• The Place with No EdgeThePlace with No EdgeAn Intimate History of People Technology and

    The Place with No EdgeThePlace with No EdgeAn Intimate History of People Technology and

    MandelmanAdam  著 Ingram Content Group 出版 2020/4/1 出版

    in the place with no edge adam mandelman follows three centuries of human efforts to inhabit and control the lower mississippi river delta the vast watery flatlands spreading across much of southern louisiana. he finds that people’s use of technology to tame unruly nature in the region has produced interdependence with--rather than independence from--the environment. created over millennia by deposits of silt and sand the mississippi river delta is one of the most dynamic landscapes in north america. from the eighteenth-century establishment of the first french fort below new orleans to the creation of louisiana’s coastal master plan in the 2000s people have attempted to harness and master this landscape through technology. mandelman examines six specific interventions employed in the delta over time: levees rice flumes pullboats geophysical surveys dredgers and petroleum cracking. he demonstrates that even as people seemed to gain control over the environment they grew more deeply intertwined with--and vulnerable to--it. the greatest folly mandelman argues is to believe that technology affords mastery. environmental catastrophes of coastal land loss and petrochemical pollution may appear to be disconnected but both emerged from the same fantasy of harnessing nature to technology. similarly the levee system’s failures and the subsequent deluge after hurricane katrina owe as much to centuries of human entanglement with the delta as to global warming’s rising seas and strengthening storms. the place with no edge advocates for a deeper understanding of humans’ relationship with nature. it provides compelling evidence that altering the environment--whether to make it habitable profitable or navigable --inevitably brings a response sometimes with unanticipated consequences. mandelman encourages a mindfulness of the ways that our inventions engage with nature and a willingness to intervene in responsible respectful ways.

  • The Slavic Religion in the Light of 11th- And 12th-Century German Chronicles (Thietmar of

    The Slavic Religion in the Light of 11th- And 12th-Century German Chronicles (Thietmar of

    RosikStanislaw  著 Ingram Content Group 出版 2020/4/1 出版

    in this volume stanislaw rosik focuses on the meaning and significance of old slavic religion as presented in three german chronicles (the works of thietmar of merseburg adam of bremen helmold of bosau) written during the time of the christianization of the western slavs. the source analyses show the ways the chroniclers understood explained and represented pre-christian beliefs and cults which were interpreted as elements of a foreign barbarian culture and were evaluated from the perspective of church doctrine. in this study individual features of the three authors are discussed- including the issue of the credibility of their information on old slavic religion- and broader conclusions on medieval thought are also presented.

  • Prosecuting WomenA Comparative Perspective on Crime and Gender Before the Dutch Criminal C

    Prosecuting WomenA Comparative Perspective on Crime and Gender Before the Dutch Criminal C

    SchmidtAriadne  著 Ingram Content Group 出版 2020/4/1 出版

    in the early modern period women played a prominent role in crime. at times they even made up half of all defendants. female criminality was a typically urban phenomenon. why do we find so many women before the dutch criminal courts? in prosecuting women ariadne schmidt analyses the relation between female crime and the urban context by comparing prosecution patterns in various dutch cities. prosecuting women looks beyond the bare figures examines the personal circumstances of criminal women and shows how women’s illegal activities were linked to the socio-economic context of the locality and varied over time. the local interplay between actual crime and the responses of the authorities gave every city a location-specific dynamic in its pattern of prosecuted crime.

  • Foreign Devils and PhilosophersCultural Encounters Between the Chinese the Dutch and Oth

    Foreign Devils and PhilosophersCultural Encounters Between the Chinese the Dutch and Oth

    WeststeijnThijs  著 Ingram Content Group 出版 2020/4/1 出版

    what was the cultural impact of early meetings between chinese and europeans? this book explores visual literary and scholarly representations of the celestial empire and western countries against the backdrop of actual encounters. based on rare chinese and correspondingly european (especially dutch) sources and archival documents the volume covers a range of cultural expressions from the applied arts to philosophy. special attention goes to the ideals and realities of trade and diplomacy of the dutch east india company in china. foreign devils and philosophers approaches global history from a cultural perspective and illuminates the reciprocal dynamic of aversion and admiration: chinese and westerners could appear as sages or savages in each other’s eyes.

  • The British Anti-PsychiatristsTheBritish Anti-PsychiatristsFrom Institutional Psychiatry t

    The British Anti-PsychiatristsTheBritish Anti-PsychiatristsFrom Institutional Psychiatry t

    WallOisin  著 Routledge 出版 2020/4/1 出版

    the british anti-psychiatric group which formed around r.d. laing david cooper and aaron esterson in the 1960s burned bright but briefly and has left a long legacy. this book follows their practical social and theoretical trajectory away from the structured world of institutional psychiatry and into the social chaos of the counter-culture. it explores the rapidly changing landscape of british psychiatry in the mid-twentieth century and the apparently structureless organisation of the part of the counter-culture that clustered around the anti-psychiatrists including the informal power structures that it produced. the book also problematizes this trajectory examining how the anti-psychiatrists distanced themselves from institutional psychiatry while building links with some of the most important people in post-war psychiatry and psychoanalysis. the anti-psychiatrists bridged the gap between psychiatry and the counter-culture and briefly became legitimate voices in both. wall argues that their synthesis of disparate discourses was one of their strengths but also contributed to the group’s collapse. the british anti-psychiatrists offers original historical expositions of the villa 21 experiment and the anti-university. finally it proposes a new reading of anti-psychiatric theory displacing laing from his central position and looking at their work as an unfolding conversation within a social network.

  • Cultural Histories of Crime in Denmark 1500 to 2000

    Cultural Histories of Crime in Denmark 1500 to 2000

    KroghTyge  著 Routledge 出版 2020/4/1 出版

    taking the kingdom of denmark as its frame of reference this volume presents a range of close analyses that shed light on the construction and deconstruction of crime and criminals on criminal cultures and on crime control from 1500 to 2000. historically there have been major changes in the legal definition of those acts that are legally defined as being criminal offences - and of those that are not. this volume explores the criteria and perceptions underlying definitions of crime in a powerful and absolutist lutheran state and subsequently in a denmark characterised by social welfare and sexual liberation. it places special focus on moral issues rooted in considerations of religion and sexuality.

  • Perceptions of Society in Communist EuropeRegime Archives and Popular Opinion

    Perceptions of Society in Communist EuropeRegime Archives and Popular Opinion

    BlaiveMuriel  著 Ingram Content Group 出版 2020/4/1 出版

    drawing on archival sources from czechoslovakia poland east germany romania and bulgaria perceptions of society in communist europe considers whether and to what extent communist regimes cared about popular opinion how they obtained their information and how it helped them implement and maintain their rule. contrary to popular belief communist regimes sought to legitimise their domination with minimal resort to violence in order to maintain their everyday power. this entailed a permanent negotiation process between the rulers and the ruled with public approval of governmental policies becoming key to their success. by analysing topics such as a stalinist musical in czechoslovakia workers’ letters to the leadership in romania children’s television in poland and the figure of the secret agent in contemporary culture as well as many more besides muriel blaive and the contributors demonstrate the potential of social history to deconstruct parochial national perceptions of communism. this cutting-edge volume is a vital resource for academics postgraduates and advanced undergraduates studying east-central european history stalinism and comparative communism.

  • Church and Censorship in Eighteenth-Century ItalyGoverning Reading in the Age of Enlighten

    Church and Censorship in Eighteenth-Century ItalyGoverning Reading in the Age of Enlighten

    DelpianoPatrizia  著 Routledge 出版 2020/4/1 出版

    dealing with the issue of ecclesiastical censorship and control over reading and readers this study challenges the traditional view that during the eighteenth century the catholic church in italy underwent an inexorable decline. it reconstructs the strategies used by the ecclesiastical leadership to regulate the press and culture during a century characterized by important changes from the spread of the enlightenment to the creation of a state censorship apparatus. based on the archival records of the roman inquisition and the congregation of the index of forbidden books preserved in the vatican it provides a comprehensive analysis of the catholic church’s endeavour to keep literature and reading in check by means of censorship and the promotion of a good press. the crisis of the inquisition system did not imply a general diminution of the church’s involvement in controlling the press. rather than being effective instruments of repression the inquisition and the index combined to create an ideological apparatus to resist new ideas and to direct public opinion. this was a network mainly inspired by counter-enlightenment principles which would go on to influence the church’s action well beyond the eighteenth century. this book is an english translation of il governo della lettura: chiesa e libri nell’italia del settecento (bologna: il mulino 2007).

  • The Virtues of ViolenceTheVirtues of ViolenceDemocracy Against Disintegration in Modern Fr

    The Virtues of ViolenceTheVirtues of ViolenceDemocracy Against Disintegration in Modern Fr

    DuongKevin  著 Ingram Content Group 出版 2020/4/1 出版

    if democracy liberates individuals from their inherited bonds what can reunite them into a sovereign people? in the virtues of violence kevin duong argues that one particular answer captivated modern french thinkers: popular violence as social regeneration. in this tradition of political theory the people’s violence was not a sign of anarchy or disorder. instead it manifested a redemptive power capable of binding and repairing a society on the cusp of social disintegration. this was not a fringe view of french democracy at the time but central to its momentous development. duong analyzes the recurring role of the people’s redemptive violence across four historical moments: the french revolution the imperial conquest of algeria the paris commune and the years leading up to world war i. bringing together democratic theory and intellectual history he reveals how political thinkers across the spectrum proclaimed that violence by the people could repair the social fabric even as they experienced democratization as social disintegration. the path from an anarchic multitude to an organized democratic society required the virtuous expression of violence by the people--not its prohibition. duong’s book urges us to reject accounts that view redemptive violence as an antidemocratic pathology. it challenges the long-held view that popular violence is a sign of anarchy or disorder. as shocking and unsettling as redemptive violence could be it appealed to thinkers across the spectrum because it answered a fundamental dilemma of political modernity: how to replace the severed bonds of the old regime with a superior democratic social bond. the virtues of violence argues we do not properly understand modern democracy unless we can understand why popular redemptive violence could be invoked on its behalf.

  • Social Reform Modernization and Technical DiplomacyThe ILO Contribution to Development (1

    Social Reform Modernization and Technical DiplomacyThe ILO Contribution to Development (1

    Plata-StengerV矇ronique  著 Ingram Content Group 出版 2020/4/1 出版

    founded in 1919 under the treaty of versailles as part of the league of nations’ system the ilo is still today the main organization responsible for the international organization of work and the improvement of working conditions in the world. widely recognized for its efforts in building international labour standards the ilo remains little studied by development specialists and historians. this book intends to fill this gap and traces the history of international development and its early pioneers through an analysis of the activities of the international labour office the secretariat of the international labour organization between 1930 and 1946. in this book development is used as a key to questioning the ilo’s place and function in the expanding inter-war world. the development practices and discourses that emerged in the 1930s were mainly intended to support the ilo’s universalization strategy which was made necessary by the events that shook europe at the time. development discourses and practices were also part of the esprit du temps as they were closely linked to the affirmation of the planist and rationalist ideas of the 1930s. however development for the ilo was not reduced to a project of economic modernization but was seen as a tool for social engineering as evidenced by the ilo’s missions of technical assistance organized since 1930. the analysis of the expertise work makes it possible to highlight the logics that prevailed in technical assistance which was more in line with institutional objectives than with the dissemination of a genuine expertise. this book therefore hopes to bring new insight on the history of internationalism and international organizations during the inter-war period and the second world war as well as on the role of the ilo in the history of international development thinking and practices.

  • Has the Gay Movement Failed?

    Has the Gay Movement Failed?

    DubermanMartin  著 Ingram Content Group 出版 2020/4/1 出版

    martin duberman is a national treasure.--masha gessen the new yorker the past fifty years have seen significant shifts in attitudes toward lgbtq people and wider acceptance of them in the united states and the west. yet the extent of this progress argues martin duberman has been more broad and conservative than deep and transformative. one of the most renowned historians of the american left and the lgbtq movement as well as a pioneering social-justice activist duberman reviews the half century since stonewall with an immediacy and rigor that informs and energizes. he revisits the early gay movement and its progressive vision for society and puts the left on notice as failing time and again to embrace the queer potential for social transformation. acknowledging the elimination of some of the most discriminatory policies that plagued earlier generations he takes note of the cost--the sidelining of radical goals on the way to achieving more normative inclusion. illuminating the fault lines both within and beyond the movements of the past and today this critical book is also hopeful: duberman urges us to learn from this history to fight for a truly inclusive and expansive society.

  • The Discourse of Exile in Early Modern English LiteratureTheDiscourse of Exile in Early Mo

    The Discourse of Exile in Early Modern English LiteratureTheDiscourse of Exile in Early Mo

    LeeJ Seth  著 Routledge 出版 2020/4/1 出版

    this volume examines the literary works of english exiles seeking to navigate what edward said calls the perilous territory of not-belonging. the study opens by asking how did exile impact the way an early modern writer defined and constructed their personal and national identity? in seeking an answer the project traces the development of the mind of exile a textual phenomenon that manifests as an exiled figure whose departure and return restructures a stable traditional center of socio-political power; a narrative where a character an author a reader or some combination of the three experiences a type of cognitive displacement resulting in an epiphany that helps define a sense of self or national identity; and narratives that write and rewrite historical narratives to reimagine boundaries of national identity either towards or away from exiled groups or individuals. the study includes case studies from a variety of authors and groups - geoffrey chaucer edmund spenser the wycliffites the marian exiles and their elizabethan catholic counterparts - to provide a clearer understanding of exile as an important part of the development of a modern english national identity. reading exilic texts through this lens offers a fresh approach to early modern narratives of marginalization while examining and clarifying the importance of the individual experience of exile filtered through literary consciousness.

  • Norfolk Pauper Inventories C.1690-1834

    Norfolk Pauper Inventories C.1690-1834

    HarleyJoseph  著 Ingram Content Group 出版 2020/4/1 出版

    pauper inventories were made by poor law officials to record the possessions that people on poor relief owned. these inventories have been known to exist for decades yet they are notoriously difficult to find and have been under-utilised by generations of historians. for the first time this book contains transcriptions of 230 pauper inventories from norfolk. the sources are fully contextualised and indexed alongside four comprehensive chapters which outline the source’s importance and usefulness to readers. pauper inventories are powerful documents which reveal new insights into the living conditions of the destitute and show that being poor did not necessarily equate to owning very little. the sources will be of use to economic social and cultural historians who study a wide range of topics including consumption material culture production everyday life poverty and welfare.

  • Cities and Creativity from the Renaissance to the Present

    Cities and Creativity from the Renaissance to the Present

    Van DammeIlja  著 Routledge 出版 2020/4/1 出版

    this volume critically challenges the current creative city debate from a historical perspective. in the last two decades urban studies has been engulfed by a creative city narrative in which concepts like the creative economy the creative class or creative industries proclaim the status of the city as the primary site of human creativity and innovation. so far however nobody has challenged the core premise underlying this narrative asking why we automatically have to look at cities as being the agents of change and innovation. what processes have been at work historically before the predominance of cities in nurturing creativity and innovation was established? in order to tackle this question the editors of this volume have collected case studies ranging from renaissance firenze and sixteenth-century antwerp to early modern naples amsterdam bologna paris to industrializing sheffield and nineteenth-and twentieth century cities covering scandinavian port towns venice and london up to the french techno-industrial city grenoble. jointly these case studies show that a creative city is not an objective or ontological reality but rather a complex and heterogenic assemblage in which material infrastructural and spatial elements become historically entangled with power-laden discourses narratives and imaginaries about the city and urban actor groups.

  • Material Aspects of Reading in Ancient and Medieval CulturesMateriality Presence and Perf

    Material Aspects of Reading in Ancient and Medieval CulturesMateriality Presence and Perf

    Krau?Anna  著 Ingram Content Group 出版 2020/4/1 出版

    this publication seeks to endeavour the relationship between material artefacts and reading practices in ancient and medieval cultures.while the acts of reception of written artefacts in former times are irretrievably lost some of the involved artefacts are preserved and might comprise hints to the ancient reading practices. in form of case studies the contributions to this volume examine various forms of written artefacts as to their implications on modes of reading. analyzing different qumran scrolls codices tefillin mezuzot magical texts tablets bricks and statues as well as meta-textual and iconographic aspects the articles inquire the possibilities of how to correlate material aspects to assumed modes of reception and practices of reading. the contributions stem from egyptology papyrology qumran studies biblical studies jewish studies ancient christianity and islamic studies.in total this volume contributes to the research on practices of reception in times past and demonstrates the potential hidden in text-bearing artefacts.

  • The Poetics in Its Aristotelian ContextThePoetics in Its Aristotelian Context

    The Poetics in Its Aristotelian ContextThePoetics in Its Aristotelian Context

    DestreePierre  著 Routledge 出版 2020/4/1 出版

    this volume integrates aspects of the poetics into the broader corpus of aristotelian philosophy. it both deals with some old problems raised by the treatise suggesting possible solutions through contextualization and also identifies new ways in which poetic concepts could relate to aristotelian philosophy. in the past contextualization has most commonly been used by scholars in order to try to solve the meaning of difficult concepts in the poetics (such as catharsis mimesis or tragic pleasure). in this volume rather than looking to explain a specific concept the contributors observe the concatenation of aristotelian ideas in various treatises in order to explore some aesthetic moral and political implications of the philosopher’s views of tragedy comedy and related genres. questions addressed include: does aristotle see his interest in drama as part of his larger research on human natures? what are the implications of tragic plots dealing with close family members for the polis? what should be the role of drama and music in the education of citizens? how does dramatic poetry relate to other arts and what are the ethical ramifications of the connections? how specific are certain emotions to literary genres and how do those connect to aristotle’s extended account of pathe? finally how do internal elements of composition and language in poetry relate to other domains of aristotelian thought? the poetics in its aristotelian context offers a fascinating new insight to the poetics and will be of use to anyone working on the poetics or aristotelian philosophy more broadly.

  • Imagining Ancient Cities in FilmFrom Babylon to Cinecitta

    Imagining Ancient Cities in FilmFrom Babylon to Cinecitta

    Garcia MorcilloMarta  著 Routledge 出版 2020/4/1 出版

    in film imagery urban spaces show up not only as spatial settings of a story but also as projected ideas and forms that aim to recreate and capture the spirit of cultures societies and epochs. some cinematic cities have even managed to transcend fiction to become part of modern collective memory. can we imagine a futuristic city not inspired at least remotely by fritz lang’s metropolis? in the same way ancient babylon troy and rome can hardly be shaped in popular imagination without conscious or subconscious references to the striking visions of griffiths’ intolerance petersen’s troy and scott’s gladiator to mention only a few influential examples. imagining ancient cities in film explores for the first time in scholarship film representations of cities of the ancient world from early cinema to the 21st century. the volume analyzes the different choices made by filmmakers art designers and screen writers to recreate ancient urban spaces as more or less convincing settings of mythical and historical events. in looking behind and beyond intended archaeological accuracy symbolic fantasy primitivism exoticism and hollywood-esque monumentality this volume pays particular attention to the depiction of cities as faces of ancient civilizations but also as containers of moral ideas and cultural fashions deeply rooted in the contemporary zeitgeist and in continuously revisited traditions.

  • Exploring Gender Diversity in the Ancient World

    Exploring Gender Diversity in the Ancient World

    SurteesAllison  著 Ingram Content Group 出版 2020/4/1 出版

    gender identity and expression in ancient cultures are questioned in these 15 essays in light of our new understandings of sex and gender. using contemporary theory and methodologies this book opens up a new history of gender diversity from the ancient world to our own encouraging us to reconsider those very understandings of sex and gender identity. new analyses of ancient greek and roman culture that reveal a history of gender diverse individuals that has not been recognised until recently. taking an interdisciplinary approach these essays will appeal to classicists ancient historians archaeologists as well as those working in gender studies transgender studies lgbtq+ studies anthropology and women’s studies.