• The Complete Guide to High-Fire Glazes

    The Complete Guide to High-Fire Glazes

    Britt John  著 Lark Books 出版 2007/8/1 出版

    with hundreds of recipes for some of the most popular and enduring high-fire glazes this reference will prove a boon to ceramists who want to master this complex and versatile aspect of the art. author john britt who served as clay coordinator at the respected penland school of crafts has personally tested many of the recipes and carefully reviews every one. he offers a thorough examination of glaze materials chemistry and tools and presents the basics of mixing application and firing procedures. there’s a wealth of information on various type of glazes including copper iron shino salt/soda crystalline and more. an exhaustive index of subjects and a separate index of glaze recipes will help ceramists find what they need quickly and easily.

  • Punch Needle

    Punch Needle

    Khounnoraj Arounna  著 Baker & Taylor Books 出版 2019/4/16 出版

    discover a fresh take on a traditional craft in this ultimate introduction to the art of punch needling.giving this forgotten craft a modern twist is author arounna khounnoraj (aka bookhou). one of canada’s most sought after mentors and creatives she has caused a social media storm with her beautiful images and videos featuring her modern interpretation of this craft.in punch needle workshop she shows you how to create your own floral and abstract designs teaches the basic stitches and guides you in mastering punch needling through a stylish collection of 20 homeware and accessory projects.it won’t take long to ace as this is one of the most straightforward crafts to pick up – all you need is your hands a ball of yarn some fabric and a punch needle. discover how to create stunning cushions wall art bags a blanket and an impressive rug with the help of illustrated step-by-steps pattern charts and inspirational project photography. each piece highlights arounna’s beautiful botanical and abstract pattern work sense of color and combination of stitches which bring this age-old technique bang up to date.arounna also shows you how to develop and translate your own designs into beautiful pieces to feature around your home. so once you have mastered the basics you can begin to design your own creations... the possibilities are endless.

  • The Art of Enameling

    The Art of Enameling

    Darty- Lind  著 Lark Books 出版 2006/8/1 出版
  • Beginner’s Guide to Kirigami

    Beginner’s Guide to Kirigami

    Descamps Ghylenn  著 Fox Chapel Pub Co Inc 出版 2019/9/10 出版

    perfect for any crafter of any level this book is an introduction to kirigami a japanese art that combines origami and papercutting. work through the 24 intricate designs with step-by-step instructions for folding and cutting charming 3d kirigami pop-up cards vases boxes lanterns holiday decorations and more!

  • Guide to Interfacings

    Guide to Interfacings

    Poor Kristine  著 Baker & Taylor Books 出版 2019/9/10 出版

    whether you need an interfacing fusible foam or fusible web correctly choose which one you need and learn how to best use it with this resourceful pocket-sized book guide to interfacings. containing over 50 pages of helpful information on types of fusible products what to use them on how they work and so much more you won want to start another project without this guide. take it with you to the store so you get the right interfacing every time resulting in a quilt or related craft youl love!

  • Christmas Papercraft

    Christmas Papercraft

    Thunder Bay Press (COR)  著 Thunder Bay Pr 出版 2019/9/10 出版

     lovely and detailed papercraft projects that will brighten your home at christmastime.each of the ten intricate papercraft projects in this book will add a special touch to your next christmas. cut out the shapes and assemble them to create gorgeous decorations and ornaments for your home or to give as gifts. projects include nativity lanterns pop-out greeting cards and an elaborate cityscape to display on your mantle. step-by-step instructions will guide you through the process of crafting each project and suggestions for how to add a personal touch to each piece are included as well.   

  • Japanese Origami

    Japanese Origami

    Ono Mari  著 Cico Books 出版 2019/9/10 出版

    create 10 beautiful origami models with this japanese origami pack which includes a 64-page book plus 250 sheets of origami paper.the 64-page instruction book guides you step by step through each project including a crane water lily rabbit decorative spheres and more. best of all also included are 250 sheets of traditional origami paper to get you folding stunning creations straight away. all the basic folding techniques are also covered so you will be able to create hundreds of models.

  • Woodland Whittling

    Woodland Whittling

    Benson Peter  著 Baker & Taylor Books 出版 2019/9/10 出版

    when the stresses of modern life get too much what could be better than gathering a few simple tools heading into the woods and literally whittling away a few hours? the gentle art of whittling is a relaxing and absorbing hobby that can be enjoyed almost anywhere from round the campfire to in a cozy armchair at home. all you need is a good pocket knife a piece of wood and your imagination.projects can range from the delightfully simple to impressively intricatet’s up to you.woodland whittling guides you through the basics explaining what equipment you need how to hold the knife and what timber to use. the projects are then all described in detail with clear step-by-step photographs.projects include: letter opener thumb stick ring tree and egg cup.

  • The Everyday Blacksmith

    The Everyday Blacksmith

    Wicks Nicholas  著 Quarry Books 出版 2019/9/10 出版

    with the everyday blacksmith learn to make hooks spoons and tools of all sorts. this essential blacksmith’s reference includes many projects contributed by leading blacksmiths from around the world each featuring plenty of opportunity for variation. for centuries blacksmiths were the craftsmen and artists that worked society’s most important material—iron. blacksmiths were not only a fixture in their community they helped shape that community through their particular method of making the hinges hooks brackets and tools their neighbors used every day. blacksmithing today is enjoying a resurgence. our modern society has discovered that no amount of technical perfection replaces the feeling of picking up a hand-forged object knowing that it was shaped by an individual’s creativity and physical effort. modern smiths can use the first section of the everyday blacksmith as a reference for shop basics: safety equipment and techniques. these basic techniques are illustrated through a series of projects. it also covers methods for finishing pieces. in the second section of the book you’ll find a step-by-step guide to a diverse range of essential blacksmith projects. projects are structured by category and difficulty. the emphasis is on the accessibility of techniques functionality of projects and diversity of design.the everyday blacksmith is sure to become every shop’s go-to reference.

  • Feisty Felties

    Feisty Felties

    Covington Missy  著 Skyhorse Pub Co Inc 出版 2019/9/3 出版

    one dozen daring and colorful girl-power crafts for future leaders! this edgy craft book enables even the youngest children to feel empowered and create beautiful projects inspired by feminist motifs from the dawn of history to the present day. by following clearly photographed step-by-step instructions kids can learn how to make a host of items that reflect the feminist spirit including: hand puppets of feminist iconsbackpack badges embroidered with equality symbolsa goal tree to help them realize their ambitionsa crown with which to channel their inner goddessand more! a visual guide will take kids through the basics of felt craft letting them create projects they’ll feel proud of in no time!

  • First Time Felting

    First Time Felting

    Lane Ruth  著 Quarry Books 出版 2019/9/3 出版

    in first time felting felting and fiber expert ruth lane teaches a class for absolute beginners on three classic methods of felting. start by learning about the various types of wool fibers used for felting preparing them for the process and simple methods for dyeing. next discover the basic supplies and techniques for wet felting nuno felting and needle felting. you’ll use those essential skills to make fun easy projects—artworks embellished fashions three-dimensional figures and more—skills you’ll turn to again and again to create your own original pieces!

  • From Clay to Kiln

    From Clay to Kiln

    Carey StuartCallender Alun  著 Lark Books 出版 2019/9/3 出版

    learn the essentials of wheel-thrown pottery with this approachable and indispensable reference.   pottery has become increasingly popular and beginners interested in taking up the hobby will find this all-inclusive guide to wheel-thrown pottery invaluable. award-winning ceramist stuart carey outlines the steps and intricacies of the craft from preparing your materials to firing your piece in a kiln. you’ll work through techniques designed to help you gain a familiarity with the different characteristics of the clay create classic forms mix your own glazes and master the skills needed to make your own beautiful pieces. stunning visuals and instructive step-by-step photography offer abundant inspiration and valuable guidance whether you’re an absolute beginner or a practicing potter who has already logged hours at the studio.

  • Making Simple Marionettes

    Making Simple Marionettes

    Roberts John  著 Crowood Pr 出版 2019/9/1 出版

    marionettes are loved by puppeteers and audiences but they can be challenging to design make and perform. this beautiful book clearly explains the process from making the puppets to putting them on strings and bringing them alive. detailed step-by-step instructions are given to make three marionettes—a walking bird a dancer and a wooden man—each using different tools and materials with progressively more tricky techniques. a showcase of marionettes from around the world illustrates the variety and richness of this ancient art. includes an overview of all the different forms of puppet—hand rod shadow and marionette—and examples of how marionettes are made using everything from cardboard tubes to cad 3d printing

  • Polishing and Finishing for Jewellers and Silversmiths

    Polishing and Finishing for Jewellers and Silversmiths

    Goldsmith Stephen M.  著 Crowood Pr 出版 2019/9/1 出版

    this practical book explains the traditional techniques and shares the secrets of an often-underrated craft. it includes advice on setting up a workshop tools and compounds; a guide to finishing methods (including satin finish and oxidizing); step-by-step examples of polishing bangles rings and cutlery as well as finished photographs showcasing a range of exquisite work; tips on best practice for designers; and specific advice for different surfaces and gems.

  • Electroplating


    Hanson DanHanson David  著 Crowood Pr 出版 2019/9/1 出版

    electroplating in the home workshop can seem a daunting task due to the range of chemicals the unfamiliar processes and the underlying chemistry involved. however the results of a well-cleaned item and a well-maintained electrolyte are impressive and compared to sending parts to be industrially electroplated very cost effective. the practical advice given in electroplating provides you with the confidence and ability to create an electroplating tank of your own. this book will guide you through the processes and the equipment needed to start your own plating system the history and scientific basics of the process and safety information including personal safety and the correct disposal of chemicals. 

  • Engraving and Enamelling

    Engraving and Enamelling

    Barnes Phil  著 Crowood Pr 出版 2019/9/1 出版

    this book explains the rich traditions of the magnificent technique of champlevé which combines the skills of engraving and enamelling. champlevé is a technique of enamelling requiring the creation of a cell into which enamel is then applied. phil barnes gives a unique insight into all aspects of the process as he explains the techniques of engraving in preparation for enamelling and then looks at enamels and how to work with them to create a piece through to the final polishing and finishing.

  • Simple Geometric Quilting

    Simple Geometric Quilting

    Preston Laura  著 Baker & Taylor Books 出版 2019/8/27 出版

    laura preston founder of the textile studio and quilting shop vacilando quilting co. has created the ultimate resource for modern quilters. her minimalist quilting method uses geometric shapes and bold solid colors to simplify traditional quilting techniques for stunning contemporary quilts in less time. with large fabric shapes quilt tops come together quickly making these projects perfect for beginners. advanced quilters will find this a valuable source book for modern techniques such as creating curved lines and working with negative space. every quilter can find something to fit their schedule and skill level with projects like quilted throws pillows table runners decorative wall art and blankets of all sizes from baby to adult.laura friendly instructions take readers step-by-step through each pattern with comprehensive visual guidelines and helpful tips. readers will learn the foundations of quilting including techniques for cutting piecing assembly machine sewing and finishing. a contemporary color palette and clean lines inspired by the american west make these designs both fresh and timeless. faster to finish than traditional quilts with plenty of room for personalization these patterns make heirloom-quality gifts for friends and family and add the perfect modern touch to any room.

  • Complete Pottery Techniques

    Complete Pottery Techniques

    Dorling Kindersley Inc. (COR)  著 Baker & Taylor Books 出版 2019/8/27 出版

    discover how to develop your pottery design skills and bring your ideas to life from start to finish.covering every technique from throwing pottery to firing glazing to sgraffito this pottery book is perfect for both hand-building beginners and potting pros.step-by-step photographs - some from the potter’s perspective - show you exactly where to place your hands when throwing so you can master every technique you need to know. plus expert tips help you rescue your pots when things go wrong.the next in the popular artist’s techniques series complete pottery is the ideal companion for pottery classes of any level or a go-to guide and inspiration for the more experienced potter looking to expand their repertoire and perfect new skills.with contemporary design and ideas complete pottery techniques enables the modern maker to unleash their creativity.

  • Visual Guide to Creative Straight-line Quilting

    Visual Guide to Creative Straight-line Quilting

    Bonner Natalia Whiting  著 C & T Pub 出版 2019/8/25 出版

    quilting expert natalia bonner shares over sixty straight-line quilting ideas for blocks borders and allover designs with step-by-step photos.

  • Exploring Folk Art With Wool Appliqu?& More

    Exploring Folk Art With Wool Appliqu?& More

    Smith Rebekah L.Smith Kelsey Anilee  著 C & T Pub 出版 2019/8/25 出版

    elevate your wool appliqu? stitch sixteen projects in the american folk-art style from heartfelt home decor to handy sewing accessories. each piece combines wool appliqu?with a traditional handwork skill: embroidery rug hooking punch needle yarn sewing quilting cross stitch or dimensional wool. learn from the authors and their fellow folk artist friends as they collaborate on these creative projects and share expert tips and tricks.