

    the complete prequel trilogy to jim henson’s cult classic fantasy film the dark crystal with a story by the film’s original concept designer brian froud.brian froud legendary conceptual designer of the beloved jim henson fantasy film the dark crystal returns to the world he helped create in this official prequel trilogy to the cult-classic film. collected for the first time in one oversized edition this series reveals the definitive origins of the skeksis mystics gelfling and the dark crystal itself while introducing all new characters in an epic spanning thousands of years. written by brian holguin (spawn: origins) joshua dysart (unknown soldier) and matthew dow smith (doctor who) and lushly illustrated by alex sheikman (robotika) and lizzy john (fraggle rock) jim henson’s the dark crystal: creation myths is a breathtaking return to the fantasy world that has captivated audiences for over thirty years.

  • Rusty Brown

    Rusty Brown

    Ware Chris  著 Pantheon Books 出版 2019/9/24 出版

    a major graphic novel event more than 16 years in progress: part one of the ongoing bifurcated masterwork from the brilliant and beloved author of jimmy corrigan: the smartest kid on earth and building stories.rusty brown is a fully interactive full-color articulation of the time-space interrelationships of three complete consciousnesses in the first half of a single midwestern american day and the tiny piece of human grit about which they involuntarily orbit. a sprawling special snowflake accumulation of the biggest themes and the smallest moments of life rusty brown literately and literally aims at nothing less than the coalescence of one half of all of existence into a single museum-quality picture story expertly arranged to present the most convincingly ineffable and empathetic illusion of experience for both life-curious readers and traditional fans of standard reality. from childhood to old age no frozen plotline is left unthawed in the entangled stories of a child who awakens without superpowers a teen who matures into a paternal despot a father who stores his emotional regrets on the surface of mars and a late-middle-aged woman who seeks the love of only one other person on planet earth.

  • Ms. Koizumi Loves Ramen Noodles 1

    Ms. Koizumi Loves Ramen Noodles 1

    Narumi NaruNarumi Naru (ILT)  著 Dark Horse Comics 出版 2019/9/24 出版

    ramen and manga are two japanese things that people love everywhere around the world. but no one’s ever brought them together before--until now!let cool mysterious high school student ms. koizumi and her girlfriends show you around the authentic ramen culture of everyday japan in this fun food manga. the noodles the toppings the broth--the street stalls restaurants and home cooking...and yes cup ramen too! you’ll slurp down a whole new knowledge of japan’s greatest fast food that even many japanese don’t know...but ms. koizumi does!

  • Cells at Work! Code Black 1

    Cells at Work! Code Black 1

    in this new spinoff of the hit manga a newbie red blood cell is one of 37 trillion working to keep this body running. but something’s wrong! stress hormones keep yelling at him to go faster. the blood vessels are crusted over with cholesterol. ulcers fatty liver trouble (ahem) downstairs... it’s hard for a cell to keep working when every day is a code black!the manga and anime cells at work! showed you what happens when a young healthy body gets in trouble... but what if the body wasn’t so young and was never very healthy? this new take stars a fresh-faced red blood cell and his friend the buxom white blood cell as they struggle to keep themselves and their world together through alcoholism smoking erectile dysfunction athlete’s foot gout... it’s literal body horror! whoever this guy is he’s lucky his cells can’t go on strike!

  • Debian Perl - Digital Detective

    Debian Perl - Digital Detective

    megalopolis used to be the city hub for all the makers doers and dreamers. it was a better time according to debian perl a technomancer known for her out-of-date computer programming skills. now the city streets are filled with gg-heads?those in thrall to the ease and simplicity of new technology as opposed to debian way of doing things. digits is one of those egg-heads. she is a young social media guru and knows her way around all the newest latest technology. debian and digits cross paths when they both stumble across a 100-year-old lost robot named ray-bot. they soon learn that ray-bot cpu was suspiciously overclocked leaving him unable to perform basic functions and commands. to find out where the robot came from debian must teach digits everything she knows about computer coding and programming. along their journey to bring ray-bot home they begin piecing together the mysterious puzzle about his malfunction and uncover some sinister secrets. debian perl: digital detective is a five-book series in which middle-grade readers will join debian and digits on mystery adventures all while building practical knowledge of coding algorithms algebra and logical problem solving.

  • Marvel Comics 1

    Marvel Comics 1

    the book that kicked off the marvel universe back in 1939 presented better than ever in glorious hardcover - together with an extensive array of special features! marvel comics 1 promised action mystery and adventure and it delivered! the issue’s cover star the original android human torch blazed his way into readers’ hearts - and namor the sub-mariner made a big splash! as well as the dazzling debuts of these two golden age heroes pulp star ka-zar swung into comics and costumed detective the angel made his debut! plus western adventures with the masked raider - and terror in the jungle! and from this one issue published 80 years ago grew the entire marvel universe! now marvel comics 1 is collected along with bonus artwork insightful essays a gallery of homages to its iconic cover and much more!

  • Outcast 7

    Outcast 7

    the darkness is closing in on kyle barnes... the end gameapproaches.

  • Wolverine - the Long Night

    Wolverine - the Long Night

    Percy BenjaminTakara Marcio  著 Marvel Enterprises 出版 2019/7/30 出版

    following a string of mysterious deaths in burns alaska special agents sally pierce and tad marshall arrive to investigate. they soon find there’s more going on than meets the eye... marvel’s hit scripted podcast wolverine: the long night comes to life on the page! chilling twists and turns brought to you by the original author of the podcast benjamin percy and the art talents of marcio takara! collecting: wolverine: the long night adaptation 1-5

  • The Ballad of Yaya 2

    The Ballad of Yaya 2

    despite the bombings that ravage the streets of shanghai young yaya and tuduo find themselves in the clutches of the infamous gangster zhu. tuduo is already quite familiar with zhu’s criminal business intentions having run the streets for quite some time before the war began but now he’s held prisoner and forced to loot the many deserted homes in the city’s upscale neighborhoods. meanwhile yaya is forced to do housework around the criminals’ lair including cleaning a room filled with captive snakes! as scary as that may be however her uncanny ability to talk to animals helps turn things around. but when yaya’s former nanny finds them zhu realizes this little rich girl could be his ticket to the fortune of a lifetime. even as yaya tuduo and the nanny escape zhu’s clutches their adventure is only just beginning . . . this second book in the adventures of yaya continues the exciting formula launched by the first volume: two adorable kids chased by a wicked villain a small animal with extraordinary capabilities and a desperate war raging in the background. artist golo zhao is particularly at home in this landscape format of large beautifully colored panels in which yaya and tuduo’s innocence contrasts with the chaos of the setting. the story may be simple and intended primarily for the young readers but with a vivacity and energy that will thrill audiences of all ages.

  • Vindication 1

    Vindication 1

    in the turbulent times when cops are portrayed as theenemy of the people detective chip christopher is maneuvering on the blurredblue line between racism and due diligence in order to do his job ofinvestigating turn; a young black man with a sketchy past who was exoneratedof a similar previous murder. turn is freeanother victim is murdered and detective christopher is determined to see himconvicted again; but this time turn is older smarter more cunning anddetermined not to go back to prison. collectsissues 1-4.

  • Joker


    Brian AzzarelloLee Bermejo (ILT)  著 Baker & Taylor Books 出版 2019/7/9 出版

    the joker has been mysteriously released from arkham asylum and he’s none too happy about what’s happened to his gotham city rackets while he’s been away. briuan azzarello and lee bermejo bring you the most terrifying joker tale ever written!joker tells the story of one very dark night in gotham city--a harrowing night of revenge murder and manic crime as only the joker can deliver it as he brutally takes back his stolen assets from the penguin the riddler two-face killer croc and others. brian azzarello and lee bermejo--the superstar critically acclaimed creative team behind batman: damned and luthor--unite to tell a haunting crime noir story about the clown prince of crime. joker’s 10th anniversary is celebrated with this brand new dc black label edition. dc black label a new publishing imprint from dc entertainment gives premier talent the opportunity to expand upon the canon of dc’s iconic super hero comic book characters with unique standalone stories that are outside of the current dc universe continuity. featuring an all-star lineup of creative teams that will craft their own personal definitive dc stories in the tradition of compelling literary works like batman: the killing joke all-star superman and kingdom come.

  • Spider-man - Far from Home Prelude

    Spider-man - Far from Home Prelude

    peter parker returns home to queens balancing his normal life as a high school sophomore with fi ghting street crime. when mysterious high-tech weapons turn up in his neighborhood it’s his chance to make the name spider-man stand out in a world full of super heroes.collecting: spider-man: far from home prelude 1-2; tbd

  • League of Legends

    League of Legends

    the first full-length comic series in the league of legends universe delivering an epic journey through the freljord! raised in the savage wilds of the north ashe is an iceborn a warrior gifted with a magical connection to her frozen homeland--and burdened by her mother’s fanatical expectations. when they set out on a dangerous quest for the truth behind an ancient myth bonds are broken secrets come to light and runeterra is forever changed. will young ashe become the leader her people need? or is destiny merely an empty dream? available in print for the first time ashe: warmother features the comics debut of riot games writer odin austin shafer with stunning artwork by russ manning most promising newcomer award nominee nina vakueva (heavy vinyl).

  • Marvel’s Avengers

    Marvel’s Avengers

    as the avengers and their allies have continued to protect the world from threats too large for any one hero to handle a new danger has emerged from the cosmic shadows: thanos. a despot of intergalactic infamy his goal is to collect all six infi nity stones artifacts of unimaginable power and use them to infl ict his twisted will on all of reality. everything the avengers have fought for has led up to this moment - the fate of earth and existence itself has never been more uncertain. collecting: marvel’s avengers: untitled prelude 1-3 tbd

  • Angel Claws

    Angel Claws

    Jodorowsky- Alejandro  著 Humanoids 出版 2019/3/19 出版

    the duo of alexandro jodorowsky and moebius lead us on a sensual and poetic journey creating before us an erotic masterpiece.

  • The Life of Captain Marvel

    The Life of Captain Marvel

    Stohl MargaretPacheco Carlos (ILT)  著 Marvel Enterprises 出版 2019/2/19 出版

    she’s one of the mightiest heroes not just on earth but in the entire galaxy! now learn exactly how carol danvers became the woman she is - the avenger she is - in the definitive origin of captain marvel! when sudden crippling anxiety attacks sideline carol in the middle of a fight she finds herself reliving memories of a life she thought was far behind her. you can’t outrun where you’re from - and sometimes you have to go home again. but while the captain takes a temporary leave from duty to unravel her past trouble comes looking for her. a weapon has been unleashed. and carol’s sleepy coastal town is about to become the center of its world. but there are skeletons in captain marvel’s closet - and what she discovers will change her entire life! collecting: the life of captain marvel 1-5