• Far/aim 2020

    Far/aim 2020

    asa has built a reputation for providing the aviation community with the most accurate and reliable far/aim products available. the 2020 far/aim book continues this tradition containing complete and up-to-date information from titles 14 and 49 of the code of federal regulations (14 and 49 cfr) pertinent to general aviation sport pilots and flight instructors combined with the aeronautical information manual (aim) and a free email subscription service for you to receive updated information as it is released by the faa. convenient handbook-sized 6 x 9 format full-color faa illustrations.asa’s far/aim series has been the standard for printed reference books containing the aviation industry’s regulations for more than 30 years. asa consolidates the faa regulations and procedures into easy-to-use reference manuals full of information pertinent to pilots flight crew and aviation maintenance technicians. the far/aim includes: parts 1 43 48 61 67 71 73 91 97 103 105 107 110 117 119 135 136 137 141 142 ntsb 830 tsa 1552 and the complete aim sport pilot and transportation security administration (tsa) rules free updates available online and via email keep readers up-to-speed on regulation changes as they are released throughout the 1-year book lifecycle (sign up on asa’s far/aim updates page) pilot/controller glossary nasa aviation safety reporting form 14 cfr and 49 cfr parts pertinent to general aviation pilots and instructors also: the pilot’s bill of rights unabridged text of aim including full-color graphics changes and updates since last edition clearly marked comprehensive far and aim index

  • Aviation Maintenance Technician Handbook 2018 - Airframe

    Aviation Maintenance Technician Handbook 2018 - Airframe

    the faa aviation maintenance technician handbooks are designed for use by instructors and applicants preparing for the faa knowledge exam and oral & practical (o&p) exams required for obtaining an aviation maintenance technician (amt) certificate with airframe or powerplant rating or both (also called an a&p license). newly updated for 2018 this new edition reflects current technologies equipment and procedures. these handbooks are for both students and instructors and also serve as invaluable reference guides for current technicians who wish to improve their knowledge. this is volume 1 of the faa’s faa-h-8083-31a handbook.this faa handbook provides the basic information on principles fundamentals and technical procedures in the subject matter areas relating to the airframe and powerplant ratings such as: aircraft structures aerodynamics aircraft assembly and rigging aircraft fabric covering aircraft metal structural repair aircraft welding aircraft wood and structural repair advanced composite materials aircraft painting and finishing and aircraft electrical system. illustrated throughout with detailed full-color drawings and photographs with a comprehensive glossary and index.

  • Magic Tree House Fact Tracker #7:Titanic

    Magic Tree House Fact Tracker #7:Titanic

    Osborne- Wil  著 Random House 出版 2002/5/1 出版

    the #1 bestselling chapter book series of all time celebrates 25 years with new covers and a new easy-to-use numbering system! getting the facts behind the fiction has never looked better.track the facts with jack and annie!   when jack and annie got back from their adventure in magic tree house #17: tonight on the titanic they had lots of questions. how many people were aboard the titanic? why weren’t there enough lifeboats for all the passengers? how did this “unsinkable ship sink? what lessons can we learn from the tragedy? find out the answers to these questions and more as jack and annie track the facts. filled with up-to-date information photos illustrations and fun tidbits from jack and annie the magic tree house fact trackers are the perfect way for kids to find out more about the topics they discovered in their favorite magic tree house adventures. and teachers can use fact trackers alongside their magic tree house fiction companions to meet common core text pairing needs. did you know that there’s a magic tree house book for every kid? magic tree house: adventures with jack and annie perfect for readers who are just beginning chapter books merlin missions: more challenging adventures for the experienced reader super edition: a longer and more dangerous adventure fact trackers: nonfiction companions to your favorite magic tree house adventures have more fun with jack and annie at magictreehouse.com!

  • London Buses in the 1970s

    London Buses in the 1970s

    Blake Jim  著 Baker & Taylor Books 出版 2019/10/19 出版

    continuing with photographs from jim blake’s extensive archives this book examines the second half of the 1970s when both london transport and london country were still struggling to keep services going. this resulted both from being plagued by a shortage of spare parts for their vehicles and having a number of vehicle types which were unreliable the mb sm and dms classes.in 1975 both operators had to hire buses from other companies so desperate were they. many came from the seaside towns of southend bournemouth and eastbourne. this continued until the spares shortage began to abate later in the decade particularly with london country.as the decade progressed the two fleets began to lose their ’ancestral’ vehicle types. london country rapidly became ’just another national bus company fleet’ buying leyland atlanteans and nationals common to most others throughout the country. having virtually abandoned the awful mb and sm-types london transport had to suffer buying the equally awful dmss well into 1978 but had already ordered replacements for them by that point the m class metrobuses and t class titans both of which would finally prove successful. however plans to convert trunk routes serving central london to one-person operation were largely abandoned.

  • Wings of Their Dreams

    Wings of Their Dreams

    Norberg John  著 Baker & Taylor Books 出版 2019/10/15 出版

    throughout 100-plus years of flight purdue university has propelled unique contributions from pioneer educators aviators and engineers who flew balloons into the stratosphere barnstormed the countryside helped break the sound barrier and left footprints in lunar soil. wings of their dreams follows the flight plans and footsteps of aviation’s pioneers and trailblazers across the twentieth century a path from kitty hawk to the sea of tranquility and beyond. the book reminds readers that the first and last men to land on the moon first trekked across the west lafayette indiana campus on their journeys into the heavens and history. this is the story of an aeronautic odyssey of imagination science engineering technology adventure courage danger and promise. it is the story of the human spirit taking flight entwined with purdue’s legacy in aviation’s history.

  • Pan American Clippers

    Pan American Clippers

    Trautman James  著 Firefly Books Ltd 出版 2019/10/1 出版

    the photographs and artwork will enable readers to grasp the magnificence of the transoceanic flying boats...the accurate authoritative text will provide information that is new to all but the exceptionally well-informed aviation buff and nonspecialist historian. --choice for a world recovering from the great depression the pan american airways clipper symbolized luxury adventure and a brighter future. illustrated with rare period photographs vintage travel posters magazine ads and colorful company brochures pan american clippers covers all aspects of the golden age of pan american’s graceful flying boats. this edition has an additional 16 pages to add more historical and current information and provide additional detail and context to the historical importance of the flying boats including: pan am’s art deco terminals the fate of the last pan am clippers and where to see the survivors the foynes flying boat terminal ireland trippe and lindbergh’s groundbreaking flight to asia by way of the great circle route (canada-alaska-siberia-japan-china) shediac new brunswick landing site of 24 savoia manchetti s-55 flying boats from rome en route to chicago’s century of progress international exposition pan am enters politics when frank roosevelt uses it in latin america to sidestep the world war ii neutrality act trippe’s long-held dream of flying mail and passengers across the atlantic ocean to europe and the opening of laguardia airport. visionary pan am founder juan trippe knew the importance of international travel to the 20th century and his pioneering airline played a central role in the advancement of transoceanic flight setting overseas time and distance records providing airmail delivery and eventually as troop and cargo transports for the allies during world war ii. by dramatically reducing travel time and opening up international air travel to the general public pan am clippers forever changed the world. this captivating informative and richly illustrated book takes readers back to a time of glamor romance and progress when dreams once thought impossible were suddenly a reality.

  • The Battleships of the Iowa Class

    The Battleships of the Iowa Class

    Caresse PhilippeTaylor Bruce (TRN)  著 Naval Inst Pr 出版 2019/10/1 出版

    the four battleships of the iowa class the crowning achievement of u.s. battleship construction had exceptionally long careers and each in their way left a distinctive mark not only on the u.s. navy but on naval history at large. built as the ultimate american battleship and designed to engage the major units of the japanese and german fleets the vessels were commissioned in the closing stages of world war ii the beginning of half a century of service during which individual units saw action in the korean war the vietnam war the lebanese civil war and finally the persian gulf war. as such these ships are symbolic of the primacy of u.s. seapower during the cold war and the preservation of all four members of this mighty class as museums is testament not only to their enduring fascination for successive generations of americans but also to the immense technical financial military and political resources wielded by the united states during the second half of the twentieth century.

  • High Tea on the Cunard Queens

    High Tea on the Cunard Queens

    Curtis Paul  著 History Pr Ltd 出版 2019/10/1 出版

    insights of a 1960s cunard entertainments officer into the history of life aboard the cunard liners

  • Air Ambulance Operations Manual

    Air Ambulance Operations Manual

    Haynes Publishing Uk (COR)  著 Haynes Pubns 出版 2019/9/24 出版

    air ambulance operations manual provides a unique insight into the air ambulance service taking a look at the history of the air ambulance services in the uk how they are structured funded organized and run and providing details of the helicopters used and their crews and case studies of typical missions undertaken.

  • The Real World of Victorian Steampunk

    The Real World of Victorian Steampunk

    Webb Simon  著 Baker & Taylor Books 出版 2019/9/19 出版

    in the last few decades steampunk has blossomed from being a rather obscure and little-known subgenre of science fiction into a striking and distinctive style of fashion art design and even music. it is in the written word however that steampunk has its roots and in this book simon webb explores and examines the real inventions which underpin the fantasy. in doing so he reveals a world unknown to most people today.the real world of victorian steampunk shows the victorian era to have been a surprising place; one of steam-powered aeroplanes fax machines linking moscow and st petersburg steam cars travelling at over 100 mph electric taxis and wireless telephones. it is in short the nineteenth century as you have never before seen it; a steampunk extravaganza of anachronistic technology and unfamiliar gadgets. imagine europe spanned by a mechanical internet; a telecommunication system of clattering semaphore towers capable of transmitting information across the continent in a matter of minutes. consider too the fact that a steam plane the size of a modern airliner took off in england in 1894.drawing entirely on contemporary sources we see how little-known developments in technology have been used as the basis for so many steampunk narratives. from seminal novels such as the difference engine through to the steampunk fantasy of terry pratchett later works this book shows that steampunk is at least as much solid fact as it is whimsical fiction.

  • Heathrow Airport

    Heathrow Airport

    Gallop Alan  著 Baker & Taylor Books 出版 2019/9/19 出版

    love it or loathe it heathrow is the united kingdom largest and most important airport by a distance. it currently serves over 190 routes to more than 80 countries. over ?00 billion of imports and exports are handled every year making it the uk primary port by value.this fascinating book traces the often controversial development of the airport over the last 70 years from the most humble of beginnings. thanks to the author in-depth knowledge the arguments for and against the building of a third runway are thoroughly and objectively described. there have been and indeed still are those who advocate building a brand new hub airport for london but it is a fact that heathrow has long been the cornerstone of the local economy providing jobs for over 70000 staff.this entertaining controversial and superbly illustrated book is about much more than the bitter third runway battle. it contains many amusing anecdotes and a wealth of statistics that serve to make heathrow such a key part of the country infrastructure.

  • British Municipal Bus Operators

    British Municipal Bus Operators

    Blake Jim  著 Baker & Taylor Books 出版 2019/9/19 出版

    this book looks at municipal operators in england and wales in the 1960s. going back to the very first horse-bus or tram operations in victorian times many towns and cities throughout britain had such operators owned and run by the town or city councils. most of them had tramway systems many of which were replaced by trolleybuses from the 1920s onwards. in turn after the second world war trolleybuses too were on the way out with motorbuses unfortunately replacing both forms of electric traction. by the 1960s only a handful were still operating trams then by the end of the decade only few trolleybus systems remained.during this period some of these operators had very large fleets for example those serving the conurbations of birmingham liverpool and manchester whilst others had very small fleets such as west bridgford urban district council in nottinghamshire.municipal operators had a wide variety of vehicle types encompassing virtually all chassis and body makes then in service and were also well known for their distinctive traditional liveries. in addition to the buses there were also still trams and trolleybuses which to many enthusiasts made them that much more interesting.

  • The Warship Tyger

    The Warship Tyger

    Endsor Richard  著 Osprey Pub Co 出版 2019/9/17 出版

    a magnificent illustrated history of hms tyger a fourth-rate ship of the navy of charles ii.inspired by the recent discovery of mathematically calculated digital plans for a fourth-rate ship written by the deptford master shipwright john shish the warship tyger is an illustrated history of the hms tyger one of the smaller warships of the restoration period. tyger was originally built in the middle of the 17th century and served in the anglo-dutch wars. it was sent to deptford for rebuilding at the end of the wars in 1674 but the ship was left to deteriorate over the next few years and ended up as a sunken wreck at the bottom of the great double dock. eventually the yard officers at deptford wrote that there was o such thing as the tyger?and wanted to pay off the last warrant officers belonging to her. however king charles ii decided otherwise and kept her on the books to eventually reappear as a ebuilt?but in fact entirely new ship in 1681. this book is replete with beautiful and detailed illustrations of the construction of the tyger and explores both its complicated history and its complex rebuilding complete with deck plans internal sections and large scale external shaded drawings. the title also explores associated ships including another fourth-rate ship the mordaunt which was purchased into the navy and had a dimensional survey made of her at the time by john shish. a rare contemporary section drawing of another fourth-rate english ship and constructional drawings of shish’s later fourth-rate ship st albans are also included.

  • Concorde


    Mirrorpix (COR)  著 History Pr Ltd 出版 2019/9/1 出版

    the story of concorde told through the camera lens of the media from construction to final flight

  • Windrush


    Arnott Paul  著 History Pr Ltd 出版 2019/9/1 出版

    for three decades the windrush was the maritime zelig of the 20th century. designed in 1930 in the hamburg boatyard of a jewish shipbuilder to ferry germans to a new life in south america it wasn’t long before goebbels requisitioned her. she became a nazi troop carrier a support vessel for the pocket battleship tirpitz and a prison ship transporting jews to auschwitz. captured by the british in 1945 and renamed the ss empire windrush she then spent years evacuating displaced service people and in her famous single voyage from the caribbean she brought the first wave of black migrants to britain. this vivid biography combines the memories of people who were there with a gripping account of an extraordinary merchant ship at the end of empires.

  • Ss Nomadic

    Ss Nomadic

    Delaunoy Philippe  著 History Pr Ltd 出版 2019/9/1 出版

    a ship with a long career and mighty history: immortalized as the tender that carried first and second class passengers to board rms titanic

  • The Lighthouse Story

    The Lighthouse Story

    Leach Nicholas  著 History Pr Ltd 出版 2019/9/1 出版

    all civilizations have faced the challenges and dangers of trading by sea: storms bad weather and the hazards of cliffs headlands reefs and sandbanks threatening their safe passage into ports and harbors. lighthouses have long been a necessity supported by lights and daymarks to help guide vessels home. here nicholas leach presents the story of the lighthouse and its development from the earliest lights through the 19th century era of lighthouse building to the modern aids to navigation across the british isles and europe.

  • Oriana


    Cross RachelleFrame Chris  著 History Pr Ltd 出版 2019/9/1 出版

    a photographic tour around the beloved oriana from bow to stern top to bottom