• Coding Streams of LanguageTechniques for the Systematic Coding of Text Talk and Other Ve

    Coding Streams of LanguageTechniques for the Systematic Coding of Text Talk and Other Ve

    GeislerCheryl  著 Ingram Content Group 出版 2020/4/1 出版

    coding streams of language is a systematic and practical research guide to coding verbal data in all its forms--written texts and oral talk in print or online gathered through surveys and interviews database searches or audio or video recordings. the thoughtful detailed advice found in this book will help readers carry out analyses of language that are both systematic and complex. situating themselves in the relatively new line of mixed methods research the authors provide guidance on combining context-based inquiry with quantitative tools for examining big picture patterns that acknowledges the complexity of language use. throughout coding streams of language exercises points for discussion and milestones help guide readers through an analytic project. as a supplement to the book youtube videos demonstrate tools and techniques.

  • Culture Migration and Health Communication in a Global Context

    Culture Migration and Health Communication in a Global Context

    MaoYuping  著 Routledge 出版 2020/4/1 出版

    both international and internal migration brings new challenges to public health systems. this book aims to critically review theoretical frameworks and literature as well as discuss new practices and lessons related to culture migration and health communication in different countries. it features research and applied projects conducted by scholars from various disciplines including media and communication public health medicine and nursing.

  • The Discourse of Special PopulationsTheDiscourse of Special PopulationsCritical Intercultu

    The Discourse of Special PopulationsTheDiscourse of Special PopulationsCritical Intercultu

    AtayAhmet  著 Routledge 出版 2020/4/1 出版

    the term special population occupies a particular purpose and has a particular role in the discourse of higher education. this book uses the term as an umbrella term for any student who tends to be underrepresented on college campuses and has a very specific set of unique needs: among others individuals with physical and learning disabilities international students ethnic minorities lgbtq students single parents and first generation and other non-traditional student groups. sometimes these special student groups are visible to educators; however quite often they are hidden in plain sight which makes it difficult for educators to work effectively and meaningfully with these student groups. this book uses the framework of critical intercultural communication pedagogy to generate a discussion about pedagogical issues surrounding students who are categorized as special populations focusing on culturally sensitive pedagogical methods to educate all students.

  • Handbook of Visual CommunicationTheory Methods and Media

    Handbook of Visual CommunicationTheory Methods and Media

    JosephsonSheree  著 Routledge 出版 2020/4/1 出版

    this handbook of visual communication explores the key theoretical areas and research methods of visual communication. with chapters contributed by many of the best-known and respected scholars in visual communication this volume brings together significant and influential work in the discipline. the second edition of this already-classic text has been completely revised to reflect the metamorphosis of communication in the last fifteen years and the ubiquity of visual communication in our modern mediated lifestyle. thirteen major theories of communication are defined by the top experts in their fields: perception cognition aesthetics visual rhetoric semiotics cultural studies ethnography narrative media aesthetics digital media intertextuality ethics and visual literacy. each of these theory chapters is followed by an exemplar study or two in the area demonstrating the various methods used in visual communication research as well as the research approaches applicable for specific media types. the handbook of visual communication is a theoretical and methodological handbook for visual communication researchers and a compilation for much of the theoretical background necessary to understand visual communication. it is required reading for scholars researchers and advanced students in visual communication and it will be influential in other disciplines such as advertising persuasion and media studies. the volume will also be essential to media practitioners seeking to understand the visual aspects of how audiences use media to contribute to more effective use of each specific medium.

  • Setting Agendas in Cultural MarketsOrganizations Creators Experiences

    Setting Agendas in Cultural MarketsOrganizations Creators Experiences

    BantimaroudisPhilemon  著 Routledge 出版 2020/4/1 出版

    this book draws on agenda setting theory to examine how cultural organizations relate to media in order to increase their visibility valence and eventually build their public image. most organizations have a keen interest in their symbolic presence as their media visibility influences public knowledge perceptions and even behaviors. diminished public funding in combination with the global proliferation of cultural entities creates a competitive environment leading to a transformation of cultural industries. in the book several questions are under scrutiny: how do cultural organizations acquire symbolic significance? how do they become prominent in media content? which mechanisms and processes should be examined by cultural managers as they set out to achieve salience? is there a relationship between media and public salience? in other words if an organization becomes symbolically prominent in what ways is the public influenced both in terms of perceptions as well as behaviors?

  • Relationship Building in Public Relations

    Relationship Building in Public Relations

    TheunissenPetra  著 Routledge 出版 2020/4/1 出版

    this book aims to provide an interdisciplinary approach to highlight the importance of relationships in public relations delving not only into the organization-public relationships but also into interpersonal relationships within the industry in order to offer new empirical insights into the impact and formation of such relationships. theunissen and sissons theorize that public relations cannot exist without interpersonal relationships and the ability to create and maintain such relationships. taking a critical stance the book will move beyond mere rhetoric and conjecture by providing solid evidence-based research results to inform their theories about the impact of relationships and dialogue on public relations thinking. rather than following contemporary thinking it aims to embrace current changes look ahead and prepare a new generation for the challenges of 21st century public relations practice.

  • Integrative Framing AnalysisFraming Health Through Words and Visuals

    Integrative Framing AnalysisFraming Health Through Words and Visuals

    DanViorela  著 Routledge 出版 2020/4/1 出版

    much of framing scholarship focuses either exclusively on the analysis of words or of visuals. this book aims to address this gap by proposing a six-step approach to the analysis of verbal frames visual frames and the interplay between them--an integrative framing analysis. this approach is then demonstrated through a study investigating the way words and visuals are used to frame people living with hiv/aids in various communication contexts: the news public service announcements and special interest publications. this application of integrative framing analysis reveals differences between verbal frames and visual frames in the same messages underscoring the importance of looking at these frames together.

  • Theorie Der Gruppenidentit瓣ts-FabrikationEin Kommunikations繹kologischer Entwurf Mit Sozial

    Theorie Der Gruppenidentit瓣ts-FabrikationEin Kommunikations繹kologischer Entwurf Mit Sozial

    KurillaRobin  著 Ingram Content Group 出版 2020/4/1 出版

    bisher gibt es keine umfassende und kohärente annäherung an die bestimmung der an der konstruktion von gruppenidentitäten beteiligten kommunikativen und präkommunikativen prozesse. die vorliegende untersuchung schlie?t diese lücke durch die entwicklung einer einheitlichen theoretischen grundlage mit der sich empirische konstruktionsprozesse erfassen lassen. ?berdies leistet sie einen beitrag zur domäne der gruppenkommunikationsforschung. es wird ein grundlagentheoretisches flussbett geschaffen das eine begriffliche fundierung der konzeption von inter- und intragruppenkommunikation liefert die nicht von ’objektiven’ kategorien ihren ausgang nimmt sondern von de facto stattfindenden vergesellschaftungsprozessen. zudem wird am beispiel der gruppenidentitätskonstruktion die architektur einer innovativen sozialtheorie vorgestellt die den ansprüchen kommunikationswissenschaftlicher und womöglich auch in anderen disziplinen zu verortender erkenntnisinteressen genügt.

  • Communication Advocacy and Work/Family Balance

    Communication Advocacy and Work/Family Balance

    DixonJenny  著 Routledge 出版 2020/4/1 出版

    this book presents an understanding of work-family balance for working adults belonging to a number of different family structures (e.g. single and/or childfree adults lgbt couples families with female breadwinners). it contends that family structure should serve as a way of thinking about diversity (i.e. race gender age family) in the u.s. workplace. it also argues that--in addition to accommodations occurring through workplace policy--the negotiation of work-family balance happens as a result of self-advocacy that occurs in everyday communication about family at work. relaying the stories of a number of different working adults belonging to a variety of different family structures it explores the range of obstacles faced in the attempt at balancing work and family life generates informed ideas for eliminating barriers commonly experienced in balancing work and family and problematizes enduring assumptions regarding gender roles and the myth of steadfast public and private spheres.

  • Arzneimittelanzeigen in Fach- Und PublikumspresseEine Systemtheoretische Und Textsortenlin

    Arzneimittelanzeigen in Fach- Und PublikumspresseEine Systemtheoretische Und Textsortenlin

    GuderKatja  著 Ingram Content Group 出版 2020/4/1 出版

    katja guder untersucht arzneimittelanzeigen hinsichtlich ihrer situativen einordnung ihres architektonischen aufbaus ihrer funktion sowie sprachlichen formulierungen und vertextungsmustern. arzneimittelanzeigen lassen sich hinsichtlich ihrer bewerbung f羹r medizinische laien und dem medizinisch gebildeten fachpublikum unterschiedlich charakterisieren wodurch nicht nur ihre einordnung in die systemtheorie spezifiziert werden kann sondern auch die funktionen der einzelnen anzeigenstrukturen f羹r laien- und fachpublikum von einander differenziert betrachtet werden. diese ganzheitliche betrachtungsweise generiert f羹r verschiedene fachkreise (z.b. werbeforschung sprachwissenschaft kommunikationswissenschaft medienwissenschaft u.a.) einen mehrwert in der weiteren forschung von pharmazeutischer werbung sowie f羹r werbeanzeigen allgemein.

  • The Moral Compass of Public RelationsTheMoral Compass of Public Relations

    The Moral Compass of Public RelationsTheMoral Compass of Public Relations

    BrunnerBrigitta R  著 Routledge 出版 2020/4/1 出版

    the civic and moral responsibilities of public relations are hotly contested topics. while many researchers call for focusing on ethics in public relations they concentrate on ethics in relation to how people do their jobs. in actuality emphasis should move beyond professional codes of ethics to include general morality and citizenship. currently as the profession receives greater scrutiny it is important to be aware of the value of public relations in the community. this book centers on four areas of public relations’ conscience in order to examine its role in morality and citizenship: civic professionalism corporate social responsibility ethics and public communication. this approach will help to answer the question of what is public relations’ responsibility to the public good.

  • Arabic-English Dictionary of Qur’anic Usage

    Arabic-English Dictionary of Qur’anic Usage

    BadawiElsaid  著 Ingram Content Group 出版 2020/4/1 出版

    the qur’an is the living source of all islamic teaching and is of singular importance to those interested in islam and the study of religions. despite this there exists a long-felt lack of research tools for english first-language speakers who wish to access the qur’an in the original arabic.the dictionary of qur’anic usage is the first comprehensive fully-researched and contextualised arabic-english dictionary of qur’anic usage compiled in accordance with modern lexicographical methods by scholars who have a lifelong immersion in qur’anic studies. based on classical arabic dictionaries and qur’an commentaries this work also emphasises the role of context in determining the meaning-scatter of each vocabulary item. illustrative examples from qur’anic verses are provided in support of the definitions given for each context in which a particular word occurs with cross-references to other usages. frequently occurring grammatical particles are likewise thoroughly explained insofar as they are used in conveying various nuances of meaning in the text.

  • Conditional CitizensOn Belonging in America

    Conditional CitizensOn Belonging in America

    LalamiLaila  著 Pantheon Books 出版 2020/4/1 出版

    what does it mean to be american? in this starkly illuminating and impassioned book pulitzer prize---finalist laila lalami recounts her unlikely journey from moroccan immigrant to u.s. citizen using it as a starting point for her exploration of the rights liberties and protections that are traditionally associated with american citizenship. tapping into history politics and literature she elucidates how accidents of birth--such as national origin race and gender--that once determined the boundaries of americanness still their shadows today. lalami poignantly illustrates how white supremacy survives through adaptation and legislation with the result that a caste system is maintained that keeps the modern equivalent of white make landowners at the top of the social hierarchy. conditional citizens she argues are all the people with whom america embraces with one arm and pushes away with the other. brilliantly argued and deeply personal conditional citizens weaves together lalami’s own experiences with explorations of the place of nonwhites in the broader american culture.

  • The Not So Sexy TruthTheNot So Sexy Truth

    The Not So Sexy TruthTheNot So Sexy Truth

    DolanCatherine  著 Ingram Content Group 出版 2020/4/1 出版

    the not so sexy truth is a bold fresh perspective on the modern crisis of sexual harassment in the workplace with empowering advice on how to identify if you’re in that situation - and how to rise above it powerfully. author catherine dolan shares her personal and professional story managing sexual harassment in the workplace. she is authentic and real admitting she didn’t always play it strategically-right with several men she discusses candidly in the book; but if anything she learned timeless important lessons about men women and herself that she now shares with the world. she encourages men and women to educate themselves and in turn feel empowered to make in-the-moment decisions that allow them to stand up for themselves - and keep thriving in their respective careers. the not so sexy truth is an important read for today’s professional who is hungry for success.

  • Talking Points: Abortion 4Christian Compassion Convictions and Wisdom for Today’s Big Is

    Talking Points: Abortion 4Christian Compassion Convictions and Wisdom for Today’s Big Is

    LingLizzie  著 Ingram Content Group 出版 2020/4/1 出版

    our culture is locked in a battle between two opposing worldviews on abortion. how can we help those who are struggling with the emotional and spiritual fallout from abortion? how should christians advise those who are feeling pressure to abort their child? what should we be saying in the public arena and how should we conduct ourselves in conversation? in this short book lizzie ling and vaughan roberts survey the christian worldview and help us to think biblically speak wisely and act compassionately as we engage with the people the questions and the heartache surrounding abortion in a society with very different values.

  • Decriminalising Abortion in the UKWhat Would It Mean?

    Decriminalising Abortion in the UKWhat Would It Mean?

    SheldonSally  著 Ingram Content Group 出版 2020/4/1 出版

    bringing together leading experts to offer a robust authoritative and concise account of the evidence regarding the likely impact of decriminalization of abortion in the uk this book will be an essential resource for policy-makers and academics alike.